Management of Resources and Information


Management of resources and information is a successful and proficient method of operation for an organization to handle its resources when they are in need of that. These resources may consist of personal resources, monetary data, materials, know-how, space, manufacturing resources. Management of resources and information is a significant aspect to assess the entire essentials of the resources and depiction of the personal resources. These are crucial fundamentals of the far-reaching assignment to study and examine the development effectively. There will be resource management tools that will contribute to allocate the supply and orders of resources.

Regarding information management, there will be plenty of resources including stakeholders, system analysts, resource managers, analysts, etc. These resources are mainly classified into two types, human and capital resources. For an organization to set up, there will be the need for several resources including the above. For this, there will be a well-organized department for recruitment of the staff and selection of efficient people, giving proper job description to the employees, managing employees, etc.

So far it concerns the fire and rescue services in Ashford, this needs proper attention and as it is not a competitive field, no one will be ready to start other enterprises. Its success depends on effective resources and information allocations. For these, the staff is properly trained to update their skills and knowledge in such a manner as to be complementary to its needs. This will facilitate a committed workforce to the organization.

Ashford City

Ashford is a town in the county of Kent, in England. It is one of the best places to live in the UK. It is a modern town and they were keen on the making of modern roads and shopping malls. This commercial development is well attained by the numbers of business and industrial areas, prestigious shopping complexes, knowledge parks, etc. The important attraction of the town is its greenery and the open family-friendly spaces. They are blessed with natural beauties and the rural villages which make the people forget city life.

The parks in Ashford will give a wonderful leisure life naturally and is attracting more visitors. It is one of the emerging towns in the UK. Several changes have made this city a well-developed one. So there will be more organizations coming to buy the marketplace. More and more buildings are rising and at the same time chance of accidents is also increasing.

The process to recruit the staff

For an organization to be effective, proper recruitment should be done. There is a need to promote capable human resources, and they should be properly trained and they have to be motivated for successful outcomes. They have to learn all the techniques and be systematically trained to make the organization efficient. The important factor is the proper recruitment of staff and these are done by recruiting staff in the organization or by recruiting agencies. The steps in recruitment include attracting candidates by the job advertisements, screening their credentials and selecting suitable employees using various tests and interviews.

Different methods of recruitment, including

  1. Job centers: These job centers are maintained by the government, helps unemployed people to get a job and are commonly free.
  2. Advertisements: These are the most commonly used method of recruitment. These are through newspapers, the internet, various publications, notice boards, job fairs, etc. These are prepared with particular information about a job, its description, payment, location, etc.
  3. Recruitment agencies: These employment agencies are widespread in the world. The candidates will get interview calls through them, or they will arrange interviews for them. For this, they have to submit a fee or they have to give the fee after the employee gets into a job.
  4. Recommendations: This is referred to as ‘word of mouth’. This will be from colleagues or friends and it will have a good effect as the company will be satisfied by their known people’s reference. But, the quality of workers cannot be checked by this.

The most appropriate method I felt was with the advertisement and by recruiting agencies. This enables to pick the right candidate with quality. Through advertisements, we can calculate the potential of the applicant and we can test them and can easily make an idea about the candidate. These job advertisements are mainly done through job sites or job portals on the internet. It is more cost-effective than posting ads in a newspaper. The recruiting agencies are also helpful, providing an efficient candidate after their tests and interviews, but I found this one more costly. These two methods made more responses from the candidates and I was confident that I have used the best method.

Interviews are mainly done by the human resource staff in the organization.

Some of the interviewing methods include:

  1. Aptitude tests: this will test the personality and it will show the person’s ability to fit with the profile. It will reveal the real person and his characters and how he will suit the organization.
  2. IQ tests: This will check candidates’ ability to handle the data and analyze and to get solutions for that. This is a logical and analytical test.
  3. Panel interviews: These types of interviews are handled by a panel, consisting of two or more members and this is the reality check for the confidence of the candidate.
  4. Personal interview: This will be easier to handle and will be like normal conversations.

Contract of employment

This agreement between the employee and employer will specify the terms of employment. The employee has to sign in the contract dealing with their work time, salaries, leave, probation time, discipline, grievance measures, health and safety and other benefits. The violation or breach of the contract will make way for the penalty for the employee. The employer should provide all the details regarding the job and the company policies.

Procedures manual

There is a proper manual for the effective working of the fire and rescue services. It should be according to the manual only. We have to pay attention to every small step of the manual for the best results. All should know about the materials and gadgets used in fire rescue and they have to be thorough with the fuel and water available with them. They should know about the correct positions on the road, accurate spacing of their vehicles, and identification of their tools and the right usage of visual and audible warning devices.


Different laws are passed in the UK for the fire and rescue services. These acts are passed with the aim of modernizing the fire and rescue service to be more efficient and helpful. For this, the person in charge should be responsible for all implementation of the fire rescue management. “The FSO applies to all non-domestic premises in England and Wales, including the common parts of blocks of flats and houses in multiple occupations (HMOs). The law applies to you if you are:

  • responsible for business premises;
  • an employer or self-employed with business premises;
  • responsible for a part of a dwelling where that part is solely used for business purposes;
  • a charity or voluntary organization;
  • a contractor with a degree of control over any premises “ (Fire Safety Law and Guidance Documents for Business).

What resources will be needed to run the program in addition to the staff?

Various resources are needed to run the program in addition to the staff. Management speaks to each and everyone regarding the performance of the establishment and is carrying out at all stages of the establishment. Management is not a divided &, separate job. All the resources must be combined in order to attain the best result. Literature, equipment, cost, etc are some of the resources needed to run the program. The setting up and budget procedure should affect a financial arrangement by which expected revenues equilibrium, probable expenditures on a yearly basis are calculated. Management of resources and information is one of the flourishing and skillful ways of procedures for carrying out all the activates in any organization.

