92 Staffing Strategy Examples

A company’s staffing strategy can make or break its success: after all, without staff there is no company! This article will look into the different staffing strategies and provide real-life examples of how companies like Starbucks and McDonald’s have implemented them to achieve success.

🔝 Top 10 Staffing Strategy Examples

  1. Employee Performance Management in Business
  2. Diversity and Multiculturalism in the Workplace
  3. Telstra Company: Managing Diversity in the Workplace
  4. Coca Cola Company: Staff Performance Effective Management
  5. Google Company's Planning
  6. Organizational Workplace and Human Resource Trends
  7. Managing People. Performance Appraisal Methods
  8. The Unemployment in the Gulf Countries
  9. Employee Turnover in the UAE
  10. Migrant Workers Are Vital to the US Economy

🏢 Staffing Strategy: Definition

Staffing strategy is the model a company or business uses to ensure it has enough employees to meet current and future objectives. It also helps the company strike the perfect balance between permanent and temporary staff for efficient operations. The strategy involves mapping out the company’s work needs in the coming months or years to define the skills needed to achieve the goals.

The HR team maps the information, factoring in the current workers’ profiles to identify the gaps. At the appropriate time, the organization fills in different posts. This process often includes human resources motivation and development that helps to strengthen the company culture.

What Are the Four Staffing Strategies?

A company can opt to use any of these strategic staffing approaches for their local or transnational firm:

Ethnocentric staffingThis is one of the standard staffing models used by international companies or brands with branches in different regions. It involves recruiting people from the parent country.
Polycentric staffingThis method involves hiring locals to fill vacant positions in a company.
Regiocentric staffingThis is a business strategy where only employees from the same region are hired. 
Geocentric staffingThis is hiring the best people without regarding where they come from.

What Are the Benefits of Strategic Staffing?

Having the right staffing strategy comes with many benefits:

  • It allows the organization to recruit the best talent and train them to optimize output.
  • It makes it easy to control the staffing requirements of the company based on emerging dynamics.
  • It offers HR solutions for the company in an organized way.
  • It helps to optimize employees’ potential.
  • It’s crucial in promoting staff diversity.

✨ How to Create a Staffing Strategy Template

Here are the 6 main steps in creating a staffing strategy for a company:

📌 Defining business goalsThe managers will look at their business plan to determine short- and long-term goals. For example, the firm may want to expand to new sectors or introduce new products.
📌 Establishing the current staff landscapeAfter defining the main objectives, the enterprise will get a clear picture of the workforce and determine the deficiencies.
📌 Analyzing the staffing level flow patternsThere is a natural ebb and flow of the workforce in any enterprise. The organization will have the right leave dates in order to plan for filling vacant positions.
📌 Identifying staffing needs of the organizationThe firm will start by understanding the required skills and experience needed to help the enterprise achieve its goals. Then, the company will determine what’s needed to optimize the recruitment process’ efficiency.
📌 Crafting a future staff projection modelThis will help with succession management and staff retention targets to optimize value from HR.
📌 Developing a good employer brand and workplace cultureOffering a good working environment helps to retain the best staff.

🚀 5 Great Staffing Strategy Examples

Check out the following five staffing strategy examples and the reasons why they stand out:

CISCO Staffing Strategy

CISCO uses its CISCO Talent Cloud system, which provides managers with information on the experiences and skills of the staff. With the system’s help, they can identify the best team based on completed projects. The strategy helps to find the right employees and align them with the firm’s priorities and goals.

Google Staffing Strategy

Google gathers data from its staff and uses it to map the behavior of the best workers. The staffing strategy works excellently because the company can identify high-potential staff and hone the skills of new recruits based on merging needs.

Hilton Staffing Strategy

Hilton’s staffing strategy is primarily based on its culture, which prioritizes teamwork. The company maintains a balanced scorecard for assessing performance, recruitment, and promotions. The method works well because the company is able to retain loyal, committed, and hardworking staff.

