Bagheera Company: Market Conditions for the Successful Development

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Organizational structure

Responsibilities in the organization

The business is a set up of the organization with the adequate capital, labour for the supplying of goods and services to the end users or customers in return for the profit in terms of money and revenue. A business is to be understood as the economical enterprise with the different objectives like the responsibility and the ethics should have a major consideration, the social responsibility is the kind of the expectations and the fulfilment of the obligations that are to be faced. According to the business analysis conducted in the US, only 30 to 40% of the businesses have the market presence from five years to the establishment.

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The business is the situation, which creates many challenges, and threats to the owners, as the partners of the business has to keep a bird’s eye on the emerging situations and to the market trends. As the design company of the bags are considered the different responsibility of the owners take place, as the previous employees of the pumpernickel the organizational responsibility becomes specific. As the Bagheera becoming the new start up firm, it is the capital investment and the efficiency in the managing have to be considered. As the owners of business the market analysis and the feasibility analysis has to be conducted in knowing the arising trends, the like and the dislike of the variety of products in the market. The design experts are to be hired in the fulfilling the design specification of the export countries.

The manufacture unit is which is subcontracted in china should be inspected and have the look at the each time and the different aspects in the selection and the negotiation has to be considered to maintenance of the good relationship with the employees for the smooth functioning of the organization. As the owners of the business, the pros and corns should be analyzed and the feasibility analysis has to be conducted and catastrophic problems have to be found out, the planning in each step should be made. The responsibilities are numerous but the main responsibilities are some, which has to be studied continuously and monitored.

As Bagheera is considered it is the new startup company and it has to have different considerations like the reputation and the public image, government, employees, customers, competitors and the market conditions.

The Bagheera has to consider the competitors as the major consideration because they are the new entrants to the market, and the company which has its origin from that of the pumpernickel, which is a highly reputed in quality products and in the brand image. The public image should be given importance by the Bagheera. The earnings in terms of profit and revenue gives a good image to the company and high reputation to the company. The quality products and good designs should increase the image among the company. The best practice for Bagheera is to conduct the activities and the welfare programs to have the promotion and to build up the image.

The investors are the main backbone of the company. They have become the investors by knowing the reputation of the company, as Bagheera is considered the increased number of the investors are possible only when they have a good profit and the revenue earned, so they become the main responsibility of the company in returning the good dividends of the company to them.

The pumpernickel was the company, which provided much stress to the employees, and it has the main reason for the exit of design experts. So as the ex employees of the organization the employees, Bagheera has the responsibility where the employees are to be treated as the asset of the organization. The each employee are the responsibility of the organization in terms of payment, assurance, medical benefits and security, the employees are the person who are completely depended on the management so management have a better responsibility.

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The Bagheera has to concentrate more on the customers and customers are the main target of the business without the customers the business can generate only nullified results. The turnover of Bagheera was $13 million and the net profit of 12%, the company has to retain the customers by the supplying of the good products and to avoid the fraud practices by the low quality products.

The government is the person who the businesses have to be considered, it is through the government that the business has to be legalized and the tax policy and the correct payment of the taxes and the following the laws.

The Bagheera has to consider the environment and it’s the factors, they have to consider whether the waste products are to be managed properly, the dumping of the waste and the disposal of them are to be done in a manner that do not harm the environment and the inhabitants. There are different legal laws for the environmental protection and if violating the rules are treated as an offence.

Evaluation of obstacles

There are different obstacles to be faced by the business when they are in the initial stage. “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal” (Ward 2010).

The Bagheera has to face many regulations from the government, different laws and regulation from the government and the taxation policy are the obstacles face by the government. The different kinds of the policy are related to the market condition, environment and the market.

The income tax policy and the sales tax policy have much impact on the business, the tax imposed on the products and the marketing of them become difficult in the market. This is obstacle, which is faced by all the business units.

As the pumpernickel is the major brand in the design category and the Bagheera is just a start-up company, the former become a competitor which gives a lot of obstacle in the market. The competitors are a major obstacle. When the competitor is strong with investment and market share it is a main threat. The different kind of the promotion offers, substitute product are also the ones, which cause adverse effect on the business. Constant research has to be done to overcome from the obstacles.

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Job description of Bagheera contains “Title of the position, Department, Reports to (to whom the person directly reports), Overall responsibility, Key areas of responsibility, Consults with (those who the person works with on a regular basis), Term of employment, Qualifications (necessary skills and experience required).” (Lindenberger 2010). In a business, good and complete job descriptions will provide a specific idea about the type and requirements of the employment.

The products of Bagheera have got high demands in UK, Ireland, France, Germany etc. In order to expand the business, the entire department in the organizations can have good job description to amass suitable employees through recruitment process. Top most job title of the companies is Managing Director and General Manager. Depending up on the various functions the there are four departments are present in the proper functioning Bagheera. They are marketing, Finance, HR and Operation department. Each position is having its own role in the success of the organization.

Since Bagheera is well known for costume products frequent changes are required for their products, because customers are always prefer variety in the products. Therefore, for the success of their business, they always need an employee who definitely requires qualities like creativity and innovative ideas. Other job position of the company is the Marketing Executives. Marketing executives with positive attitude and excellent communication skill are essential for the best selling of the products. If they are experienced, it will be considered as an additional qualification. The success of every functioning in the company will directly relate to the HR department because they provide various training programs for improving the skills of the employees.

Remuneration and benefit package for each position

Pumpernickel, oldest customer of Bagheera, has been extremely impressed and satisfied the partnership with Bagheera, the partnership was great success in US market over these past 5 years, and Pumpernickel is ready to continue the partnership with Bagheera. As part of Pumpernickel’s business development, they want to handle their entire Autumn/Winter 2010 and the Spring/Summer 2011 lines for both the US and Europe. For that, it is necessary to enhance the working strategies and employee commitment is necessary. To solve these problems Bagheera and Pumpernickel is make use of remuneration concept for improving efficiency of the employees.