Some of the other important resources besides Literature, equipment and cost are human resources, monetary resources, information; resources, know-how, space, etc. Management of resources and information is a significant factor to estimate all the elements of the possessions and interpretation of the human resources in the organization. Strong leadership is one of the other important things which must be maintained at the time of management of resources and information.

Week leadership leads to a negative effect on the organization. Fire and Rescue Authorities can attain important competencies by combining their purchasing authority, abilities, and assets to acquire those things that are service-specific. And also at the same time association on a nationwide source can assist to lift up principles of apparatus. The fundamental attitude following Information Resource Management is to plan, record and manage all of the resources necessary to create information. There are three modules of information resources:

  • “BUSINESS RESOURCES – Enterprises, Business Functions, Positions (Jobs), Human/Machine Resources, Skills, Business Objectives, Projects, and Information Requirements.
  • SYSTEM RESOURCES – Systems, Sub-Systems (business processes), Administrative Procedures (manual procedures and office automation-related), Computer Procedures, Programs, Operational Steps, Modules, and Subroutines.
  • DATA RESOURCES – Data Elements, Storage Records, Files (computer and manual), Views, Objects, Inputs, Outputs, Panels, Maps, Call Parameters, and Data Bases” (Bryce).

Reasonable cost is used to run the program and also we can demonstrate the best practice on the basis of the outcome of the program as well as through the evaluation of the program. The output of the program will be very useful and profitable depends on the best practices that we adopt. Information can put in worth to goods and services. Enhanced information flows can develop the excellence of decision-making and interior procedures.

Resources may be either monetary or non-financial however non-financial, contributions can be calculated in financial conditions if they are precisely cost, so the whole can be articulated in monetary terms. Human resources are the important ones to establish an organization. Efficient allocation of resources will help to create the most efficient organization. Fire and rescue services in Ashford need huge attention and it is not a competitive field, no one will be ready to start other enterprises.

How will you evaluate the project? –what are the aims/benefits of the project?

A project is a type of activity in which capital investment is made for the realization of a big goal. All projects are measurable in terms of both the expenses as well as the proceeds generated from the project. A project can be evaluated through its results. The evaluation of a project involves many steps like the collection and recording of information, the project deliverables, and the long terms impacts of the project like a change in behaviors or practice, a change in the monotonous routine, etc. Many methods are used to evaluate projects.

There are different discounted as well as undiscounted criteria to evaluate a project. Evaluating a project answers the question as to how extreme the project has been successful, Whether the outcomes of the project have been met, does the project’s domino effect substantiates the inputs used for the project, etc. The firms in Ashford city perform adequately well. The management of resources and information is very important for all firms. The city of Ashford has also many examples of good management of resources and information like the Ashford Borough Council. “The Ashford Council scores 2 out of 4 for Use of Resources.

It looks at the money it has to spend and plans activities and services based on this. It understands the costs of its services. It finds ways of doing things differently to save money, attract investment and extra funding and improve the quality of the service so achieving better value for money. The Council has a good track record of delivering savings” (Ashford Borough Council Organisational Assessment).

The main aim of this project is to successfully manage resources and information available so that there is optimum use of the resources and the resources generate both long and short-term benefits in the city of Ashford in the UK.

The main benefit of this project is that the optimum use of resources led to the successful management of resources and information. Human resources are the best and the most reliable resource and therefore should be efficiently employed. In order to efficiently manage human resources the latest modernized techniques of recruitment, selection, training and placement of the best-fit employees in their respective jobs so that it is beneficial both for the firm, Fire and rescue services as well as the city of Ashford.

All the employees in the organization should fit as per the employee guide of the organization or the manpower plan in the firm. The manpower plan in the firm should be according to the employment law in the UK. The employment rule in the firm should consider all the important and minute aspects of the employees like the working hours, the payment basis, the rules for promotion, the mode of selections, the medical and other allowances to the employees, etc. the CRB clearance is a must in all firms for the efficient management of the human resource in the firm.

The CRB clearance is essential for the fire and rescue services in Ashford in the UK because without this clearance a person will not be able to work in schools or in hospitals or in places where kids are vulnerable to adult interaction. The optimum use of resources is essential for the success of all projects.

This project is very specific in nature and is concerned with the optimum management of resources especially human resources. The outcome of this project can be measured both in the long term as well as in the short term. The results of this project are attainable and this project is of huge relevance in the firm as well as in the city of Ashford.

Criteria for your town

There are specific reasons why Ashford town has been selected for this study. For one thing, the general population which comprises this town are very hardworking and there is an abundant talent to choose from. Besides, there is a greater degree of professionally skilled assets that are available in this place, whereby, employers could have to good variety of multifaceted talents to choose from.

Besides this, there are also positive vibes in the county that aids and abets recruitment of these locales. Since “fair and open competition is required under UK and EU procurement rules,” it is necessary that the employers adopt a non-discriminative and equal opportunities stance before, during and after the selection process and everybody should be given an equal chance to perform. (National Procurement Strategy for the Fire and Rescue Service in England 2009-12, p. 35).


The mooted idea for use of Ashford town for employment purposes is indeed a laudable one and needs to be appreciated. However, it is very important that the main objectives of a research study of this genre consider the important criteria and aims and objectives of this kind of research. Besides, the usefulness of a research study of this genre, its potential risks and drawbacks also need to be assessed beforehand, and remedial actions need to be taken before the final studies are conducted.

Besides, it is also necessary that “continuous staff development to increase quality, efficiency, effectiveness, and understanding of MSU’s diverse student population.” are undertaken. (Resource Management Principles: Approaches to Planning and Budgeting, p. 10).

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