McDonalds Staffing Strategy

The method used by MacDonald’s is one of the best staffing strategy examples. The company uses local recruitment and promotion from within. The technique has been very effective, especially in helping the company retain the best talents and optimize customer satisfaction.

Starbucks Staffing Strategy

The staffing strategy of Starbucks is investing in people. The company has developed a culture where employees are motivated and referred to as “partners” to make them feel part of the firm. The effect is a better connection, commitment, and quality services that drive more sales at the company.

Other companies with great staffing strategies are:

Check out the samples below to get more ideas!

📝 Staffing Strategy Research Paper Examples

  1. Employee Relation and Human Resource Management
    Business essay sample: Employees’ relations refer to a body within an organization, concerned with maintenance of employer-employee relationship in order to aide towards satisfactory productivity, morale, and motivation.
  2. Creativity and Innovation for Effective Leadership
    Business essay sample: The major four groups of characteristics typical of creative leaders include knowledge, cognitive abilities, personality, passion for the task, and experience of flow.
  3. Can HR Organizations Used in the West be Used in High Tech Organizations in India?
    Business essay sample: Prospect of HR organizations successfully practiced in the West in their effective implementation in the high tech organizations of India is very relevant.
  4. Resourcing and Talent Planning in the United Kingdom
    Business essay sample: The paper discusses the wide variety of the latest trends in the labour market to gain an understanding of them to foster positive environments within companies.
  5. Managing Project in IT Analysis
    Business essay sample: Australia has shown a shift in the centre of gravity of collective bargaining, away from a national and industry basis towards the company level.
  6. Managing People. Performance Appraisal
    Business essay sample: Performance appraisal is essential to the victorious operation of most firms. Employees are evaluated to determine their contributions to the organization.
  7. Managing Human Resources in the Organizational Context
    Business essay sample: The job of a Human Resource (HR) manager might seem comparatively easy and lacking the connection to the rest of the organizational processes.
  8. Occupational Health and Safety in the Organizations
    Business essay sample: The focal point of this paper will be the stress and work-related illness that is the outcome of hazards caused by the avoidance of occupational health and safety in the organizations.
  9. Human Resource Management in the Context of Outsourcing
    Business essay sample: Discussion of the argument that line managers and the human resource functions need to work closely with one another in order to improve performance in the context of outsourcing.
  10. Discrimination in Business Management
    Business essay sample: The major challenge to a manager is discrimination. Discrimination occurs in many working plans today in some ways some noticed and others unnoticed.
  11. Attrition in Human Resource Management
    Business essay sample: Effective HR management is essential for the efficiency and productivity of a company. Attrition is an HR area of high importance, as staff stability is critical for the company.
  12. Staffing Organization: Recruitment and Selection
    Business essay sample: Staffing is the process of finding new employees or retaining the existing employees for fulfilling the demands of appropriate job opportunities.
  13. Minimum Wage and the Poverty Gap
    Business essay sample: This paper analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of an increase in the minimum wage policy and does an increase in minimum wage decrease the poverty gap.
  14. Hilton Hotels Corporation: Multicultural Workforce Management in the Hospitality Industry
    Business essay sample: This paper will attempt to justify existing multicultural employment policies enforced in the Hilton Hotels Corporation based on current research on effective workforce management.
  15. What Is Human Resource Management
    Business essay sample: Human resources management in practical term is very much beneficiary, optimistic and the use of resources in making them more flexible and useful.
  16. The Importance of Human Resource Program Implementation
    Business essay sample: This paper discusses the importance of human resource, organizational behavior, role of the office of human resource management.
  17. Managing in a Global Context
    Business essay sample: This paper discusses the importance of managing people in a global context, organizational development, change management and its' psychology and managers' role.
  18. Poor Issues Management Case Study            
    Business essay sample: Issues are the events that are outside the power of the organization. It may affect the organization in some way or the other and the organization must manage the issues in appropriate time.
  19. Global Staffing Strategies in Acquisition Cases
    Business essay sample: This report explores the functions of human resource management and the changing roles of HRM to deal with the acquisition and other changes in a company's overall strategy.
  20. Human Resource Management: Academic Theory
    Business essay sample: The human resource management sector in any organization deals with ensuring that all the complainants relevant to all staff issues are passed forward to be addressed.
  21. The Concept of Human Resource Management
    Business essay sample: Human resource management is one of the most crucial activities that relate to managing the employee and employee-related activities in an organization.

