84 Manpower Planning Recruitment and Selection Research Papers & Essay Examples

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📝 Manpower Planning Recruitment and Selection Research Paper Examples

  1. Entrepreneurial Management: Business Plan and Skills
    Business plan increases the entrepreneur’s motivation in the project. Motivation combined with self-confidence enhances also courage, patience and perseverance.
  2. Human Resource Dynamics in Organizations
    This paper set out to explore the dynamics that surround human resource planning as well as the recruitment and selection process.
  3. Capacity Planning in Operations Management
    What is capacity planning in operations management 📈 ? This paper gives answers ✅ to all of your questions. Discover the importance of this process, factors affecting it, and example problems.
  4. Human Resources and Personnel Management Difference
    Personnel management used to refer to the set of activities concerning the workforce which included staffing, payroll, contractual obligations and other administrative activities.
  5. The Glades and Sons Company's Operations Internationalization
    With reference to the Glades and sons, this paper is intended to analyze critically the human resource issues of an organization intending to internationalize its operations.
  6. KND Corporation's Human Resource Plan
    KND Corporation produces medium-priced clothing for girls and women under the brand name Bliss, and its products are currently sold online, as well as in four physical stores.
  7. Employee Selection, Retention, Motivation Practices
    The role of HRM in the organization shall focus on improving recruitment, selection, retention, motivation, and promotion among other roles.
  8. McDonald’s Company Human Resource Strategy
    This paper focuses on people as an important aspect of McDonald’s overall strategy of improving its customer experience. Management of people falls in the realm of the human resource department.
  9. Activities Management for Achieving Results
    Organizational culture is commonly held and stable beliefs, attitudes, and values that exist in an organization. This work discusses managing activities to achieve results.
  10. Coca-Cola Human Resources – a Case Study
    This report focuses on Coca Cola human resources: 🧑‍💼 job design, the training process, employee benefits, promotion strategies, etc. 👓 Read the paper to learn more about Coca Cola human resource management!
  11. How Recruitment and Selection Affect Organisational Performance
    The aim of this study is to establish how well organizations manage their talents, especially during the recruitment and selection process, and the implication of their practices.
  12. Emirates & British Airlines' Human Resources Strategies
    This paper will discuss human resources strategies that will be adopted by a joint venture between Emirates Airlines and British Airlines.
  13. Strategic Human Resource Management and Objectives
    Strategic human resource management guides all the organizational activities and resources that are dedicated to attracting and maintaining a highly motivated workforce.
  14. Candidate Effective Initial Scanning and Employee Selection
    The study aims to find a correlation between candidate effective initial scanning (CEIS) and actual processes of employment.
  15. Human Resource Management: Planning and Control Systems
    This paper examines the distinction between an existing Human Resource Management and integrations of a new technological Human Resource Strategies.
  16. McDonalds Company: Human Resource' Functions
    McDonalds Fast Food Company has been chosen as an example of an organization for this report and this report will further discuss the HR agenda within this organization.
  17. Wal-Mart’s Human Resource Strategy and Plan
    Human resource management is a function that is designed to maximize employee contribution to an organization.
  18. Operations, Change and Risk Management
    Some of the major challenges which operations managers are faced within the dynamic business environment of today include the management of change, risk management, and staffing.
  19. Recruitment and Selection Theory Models
    Researching recruitment and selection theory models? 👔 Human resource management (HRM) is a field that has been studied widely in business practice. 👀 We recommend you reading this paper to learn more about recruitment and selection models. 👉
  20. Toyco Company People Management
    Toyco Company is facing a collapse of its human resource function. Poor human resource management is causing the company serious problems.
  21. ToyCo's Recruitment and Selection Effectiveness
    This report investigates and discusses the process of management recruitment and selection, its organizational peculiarities in the context of one particular company, ToyCo.
  22. Recruitment and Selection Practices in HR
    Recruitment is a multi-step process that requires planning and evaluation. It presents an opportunity for realignment of initiatives, goals.
  23. Wal-Mart Company's Operations Management
    This paper focuses on the issue of empty shelves that has recently faced the operations management function at Wal-Mart, its underlying causes, and possible solutions.
  24. HR Practices in Infosys – Best Strategies
    What are the best Infosys HR practices? 💾 This work presents the HRM system of Infosys, its challenges, and the ways of overcoming these difficulties. 🤝 Read the article to learn what are innovative HR practices in Infosys. ✔️
  25. Strategies in the Human Resource Management
    Formulating business strategies in an organization involves systematic planning and coordination between organizations departments.
  26. Resourcing and Talent Planning in the United Kingdom
    The paper discusses the wide variety of the latest trends in the labour market to gain an understanding of them to foster positive environments within companies.
  27. Staffing Organization: Recruitment and Selection
    Staffing is the process of finding new employees or retaining the existing employees for fulfilling the demands of appropriate job opportunities.
  28. McDonald’s Company’s Strategic HR Direction
    McDonald’s Corporation was started in the year 1940 and is said to be the biggest chain of fast food restaurants in the world.
  29. Human Resource Management: Academic Theory
    The human resource management sector in any organization deals with ensuring that all the complainants relevant to all staff issues are passed forward to be addressed.
  30. British Petroleum Company's Business Planning
    British Petroleum Company have contributed immensely to the growth of the economy globally; the company concentrates on different business activities in the oil and gas industry.

