396 Operations Strategy Examples

There’s always that moment of awakening that happens in every entrepreneur’s life. It’s the moment when they find a dream and decide to chase it. Owning a company is not enough – an entrepreneur needs a business-level strategy. This article explores operations strategies, their relevance, and applications, among other things.

🔝 Top-10 Operations Strategy Examples

  1. Digital Marketing: Information Significance
  2. Customer Relationship Management in Lebanon Banks
  3. Emaar Marketing Strategy for International Expansion
  4. Wamaz Mobile Phone: Product Description
  5. Amazon Company's Rivalry in the E-Commerce Industry
  6. WD-40 Company Strategic Marketing Analysis
  7. Company Internationalisation, Its Ways and Reasons
  8. Forecasting in Operations Management
  9. HSBC Holdings Plc's Financial Services Development
  10. Caterpillar Company's Organizational Behavior

📚 What Is Operations Strategy?

The management of a company involves the consideration of various factors. They all have the same end goal – creating desirable products and rendering satisfactory services to customers. Many decisions determine these activities, referred to as the operations strategy.

For starters, this strategy covers the products that the company will create. Other constituents of this strategy include the factory’s location, the factory workers, the raw materials required, the suppliers that will provide them, etc.

What Is the Chase Strategy in Operations Management?

This strategy was named after the procedure. Here, a business is chasing or trying to meet up with the market demand. The company concerned keeps an inventory of raw materials. The products are manufactured and sent to the customers when orders are shipped. Thanks to this strategy, expenses like production and carrying costs are lowered.

How Operations Strategy Is Related to the Corporate Strategy

First, we need to define corporate strategy. It is a strategy that covers every decision affecting the business’s overall success. Operations strategy plays a small role in the grand design of the corporate system. For instance, a shoemaking company can have a corporate strategy of curbing environmental plastic pollution. When these plastics are collected and used to manufacture shoes (operations strategy), the relationship between both approaches becomes obvious.

✨ Importance of Business Operations Strategy

The success of a business only happens by chance. A business operations strategy is non-negotiable for companies seeking to achieve their goals. As stated earlier, the operations strategy covers everything to do with using a business’s resources to support the corporate strategy. Here, we describe the importance of a business operations strategy.

  1. It brings a sense of clarity to the business since everyone involved will know what’s expected of them.
  2. The consequence of clarity is to maximize employee productivity.
  3. Identifying strengths and weaknesses becomes easier for the business.
  4. Unnecessary expenses, risks, and losses can be cut by a business with an operations strategy.
  5. It promotes harmony in the business by building interrelations between departments.
  6. It helps business owners know what works and what doesn’t.
  7. Entrepreneurs can identify areas in need of improvement in their business.

🎯 Operations Strategy Examples

Here are some popular brands that serve as operations strategy examples:

  • McDonald’s. The operations strategy of McDonald’s features high quality, low production cost, low storage cost, and fast food delivery. The multinational company has many branches worldwide, and all follow the same business-level strategy.
  • Tesla. Tesla’s operations strategy is quite interesting. The company’s dream is to bring the world to the era of electric cars. Running such a company is very expensive, so as a way of soliciting funds, Elon Musk, the company’s owner, has leveraged social media to attract investors.
  • Apple Inc. Apple went against the rules of marketing operations. Instead of rushing to be the first company to create a smartphone, they waited for other tech companies to release their gadgets. Then, they studied them and searched for loopholes. They brought solutions to these loopholes in their iPhone series.
  • Toyota. The operations strategy of Toyota is similar to that of Apple. This Japanese company took time to study American cars, which dominated the market then. They combined some of their competitor’s features with their own and brought a game-changer to the market.

We hope that this little introduction to business operations and strategy was informative. If you wish to learn more about this topic, feel free to browse through the samples below!

