167 Advertising Strategy Examples

In business, it’s not always the best product that rules the market – it’s the best-known product. After all, marketing is an essential aspect of any business strategy. So, what strategies can a company use to beat its competitors? Keep reading to find out!

🏆 Top-10 Advertising Strategy Examples

  1. IPad: Advertising Knowledge and Application
  2. Walt Disney Company's Vision: Threats and Opportunities
  3. IPhone Product Marketing Plan
  4. Competing with Dell, Apple, and Sony
  5. The Cooler Bag's Advertising and Promotion Plan
  6. Emaar Marketing Strategy for International Expansion
  7. Advertising Practices for Business Performance
  8. FlyDubai Company's Communications Mix
  9. Apple Communication Strategy: Apple IMC, Apple Direct Marketing, and Marketing Strategy Analysis
  10. Fruit Juice Branding in the United Kingdom

📺 What Is Advertising Strategy?

Every move made by a business with the purpose of convincing the public to buy what it’s selling is termed an advertising strategy. While there are many types of advertising strategies, each of them takes one of two forms: traditional or digital. Traditional advertisement refers to advertisements done offline, like billboards, posters, and TV commercials. On the flip side, digital advertising is done online, and it includes social media marketing, email marketing, and SEO marketing. These days, a lot of brands infuse both forms into one singular advertising strategy.

What Are the Two Major Elements in Developing an Advertising Strategy?

The two elements of great importance to every advertising strategy are the advertisement content and the media. The content creates a compelling market essay that will persuade the target audience to take the desired action (make a purchase, use a service, etc.). The media requires that a business identifies its target audience and knows the best platforms to reach them.

What Is Creative Strategy in Advertising?

Creative strategy is a course of action that, when taken, would help a brand achieve its plans and move to the next level of growth. It takes into account the brand’s mission statement, the product, the advertising content, the media, and the cost of advertisement, alongside other important factors.

📢 10 Types of Advertising Strategy

  1. The Use of Social Media.
    This strategy involves paying social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat to advertise your product. The algorithm of those platforms makes it easier for them to put your product in front of your target audience.
  2. Seasonal Advertising.
    Seasonal advertising means advertising your products in seasons when they would be in high demand. For instance, advertising oil lamps during the Diwali festival.
  3. Running Discounts and Promotions.
    Companies reduce the price of their products for a limited period of time and engage in various promotions. This proves effective because it stimulates the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) in customers.
  4. Celebrity Marketing.
    Hiring Celebrities and social media influencers to promote your product to their fans. Before hiring a celebrity/influencer, pay more attention to the level of engagement on his/her page and less to the number of followers.
  5. Sponsored Content.
    Creating an advert that blends with the content of the platform on which it is posted. For instance, talking about the benefits of a particular brand of toothpaste on a dental blog. People feel more at ease with this kind of advert because they don’t even recognize it as one.
  6. Google Ads.
    Payment to get your products advertised on Google websites and on the search results page. Google charges per ad click.
  7. Guerilla Marketing.
    Makes use of unusual, eye-catching techniques to promote a product. This doesn’t work for every product, though.
  8. Rewards Program.
    Unlike most advertising strategies, this one boosts the engagement of existing customers by offering special benefits to long-term clients.
  9. Email Marketing.
    Sending advertisements to potential customers or clients via email. Electronic word-of-mouth marketing also proves effective for consumers.
  10. Giveaways.
    This involves giving rewards to customers after they have satisfied some terms and conditions. It boosts the social media following of your brand and also increases engagement.

