Amazon: Recruiting and Staffing Strategy


In general, Amazon provides a highly attractive and popular business model that allows entrepreneurs to develop their business without being responsible for logistics, couriers, or packaging materials. The company independently warehouses, packs, and ships products to customers. This paper represents the recruiting and staffing strategy for the position of the Warehouse Supervisor. In addition, it demonstrates that Amazon aims to provide the highest level of service quality to its customers through the legislation’s support and effective recruitment system.

Amazon values its solid reputation and aims to cooperate with reliable licensed partners who pay particular attention to the quality of their vendible. However, the company should be particularly aware of counterfeit that is regarded as one of the most significant crimes prohibited by the Constitution of the United States (Our Positions, n.d.). At the same time, a substantial number of deceivers are undeterred; they continue to sell their products through physical and online stores, harming both retail companies and consumers.

In 2018, Amazon invested approximately $400 million in preventative tools based on data science and machine learning and employed 4,000 employees to confront counterfeiting and fraud in its stores (Our Positions, n.d.). These proactive efforts resulted in the prevention of 1 million suspicious activities and the blocking of 3 million inappropriate listings (Our Positions, n.d.). In addition, Amazon supports U.S. federal policies and law enforcement to achieve meaningful penalties for counterfeiting.

Amazon substantively focuses on its consumers’ privacy, and it requires of its partners to use data transparently and responsibly. In order to avoid the illegal sale of individual customer data, the company discloses the specific types of data it collects and the highly limited circumstances when data sharing with third parties is available (Our Positions, n.d.). Amazon provides law enforcement agencies and the government access to advanced technologies and supports federal privacy legislation for security and safety of costumers not only in the United States but across the globe as well.


Recruiting may be defined as the company’s process of attracting, identifying, selecting, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding new employees. It plays a highly significant role in the performance of any organization as properly chosen personnel substantively contribute to its performance and provide business growth. Traditionally, companies recruit candidates via job boards, advertisements, and social media sites. In addition, a substantial number of modern companies use recruiting software to source qualified workers in the most efficient way.

Similar to other jobs in Amazon, the position of the Warehouse Supervisor requires of an employee to be a customer-centric leader and innovator. An experienced and competent Warehouse Supervisor is responsible for the coordination of daily warehousing activities, the organization and maintenance of storage area and inventory, and coaching subordinates. He or she ensures the accuracy of inventory transactions and shipment and communicates with customers to solve problems or answer questions in order to achieve the highest levels of their satisfaction.

In order to find candidates for this position, Amazon may use traditional hiring tools, such as advertising in mass media, social networks, job-oriented sites, and printed press. As the majority of people use the Internet and read printed sources daily, these methods are highly efficient as they allow recruiters to attract as many potential employees as possible. In turn, the subsection of Amazon’s official site remains the leading source of information concerning all available jobs in the company (Job Categories, n.d.). In addition, it contains the employees’ stories of success to motivate candidates.


Staffing is defined as an organizational function that involves obtaining, retaining, and utilizing competent and qualified personnel to fill the company’s positions. It is immeasurably significant as it helps to find an effective workforce, improve the organization’s productivity and performance, and ensure continuous business growth in the future. For Amazon, the staffing of personnel requires specific assessments that should be completed online at the initial stage of recruitment.

Work sample simulation and work style assessment are both appropriate for a potential Warehouse Supervisor as these assessments are based on the knowledge and understanding of the companies fundamental leadership principles (Assessments, n.d.). In addition, work sample simulation reproduces specific customers’ issues to test the candidate’s problem-solving skills. After the successful completion of assessments, a job applicant will be invited for an interview.

Virtual, phone, and in-person interviewing is a highly essential part of Amazon’s recruiting process. It helps to know candidates and evaluate their suitability for the company and the desired position. A potential Warehouse Supervisor should have a series of interviews with different interviews and Bar Raisers, the company’s employees that assist interviewing. A candidate may be given a particular written task, however, recruiters should focus on questions that help to explore his or her suitability for the company:

  • How can you identify your values and life goals? What motivates you?
  • Do you see yourself as a leader?
  • Have you ever used Amazon services? Were you satisfied?
  • How can you personally contribute to the improvement of the company’s services?
  • How do you see your main purpose in the position of a Warehouse Supervisor?


It goes without saying that Amazon’s priorities are the quality of their products and services. It cooperates with reliable licensed partners and supports law enforcement to combat counterfeiting. In addition, the company pays particular attention to recruiting and ensures that all employees share the same vision and have a chance to contribute to its development. In order to find candidates, Amazon may use traditional hiring tools, such as advertising in mass media, social networks, job-oriented sites, and printed press. It uses the strategies of assessments and multilevel interviews as well.


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