📝 Operations Strategy Research Paper Examples

  1. Ocean Beauty Center Business Plan
    Business essay sample: The proposed business plan for the Ocean Beauty Center examines the prerequisite requirements and potential sustainability strategies in the dynamic beauty industry.
  2. Coca-Cola Company Total Quality Management
    Business essay sample: This research paper aims to explain the process of institutionalization of the TQM in the Coca-Cola Company and also to explore the extent this TQM has affected the work culture.
  3. British Airways Company's Operating Environment
    Business essay sample: This paper is a research report analyzing British Airways (BA). Several aspects of the company’s performance and external environment are analyzed.
  4. Google Employee Empowerment
    Business essay sample: Researching Google employees empowerment? 🧑‍💼 As the transnational corporation, Google employs a variety of professionals throughout the world. 🌎 Read this article to learn more about Google’s empowerment methods. 🔩
  5. Success Solutions Company' Strategic Human Resource
    Business essay sample: This study aimed to identify the importance of strategic human resource approaches for the software houses of Doha, Qatar. This study specifically investigated Success Solutions, Qatar.
  6. Service Industry Operations Management: Southwest Airlines
    Business essay sample: This research paper illustrates how service industry can achieve sustainable service excellence by improving their operational efficiency. The research paper analysis the case of Southwest Airlines.
  7. Operations Management: Processes and Resources
    Business essay sample: Operations management (OM) is a faculty of management that is concerned primarily with supervising, designing, and controlling processes within a production function.
  8. Motivation and Job Satisfaction: ADNOC Company's Case
    Business essay sample: The paper is aimed at locating the talent management approaches in the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company that can be applied in the environment that lacks sustainability.
  9. Wipro Technologies Company's Six Sigma Management
    Business essay sample: Manufacturing companies use Six Sigma to improve productivity, manage process changes, and enhance quality (Chiarini 2013, p. 23)
  10. Global Scale Business Ethics Models
    Business essay sample: This report emphasizes the importance of studying business ethics and the business people’s awareness of the most efficient applications of ethical philosophy.
  11. Corporate Social Responsibilities in Construction Industry
    Business essay sample: Corporate social responsibility is a form of corporate self-regulation integrated into a business model. This paper covers CSR and its role in the construction industry in Jordan.
  12. Nestlé Group's Quality in Operations Management
    Business essay sample: This paper reviews the quantitative examination of value and supportability perspectives of Nestle Company as a leader in providing food products across the globe.
  13. Electrolux Company's Business Studies and Strategy
    Business essay sample: One of the most outstanding stakeholders of Electrolux is the targeted community of consumers who are located in various markets across the world.
  14. Dynamic Organizations and Impact on Productivity
    Business essay sample: The study examines factors that create dynamism in organizations and how they affect productivity lays down a mechanism to manage the changing environmental factors.
  15. Operations Management Priorities and Concerns
    Business essay sample: For any organisation to succeed in improving productivity, the management needs to employ well structured and defined quality management techniques for continuous improvement.
  16. Emirates Post: Strategic Supply Chain Management
    Business essay sample: Emirates Post has already achieved success in the identification of its core competencies and values. Besides, it is good at outsourcing practices and fulfilling customers’ needs.
  17. Supply Chain Management Role in Enterprise Planning
    Business essay sample: Effective supply chain management of an organisation ensures that the systems for supply chain management reduce various costs that are associated with supplies.
  18. Online Travel Websites Marketing Strategy
    Business essay sample: E-commerce sites provide consumers with a means to reduce the cost of travel and makes it easy and more convenient for them to plan their trips.
  19. Corporate Responsibilities in Jordan Construction Industry
    Business essay sample: Corporate social responsibility (CSR) gained popularity in 1970s as a policy function to encourage corporations run their operations responsibly.
  20. Non-Incremental Innovations Effects: Procter & Gamble Case
    Business essay sample: The research results show that there is a need to incorporate NIIs into the design of global organisations such as P&G.