✨ The Best Advertising Strategy Examples

A lot of companies have used different impressive advertising strategies to their advantage. Here are 4 of the best advertising strategy examples:

  • FrontLine.
    Frontline makes tick control products. They placed a large 3D poster of a dog with a short message beside it on the floor of a large building. Whenever people walk on that image, those on the upper floor would see a dog infected with moving ticks. This ad proved successful because it forcefully attracted people’s attention.
  • Coca-Cola.
    A lot of people believe brands use social media movements as smokescreen to make more money. Coca-Cola decided to tweak the system a bit. By creating a campaign aimed at giving free stuff to customers, Coca-Cola’s advertising strategy proved successful and was able to gain people’s trust and expand their sales.
  • Nike.
    Nike’s advertising strategy involves a little bit of everything. They combined social media and celebrity marketing and made use of relatable stories to boost public engagement.
  • Heineken.
    Heineken’s advertisement strategy focused on knowing their audience (millennial men) and where to find them. So they became a sponsor of the UEFA Champions League and Coachella, two platforms where they were most likely to find their target demographic.

Advertisement strategy is an integral part of a successful business operation. To familiarize yourself with this concept further, make sure to check out the essay samples below!

📝 Advertising Strategy Research Paper Examples

  1. Etihad Airways Marketing Plan: Market Entry to Bangkok
    Business essay sample: Etihad Airways serves as the national airline of the United Arab Emirates. The airline has been in operation for the last one decade and has flights to various destinations across the world.
  2. Ocean Beauty Center Business Plan
    Business essay sample: The proposed business plan for the Ocean Beauty Center examines the prerequisite requirements and potential sustainability strategies in the dynamic beauty industry.
  3. Marketing Tools for Young Kuwaiti Entrepreneurs
    Business essay sample: This work investigates marketing tools affecting Kuwaiti entrepreneur’s, specifically social media tools, and the motivation of using such tools.
  4. Tesla Cars Company: Marketing Strategies and Channels
    Business essay sample: The proposed study will focus on investigating marketing methods for Tesla to help it survive in the market for its new technology products.
  5. Real-Time Bidding System in Business
    Business essay sample: Information technology arose with diverse strategies to negotiate sales and supply products across the globe.
  6. Marketing Relationship with Other Functional Areas
    Business essay sample: Studying 🤓 the relationships and interdependencies between marketing and other functional areas? This essay sample ✅ describes the interrelationship between marketing and other departments in different marketing processes, and the importance of marketing.
  7. Lush Cosmetics: Company Analysis
    Business essay sample: Lush Cosmetics (Lush) has been on the market for a long time now, and it is no surprise that the company keeps expanding.
  8. Marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Amazon
    Business essay sample: This paper explores how the internet and social media like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ are useful for companies to market their products and services.
  9. Channel Management and Marketing Mix Relationship
    Business essay sample: Marketing channel control will involve decision making within the four forms of distribution channels. This work shows that the various concepts of marketing channels are related.
  10. Marks and Spencer Company's Marketing Principles
    Business essay sample: Marketing is a platform on which skills and products are exchanged between businesses and customers. This work describes the marketing principles of the Marks and Spencer company.
  11. Advertising and Marketing Strategy in Social Media
    Business essay sample: Consumers are increasingly relying on online social media as to how they make their purchasing decisions, as the internet has given buyers tools from which they can make decisions.
  12. Volterman Smart Wallet: Strategic Marketing Plan
    Business essay sample: The strategic marketing plan for Volterman smart wallet focuses on how this company can use its limited resources to achieve market success.
  13. Understanding Organizations and Human Resource Practices
    Business essay sample: The company is a large advertising and marketing agency which develops and launches product promotion campaigns according to its clients' needs and preferences.
