198 CSR Strategy Examples

A CSR strategy means that a company strategically manages its activities in an ethical and sustainable way. If you want to know more about corporate social responsibility strategy, you’re in the right place. On this page, we provide the essential information on the topic together with Tesla and Unilever CSR strategy examples and many other A+ essays.

🔝 Top- 10 CSR Strategy Examples

  1. Business Ethics and the Organization's Responsibility
  2. Starbucks Company Analysis: More Than a Cup of Coffee
  3. International Management in Business Globalisation
  4. Enron Corporation's Business Culture
  5. Organizational Team Model: Wal-Mart Company' Case
  6. Profit Maximization in Company Performance Assessment
  7. Profit-Making and Corporate Social Responsibility
  8. Shareholder Primacy or Social Responsibility?
  9. Tyco International Ltd.'s Management Planning
  10. Corporate Social Responsibility on Customers

📍 What Is CSR Strategy?

The corporate social responsibility strategy (CSR for short) is the company’s commitment to managing its business activities in a way that is ethical, sustainable, and profitable for both the company and society at large.

How to Build a CSR Strategy?

Building a CSR strategy starts with understanding what CSR is, why it is important, and how it can benefit both the company and society.

So, what makes a good CSR strategy? The company’s CSR strategy should be aligned with its business strategy and integrated into all aspects of its operations. To develop a corporate social responsibility strategy, companies should consider the following:

  • Define what CSR means to the company;
  • Assess the company’s current CSR practices;
  • Identify the company’s goals and objectives;
  • Develop a plan of action to achieve the company’s CSR goals;
  • Implement the company’s CSR strategy;
  • Evaluate it regularly.

Which Companies Use CSR Strategy?

Many companies use CSR strategies. The Tesla CSR strategy focuses on reducing its environmental impact through its electric vehicles and solar energy products, whereas the Unilever CSR strategy focuses on improving the livelihoods of its employees, suppliers, and customers through its sustainable living plan.

📊 CSR Strategy Assessment

To assess CSR, one should consider how the company impacts the environment, ethical considerations, labor and human rights, and sustainable procurement.

Environment CSR practices regarding the environment may include reducing the company’s carbon footprint, working to conserve resources, and reducing pollution.
Ethics Ethical CSR practices involve ensuring that its products and services are safe and reliable, being transparent in its business dealings and communication, and acting in an environmentally responsible manner.
Labor & human rights Strategic CSR practices related to labor and human rights may include ensuring that employees in the workplace are treated fairly and given adequate working conditions and benefits.
Sustainable procurement Sustainable procurement CSR practices may involve sourcing materials and products from suppliers that use responsible environmental and social practices, and that pay their workers a living wage.

🏅 Top 3 CSR Strategy Examples

There are many different types of CSR strategies. Some companies focus on environmental sustainability, others on ethical practices, and still others on labor and human rights. The important thing is that the company’s CSR strategy is aligned with its business strategy and that it is communicated to all stakeholders.

The following are 3 well-developed CSR strategy examples from famous companies.

  1. Johnson & Johnson. The company has a long history of commitment to social responsibility. Their CSR strategy is built around the following pillars: environment, health, safety, ethical business practices, diversity, and inclusion.
  2. Google. The company’s CSR strategy focuses on three main areas: environmental sustainability, economic opportunity, and social inclusion.
  3. Coca-Cola. The company’s strategy focuses on environmental protection, water stewardship, and sustainable packaging.

Other examples of companies with great CSR strategies are:

📝 CSR Strategy Research Paper Examples

  1. McDonald’s Company Performance Measurement
    Business essay sample: This paper gives a thorough description and explanation of McDonald’s performance measurement system, its current problems, and/or successes in delivering high-quality products or services.
  2. Emirates National Oil Company's Corporate Social Responsibility
    Business essay sample: The proposal evaluates how corporate social responsibility has contributed to the improvement of the Emirates National Oil Company’s public image and reputation.
  3. General Electric Company's Ethically-Oriented Practices
    Business essay sample: This paper analyses CSR in the context of General Electric Company and assesses the relationship between its multinational status and engagement in social welfare activities.
  4. Coca-Cola Corporate Social Responsibility in India
    Business essay sample: The purpose of this research is to 🔍 explore the corporate social responsibility of Coca-Cola with regard to its sustainability and water issues in India. 🔖 Read the article to learn about Coca-Cola CSR issues in India.
  5. MNC Social Responsibility: Principles & Components
    Business essay sample: Analyzing MNC social responsibility? 🎁 Various types of companies refer to CSR because they believe it to be one of the most significant elements of success. 📈 Read this paper to learn more about how multinational corporations perform CSR. 👉
  6. McDonald's and Chipotle: Corporate Social Responsibility
    Business essay sample: McDonalds and Chipotle have been proactive in creating an ideal corporate governance ethics through setting of ethical code of conduct and corporate social responsibility initiatives.
  7. National Australia Bank's Business Ethics
    Business essay sample: This paper is based on the topic of business ethics and corporate social responsibility. The company under focus in the paper is the National Australia Bank (NAB).
  8. Burgan Bank, Kuwait: Corporate Social Responsibility
    Business essay sample: The Burgan Bank’s corporate social responsibility reports reveal a lot about the company and its analysis of social good.
  9. Business Strategies and Interpersonal Roles
    Business essay sample: An organization is a system that has interrelated parts where optimal operation of all sections leads to business success.
  10. Starbucks Corporate Social Responsibility & Marketing Mix
    Business essay sample: Researching Starbucks corporate social responsibility policies? ♻️ This paper describes Starbucks CSR statements on economic responsibility, highlights its importance for the company program and performance. ☕
  11. Ethical Principles and Issues: Samsung Company's Case
    Business essay sample: Analyzing Samsung’s viewpoint regarding business ethics will the aim of this report before looking at CSR and the role leaders ought to play to support CSR.
  12. Ethical Team Leadership in Organizations
    Business essay sample: The paper explores the existing theories of ethical leadership in organizations and team leadership to combine the most efficient practices into one concept.
  13. Importance of Ethical Decision Making
    Business essay sample: Ethics is important and key to every organization as it determines a consistent way which is considered right and moral.
  14. Corporate Social Responsibility Conception in the World
    Business essay sample: Any business entity has a prescribed code of conduct that it must follow. This paper will argue along the line that corporations should be obligated to promote just institutions.
  15. Business Bluffing, Ethics and Social Responsibility
    Business essay sample: The paper reviews “The Social Responsibility of Business is to Increase Its Profits” by Milton Friedman and “Is Business Bluffing Ethical?” by Albert Carr.
  16. Corporate Social Responsibility: Profit or Ethics
    Business essay sample: In today’s business environment, CSR has become controversial. The main concern is whether it is done for profits or ethical reasons.
  17. CSR Advantages and Disadvantages in Business
    Business essay sample: What are the advantages and disadvantages of CSR in business? 💁 In this paper, we discuss corporate social responsibility advantages and disadvantages and activities connected to it. ⚖️