💡 Essay Ideas on Manpower Planning Recruitment and Selection

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  1. The Concept of Human Resource Management
    Human resource management is one of the most crucial activities that relate to managing the employee and employee-related activities in an organization.
  2. Staffing Issues Related to High Technology Organizations
    Staffing, just like and is regarded as some of the most crucial functions of the human resource management in various organizations.
  3. Strategic Human Resources Management in Service Industry
    There're 5 steps in Strategic planning in Human Resources maintained in this report: Mission and goals. Environmental analysis. Strategic formulation. Strategy implementation.
  4. Job Analysis as Important Feature of Recruitment Process
    This paper emphatically outlines the critical importance of job analysis and selection process in the overall recruitment process.
  5. Human Resource Planning in a Changing and Dynamic Economic Environment
    The literature review will focus on the many aspects of human resource planning, the advantages and disadvantage of HR planning, some aspects of HRM, and theories and concepts.
  6. The Influence of Change on IHRM
    The research will evaluate the strategic importance of IHRM and the impact of such factors as economic, social, and political pressure on IHRM.
  7. Business Management and Planning Issues
    In planning for a new company a number of issues will be considered. This will include financial, marketing, human resources and corporate social responsibility.
  8. A Critical Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Communication Systems, Recruitment and Selection Procedures, and Training and Development in Organizations
    If at all organizations are to remain viable in an otherwise competitive market, one of the key departments that they should seek to improve is human resources.
  9. Effective Performance Management Systems in Australian Organizations
    This report will focus on the strategies that organizations, especially in Australia, can use to improve the performance management system.
  10. The Concept of Recruitment and Selection on Job
    Job description entails a description of the purpose of the post, the job title, where the job will be based, the type of person that is required which is the selection criteria.
  11. Employee Involvement: Human Resource Planning
    This report will analyze the ways that an organization could plan for its human resources; it will briefly talk about other aspects of human resources development.
  12. Bagheera Company: Market Conditions for the Successful Development
    Bagheera is a new start-up company and all market conditions are important for her, which will allow it to achieve success, observing organizational positions.
  13. Human Resources Management: Effective HR Planning Programme
    Training of the organizational employees and establishing effective channels to foster communication between them and the top-level team.
  14. Hexaware Technologies Firm's Human Resource Management
    This paper will discuss the human resource management style in Hexaware Technologies and focus on the developments of human resource management.
  15. Business Planning for Entrepreneurial Venture
    A business plan refers to an official statement that details organizational goals, strategies to be used in achieving these goals.
  16. Coca Cola Operations Management
    Coca-Cola Company is a worldwide soft drink company with an international market presence in over 200 countries.
  17. Johnson-Venter Report on Recruitment and Selection Procedures
    Other web based recruitment agencies would also play an important role in communicating about the vacancy to the general public.
  18. Recruitment and Performance Management as Key Elements of Success
    This report aims at analyzing some of the principles and practices used by the organization in its selection, recruitment and performance management on the example of M&S Company.
  19. The Importance of Proper Staff Recruitment and Employee Training Processes
    This research examines the impact and importance of proper recruitment and selection of human resource, as people are the most important function in any company to gain success.
  20. Human Resources Management
    This paper is the report of the research findings aimed at gathering the information on the Human Resources Management issues at Ford Motor Company.
  21. Jet Blue Airline's Human Resource Management
    The essay discusses methods that the organization institute in selecting suitable personnel to meet the organization's staffing needs, and the importance of performance appraisal.
  22. Human Resource Management's Central Issues
    Human Resource Management emphasizes human resource potential through staffing and optimizing skills, talents, capabilities for the fulfillment of the organization’s objectives.
  23. Managing Human Resources: Through Strategic Partnership
    Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) is the overall organizational method of screening the function and purpose of HRM in a well-built organization.
  24. International HR Management Case Study
    The international human resource management is a key to the international expansion of a company and involves preparing staff members to work discharge their duties in various operations
  25. Barclays Bank: Roles of the Human Resource Management
    Barclays bank has portrayed the role of human resource management and thus it has a highly experienced workforce and its productivity is high.
  26. HR Policy in Blue Gum in Australia
    The company Blue Gum H.R. policy is bound or obligated to offer first-class programs and services to the group of people living in a particular local area.
  27. Developing Strategic HRM Policies and Plans
    The current state of competition in business environment calls for organizations to be open to embracing changes and innovations aimed at helping them gain competitive advantages.
  28. Human Resource Management
    HRM's main goal is to maximize employee performance and ensure the organization has sufficient workers equipped with everything they need to achieve top results and be satisfied.
  29. Resourcing and Talent Planning in Labor Markets
    Understanding the nature and specifics of labor markets in different countries allows making more informed decisions on hiring and firing employees, changing their wages etc.
  30. Human Resource Management at Amazon
    The HR policies of Amazon are reflected in its systems intended to improve cooperation between managers and employees.