  21. Emirates Airlines' Operations Management Analysis
    Business essay sample: The research project analyzed the operations management of Emirates Airlines while considering how OM has influenced the competitiveness of the company in the UAE.
  22. Marketing Relationship with Other Functional Areas
    Business essay sample: Studying 🤓 the relationships and interdependencies between marketing and other functional areas? This essay sample ✅ describes the interrelationship between marketing and other departments in different marketing processes, and the importance of marketing.
  23. The Coca-Cola Company's Purpose and Strategy
    Business essay sample: The discussion shows conclusively that the Coca-Cola Company is a leading player in the beverage industry. The firm has more strengths than weaknesses.
  24. Toyota Company: Lean Operations and Production
    Business essay sample: This paper attempts to explicitly review the concepts of lean operation and production as tools for improving companies’ performance with reference to the Toyota Company.
  25. Aramex Company's Operations Management
    Business essay sample: The purpose of this report is to provide an analysis of the operations management system of Aramex in relation to the company’s business goals and objectives.
  26. Apple Company's Sustainability, Values and Innovation
    Business essay sample: Apple has been known in the IT market for quite a while due to the disruptive technology and the brilliant solutions that have become its brand image.
  27. The Coca-Cola Company's Grand Strategy
    Business essay sample: The major strengths of Coca-Cola include its strong brand name, use of powerful marketing approaches, quality vision and mission statements, and effective logistical operations.
  28. Nestle, Cadbury and Mars Companies Strategic Operations
    Business essay sample: Many companies are involved in the chocolate industry, which has become very popular. Cadbury, Mars, and Nestle are the major companies that rule the international market.
  29. Telek Benoe Hotel: Managing Operations
    Business essay sample: Operation systems efficacy is a complex concept that is comprised of a variety of elements. The case of the Telek Benoe Hotel is a graphic example of poor operation systems management.
  30. Samba Financial Group Strategic Operations Management
    Business essay sample: This paper discusses the ways in which Samba Financial Group apply the ten principles of strategic operations management and evaluate its success.
  31. The Coca-Cola Supply Chain & Operations Management
    Business essay sample: The Coca-Cola drink has a rich history and is currently considered the most popular and top-selling soft drink in the world because of its taste and recognizable brand affiliation.
  32. Operations Management: Theoretical Perspectives
    Business essay sample: Operations management refers to an administrative field that focuses on the planning and running of processes that aid in the manufacture and distribution of goods and services.
  33. British Airways' Logistics and Operations Management
    Business essay sample: This essay provides a critical analysis of how British Airways has used technology in different areas of its operation towards achieving its goals.
  34. Operations, Change and Risk Management
    Business essay sample: Some of the major challenges which operations managers are faced within the dynamic business environment of today include the management of change, risk management, and staffing.
  35. The Operations Management Century
    Business essay sample: Operations management is the process of administering business practices in order to create organisational efficiency.
  36. Disk4U Company's Strategic Information Systems
    Business essay sample: This report focuses on finding a suitable accounting information system and an enterprise resource planning software for the Disk4U company.
  37. Etisalat: Strategic Management
    Business essay sample: For a significantly long period of time, Etisalat dominated the UAE market, being virtually the single company in the telecom sector, thus operating a monopoly.
  38. Strategic Human Resource Management' Procedure
    Business essay sample: Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) is an intricate procedure that is constantly reshaping and continues to elicit a lot of debate regarding what promotes.
  39. Developing Operations in the Indian Soft Drink Industry
    Business essay sample: The Diamond Model theory is unique as it shows that natural endowment factors are not a must for a country to achieve competitiveness in a certain market.
  40. Supply Chain and Operations Management
    Business essay sample: Ecosystems represent a paradigm shift in business. It's a new form of organization in which organizational networks combine to deliver services and products in new innovative ways.