  18. Corporate Social Responsibility – Siemens
    Business essay sample: The paper focuses on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and its implications for society and businesses across the globe.
  19. CSR – the Ethical Dilemma
    Business essay sample: The purpose of the current assignment is to outline the definition of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and explain its utmost importance
  20. Improvement of Ethical Standards
    Business essay sample: To promote a company, we are to evaluate all possible information about it and make up an opinion that is to be fair and objective.
  21. British Airways CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Analysis
    Business essay sample: British Airways CSR includes many interesting aspects. ✈️ This paper is a discussion of the British Airways corporate social responsibility models. 🌏 Read the article to learn about British Airways CSR ethics & more.
  22. Bank of Cyprus: Corporate Social Responsibility
    Business essay sample: This paper proposes a powerful corporate social responsibility approach that can support the sustainability position of the Bank of Cyprus.
  23. British Petroleum and Its Social Performance
    Business essay sample: This essay explores the social performance of British Petroleum by focusing on its role in SCR enterprises to protect the environment from the effects of oil and gas activities.
  24. Business Responsibility & Sustainability Standards
    Business essay sample: The success of CSR initiatives depends a lot on an organization’s corporate values and the ability to incorporate them in the projects a business chooses to support.
  25. Etisalat Telecom Company's Corporate Social Responsibility
    Business essay sample: The corporate social responsibility program of Etisalat implies addressing environmental and health-related issues in the emerging global climate changes.
  26. Chinese Business Responsibility and Sustainability
    Business essay sample: The focus is made to understand the important role of the Chinese government, as an agent of the state, in promoting CSR practices in the country.
  27. Apple Corporation: Responsibility and Marketing Strategies
    Business essay sample: This essay highlights numerous challenges encountered by Apple Corporation as it strives to satisfy customer needs.
  28. Establishing a Business in Baking Market
    Business essay sample: Establishing a business in Baking Market may be a challenging task as it requires the consideration of future trends of the market, the management of customer service, and branding.
  29. Business Responsibility and Sustainability: Bottom of the Pyramid Markets
    Business essay sample: Although the bottom-of-the-pyramid markets are currently poorly exploited, marketing in them is a win-win strategy for companies and consumers.
  30. McDonald’s Business Ethics
    Business essay sample: Researching McDonalds ethics? Find information about McDonalds code of ethics and values in this case study. Read about communication rules with McDonald’s CEO, suppliers, and employers.
  31. CSR as a Corporate Strategy at Alibaba Group
    Business essay sample: The study focused on investigating corporate social responsibility as conducted by various companies in different parts of the world.
  32. CSR Projects on the Corporate Financial Performance
    Business essay sample: Scholars define Corporate Social Responsibility as “contributing in a positive way to society by going beyond a narrow focus on profit maximization”.
  33. Corporate Social Responsibility and Related Issues
    Business essay sample: The paper analyzes core issues in the Corporate Social Responsibility field, its role in modern society and proposed initiatives for corporations to address CSR issues.
  34. Corporate Social Responsibility in Global Economy
    Business essay sample: The case study of unethical hazardous practices by top management of industrial companies highlights the necessity to introduce the integration of corporate social responsibility.
  35. Business Ethics and Company Profitability
    Business essay sample: Companies pursue their interests of profitability through ethical considerations and they should only engage in activities that society considers "morally acceptable."

