TUV Nord Certification Activities and Conformity Assessment


The world of management and product lines are very complicated. However, basic knowledge about the tasks of the contemporary management team is at a core nowadays. The thing is that since 1947 International Organization for Standardization (ISO) serves as the guarantee for companies (ISO 1). Features of quality and appropriate standards for the goods and services are pivotal ideas for corporations all over the world. This is why the report is dedicated to the problem of certification activities related to ISO and conformity assessment. In this respect, the main approach provides a description with step-by-step actions. In the modern world, large companies cannot omit the criteria of ISO for their production. Thus, this organization serves, as the regulatory means for global business. The purpose of the report is to get acquainted with the procedures of certification and conformity assessment in terms of the contemporary situation in the world. All materials are promoted and compiled appropriately after a trip to TUV NORD. Thus, the credibility of the data in the report is proved accordingly.

Background of the organization

TUV Nord is a well-known German certification company having headquarters in many countries of the world. This company provides services in the provision of the certificate TUV Nord Cert which is the guarantee for the corporations of the best quality (if it is really so). Quality assurance by means of TUV NORD Cert in accordance with ISO 9001 is a “credit card” for companies for the attainment of effectiveness, efficiency, and respect proof (Lehn 2). The period of certificate validity is 3 years since the last audit (Lehn 2). TUV NORD promotes a scope of services in the accreditation of the quality level of a company. It also provides audit procedures for the examination of the general performance of a company. As TUV NORD has the standard ISO 9001, thus, its clients have access to ISO/CASCO network. For more information, it is vital to have a picture of standards’ classification. Some of them are in the table below:

Table 1:

Standard Purpose Remarks
ISO 9000:2005 Establishes the starting point to
understand the standards and
defines the fundamental terms and
definitions used in the ISO 9000
Only for
ISO 9001:2008 This is the requirement standard
used to assess the ability to meet
customer and applicable regulatory
requirements and there by address
customer satisfaction
Against which
is the third
ISO 9004:2008 This provides guidelines for
continual improvement of QMS to
benefit all parties through sustained
customer satisfaction
Only for

Data Gathered

TUV Nord certification activities are the worldwide practice for the firms in achieving certificates. It is necessary for the organization so that to gain assurance of adherence to the standards. Standardization of all firms or companies of the world provides an opportunity for them to compete on equal rights. ISO originates from the Greek word “isos” – equal (TUV Middle East 10). Thus, the company provides the policy of making production and distribution of goods safer for the customers and convenient for rivals. The features of relevant equality give corporations a chance to move and compete based on the same rights and standards. To say more, TUV NORD includes 6 steps for making the certification process complete. The main approach in certifying an organization or corporation is to provide an audit of the activities on it. Hence, the stages in acquiring certification are:

  • Pre – Contract Stage
  • Contract Stage
  • Pre – Audit Stage
  • Audit Stage
  • Post Audit Stage
  • Maintenance of Clients (Certification Process 2)

Thus, the pre-contract stage is closely related to the process of inquiry provision. A client of TUV NORD should introduce all information about the corporation or organization. In this respect, address, telephone numbers, e-mail are the initial prerequisites for this process. Then the process points out corporate meeting and obligatory approvals for the preparation of proposals, and their submission to a client (Certification Process 3). The contract stage provides an opportunity for an organization to sign the contract with the certifying firm. It guarantees updating of attained logs and contracts to audit expert (coordinator) to be sure in a legacy of all documents (Certification Process 4). After the process of reviewing the requirements of the contract, the manager’s signature on the contract is important. It is supported by the special invoice for billing activity (if any) (Certification Process 4).

After these introductory procedures, a company should be ready for the audit. In this respect, the pre-audit stage promotes planning and scheming for further audit. Experts get acquainted with the documental readiness and general performance of a company. TUV NORD procedures on this stage include the process of verification of data and affiliated documentation so that to send it to HO (AUH) and to admit it in the Monitoring logs. By means of such steps, TUV NORD promotes straightforward cooperation with a client. By such means, the process gets more points for qualitative verification. Hence two aspects of quality assurance are provided at once: internal and external (TUV Middle East 6).