  14. Development of Marketing Strategy
    Business essay sample: The aim of marketing concept should not be only satisfying customers but also achieving its own goals and objectives. It goals and objectives can be higher profit, increase market share and growth.
  15. Digital Marketing: Global Strategies
    Business essay sample: The Internet and the development of WWW have changed communication patterns and greatly impacted marketing channels and techniques.
  16. Blockbuster Marketing Strategy Analysis [SWOT, Porter’s Forces, & Marketing Mix]
    Business essay sample: Researching Blockbuster marketing strategy? 📀 This paper analyzes Blockbuster strategy concerning its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. 🔍 Read thoroughly to learn more about Blockbuster business model and marketing strategies. ✅
  17. Marketing Mix and Strategies Used in Combination With 4p'
    Business essay sample: Marketing Mix represents a memorable and practical framework for marketing decision making, which can help to keep staff motivated and moving in the same direction.
  18. Elements of Marketing Communications Plan
    Business essay sample: Marketing is synonymous with sales. A good marketing plan is given a passing grade if its implementation would result to an increase in net profits. An increase in net profits would involve the four Ps of marketing
  19. Interactive and Internet Marketing Comparison
    Business essay sample: This is a report comparing internet marketing and interactive marketing. Apart from this comparison, the concept of Web2 applications, its relevance and examples have been provided.
  20. Success of Effective Marketing Strategies
    Business essay sample: Good marketing strategies should allow firms to easily market their products and services across all cross cultural barriers through localization of services across borders to allow foreign consumers embrace the firm’s products.
  21. Daihatsu Motors Company: Marketing Communication Plan
    Business essay sample: This paper attempts to create an integrated marketing communication mix for the world famous Daihatsu Motors in the Kuwait market place.
  22. Digital Marketing in Photography
    Business essay sample: Today, marketing to these clients has changed enough that now photographers are using electronic marketing tools such as websites to reach the masses.
  23. Nike: Case Study
    Business essay sample: Nike has been a very leading company in the athletic footwear market. It has always given tough competition to its rivals Adidas.
  24. Decision-Making and Problem-Solving Techniques in Hospitality
    Business essay sample: The paper analyzes key operational functions of the hospitality industry, assesses hospitality and business performance, and examines the factors affecting problem solving.
  25. Sustainable Project Development in Marketing
    Business essay sample: The overview of modern marketing strategies and the manner in which marketing is to meet customers’ needs in accordance with the Internet-savvy world.
  26. Google’s Business Strategy and Will Show a Thorough Analysis of It
    Business essay sample: This paper examines Google as a company including its history or origin, its growth, products and services, and the business model it has adopted over the years.
  27. Case Analysis of Google Inc
    Business essay sample: Within a single decade, Google has jumped from an Internet based start-up to the prevailing contestant in the Internet advertising pedestal on search engine technology by the use of Information Technology.
  28. J. D. Wetherspoon Marketing Communication
    Business essay sample: This report seeks to explain the marketing communications process, the different elements of the communications mix available to J D Wetherspoon.
  29. Business Mathematics and Mathematical Models for Marketing
    Business essay sample: The company from the UAE chosen for discussion of the mathematical models is Nakheel Properties. Nakheel Properties is a real estate developer that is based in Dubai.
  30. When and Why Is Celebrity Endorsement an Effective Advertising Strategy
    Business essay sample: This paper will examine the issue of when and why celebrity endorsements are effective for advertising campaigns.
  31. Do Advertising and Promotion have an Impact on Students' Choice?
    Business essay sample: The word more appropriate than demand is “stir”; stir is for the educational institutions of higher learning that have been market-oriented for quite a while now.
  32. InteCom: Proposed Strategic Development Plan
    Business essay sample: This report presents the discussion of the situation which emerged in the company InteCom in 1982. This work is aimed at developing action plan for this enterprise.