💡 Essay Ideas on Operations Strategy

  1. SIEMENS Company Operational and Logistical Strategies
    Business essay sample: This paper will facilitate Siemens to understand and plan how the customer-company relationship can be improved in the future and further attain the mission.
  2. Operation Management
    Business essay sample: Operational managers are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that the operations in their firms flow smoothly and without any major glitches.
  3. LensCrafters Company’s Operations Strategy
    Business essay sample: LensCrafters is a leading manufacturer of quality eyeglasses. This essay offers a detailed analysis of LensCrafters’ Complex Customer Benefit Package (CCBP).
  4. British Petroleum as a Major UK Energy Organization
    Business essay sample: BP must outline the progress that has been made so far in mitigating the outcomes of the oil spills and the lessons that have been learned.
  5. Dell Computers: Strategic Management
    Business essay sample: Dell has enjoyed great success in delivering quality products and solutions to its clients while its current sales levels are high and business growth is imminent.
  6. An Investigation of How CRM Can Assist Service Companies to Meet Their Business Objectives
    Business essay sample: This dissertation investigates how the exploitation of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can assist a service company to meet its business objectives.
  7. Operations Strategy and Management in Organizations
    Business essay sample: Operations management are management processes that generate good and/or provide repair, it implements the policies and everyday jobs needed to get together an organization.
  8. The Development of an Information System to Support Inventory Management
    Business essay sample: This dissertation describes the perceptions and opinions of the development of an information system for inventory management on the example of “Trinidad Energy Supplies & Services Limited”.
  9. Nortel Networks Corporation's Operational Issues
    Business essay sample: The case study is about the Nortel Networks Corporation regarding its operational issues overseas and how the company has utilised its various marketing strategies.
  10. EKEM Furniture Managing Organizational Problems
    Business essay sample: This memo highlights problems on several factors like organizational culture, trust, job satisfaction, leadership, power, and politics faced by EKEM Furniture.
  11. Operational Analysis and Effectiveness in Organization
    Business essay sample: The role of operations in the day to day functioning of organizations is very important, especially in the manufacturing sector.
  12. Operations Management: How to Idealize Your Operations Strategy
    Business essay sample: To idealize operations strategy, we need to first think about its two major components- operations and strategy.
  13. The Global Green Consumer
    Business essay sample: The global green market has had a major impact on consumer markets across the world. Consumer demands are overly now shaped by the products they are purchasing having a 'green' aspect.
  14. Sony Corporation and Mobile Marketing Strategy
    Business essay sample: Sony Corporation holds international operations all over the globe operating through subsidiary corporations. However, the most important are: Sony America (SONAM) and Sony China.
  15. Southwest Airlines' Business Strategy in the Global Environment
    Business essay sample: The Southwest Airlines company is credited for its successful model which applies low pricing mechanisms to retain and attract its customers.
  16. Small Business Failures.
    Business essay sample: Significant contribution of small business everywhere in the world compels us to understand the causes of its failure.
  17. DPWN Company: Case Study
    Business essay sample: Porter’s Five Forces for DPWN company, reasons of the success of DPWN, SWOT-analysis, market expansion strategy, diversification, and acquisition strategy.
  18. Global Petroleum Industry. Multinational Corporations.
    Business essay sample: During the last years, the global petroleum industry not only grew immensely in absolute size but also underwent significant changes in relative size within the industry itself.
  19. The Kuwaiti Service Company's Lean Management Principle
    Business essay sample: The Kuwaiti Service Company (KSC) has a number of fast-food restaurants around the city. This paper discusses the application of the lean management principle in KSC.
  20. Sephora Company: Enterprise Information System
    Business essay sample: The operations and supply chain management deal with the way Sephora purchases raw materials, turns them into beauty products and distributes to the shops where they are sold.
  21. Amazon.com Inc.'s Strategic Management Elements
    Business essay sample: Amazon started as an online bookstore. However, it has grown to become a provider of technology products and services.
  22. Management of Operations in ‘Starbucks’
    Business essay sample: he report would highlight the concept of ‘service’ as an integral part of operations management especially for ‘Starbucks’.
  23. Dollar General Corporation's Strategic Management
    Business essay sample: Dollar General would have to make strategies that must take advantage of industry opportunities and protect the company from industry threats.
  24. British Petroleum Company's Business Planning
    Business essay sample: British Petroleum Company have contributed immensely to the growth of the economy globally; the company concentrates on different business activities in the oil and gas industry.
  25. Maintaining Operations
    Business essay sample: Quality, cost, flexibility, and delivery are four critical aims of business operations that play a role in producing quality products for the customer.
  26. Research on Carbonated Soft Drinks Market in the UK
    Business essay sample: The purpose of this research is to investigate the carbonated soft drinks market as a major sector in the worlds refreshment industry but majoring in the UK markets.
  27. Information Systems in Retailing
    Business essay sample: This paper explains how companies can use information systems to promote operational excellence, produce superior services, and improve its competitive advantage.
  28. Technologies Role in Business
    Business essay sample: The development of the modern business world depends on the effective strategies used in companies and on operating contemporary information systems.
  29. Small Business in Saudi Arabia
    Business essay sample: This paper considers the environment for small businesses in Saudi Arabia, including the challenges they experience and their importance to the country's economy.
  30. The Main Demand and Supply Factors
    Business essay sample: During the last decade, economic growth in developing countries has led to increased per capita income of and per capita consumption by respective citizens.
  31. Starbucks Trading Strategy Analysis
    Business essay sample: In order to understand a Starbucks strategy the actions and approaches of the business must be analyzed to form the pattern of the company’s strategy.
  32. Tesco and Asda Company: Corporate Strategy
    Business essay sample: The strategic groups of companies are ranked as the best performing industries in the market due to their effective delivery of services to the customers.
  33. Target Company Financial Statement Analysis
    Business essay sample: This report covers analysis of Target Company’s performance of three years that is in year 2005, 2006 and 2006. Ratios are calculated to draw inferences about the financial soundness of the company.
  34. Air New Zealand Company's Strategic Analysis
    Business essay sample: The Air New Zealand company is primarily involved in the transportation of cargo and passengers on scheduled airline services. It is based in New Zealand.
  35. Adidas Company's Position and Performance
    Business essay sample: Short term liquidity position of Adidas Company has been analyzed below. A number of ratios were calculated during the last 5 years for analysis purposes.
  36. Service Marketing in the Mobile Industry
    Business essay sample: Marketing is vital in all types of organizations and in order to be successful, there is the need to incorporate the marketing mix.
  37. New Tours and Travel Business Venture: Business Plan
    Business essay sample: This paper therefore is a feasibility study cum business plan for a new tours and travel business venture in the leisure tour and travel industry.
  38. Info Call Center’s Services and Customer Perceptions
    Business essay sample: This report investigates the profitability of diversifying the operations of Info Call Centre for meeting the changing perceptions of customers.
  39. Analysis of CRH Plc. International Group
    Business essay sample: CRH Plc is an international building material group located in Ireland. CRH Plc’s departmental line organization structure seems to be effective for attaining business objectives.
  40. Nike: Case Study
    Business essay sample: Nike has been a very leading company in the athletic footwear market. It has always given tough competition to its rivals Adidas.