Based on the performance of each employee in a company, a fixed pay is awarded to them. For improving, the efficiency of the employees Bagheera is planned to give a salary of $30000/month. This will help generate a positive attitude among the employees and they produce good output by utilizing all their efficiency. The main factors that come under remuneration are ” Reward of employment as pay, salary, or wage, including allowances, benefits (such as company car, medical plan, pension plan), bonus, cash incentives, and monetary value of the non-cash incentives.” (Remuneration, 2010).

Providing attractive salary to the work of costume designer will help increase productivity, which will result a tremendous increase in the number of customers.

For that Bagheera is propose a salary of $30,000 /month and which is considered as a main thing for selecting good staff. The organization is capable of giving $30,000 /month because it can earn lot of benefit through Pumpernickel contracts, because the contract of 2010-11 worth is about $20 millions and in the coming years the company is also ready to continuing their business with more number of partnerships. “Current trends in benefits include a movement to benefit flexibility (see flexible benefits), where employees are given an element of choice over the particular benefits they receive, and the provision of ‘family-friendly’ benefits, such as special leave arrangements to cope with child- and elder-care.” (Benefits, 2010).

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Recruitment and Selection

The process of recruitment of staffs is an important activity in any company. “The recruitment policy is key role in Human Resource Management. Utmost care has to be taken to frame the Recruitment procedures to safe guard the interests of the Company as well as the Employees community.” (HR policies, n.d.).

Bagheera has to recruit highly talented employees for performing the designing and manufacturing activities. The recruited staff should be capable of suggesting new ideas that will help in the growth of the company. Only by recruiting good staffs, high quality products can be made which will attract the customers like Pumpernickel and many others. In Bagheera, the recruitment of staffs can be done by giving advertisements in newspapers, magazines etc.

The process of recruitment will require spending of specific amount of cost. It will be better to retain the recruited employees for long time so that the amount spent on recruitment will be less. “Low cost recruitment has been possible due to the power of internet. The competitive market for this kind of recruitment method has contributed a lot to the reduction in the recruitment cost.” (A guide to low cost recruitment method online, 2009).

This type of low cost recruitment can be adopted in Bagheera for enabling the growth of the company.

“Employee selection is a key strategy that can save organizations tremendous resources, time, and energy.” (Employee section – Are you gambling at work? 2005).

Selection process will help to reduce the number of applicants and will help in recruitment of staffs to the company. Bagheera will have to use two or more selection tools for the efficient staffing. The qualification and experience of the candidates should be considered for the recruitment process. Knowledge of English can also be made an important criterion for selection. The best selection tools that will be suitable in Bagheera will be a test and an interview.

The candidates can be made to attend a practical test that will help the company to understand their designing ability. Such type of test will help to select persons who have good designing skill and who are capable of making and implementing good designs in bags. After the tests, the candidates with the necessary skills can be short listed and asked to attend for a personal interview. Interviews are an important selection tool because it helps in making an impression about the person. It helps in analyzing if the person is suitable for a particular job. “Better selection research and planning will contribute to the organization with better performing employees and contribute monetary value add.” (Selection tools for hiring, 2008).

The use of proper selection methods and tools will thus largely contribute to the growth strategy of Bagheera.

Staff management

“Monitoring staff involves observing them and collecting information.” (Monitoring and security of staff: Introduction, n.d.). Monitoring staff is one of the important issues for a bag design company. This should be done in proper in order to get better result in the company. “Monitoring is always an intrusion on people’s privacy and therefore should be carried out only where truly justified and only to the extent necessary.” (Monitoring and security of staff, 2008).

The aim of monitoring staff must be to enhance improvement in design facilities for recuperating and developing the products. Monitoring of staff must focus on whether they are using better materials like fabric, plastic or leather while making the products. Monitoring also should focus on packaging the item, which is very much important for attracting the customers towards company.

Different methods can be included for monitoring the staff in a bag design company. One of the methods is by “recording staff activities by CCTV cameras.” (Monitoring and security of staff: Why you might monitor your staff and what monitoring includes n.d.).

This is one of the effective ways of monitoring the staff, as it will give details of all sorts of activities employees perform in an organization while manufacturing and designing the bags. Another method is recording the telephone calls, checking the logs of phone numbers, websites employee visit etc. This is to understand the behaviour of the staff working in Bagheera Company. In addition, one more important issue in monitoring is “monitoring may affect staff, and employment relations, in other ways, so it’s important you let them know about it.” (Monitoring and security of staff: The right ways to monitor your staff, n.d.). These are some recommended actions for Bagheera Company in order to monitor the staff.

This is another important issue Bagheera Company. It needs to take care very effectively in order to attain success. This company always believes that “motivation in the workplace is valuable in terms of both revenue and production.” (Employee motivation and leadership and motivation, 2010).

For design and manufacturing bag, designing company motivation to the staff can be gives in the form of acknowledgment and attention. This kind of motivation has to give when staff implemented new kinds of designs while manufacturing the bags. Besides from that applause can be given for those staff in social gathering or through by conducting function. Staff training can be given in new techniques in making or implementing designs by calling eminent trainer in to the company.

Not only this, some other recommended factors for Bagheera Company to enhance employee self-motivation is by building “satisfaction, appreciation, recognition, inspiration and compensation.” (Maroney 2004).

Bagheera Company has to keep these factors in mind in order to “build self-esteem and capability” (Motivating you staff in a time of change, 2010) among employees. All these will play a key role in enhancing self-motivation in employees.

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