💡 Essay Ideas on Advertising Strategy

  1. "PowerAde": Marketing Strategy
    Business essay sample: PowerAde must divest its target market from niche sports market to a health conscious market as well as the young amateur sports market.
  2. Managerial Marketing. Branding and Company Image
    Business essay sample: The report highlights how sales and market share could be increased by tactfully engaging in branding activities and creating a company image that gains customer appreciation and loyalty
  3. Google: Strategic Management Case
    Business essay sample: Google offered advertising solutions, international internet search solutions, through its portal that means the computing domicile site for a web browser on the internet.
  4. The Software X: Power of Predictive Business Intelligence
    Business essay sample: Software X will compete within the business intelligence (BI) category, generally accepted to mean the combination of data warehousing and market information tools.
  5. Marketing Channel Strategy and Pricing Strategy
    Business essay sample: 781 pricing strategy aims to lower the prices of hamburgers, sandwiches, and other food including ethnic food, to emphasize a bargain and attract customers.
  6. Corporate Travel Services Marketing Plan
    Business essay sample: The Corporate Travel Services can adopt various strategies involved in marketing to improve its image and sales in the public.
  7. International Marketing Plan for SABIC Innovative Market: Entry into the Australian Market
    Business essay sample: Saudi Basic Industries Corp - one of the world’s leading producers of chemicals and intermediates, industrial polymers, etc. Australia is a possibly gainful new market for SABIC.
  8. Marketing Strategy for Husky’s Breakfast Cereal
    Business essay sample: Description of macro environmental factors that impact the marketing of product: economic, natural, cultural, demographic, political and technological issues.
  9. Report on George at ASDA
    Business essay sample: This paper is a report on the business operations of George at ASDA in the value clothing market in the UK and the challenges it faced in the market.
  10. Marketing Analysis: McDonald’s Company
    Business essay sample: This paper discusses the different strategies applied by McDonald’s Company as well as the environment of the business.
  11. MaxShim Florists: The Marketing Plan
    Business essay sample: The mission of MaxShim Florist is to become the leading supplier of floral products within the US domestic and foreign market.
  12. Golden Circle Company's International Marketing Plan
    Business essay sample: The Golden Circle Company is one of the Australian fine fruits and vegetable manufacturers, which produces more than 15 varieties and is one of the largest pineapple processors.
  13. Enhancing Thailand’s Competitiveness in Fashion Product
    Business essay sample: Various governments are increasingly formulating strategies aimed at improving their countries’ competitiveness. The prosperity of a country is determined by its competitiveness.
  14. Digital Signage Systems Breakdown
    Business essay sample: The paper describes the nature of the digital signage systems, the software used there, available solutions, and usage of digital signage in marketing.
  15. Context and Regulatory Framework of Business
    Business essay sample: Article “Responsibility and brand advertising in the alcoholic beverage market’” by D. J. Ringold describes the problems and controversies faced by companies and alcohol producers.
  16. Strategic Business IT Related Tasks
    Business essay sample: This work consists of the accomplished tasks on worldwide web impact on humanity, IT business solutions, and strategies.
  17. Are Direct and Indirect Advertising Equally Effective
    Business essay sample: The objective of this research is to analyze direct and indirect advertising and to check the effectiveness of both indirect and direct advertising.
  18. Starbucks Corporation's Promotion Strategy
    Business essay sample: Starbucks has engaged in some promotion strategies in its coffee and beverage business to emerge as a global market leader.
  19. Effectiveness of the Information Systems in Organization
    Business essay sample: This paper seeks to determine capabilities of the information system and characteristics of the organization, its work systems, its people, and its development methodologies.
  20. Integrated Marketing Communication. Advertisement
    Business essay sample: Advertisement has great importance nowadays. Companies give importance to the best advertising medium in order to deliver their message to customers.
  21. “A Cut Above” Hairdressing Business: Marketing Advice
    Business essay sample: ‘A cut above’ will try to maximize the opportunities for consumer complaining so that management can get a more complete picture of customer reactions to their services.
  22. Virtual Recruiting: Meaning, Channels, the Impact on Business Organizations
    Business essay sample: Although virtual recruiting is useful to assist organizations with their recruitment needs, it does not replace the value of in-person interviews to evaluate potential candidates.
  23. Big Media Ink: Ad Advertising Action Plan
    Business essay sample: This advertising plan constitutes the introduction and launch stages of a business graphics and communications service which the author will structure as a sole proprietorship.
  24. Invent Electronics: Business Plan
    Business essay sample: The small appliances will be created and designed to fit needs of households. The company has a vision and mission statements to guide the company in achieving its objective.
  25. Key Personality Characters of the Branding
    Business essay sample: This report examines the branding activities undertaken by charity organizations in Australia for increasing their status and position in the economy.
  26. Middlesex University: Integrated Marketing Communication
    Business essay sample: The plan is designed for Middlesex university for conducting a seminar in Escola Superior de Tecnologia e Gestão de Lamego, Portugal for attracting more number of students.
  27. The Impact of Search Engines on Corporate Advertising Strategy
    Business essay sample: The use of search engines is one of the most effective methods because it enables to increase consumer`s awareness of the brand.
  28. Behavioral Aspect of Marketing
    Business essay sample: The principle of euro-centric rationale must still be resorted to by managers who utilize consumer behavior models on the line of their professional duties.
  29. Managing Change and Innovation in SME
    Business essay sample: Newer process generation, implementation and evaluation are integrated part of organisational innovativeness in terms of operation and management.
  30. Business Plan and How to Build It
    Business essay sample: The purpose of this paper is to help highlight strategies and models suitable for turning the proposed idea into a reality.
  31. Bag Manufacturing Company: Business Plan
    Business essay sample: This is a company which will be laptop carrier bag maker and distributor them within North America before being distributed world.
  32. Florist Boutique + Café: Business Plan
    Business essay sample: The business plan is going to be prepared on a combined flower shop and coffee house known as “Florist Boutique + Café”.