👍 Good Operations Strategy Essay Examples to Write about

  1. Ryanair in the European Low-Cost Airline Industry
    Business essay sample: Ryanair's low model of growth has been leaned and aggressively sought by several low-cost airlines in Europe and in other parts of the world.
  2. Decision-Making and Problem-Solving Techniques in Hospitality
    Business essay sample: The paper analyzes key operational functions of the hospitality industry, assesses hospitality and business performance, and examines the factors affecting problem solving.
  3. Paper Works Company's Project Financing
    Business essay sample: Paper Works is a company engaged in the production and distribution of paper products used in offices, schools, and households.
  4. The Coca-Cola Company's Business Plan for 5 Years
    Business essay sample: The beverage industry in which the Coca-Cola Company operates is the carbonated beverages market or the carbonated drinks market.
  5. Bank Audi and Saudi British Bank Comparison
    Business essay sample: Bank Audi S.A.L. – Audi Saradar Group is a Lebanese joint-stock company. SABB is a Saudi Joint Stock Company with a strong track record and a heritage that stretches back 30 years.
  6. BAT Company and the Structure Group, UK: Case Study
    Business essay sample: Research indicates the primary goal of any business is to increase its market share in its industry in order to increase sales which in turn lead to an increase in profit levels.
  7. Hitachi Ltd.: Operations Management
    Business essay sample: Hitachi Ltd. is a global leader in engineering and electronic technologies delivering quality products to its customers all over the world.
  8. Accounting Information Systems in the Organizations
    Business essay sample: Auditing refers to the process where an administrator or someone else keeps track of the activities of the organization so that the users and groups can use the financial statements.
  9. Ducati: Company Analysis
    Business essay sample: The paper analyzes internal and external factors that have been seen to affect the profitability of the Ducati Company.
  10. Cantech Corporation: Process Improvement Analysis
    Business essay sample: Any organization – large or small – can be summarized as a collection of intertwined and interdependent processes.
  11. Change in the Information Communication Technology
    Business essay sample: This paper aims at highlighting the planning, organizing, controlling and leadership roles in a new internet access company setting.
  12. Examining the Operations of Wal-Mart
    Business essay sample: The discussion of paper focus on the current industry in which names of different competitors or rivals of Wal-Mart are mentioned and company’s current status.
  13. WL Gore and Google: Comparison of Vision and Culture
    Business essay sample: For two years, Google came up in the Fortune magazine’s top 50 companies to work for. W.L. Gore’s vision is to ensure value and uniqueness in the products for their clients.
  14. "Ford Pinto" Case Study
    Business essay sample: Ford Motor Company is a successful and second largest automobile industry worldwide with lots of successful brands.
  15. Smart Motors Ltd: SWOT Analysis for a Second Hand Motor Vehicle Selling Company
    Business essay sample: The company will be located in New York City. The company will be dealing with buying and selling of second hand motor vehicle at national and international levels.
  16. Google’s Business Strategy and Will Show a Thorough Analysis of It
    Business essay sample: This paper examines Google as a company including its history or origin, its growth, products and services, and the business model it has adopted over the years.
  17. Abbott Laboratories: Company History and Performance
    Business essay sample: Abbot Laboratory’s performance improved in the three years under consideration as well the stock performed well.
  18. Costco Wholesale Corporation: Company Analysis
    Business essay sample: The Costco Corp. has analyzed its current situation according to some aspects, like business environment, globalization’s effects, diversification, and ethical issues.
  19. ExxonMobil Singapore's Strategic Analysis
    Business essay sample: ExxonMobil's market position is strategically important in light of the growing demand for oil from regional countries such as China and India.
  20. Cemex Company's Strategic Analysis
    Business essay sample: Cemex Company has grown tremendously from a local manufacturer of cement in Mexico to become the third-largest cement company in the world only behind Lafarge and Holcim.
  21. Txiv Smart Meter Prototype Analysis
    Business essay sample: One way of enhancing profits is through mass production of the TXIV smart meter which involves mass procurement of raw materials.
  22. Palm Island Restaurant: Case Study
    Business essay sample: Creation of the work system for the case of Palm Island Restaurant. WS is a system in which human participants or machines are actively involved in the business process operation.
  23. TiVo Case Study: Strategic Management
    Business essay sample: The major issues addressed in this case study would be competitive advantages, marketing, globalization, pricing economies of large scale business, patent protection, innovativeness.
  24. Southwest Airlines: Strategic Analysis
    Business essay sample: The study is a strategic analysis of “Southwest Airlines Co.” as the biggest passenger airways in the U.S.A as well as one of the prominent global players in the aviation industry.
  25. Arsenal Football Club Analysis
    Business essay sample: Arsenal’s political environment comprises of the laws and regulations provided by The Barclays Premier League authority.
  26. Dr. Reddy’s Pharmaceutical Company: Case Study
    Business essay sample: Dr. Reddy’s is a highly competitive company in an industry, which is growing. The company is moving in the right direction armed with a strategy to maintain cost leadership.
  27. Implementation of ERP in SMEs
    Business essay sample: Small and Medium Enterprises are companies or organisations which operate with low or medium range of capital, employees and profit structure.
  28. Impact of New Public Management on the Society
    Business essay sample: An analysis of the effects of global changes to various sectors with an emphasis on the public sector. Definition and key elements of new public management.
  29. ABC Company Technology Trend: On-Demand Computing
    Business essay sample: The main findings were that the company faces a lot of rising cost in computer services such as consulting and system integration.
  30. Monster Networking Case Study Analysis
    Business essay sample: The paper shows the advantages and disadvantages of the Networking business and also does an analysis of Monster Worldwide to decide what strategy should be taken for business.
  31. Pilgrim Pride Corporation: Company Analysis
    Business essay sample: The structure and the strategic decisions of the modern business organizations are well established and particularly defined to achieve their vision with skill management teams.
  32. General Motors Corporation's Power Bases
    Business essay sample: The organization chosen for this report is General Motors Corporation, the US-based automobile maker that has a long history of success but is currently in a period of crisis.
  33. BBC News Operations Audit
    Business essay sample: The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is one of the global organizations that facilitate the development of such new standards of the quality of journalism.
  34. J Sainsbury: An Economic Analysis
    Business essay sample: From a family run business, Sainsbury has grown into an economic supermarket chain with public stakes. Started around 1869 by its early family owners.
  35. One Touch Direct, LLC: Strategy Review
    Business essay sample: The paper entails an analysis of One Touch Direct, LLC. In this case, the firm’s customer base shall be analyzed, along with the type s of services the firm offers.
  36. Wal-Mart: Company Analysis and Strategy Recommendation
    Business essay sample: The major competitors of Wal-Mart include Costco Wholesale Corporation and Target Corporation. During the 2008 financial year, stiff competition came from Target Corporation.
  37. Fairfax Media Limited: Company Analysis
    Business essay sample: The report has been prepared in three sections by performing the SWOT analysis, financial analysis using various ratios and stake holder analysis to observe if Fairfax Media Limited is successful or not.
  38. Intercontinental Continental Hotel Analysis
    Business essay sample: The size of the company increased by 5% because of the addition of 9,849 rooms, which comprises 117 hotels, resulting in the general size of 629,700 rooms, that is 4,303 hotels.
  39. Organization and Changes in It
    Business essay sample: In general sense it can mentioned that Change management includes assessment of changes, implement the change, plan and attainment.
  40. People Work and Organization: Manager Influence
    Business essay sample: In her article “The Style Split”, Angela Beasley comes up with a suggestion that manager’s gender affiliation has absolutely no affect on his of her professional performance.