💡 Essay Ideas on Staffing Strategy

  1. Staffing and Retention Processes Analysis
    Business essay sample: In any organization human resource has to be employed so as for the company to maximize the return on investment minimize the financial risk and increase the profits.
  2. Staffing Issues Related to High Technology Organizations
    Business essay sample: Staffing, just like and is regarded as some of the most crucial functions of the human resource management in various organizations.
  3. Staffing for Australian Business Success in China
    Business essay sample: Every man and woman who is a business person normally says that the success of any organization depends on its employees.
  4. Fab Sweets Company Problems: Management Actions
    Business essay sample: There are problems of production management, staff turnover and interpersonal problems in Fab Sweets, so there should be effective management actions in order to solve them.
  5. Human Resource Planning in a Changing and Dynamic Economic Environment
    Business essay sample: The literature review will focus on the many aspects of human resource planning, the advantages and disadvantage of HR planning, some aspects of HRM, and theories and concepts.
  6. Different Aspects of Human Resources Management
    Business essay sample: Various human resource management activities include staffing, compensation systems, training and development and performance appraisal.
  7. Outsourcing and Other Staffing Trends
    Business essay sample: Outsourcing may be defined as a subcontracting process that hires a third-party company to perform some specific operations of the business.
  8. Marketing Career Development Plan for Company X
    Business essay sample: This career development plan for Company X is developed in the backdrop of the restructuring in the sales department to take on new roles in marketing and customer relations.
  9. HRM Practices: Difference in Practices in US and Japan
    Business essay sample: The paper provides a comprehensive review of the differences in the HR policies of GM and that of Toyota. It also shows that the differences are common in all US and Japanese companies.
  10. Discrimination in the Workplace: Discrimination at SafePlanet
    Business essay sample: It is difficult to believe that, even in this developed age the world is facing serious discriminatory practices in the workplaces.
  11. Boston Consulting Group's Diversity Management
    Business essay sample: As an example of positive diversity management, we can mention here the cases of Sanyo Incorporated and that of the Boston Consulting Group, both in the United States.
  12. Strategic Management and Strategic Formulation by Primack Company
    Business essay sample: Primack Company is one of the companies with outstanding strategic management policies which were started with the aim of acting as the legal consulting company.
  13. Difficulties of Global Human Resources Management
    Business essay sample: The practice of human resources management revolves around managing people within organizations. Managing the people mainly encompasses two main aspects.
  14. Analysis of Human Resource Strategies, Policies and Practices
    Business essay sample: Human resource department makes sure that it is in conversant with the most current methods of employee recruitment to ensure that it has introduced competent staffs.
  15. Selecting Candidates in Multinational Corporations
    Business essay sample: Selection process is based on eight steps and the HR managers would need to follow it thoroughly even when they are hiring people with international experience as well.
  16. H2O Company : Human Resource Functions Analysis
    Business essay sample: This paper is aimed at looking at some of the various issues affecting H2O’s human resource department and give recommendations on what the company ought to do.
  17. Ford Motor Company: An Analyze the Personnel Management
    Business essay sample: This report seeks to analyze the personnel management and development from transactional to transformational models of human capital management in relation to Ford Motor Company.
  18. Employment and Staffing. Recruitment
    Business essay sample: The process of employment and staffing is starts with attracting potential candidates and only ends when competent staffs are recruited and oriented.
  19. Staffing and Recruitment Methods for H2O Organization
    Business essay sample: H2O Organization is a mid-sized software development company that is based in Munich, Germany. Discussion of recommended recruitment methods for H2O Organizations.
  20. Labor Market Issues in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry
    Business essay sample: The paper discusses HR management in the hospitality and tourism industry, which involves different functions and tasks related to employees and their effective performance.
  21. Job Analysis in Human Resource Management
    Business essay sample: Job analysis is important to human resource personnel as it gives them a clear description of a candidate before they are posted to their work.