👍 Good Advertising Strategy Essay Examples to Write about

  1. ‘Bob & Lloyd Pizzeria’ in Cambridge: Business Plan
    Business essay sample: The objective of this paper is to develop a business plan for the successful creation of Bob & Lloyd Pizzeria and to make a market analysis of the fast-food industry.
  2. Boost Juice Bar: Brand and Product Management
    Business essay sample: This paper will consider all the relevant issues of the brand audit by considering the well-known Australian company Boost juice bar.
  3. Marketing Plan for Agent Provocateur New Products
    Business essay sample: The marketing initiative will help in changing the public perception of Agent Provocateurs as an expensive luxury brand to brand for any woman with a desire for fashion.
  4. Marketing Strategy for Barnie's Coffee and Tea Company
    Business essay sample: The study explores the use of integrated marketing communications at Barnie’s Coffee and Tea Company to stay competitive in an ever-changing market.
  5. Advertisement in the Restaurant Industry
    Business essay sample: Taking for account the best strategy to inform the target market about the products and services of a restaurant caters to the print and web advertisement.
  6. Starbucks Corporation: Marketing Research
    Business essay sample: This research relates to all aspects of the marketing mix as compared to competitor's situations. It results in statements about the relative effectiveness of advertising.
  7. Online Marketing and Advertising Tools in Business
    Business essay sample: An advertisement is a tool that is used by businesses to let potential and existing customers know about the availability of their products or services.
  8. Aqua Auto-Care of Edinburgh Limited
    Business essay sample: This paper analyzes the business plan, how the business is carried out in Aqua auto-care of Edinburgh limited - a service industry providing car wash service.
  9. Dr. Café: Integrated Marketing Communication
    Business essay sample: This report analyzes various components of IMC that Dr. Café has applied in as effort to establish and maintain progress with their customer initiatives.
  10. Hot Nodle: A New Product's Marketing Plan
    Business essay sample: A new product enters the market as the result of the innovative steps in the new product development process. The new product is a brand of noodle called the Hot Nodle.
  11. Tourism Tasmania’s ‘Experience Product’ Strategy
    Business essay sample: The Tasmanian marketing strategy must try to target the customers and find out the areas that they prefer to visit and what media preference they have for promotional activities.
  12. EIG Inc.: Online Marketing and Advertising
    Business essay sample: The use of the internet in marketing is currently increasing at a high rate, and many companies have set aside big proportions of their budget for us in online marketing.
  13. ARAFAT: Business Planning and Development
    Business essay sample: ARAFAT aims to satisfy the market segment with high-quality products and on-time delivery, and to continue a sound growth in sales volume that will keep going the company for ten years.
  14. Trade of Dr. Pepper From USA to UK
    Business essay sample: Dr. Pepper has managed to become a successful company because of designing a marketing mix that enables them to market the product effectively in the market.
  15. Entrepreneurial Marketing Management in Service Sector
    Business essay sample: The service industry is full of possibilities. Marketing services are in high demand and thousands of companies are investing thousands of dollars in marketing.
  16. Subway Franchise's Positioning Strategy
    Business essay sample: The changing social environment and the lack of proper marketing campaign strategies that support Subway's repositioning are limiting rapid success in terms of market penetration.