👍 Good Manpower Planning Recruitment and Selection Essay Examples to Write about

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  1. Strategic HRM Impact on International Recruitment and Selection
    Innovative practices on employee motivation and commitment are necessary for modern HRM strategic implementation.
  2. Human Resource Management - Canadian Retail Sector
    This paper will discuss fundamental HR functions in the Canadian retail sector and their impact on organizations.
  3. Amazon HR Practices and Processes
    Ethics is an integral aspect of HRM Amazon management should take into account ethical concerns related to workplace health and safety.
  4. The Impact of Recruitment and Selection on Organizational Performance
    Recruitment involves finding qualified individuals for various jobs while selection involves the screening of the candidates to determine their suitability for responsibilities.
  5. Human Resource Career Paths and Strategic Planning
    This paper overviews human resources career paths and analyzes how companies conduct the implementation of their human resources strategic plans.
  6. HR Planning and Human Resources
    Human resources planning is an essential element of a company’s performance since it helps in determining its objectives, strategies and goals.
  7. About the Process of Hiring Employees at Apple, Inc.
    This essay seeks to analyze recruitment and selection processes, such as job advertisement and interviewing at Apple, Inc.
  8. Importance of Human Resources Management
    This essay shows the importance of each component of HRM and highlights the important developments in these areas. HRM is a powerful tool for the company's growth.
  9. Human Resource Planning by Unilever
    The aim of the assignment is to collect the data and evaluate current HR practices and approaches used by Unilever.
  10. Requirements Specification for an ERP System for FedEx
    The document provides a discussion of the existing and proposed ERP solution for different branches and divisions of the company.
  11. How Tesco Uses Workforce Planning & Proactive Recruitment
    Recruitment and selection have become fundamentally important concerns for employers globally in large part because of considerable shifts in emerging technologies, labour market.
  12. Human Resource Management and Its Five Areas
    Human resource management is necessary to improve employees' efficiency and help them achieve their career aspirations according to the organization's goals.
  13. Appropriate Human Resource Management in a Company
    Effective planning by a human resource manager brings accurate results that a company wants in the case of staffing and leads to the company's success.
  14. Recruitment, Selection and Evaluation of Performance
    The development of an effective recruitment plan requires selecting the most appropriate methods and considering the variety of the related aspects.
  15. A Detailed Human Resources Plan
    The purpose of this paper is to create a detailed Human Resources plan. The work of an HR manager is especially difficult.
  16. Recruitment and Selection Strategy
    Induction is the process of receiving and welcoming employees when they first join a company and giving them basic information.
  17. Resource and Talent Planning Within Organization
    This paper discusses labour market, future skills, workforce planning, HR planning and documentation, retention and turnover, lawful practice from managing dismissal, retirement.
  18. Job Analysis and Selection Techniques
    This paper will discuss job analysis, employee selection, how job analysis can influence employee selection, demonstrate the job analysis’ and the selection method’s connection.
  19. Recruiting and Retention at Google Corporation
    In Google, the retention of human resources is a strategic activity aimed at interesting its employees in further work in the company despite periodic difficulties.
  20. Airline Human Resource Management
    The HRM of O.R Tambo International Airport in South Africa is critically evaluated in this paper to assess the HRM of the airline.
  21. Almost Heaven PLC: Solutions to the Human Resource Concerns
    This paper will focus on finding an effective solution to the Almost Heaven PLC Company's human resource concerns.
  22. The Issues of Human Resource Management
    This paper conducts an in-depth literature review on the issues of human resource management, recruitment, and on-job training and development.
  23. Human Resource Planning the Organization Unilever
    The paper discusses and analyzes human resource planning and its impact on the organization, Unilever. Is given special attention to organization, industry analysis and HR strategies.
  24. Human Resource Management at Maersk
    The paper states that when the HR manager understands the company's strategic goals, it will be easier to hire the best employees at the correct time.

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