👍 Good Staffing Strategy Essay Examples to Write about

  1. Nalco Company: Human Resource Management
    Business essay sample: The essay seeks to explore the human resource management practices of Nalco Company, their practicality and their influences on the United Arab Emirates economy and society.
  2. Bagheera Company: Market Conditions for the Successful Development
    Business essay sample: Bagheera is a new start-up company and all market conditions are important for her, which will allow it to achieve success, observing organizational positions.
  3. Human Resources Management: Effective HR Planning Programme
    Business essay sample: Training of the organizational employees and establishing effective channels to foster communication between them and the top-level team.
  4. Kudler Fine Foods: Career Development Plan
    Business essay sample: The management of Kudler Fine Foods has presently decided to restructure the team which runs the secular stores. The stores are an integral part of the company.
  5. Downsizing in Firms: How to Make the Most Out of It
    Business essay sample: Evaluation of what are the arguments for and against downsizing? How can it be done in such a way that the firms that do it are able to make the best out of the process?
  6. Smart Group Consulting Firm: Human Resource Functioning
    Business essay sample: This research aims at gathering information from Smart Group Consulting firm's HRM functions with the view of analyzing its HR practices.
  7. Methods for Organizing and Measuring Customer Satisfaction
    Business essay sample: This report explores the importance of front-line staff and the ways that management can support them; it reviews ways to assess the manner of satisfaction in service delivery.
  8. IMedia Integrated Media Solutions L.L.C Company: Human Resource Management
    Business essay sample: The company should strive hard to ensure that there is a fair payment procedure for workers. This will encourage them to work harder, and hence the company will remain competitive.
  9. Johnson-Venter Report on Recruitment and Selection Procedures
    Business essay sample: Other web based recruitment agencies would also play an important role in communicating about the vacancy to the general public.
  10. Functions of Human Resource Management of Fashion Stakes
    Business essay sample: The study looks at how well Fashion Stakes’ HR department operates with reference to functions such as: staffing, employee training, development and employee relations.
  11. Recruitment and Performance Management as Key Elements of Success
    Business essay sample: This report aims at analyzing some of the principles and practices used by the organization in its selection, recruitment and performance management on the example of M&S Company.
  12. The Importance of Proper Staff Recruitment and Employee Training Processes
    Business essay sample: This research examines the impact and importance of proper recruitment and selection of human resource, as people are the most important function in any company to gain success.
  13. Effective Managing Human Resources
    Business essay sample: Many aspects of human personality such as self-esteem, group-belonging, and self-actualization, are gaining grounds as far as management of human resource is concerned.
  14. Kamuga Motors Company's Human Resource Planning
    Business essay sample: Despite Kamuga Motors Company emphasizing recruiting qualified personnel, it uses a dynamic learning approach to equip its employees with the necessary skills.
  15. Records and Information Management Training
    Business essay sample: The changing face of every organisation is usually associated with the change in the working methodology of their various departments.
  16. Human Resources for Customer Services Department
    Business essay sample: Successful organisations or companies are those that manage their resources in order to ensure that every resource contributes positively to the organization’s performance.
  17. Human Resource Management's Central Issues
    Business essay sample: Human Resource Management emphasizes human resource potential through staffing and optimizing skills, talents, capabilities for the fulfillment of the organization’s objectives.
  18. Managing Resources and Information
    Business essay sample: This idea is driven by the need of Canterbury City to come up with pro-active strategies to mitigate and eliminate losses and fatalities due to fire outbreaks.
  19. Balancing Philanthropy and Profit in Third World Nations
    Business essay sample: Considering the fact that developing nations rely on foreign pharmaceutical companies for up to 93% of their medical projects, Cardinal Health should focus on tapping into this market.
  20. Impact of Diversity Forms in Workplace
    Business essay sample: Diversity can be defined generally as the act of acknowledging, understanding, celebrating and valuing the differences that exist among people.