  17. Wok to Walk: Marketing Plan Proposal
    Business essay sample: This paper attempts to prepare a complete marketing plan for the purchase of a franchise of a small fast-food chain named Wok To Walk.
  18. Marketing Communication for Heinz’s Desktop Beanzawavel
    Business essay sample: The report analizes integrated marketing communication that will involve print, electronic and internet ads will be applied in order to reach target market in Heinz Company.
  19. Factors Predicting Advertising Campaign Success
    Business essay sample: Advertisement is creating awareness of a certain product that is in the market. In other words, it is the paid communication that would like its information disseminated.
  20. IMAX: Company Analysis
    Business essay sample: This paper is a company analysis of IMAX. Here we aim to understand the out-of-home entertainment industry, its current situation, and the where IMAX fits into the industry.
  21. Southwest Wind Power Air X™ Turbine launch
    Business essay sample: Elements of the Southwest Wind Power's strategy to expand the market and to overcome the traditional method of large, centralized power stations.
  22. True Religion and Premium Jeans Company
    Business essay sample: The challenge facing True Religion is the failure to make calculated future predictions, lack of long-term problem-solving initiatives and refusing to take competitive advantage.
  23. Marketing for the Wrappz Vinyl in Undercover Design Ltd
    Business essay sample: Wrappz vinyl covers are the new innovative product of the undercover Design Ltd Company, is one of the best-selling products. It helps to promote the marketing of the company.
  24. Growing Pains at Grandiose Motors
    Business essay sample: This paper seeks to determine how purchasing and inventory management policies and procedures might differ as the dealerships purchase different types of service parts and materials.
  25. Google Inc.: The History of the Company’s Success
    Business essay sample: Google Inc. is a successful internet technology company originally founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who holds a computer science degree from Stanford University.
  26. Technology Management in the Information Age
    Business essay sample: In this study, the author examines the main aspects of technology management during the information age on the example of the giant company BMW.
  27. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.: Company Analysis
    Business essay sample: A United States' public corporation that operates a series of supermarket stores globally. Founded in 1962 by Sam Walton, Wal-Mart is the largest full-line discount in the world.
  28. Pizza Restaurant: Analysis, Establishment, Teamwork
    Business essay sample: Pizza’s primary goal should be to provide values to its esteemed customers. The management should focus on the friendly services that will surpass customers’ expectation.
  29. Integrated Marketing Communication in Business
    Business essay sample: Integrated marketing communication is a vital concept in the management arena. The topic is intended to cover the various characteristics involving the nook and corner of intergrated communication in marketing.
  30. Tengelmann: International Business
    Business essay sample: Tengelmann is a privately owned food retailer based in Muelheim, West Germany. The company was founded in 1867 by Wilhelm Schmitz.
  31. Marketing Management: The Microsoft Experience
    Business essay sample: Microsoft Singapore has put work and life balance as a business strategy. They care for their employees. We discussed on the effects of Microsoft’s products, the operating systems Windows Vista and Windows 7.