🎓 Simple Research Paper Examples with Operations Strategy

  1. Apple Inc.'s Development Since the 1980s
  2. DHL & FedEx: Comparison and Analysis
  3. Wells Fargo: From Good to Great
  4. Integrated Strategy Project: Thermo King
  5. The Microsoft Corporation: Problem of Growth Rate
  6. Critical Analysis on Nissan with Rio Tinto and Vestas
  7. How E-Business Is Helping Enterprises Compete
  8. Future for Purchasing: Collaborative and Electronic
  9. Hyundai Motor Company's Market Consulting Project
  10. RadioShack Company's Operation Analysis
  11. Potential of Implementing the Modern System of Attendance Control Called Smart Time
  12. System Integrator in Capturing and Delivering Value
  13. Company Analysis of FedEx
  14. Programs for an Efficient Service of a Major Branch of Bank
  15. Triumph Spares Limited Company Analysis
  16. International Marketing Plan for SABIC Innovative Market: Entry into the Australian Market
  17. Information Systems Management
  18. TESCO – The Customer Relationship Champion
  19. Service Procurement And Provision
  20. Supply Chain Management: Selecting Partners
  21. New Marketing Strategies for Woolworths
  22. Qantas’ Resource- Base Analysis and Competition
  23. Analysis of the Current State of the BMW Company
  24. Report on George at ASDA
  25. Information Systems: Enabling Technology or Strategic Weapon
  26. Procter & Gamble in India
  27. Transcom Worldwide: Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing
  28. FedEx Malaysia: Company Analysis
  29. Proton Exora: Marketing Strategy
  30. Golden Circle Company's International Marketing Plan
  31. SonAir: A Company’s Business Expansion
  32. How Small and Medium Enterprises Can Deal with the Current Problem of Recession in the United States
  33. Abercrombie & Fitch Company's Retail Strategy
  34. Critical Analysis of Management Theories and Concepts
  35. The Financial Impact of Lending: Case Study of the Al Sanea and Al Gosaibi Loans
  36. Outsourcing and Other Staffing Trends
  37. Strategic Management in Ryanair
  38. Diageo Ltd.: Strategic Financial Management
  39. Strategic Business IT Related Tasks
  40. Ford and Toyota: The Increasing Productivity With Relation to Market Conditions
  41. Bunge Corp Analysis: Decentralization does not Necessarily Mean Lack of Integration
  42. General Motors: Problem Analysis
  43. Changing From Non-Team to Team-Based Organization
  44. Samsung Electronics: Company Analysis
  45. Consumer Goods Industry: Strategic Trends and Issues
  46. Internet Securities, INC: Financing Growth Case Study
  47. How Managers Perform a Simple Scenario Analysis
  48. Microsoft: Managing Change and Creativity in Organizations
  49. Parent and Distribution Company Case Study
  50. "International Union Trading Company" Industrial Research
  51. The History of ABC Distribution
  52. Engineering Products: Key Changes
  53. Industrial Research of MAN Group UAE
  54. Business Analysis and Management of Change: Applying SSM to the CONFIRM Case
  55. The Resource Development in the Hospitality Industry
  56. Bain Company: Consulting and Management
  57. Regulation of Taxi Company in New York
  58. Marketing Management. The Value Chain Process Coty UK
  59. XYZ Company: Start in China
  60. The Japanese Economy: Keiretsu System
  61. Nestle and the Nespresso System Analysis
  62. Technical Changes in Vodafone
  63. Tesco: Human Resource Management
  64. Sony Ericsson Company's Marketing Plan
  65. Lean Management: Focus Plastics
  66. Productions and Operations Management
  67. Personal Finance Tesco Company
  68. IT in Marketing - Online Discussion Groups
  69. Managing Change and Innovation in SME
  70. Business Plan and How to Build It
  71. Bag Manufacturing Company: Business Plan
  72. Country Classics: Production and Operations Management
  73. Quality Plan for Al Ain Water Company
  74. Business Decisions of General Motors
  75. Emirates Customer Relation Management Solution
  76. Problem Solution: Global Communications
  77. Getinsa Saudi Arabia – A Case Study
  78. Emaar Saudi Investment: Company Analysis
  79. Popularity of the Mobile Banking Services
  80. Usefulness on Total Reward in an Organization
  81. Florist Boutique + Café: Business Plan
  82. Gas Station Insurance: Covering the Basics
  83. “The Strategy That Wouldn’t Travel” by Michael C. Beers: Article Analysis
  84. Management Theory and Practice
  85. Ryanair – The Low-Fares Airline
  86. ‘Bob & Lloyd Pizzeria’ in Cambridge: Business Plan
  87. An Analysis of Petrochemical Industry
  88. Ernest & Young: Invest in Saudi Arabia
  89. Oasis Water Company as Main Water Supplier