🎓 Simple Research Paper Examples with Staffing Strategy

  1. Management of Resources and Information
    Business essay sample: Management of resources and information is a successful and proficient method of operation for an organization to handle its resources when they are in need of that.
  2. The Process of Recruiting New Staff Members
    Business essay sample: The report explains the process of recruiting new staff members for the project which should improve fire safety awareness amongst young children
  3. Human Resource Planning: Employee Demand & Supply
    Business essay sample: It is a systematic process of evaluating the human resource needs of an organization and making the appropriate human resource allocation based on their skills and competence.
  4. Ethnic-Racial Bias Tolerance: A Manager’s Perspective
    Business essay sample: Managing social differences in the workplace is one of the major recurring challenges that call for the attention of managers at various levels.
  5. Human Resource Management: Differences in Multinational
    Business essay sample: In multicultural multinationals, international human resource management (HRM) is one key area that is highly affected by intercultural differences.
  6. Current Issues in Human Resource Management
    Business essay sample: Human resource faces the challenge of quickly applying technology to the task of improving its own operations and to always be ahead of others in the technological innovations.
  7. Maple Leaf Shoe Ltd.'s Human Resource Management
    Business essay sample: The paper analyzes the situation at Maple Leaf Shoe with the human resources to evaluate the effectiveness of the existing scheme of workers division and to offer some suggestions.
  8. HR Policy in Blue Gum in Australia
    Business essay sample: The company Blue Gum H.R. policy is bound or obligated to offer first-class programs and services to the group of people living in a particular local area.
  9. Challenges of Multigenerational Workforce in Public Organization
    Business essay sample: To boost productivity in the workplace, we need to establish and come up with better ways of treating our employees as well as treating managers in return.
  10. Human Resources Management in Global Environment
    Business essay sample: During hiring, employers look for the best the market can offer them so as to maintain a degree of quality in their operations
  11. Performance Appraisal and Motivation Techniques
    Business essay sample: This paper is dealing with how the management in various business organizations can use performance appraisal techniques to improve the performance of its staff
  12. Employee Empowerment in the Organization
    Business essay sample: Empowering workers refers to the act of offering staff authority to make and act upon decisions they deem appropriate to the organization.
  13. McDonald’s Company HR Management Practices
    Business essay sample: McDonald's is a global multinational corporation, which is represented on all six continents and in over 100 countries. The workforce of McDonald's has a long history of diversity.
  14. Staff Turnover: The Real Bottom Line
    Business essay sample: The aim of this research project will be to determine the influence and importance of job satisfaction on staff turnover.
  15. Sick Leave and Sick Leave Abuse at Enterprise N in 2017-2020
    Business essay sample: The work of the HR department implies responsibility for the well-being of employees, which has physical, social, cultural, and emotional sides.
  16. Amazon: Recruiting and Staffing Strategy
    Business essay sample: This paper demonstrates that Amazon aims to provide the highest level of service quality to its customers through the legislation's support and effective recruitment system.
  17. Amazon's Recruiting and Staffing Strategy: Case Study
    Business essay sample: This paper focuses on creating a recruiting and staffing strategy for Amazon’s warehouse supervisor job opening.
  18. Racism in Business: Composition of the Employees
    Business essay sample: The paper states that African Americans feel that the composition of the employees is predominantly White despite African American customers making 40% of our clientele.
  19. London Marriott Marble Arch Hotel Kitchen’s Value Stream Map
    Business essay sample: The kitchen is one of the critical departments or divisions within Marriott International subsidiaries. It is where these institutions produce the foods it serves their customers.
  20. Case Study: Staff Motivation and Sharp HealthCare
    Business essay sample: The case describes how the healthcare delivery system, Sharp HealthCare addresses its human resource management and keeps employees motivated.

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