🎓 Simple Research Paper Examples with Advertising Strategy

  1. Customer Relationship Management Literature Review
    Business essay sample: One of the original big ideas in marketing is that for firms to stay in existence, they should not focus on selling products but rather on fulfilling the needs of their customers.
  2. Buckley’s Cough Syrup’s Export to Saudi Market
    Business essay sample: In order to accomplish the business of exporting Buckley’s cough syrup from Canada to Saudi Arabia, it is necessary to examine the market for the product in the export country.
  3. Perpetual Struggle: Why Cigarette Ads Have Been Evolving
    Business essay sample: In a perpetual marketing struggle, cigarette ads have been adapting to the most important social tendencies, using different devices and appeals.
  4. Business School in London: Business Plan
    Business essay sample: The school will require various personnel to facilitate its operations. These will include educators and support staff to facilitate the process of education.
  5. Saxonville Sausage Company: Ann Banks' Case
    Business essay sample: Saxonville Sausage Company hired Ann Banks for analysis of the company’s relevant reports and she offered new brand positioning and marketing strategies.
  6. Natural Goodness Plc's Marketing Principles
    Business essay sample: The primary objective of the report is to advice some better marketing approaches for the better profit gain by “Natural Goodness Plc”.
  7. Marketing Communications Plan: Audi
    Business essay sample: Sales promotion and marketing are at the core of the company's success. Promotion is an important element of the marketing mix.
  8. Yahoo’s Development. Organizational Research and Theory
    Business essay sample: This case study shows how Yahoo developed from its inception and the business changes that the company is undergoing due to the fast-changing business environment.
  9. The U.S. Brewing Industry Research
    Business essay sample: The paper will attempt to provide an overview of the brewing industry in the United States and the different strategies used by brewing companies, and the regulation's influence.
  10. Marketing Communication: A Chocolate New Brand: Testty
    Business essay sample: Testty is a new brand of chocolate. The aim of coming up with the product was to satisfy the current health needs as well as leisure activities of the users.
  11. Autonomy Corporation's Marketing Communication Plan
    Business essay sample: The objective of this paper is to draw up a market communication plan for the Autonomy Corporation company for one year or 12 months.
  12. Communication Strategies and Marketing Mix
    Business essay sample: This paper analyzes the marketing communication strategies and mix applied by Skoda and BMW in the UK. It reports on the analysis by focusing on the major differences.
  13. Influence of Cultural Differences in Marketing International ‘Brand Identities’
    Business essay sample: Many companies are producing products that are marketed all over the world. Such Companies can succeed if they can market their product, making it friendly to the target consumer.
  14. International Advertising Campaigns and Consumer Behavior
    Business essay sample: The main objectives of the research paper are to evaluate the role of country of origin effects on sales and identify the main success factors related to consumer behavior.
  15. Sam Adams Beer Company
    Business essay sample: Sam Adams Company has great many opportunities for the distribution and product promotion. The company uses two types of distribution, direct and indirect.
  16. Marketing Plan for Kraft Foods
    Business essay sample: The marketing plan relates to Kraft Foods Incorporation which is a firm that operates within the United States food processing industry.
  17. Integrated Advertising, Promotion and Marketing Communications
    Business essay sample: Developing the art of marketing and successful sales depends on the acquired proficiency through mastering the concepts outlined in the theories of marketing.
  18. Comparative Advertisement for the Expansion of Kaychian & Bro’s
    Business essay sample: This discussion identifies the differences in the established laws, cultural attributes, and policies in Norway, Saudi Arabia, and China for Kaychian & Brothers company.
  19. Coca-Cola Company: Marketing Analysis
    Business essay sample: This paper gives a detailed analysis of how the Coca-Cola Company engages in marketing to promote the Coca-Cola product and increase sales.
  20. Prep Mate: 5Ps Framework and STP Framework Evaluation
    Business essay sample: The primary aim of the project was to support Prep Mate in developing an advertising strategy based on the analysis of the market.
  21. Apple Inc.: Smartphone Industry
    Business essay sample: This report will focus on Apple's primary segment of sales and marketing, which are mobile smartphones known as the iPhones, a globally recognized product and brand.
  22. How Does Corporate Advertising Affect the Consumer Behavior Telecommunication Segment? MTN Syria
    Business essay sample: This paper will center on the advertising concept, which is a very crucial concept to any modern business that desires to attain its marketing objectives.
  23. Business Plan Bob’s Fish & Chips
    Business essay sample: This report makes a market analysis of the fast-food industry in the UK using the PEST model. The internal environment of Bob’s Fish & Chips is analyzed using a SWOT analysis.
  24. Critical Evaluation of Marketing Strategies PepsiCo
    Business essay sample: PepsiCo urgently requires a critical analysis of its marketing strategy in order to identify what needs to be done for it to recapture its position.
  25. Tim Hortons Versus Subway
    Business essay sample: This paper is about Tim Hortons and Subway still providing different marketing strategies for reaching a similar purpose, profit gaining.
  26. Barnes and Noble Business and Industry Overview
    Business essay sample: In 1986, Barnes & Noble stated its journey incorporating under the US Company Act as a bookseller dealing with academic, commercial, and technological books.
  27. Managerial Accounting in the Hotel Industry
    Business essay sample: This paper will seek to analyze the current situation at the hotel and use that information to develop a SWOT which will be used in setting up objectives.
  28. Noble Ketchup Manufacturing Company Business Plan
    Business essay sample: Noble Ketchup Manufacturing’s objectives include improvement of inventory turnover by at least 12% in the first year of operation, and maintaining high-quality products.
  29. Matalan's and Topshop's Management and Decision-Making
    Business essay sample: Strong leadership and management structures in the two businesses have provided Topshop and Matalan with a competitive advantage.
  30. Electronic Appliance Marketing
    Business essay sample: It is a fact that our organization Company G is a strong, well-accepted, and respected manufacturer of household electronic appliances.
  31. Researching of Toyota’s Organizational Politics
    Business essay sample: From the course, the need to have a positive organizational culture that supports innovation and invention in a company has come clearer.