💡 Essay Ideas on CSR Strategy

  1. PharmaCARE Company: Ethics and Corporate Responsibility
    Business essay sample: Over the years, the global society has developed standards that must be followed by companies operating in different parts of the world regarding ethical conduct.
  2. Africa: Ethical and Legal Issues in Business Environment
    Business essay sample: Extractive companies have increased in an unprecedented rate particularly in Africa. Due to vast resources available in the continent, many foreign firms have invested extensively.
  3. Lego CSR and Lego Social Responsibility Activities
    Business essay sample: Researching Lego CSR activities? 🤓 This case study addresses the problems of improving waste management technologies and advancing its internal working environment 💼 , describes Lego corporate social responsibility 2020, and provides examples of Lego CSR.
  4. Primark and Anglo-American Companies' Business Ethics
    Business essay sample: The paper discusses business ethics and corporate social responsibility. As examples, it uses the cases of the Primark company and the Anglo-American company.
  5. Business Ethics and Corporate Sustainability
    Business essay sample: This paper will offer an analysis of ten areas of ethics and corporate responsibility that are necessary for any organization that seeks to enjoy sustainability over time into 2020.
  6. Argument Against Corporate Social Responsibility
    Business essay sample: This paper will talk about the disagreement that organizations and multinational institutions have no social obligation to be involved in corporate social responsibility schemes.
  7. Corporate Social Responsibility in the Business World
    Business essay sample: Today, there are multiple definitions of the term corporate social responsibility because of the wide scope of practices and regulations in encompasses.
  8. Apple Company’s Responsibilities and Strategies
    Business essay sample: This paper will discuss the current position of the company on ethical and corporate social responsibilities. The paper will discuss the marketing strategies that Apple uses and give necessary.
  9. Starbucks Corporation's Sustainable Business Practices
    Business essay sample: Sustainability is one of Starbucks’ main goals that reflect its organizational values and a commitment to environmental protection.
  10. The British Petroleum Company's Social Performance
    Business essay sample: This essay presents BP’s social performance, the company’s CSR role and mitigation measures that it can deploy to ensure social and environmental conservation.
  11. Defining Corporate Social Responsibility
    Business essay sample: CSR as a phrase has been more and more commonly used during recent years. CSR is a tool, which contains several issues and has a wide variety of definitions.
  12. Dubai Port World Company's Ethical Management
    Business essay sample: The given assessment will evaluate a Dubai-based organization DP World on the basis of its ethical management practices in accordance with Dubai's environment.
  13. Social Responsibility of Business Taught in Schools
    Business essay sample: Business students develop a wrong concept of ethics in the workplace, thus failing to recognize corporate fraud or any other instance of unethical behavior as such.
  14. Corporate Social Responsibility and Stakeholders
    Business essay sample: The current paper is aimed to analyze the effect relationship between corporations and non-market stakeholders.
  15. Ethical Standards in Business
    Business essay sample: Ethical standards in business relate to the study of moral awareness, character, and conduct that are applicable to business firms and professionals.
  16. Business Issues in Hewlett Packard
    Business essay sample: The work provides the analysis of the Hewlett Packard Company, its business ethics, legal applications, and corporate compliance and social responsibility.
  17. Beak & Johnson Pty Ltd: Corporate Social Responsibility
    Business essay sample: The importance of corporate social responsibility is highlighted in reports. This emphasis is motivated by the trend of decay in the ethical foundations of organizations.
  18. Ethics and Governance. Corporate Social Responsibility
    Business essay sample: The social responsibility of a business is upon those business managers who, in addition to their irresponsibility to society, are neglecting their duty to the business owners.
  19. Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room
    Business essay sample: Various actions could have been taken by Enron’s CEO to create a healthy culture and make sure the company carried out its operations with honest.
  20. Ethics. Corporate Social Responsibility Worldwide
    Business essay sample: The development and strengthening of business will largely depend on how timely and adequately it perceives the basic principles of corporate social responsibility.
  21. Corporate Social Responsibility as a Bridge Between Business and Society
    Business essay sample: The purpose of this paper is to discuss different basic techniques of introducing social analysis and practices into macroeconomic business and its influence on modern society.
  22. Agility Logistics Company's Social Responsibility
    Business essay sample: This paper describes how Agility Logistics engages in corporate social responsibility, what its benefits and possible drawbacks are, and what the company's code of ethics is.
  23. Samsung Company: Leadership and Business Ethics
    Business essay sample: Since Samsung is an Asian corporation, the responsibility for ethical conduct in business is in the hands of the company’s top management.
  24. Professional Ethics in the United Kingdom Business
    Business essay sample: The purpose of this reflection paper is to analyze one’s own strategies and practices through the prism of CMI (Chartered Management Institute) code of conduct.
  25. Wal-Mart: Strategic Management
    Business essay sample: The paper will analyze and evaluate Wal-Mart stores in America, internal and external factors that influence the corporation.
  26. Human Resource Management and Organisational Dynamics
    Business essay sample: This paper discusses how change can be effectively implemented in an organization using various organizational development theories and human resource strategies.
  27. Samsung Mobile Phones in the United States
    Business essay sample: The management report of Samsung USA begins with a strategic analysis of the company with a detailed SWOT analysis of the organization based on its current position.
  28. Human Resource Management in Companies
    Business essay sample: Strategic Human Resource Management is an organized and responsibility structured approach towards the direction and administration of the any institution’s most valued asset.
  29. Current Trends in Work-Life Issues
    Business essay sample: Research has shown that 91% of the people employed tend to behave ethically if there is a good balance between their individual lives and their jobs.
  30. Analysis of CRH Plc. International Group
    Business essay sample: CRH Plc is an international building material group located in Ireland. CRH Plc’s departmental line organization structure seems to be effective for attaining business objectives.
  31. Ethical Role of Corporations
    Business essay sample: Corporations must not be allowed to avoid their social responsibility since their endeavors affect social, economic and environmental concerns.
  32. BAT Company and the Structure Group, UK: Case Study
    Business essay sample: Research indicates the primary goal of any business is to increase its market share in its industry in order to increase sales which in turn lead to an increase in profit levels.
  33. AWB Company: Ethical Value and Practices
    Business essay sample: The company was listed in the Australian stock exchange in 2001 long after taking over from the Australian wheat board.
  34. Organization and Management: Corporate Social Responsibility
    Business essay sample: Corporate social responsibility refers to a category of business judgment making associated with principled values, fulfilment of legitimate requirements.
  35. "Ford Pinto" Case Study
    Business essay sample: Ford Motor Company is a successful and second largest automobile industry worldwide with lots of successful brands.