✍️ Operations Strategy Essay Examples for College

  1. Hong Kong Greenking Food Stuff Co Ltd.: Case Study
  2. The Saudi Arabia's Strategy in Oil and Gas Industry
  3. Managing the Virtual Organization
  4. Nokia - The Global Mobile Communications
  5. Saudi International Petrochemical Company (Sipchem) Analysis
  6. Cooper Tire & Rubber - Manufacturing in China & the US
  7. Al Ain Poultry Farm: Management Strategy and Policy
  8. Knowledge Management for Bank of America
  9. Essentials of Strategic Management. Nucor Corporation
  10. Ryanair: Financial Analysis
  11. Process Design for Riordan Manufacturing
  12. IKEA: Essentials of Strategic Management
  13. Jamba Juice Company: Strategic Management
  14. Telstra: Change Management Strategy
  15. Asian Development Bank: Strategy and Policy
  16. LG Electronics: Company Analysis
  17. Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Survival
  18. Strategic Analysis of Coach Inc
  19. Design Services Pty Ltd.: Marketing Plan
  20. Sony Ericsson: Company Information
  21. Cathay Pacific Airways: Managing Organizational Change
  22. The Kroger Co.: Case Study
  23. Grameen Bank: Management Information Systems
  24. Toyota and Ford: Supply Chain Management
  25. The Total Quality Management Implementation Process Definition
  26. Saudi Basic Industries: Low Software Quality
  27. Case Analysis: “Who’s Afraid of a Little Mud?”
  28. Quality Award for Toyota Motor Car Company
  29. Consultancy Business Proposal for M&S
  30. IKEA. Kampard’s Legacy and IKEA Management
  31. ARAFAT: Business Planning and Development
  32. Use of Information Technology in Marketing and Reviewing Impact It on the Overall Industry
  33. Sprague Warner-Kenny Corporation: Company Information
  34. HP Company: DeskJet Printer Supply Chain
  35. Business Proposal for the Al-Yamamah College and JavaNet
  36. Wallis Building Company's Information Audit
  37. McDonald’s Corporation’s Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
  38. The Prospects of General Electric Company in Saudi Arabia
  39. MGM Mirage Case Review
  40. British Airways Strategies
  41. What Factors Led to the Establishment of the Bank of Canada in 1935?
  42. IBM Company: Organizational Change
  43. The Buncefield Explosion: Incident Command System
  44. Effect of Bad Weather on FMGC Logistics
  45. Foo.go Development Strategy Case Study
  46. Southwest Airlines: Company Analysis
  47. Maintaining Competitiveness in the HI-FI Market: Linn, Naim and Meridian
  48. Cooper Tire & Rubber: Manufacturing Company
  49. KSA Financial Market in Saudi Arabia
  50. Operations And Logistics Management
  51. Apple Inc: Management Strategies
  52. Market Share of Lowe’s Corporation Improving
  53. Alternative Plans for the Unexpected Problems
  54. Royal Mail Group Inc.: Modernization Program Analysis
  55. Two Companies Dealing With Financial Recession
  56. Wal-Mart: Limitations to Company’s Growth
  57. Genesis Fitness Club: Knowledge Management
  58. Red Bull and Monsters Drink Organizational Processes
  59. Brand Development Strategies of Wal-Mart and Tesco
  60. Pfizer Inc.: Company Analysis
  61. JetBlue in the Global Financial Downturn
  62. Avis Budget Group: Marketing and Operations Link
  63. Compass Group Business Strategy
  64. Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited: Company Analysis
  65. Future Strategies: Strategic Choices for Business
  66. IMAX: Company Analysis
  67. IBM: Ethical Challenges in Global Business Management
  68. Entrepreneurial Organisation Report
  69. Global Supply Chain and Business Issues
  70. Internal and External Influences on the Company
  71. Ryanair: The Low-Fares Airline
  72. Industry Base Case Study: Korean Airline Ground Handlers
  73. United States Postal Services
  74. Charles Schwab Company, Apple, Walt Disney Analysis
  75. Pizza Restaurant: Analysis, Establishment, Teamwork
  76. The Petrochemical Industry - Sabic and Aramco
  77. Non-Profit National Kidney Foundation's Strategy Proposal
  78. Tukster Hotel: Business Strategy
  79. Grandiose Motor Dealership Inventory and Purchases Management
  80. Advantages of Whole Food Markets with VRIN Analysis
  81. The Phenomenon of the Operations Management in BMW
  82. Marketing Research: Gillette Company
  83. Strategic Planning from Resource-Based View
  84. Procter and Gamble Company's Strategic Supply Chain Management
  85. Customer Care and Case Study of Emirates
  86. History of Supply Chain Management
  87. TUV Nord Certification Activities and Conformity Assessment
  88. Wal-Mart Incorporation's Low-Price Attraction
  89. Internship Program at Monsanto Company