✍️ Advertising Strategy Essay Examples for College

  1. Reframing Organizational Behavior in a Company
  2. Strategic Management: Parcel Force Case Study
  3. Tesco's Performance in the Retailing Market
  4. The Marketing of McDonald’s
  5. Test Marketing in New Product Development
  6. Strategic Management Analysis Nike
  7. A Report on Delta Electronics Company (Thailand)
  8. StarDogs Grooming Studio Evaluation
  9. Integrated Marketing Communication: Pepsi Cola
  10. American Lebanese Syrian Associated Charities' Infrastructure
  11. EZ-Schedule Application's Ad Budget Strategy
  12. Using a Marketing Agency: Pros and Cons
  13. Business Idea: Eleven Candles Company
  14. Scottsdale Ford Company Analysis
  15. Timmco's Breach of Contract and Ethical Issues
  16. Marketing Plan for Food Truck Service
  17. Marketing Plan: Strategies for a Successful Business
  18. Blue Limited: Employee Recruitment Strategy
  19. Integrated Marketing Communication
  20. Accounting Jobs in the UAE
  21. Algoma Multicultural Center's Situation
  22. Black-and-Decker Company: Marketing
  23. Ethical Analysis of Marketing Targeting Children and Teenagers
  24. Fear in Health-Related Marketing
  25. Forever 21 Company’s Turnaround Strategy Report
  26. Visual Management Studies: Empirical and Theoretical Approaches
  27. Aspects and Peculiarities of Marketing Mix
  28. Korwin Pharmaceuticals: Promotion and Pricing Strategy
  29. General Motors Firm's Advertising Approaches
  30. Apple Inc. Company Analysis. Background Information
  31. Nike Firm's American Advertisement Analysis

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