👍 Good CSR Strategy Essay Examples to Write about

  1. Costco Wholesale Corporation: Company Analysis
    Business essay sample: The Costco Corp. has analyzed its current situation according to some aspects, like business environment, globalization’s effects, diversification, and ethical issues.
  2. Ethical and Social responsibility in IMI PLC
    Business essay sample: Ethics and social responsibility are critical to IMI, so to show responsibility to society, the company has adopted ethical and social responsibility policies for guidance.
  3. Conflict Situation in “The Parable of the Sadhu”
    Business essay sample: The Parable of Sadhu (McCoy, 1997) involves an ethical dilemma where the actors who would have to make a choice between individual ethics and corporate ethics.
  4. McDonald’s Coffee Spill Heard Around the World
    Business essay sample: McDonald’s has a number of social responsibilities towards its customers. First and foremost, the company is responsible for the safety of its customers.
  5. Ethical Behaviour in Business and Non-Profits
    Business essay sample: The influence of ethical management is not limited to the internal policy of the company, but also promotes the advancement of the company image in the market.
  6. How to Become an Ethical Organization
    Business essay sample: To become ethical organization a company must establish the ethical orientation of the leader, support of top management, and finally an established corporate ethics policy.
  7. Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
    Business essay sample: Without ethics and social corporate responsibility businesses can become exploitative. A few years back organizations were concerned about making profits; only without concern for sustainability
  8. Different Views on Social Responsibility in Business Comparison and Contrast
    Business essay sample: Social responsibility in business can be viewed from different perspectives, and, correspondingly, the consequences of different views can be the opposite.
  9. Social Responsibility and Ethics in Human Resource
    Business essay sample: Social responsibility and ethics within any organization creates an environment that is always welcoming for the stakeholders of the company.
  10. Strategy and Social Responsibility
    Business essay sample: This paper will therefore try to identify different theories which govern ethics in a business setting, managing across cultures and across a diverse workforce in a global setting.
  11. Ethical Climate of Enron Corporation
    Business essay sample: Enron lacked a true culture of ethical compliance, it was considered as a pioneer company of the future but it was not to be.
  12. Business Ethics at British Telecom
    Business essay sample: British Telecom is really committed in running the business in the most ethical way possible. The company does not only put focus in the interests of the shareholders.
  13. Importance of Business Ethics
    Business essay sample: The paper studies the question of business ethics to give an obligation to business organizations to encourage a greater clientele due to their honesty and quality.
  14. Walt Dianey: Entrepreneurship Model
    Business essay sample: Walt Disney is one of the prominent entrepreneurs in the world. He was successful in entrepreneurship for a variety of reasons.
  15. Pizza Hut: Managing Ethically
    Business essay sample: Workplace ethics is one of the most important issues today as it determines privacy and confidentiality. Every employee can expect workplace safety and healthy working conditions.
  16. Global Challenges for Business , Management and Leadership
    Business essay sample: Management of the organization by choosing how to optimally use the individual strengths and capabilities of employees, forming a group.
  17. Business Ethics as an Important Part of Entrepreneur Activity
    Business essay sample: In terms of virtue ethics, the family, the community, the professional or propertied classes, the elaborated social state, have their peculiar qualities.
  18. Contemporary Organizational & HRM Studies
    Business essay sample: Business ethics and corporate social responsibility as aspects of a well-functioning organization in its daily activities.
  19. The Ethics of Business Management
    Business essay sample: With regard to business ethics, a number of theories have been coined to justify some aspects common to many if not all business operations.
  20. Business Ethics: Terms and Definitions
    Business essay sample: According to ‘Business Ethics’ (2003), business ethics is defined as the moral principles and values that administrate the behavior of an organization.
  21. IKEA: Corporate Social Responsibility
    Business essay sample: IKEA has done a commendable job in its social responsibility, as the needs of the majority of the stakeholders have been considered and attempts made to meet them.
  22. Entering a Foreign Market: Main Aspects
    Business essay sample: Entering a foreign market is not an easy task. It is similar to starting a new company, it involves all the managerial functions and operational functions.
  23. “American Business Values” by Gerald Cavanagh
    Business essay sample: The effectiveness of which lies upon the management whose sole responsibility is seeing that the company’s objective is attained.
  24. Corporate Social Responsibility in the Emirates
    Business essay sample: The United Arab Emirates is a country located in a region characterized by wars and political instability but this country enjoys both political and economic stability.
  25. The Broadway Café's E-Commerce Introduction
    Business essay sample: Broadway Café is a retail outlet that provides economic internet accessibility to its customers with bakery items, coffee, and other specialty items.
  26. The Middle East and UAE: CSR Best Practice
    Business essay sample: The present concepts of CSR have their origins in corporate giving for public relations purposes and in socialist governance policies that flourished in what became the EU.
  27. Corporate Citizenship in Arab World and UAE
    Business essay sample: Corporate citizenship operates on the premise that a company has an obligation to play a responsible role towards its employee’s lives.
  28. Business Ethics Are Good for Society and the Economy
    Business essay sample: The role of business ethics are good for society and the economy. Its influence on the promotion and development of the business.
  29. We Simplify the Internet: Internet Accessability for SMEs
    Business essay sample: The mission statement of WSI Internet Consulting is increasing the growth and profitability of SMEs businesses through an enhanced and efficient provision of internet solutions.
  30. Socially Responsible Banking Industry
    Business essay sample: This study will discuss some factual examples of the modern banking industry from different countries of the world.
  31. Corporate Social Responsibility, Business Ethics and Corporate Governance
    Business essay sample: This study would address the corporate social responsibility, business ethics, and corporate governance of the two companies given in the case.
  32. Corporate Social Responsibility as an International Strategy
    Business essay sample: The paper addresses the major forms of CSR initiatives and the criticism that has been raised against their use and gives a critical analysis and conclusion on the subject.
  33. Six Sigma in Context of Analysis of Friends Seminary School Financial and Administration Services Transformation
    Business essay sample: In the context of Friends Seminary School, the main aspect that needs to be addressed is that quality of education, and this is what provides highest income generation for the institution.
  34. Corporate Social Responsibility
    Business essay sample: The CEO reports directly to the board of directors. This success is linked to good governance from the board of management, with the support from the shareholders.
  35. RelaxO: Human Resources Plan and Ethical Code
    Business essay sample: RelaxO's customer care establishments should always be compassionate and humanitarian in nature throughout the course of its operations in India.