🏆 Best Operations Strategy Research Titles

  1. Thornton Printing Company's Operations Management Problem
  2. American Airlines Improving Customer Service
  3. JetBlue Company's Entrepreneurial Transformation
  4. Information Technology for Management in the Digital Economy
  5. Netflix, Sigapore Net Trade. Success Factors
  6. Halfords: Internal and External Analysis of the Company
  7. MyBank: Change Management
  8. Terror Tubes Company's Operational and Strategic Issues
  9. Terror Tubes: Operational and Strategic Issues
  10. Terror Tubes Firm's Issues and Financial Structure
  11. Terror Tubes Company's Design of Staff Training
  12. Integrating Human Resource Strategies and Theories
  13. Integrated Chinese Oversea Student Services Program
  14. Nestle Green Credentials
  15. Strategic Financial Management for Jet Airways 15
  16. Apple Inc. Company's Market Share Research
  17. Merger of Xerox and ACS Company
  18. Whitewater West Industries Limited Case Study
  19. McDonald’s Company Case Analysis
  20. Shangri-La Hotel Group Case Study
  21. Supply Chain: Maximize, Manufacture, and Market
  22. Crown Equipment Corporation Company Analysis
  23. Contingency Plan in Action: Hampton Specialized Medical Center
  24. Easy Jet Marketing Plan and Reflection Report
  25. Operations Strategy at Galanz
  26. Amazon’s Success Models and Factors
  27. Business Models and Frameworks of Enron
  28. Disaster Management: Business Priorities
  29. Cash Flow Management at Apple Inc.: Financial Consequences and Improvement Strategies
  30. Singapore Airlines' Radical Circles & Vision Transformation
  31. Management Report: Tesco Personal Finance
  32. The Growing Pains of Harvey (Engineers) Ltd
  33. Financial Overview of an Australian Company David Jones Ltd.
  34. Korean Air Analysis
  35. CFO Report on Colgate-Palmolive Company
  36. The Evaluation of Saudi Telecom Company
  37. Business Plan Bob’s Fish & Chips
  38. Managing Finance by Investment
  39. Financial Management of International Business Entities
  40. SABIC Acquisition of GE Plastic
  41. Sell-Side Equity of a Smallcap Company: Flow International
  42. No Risk in Abolishing Budgeting
  43. Business Plan E & D Hamburger Restaurant
  44. Caterpillar Inc.'s Financial Analysis
  45. Islamic Bonds – Sukuks, Risk Factors Study and Analysis
  46. Supreme Building Materials
  47. Operations Management Process: TK Maxx
  48. Outsourcing. Developing a Service Level Agreement
  49. The Economic and Financial Effects of Dubai World Company
  50. Internship in Harley Davidson, Saudi Arabia (Dammam)
  51. International Accounting and Finance: Globalisation of International Financial and Accounting Reporting Standards
  52. The Sustainability of Apple’s Success
  53. Innovation in Management Accounting
  54. Barnes and Noble Business and Industry Overview
  55. Islamic Finance: Sharjah Islamic Bank
  56. Noble Ketchup Manufacturing Company Business Plan
  57. Accounting: Allocation of Fixed Assets
  58. How Apple Inc. Changed After Steve Jobs
  59. HTC: Managerial Accounting in the Management Process
  60. Payout Polices of Banks and Technological Firms
  61. An Analysis of H&M’s Operations Management
  62. Wal-Mart’s IT Infrastructure: Enabling Technology
  63. The Effectiveness of Occupational Stress Management
  64. Employee Performance in the Ship-Repair Industry
  65. Walmart Firm's Traits of Leadership and Management
  66. Quillstine Farm's Start-Up Business Plan
  67. Tempur Sealy International Perfomance
  68. Quality Management Programs in Hotels
  69. Implementation of Total Quality Management
  70. Women Leadership and Generation Z
  71. Analysis of QuikTrip Company's Optimization
  72. Burger King Company's Operations Management
  73. Financial Business Plan Yogurt Shop
  74. Google's Corporate Strategy, Problems and Solutions
  75. Analysis of Nike Inc. Case Study
  76. McPherson Charles Operations Strategy
  77. Barclays Bank's Total Quality Management
  78. Accounting Jobs in the UAE
  79. Lean Safety and Health Management Principles
  80. Interview with West Park Cultural Center's Executive Director
  81. Forever 21 Company’s Turnaround Strategy Report
  82. Form 10-K Report Analysis of JPMorgan Chase & Co
  83. Operations Management for KFC. Case Study
  84. Big Data in Green Supply Chain Management
  85. The Turnaround at the Preston Plant: Operations Management
  86. Business Organizations Types: Choosing the Right One
  87. Guysborough Digital Vegan Firm's Business Plan
  88. Google: The Organizational Restructure

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