The stage of the audit is the phase that provides direct execution of checking. Thus, it includes such parameters as certification, surveillance, and re-certification (Certification Process 6). The representatives of TUV NORD perform the audit, provide information as of the results to the coordinator, and then submit some documental materials. Thereupon, such vital documents as LOP, NCC, Draft Cert of a client are given to the coordinator (Certification Process 6). Post audit stage is the process when gathered materials are thoroughly checked and compiled into special reports. It helps to designate the most significant features about the activities and functioning of an organization. As well as in the pre-audit stage the process of verification is before the post-audit stage. The relation with the HO of the company provides feedback for making conclusions. Maintenance of clients is the stage when TUV NORD conducts surveillance in terms of whether or not to re-certificate an organization. It is the concluding stage which may be supported with suspension or even cancellation of clients (Certification Process 8). Nevertheless, all six stages are mandatory for the certification process. TUV NORD is the company that provides European standards by updated standardization parameters by ISO. Hence, it promotes its activities in promotion ISO standards in five directions:

  • ISO 9001:2008 – Quality
  • ISO 14001:2004 – Environmental
  • OHSAS 18001:2007 – Occupational Health & Safety
  • ISO 27001:2006 – Information Security
  • ISO 22000:2005 – Food Safety (Certification Process 10)

In addition, ISO/CASCO can be evaluated from the table below:

Table 2:

Significance (Why it matters much) quality, ecology, safety,
economy, reliability, compatibility,
interoperability, efficiency and effectiveness
Values and profits (who benefits) Consumers, regulators, international trade
Convenience to overcome trade barriers WTO/TBT Agreement; ISO/IEC
Coverage of activities sample testing, inspection, process evaluation, supplier’s declaration of conformity, management system certifi cation/registration, personnel certification, product certification etc.
ISO/CASCO Network International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) the Bureau International des Poids et Mesures (BIPM), the International Accreditation Forum (IAF), the International Federation of Standards Users (IFAN), the International Federation of Inspection Agencies (IFIA), the International Certifi cation Network (IQNet),the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) etc.

Conformity assessment is one more significant feature which completes the certification process. This concept presupposes whether goods, services, personnel, or materials are appropriate to the requirements of standards or other specifications (ISO and Conformity Assessment 1). It is an independent verification of quality level for any company or organization. It benefits, as the boy for evaluation of current company’s performance. Testing, inspection and evaluation are some of the main tools for making an outlook on conformity assessment inside company or organization. In this respect ISO/CASCO network is important, because it has relation to world’s main regulatory bodies in different spheres of activities (ISO and Conformity Assessment 3). This is why it is helpful for more sustainable reputation of a company in any place of the world.


To conclude, with little information about certification companies and the process of standardization one can admit that the report discloses the peculiarities of such procedures. Certification and conformity assessment are the procedures that relate a company or organization to the dimension of high quality and standards. Those corporations or organizations which successfully passed through the 6-staged process of certification in TUV NORD have now a guarantee of their high performance among rivals. In this respect, it is vital to admit that not all companies undergo the audit procedure successfully. Some of them may be in danger of suspension or even cancelation. Getting involved in the international policy for high standardization norms, a company is better to pass through the procedure of conformity assessment.

In turn, it helps to provide business or other relations in other countries or territories. To say more, TUV NORD is a fully customer-related company that follows several strategic directions. Leadership, involvement of people, process, and system approaches constitutes the peculiarities of the ISO standard which company possesses (TUV Middle East 12). All in all, the standards which the company supports are divided into five directions: quality, environment, occupational health, and safety, information security, food safety. All these parameters serve as the “credit card” for customers in their choices for the more appropriate company with more applicable products or services. In fact, it provides more awareness for large corporations of the significance of strict determination of standard lines with all peculiarities which are stated in various monitoring logs and invoices of a company. In fact, it makes no opportunity for companies with a dingy reputation to promote their products or services.


The main recommendation for achieving effective and efficient operation is to provide closer relations with current and potential customers (TUV Middle East 13). Understanding their needs will make it possible to work out the strategy for their cooperation with the company.

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