🎓 Simple Research Paper Examples with CSR Strategy

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility in the Arab Word
  2. Developing a Checklist for Project Governance
  3. Arcelik: International Business Strategy
  4. Werribee Park: Marketing Strategy
  5. Aloha Airlines: Marketing Strategy
  6. Saudi Basic Industries: Low Software Quality
  7. Human Resources Management: Effective HR Planning Programme
  8. Business Ethics: Nalco Company
  9. The Roles of Corporate Social Responsibility
  10. Operating an Ethical Business
  11. Analysis of Organizational Management
  12. Abbott Laboratories: Corporate Social Responsibility
  13. Financial Ethics in Corporations
  14. Socially Responsible Procurement Concept
  15. The German Leadership and Corporate Governance
  16. Supply Chain Management and Technology Impact
  17. Business Environment and Organisation
  18. L-3 Vertex Aerospace: Business Ethics
  19. Corporate Social Responsibility Study
  20. Negotiations and Contracts
  21. Business Ethics: Issues and Cases
  22. Ethics, Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development
  23. Bribery Scandal at Siemens
  24. Bribery Scandal at Siemens AG
  25. Marketing Communication Used By Apple
  26. Toyota Company: Corporate Social Responsibility
  27. Ritz-Carlton's Corporate Marketing Strategy in China
  28. Discrimination Charges Against Denny’s Corporation: An Analysis
  29. Marketing's Social Role Change in the Last 50 Years
  30. Role of Corporations in Ethics
  31. Customer Care and Case Study of Emirates
  32. Corporate Social Responsibility. Microsoft
  33. Dubai Electricity & Water Authority Company: CSR Principles
  34. The Scientific Revolution in Human Resourse Management
  35. Halfords: Internal and External Analysis of the Company
  36. McCafe Comprehensive Company Analysis
  37. Business Plan for Global Curios
  38. Personal and Organizational Ethics
  39. Diversity in the Workplace in Woolworths Limited Regarding Legislation and Organisation Policies
  40. Abdul Latif Jameel Co.: Corporate Social Responsibility
  41. Social Responsibility and Strategic Planning
  42. Occupational Safety and Health and Corporate Social Responsibility

✍️ CSR Strategy Essay Examples for College

  1. Lululemon Athletica and Its Environment in Terms of Nonmarket Strategies
  2. Woolworth Organization: Company Analysis
  3. DirecTV Company Analysis
  4. Business Ethics and Employee Integrity Relations
  5. The Role of Corporate Social Responsibility in the Work of Organisation
  6. Business and Corporate Social Responsibility Relations
  7. Business Ethics and Social Corporate Responsibility for McDonald’s
  8. The Potential Impact of the Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure
  9. Tesla: Corporate Social Responsibility
  10. Starbucks Corporation's Organizational Social Responsibility
  11. A Report on a Study of Corporate Governance Principles
  12. The Role of Corporate Social Responsibility in Business
  13. Corporate Profit Disaster and Solution at IBM
  14. Volkswagen Cheating on Emissions Systems Testing
  15. Avalon Group's Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
  16. Corporate Social Responsibility and Organizational Performance
  17. Mohamed Khalifa Al Mubarak's Influence Tactics
  18. Ethical Conduct in Footwear Industry: Nike’s Case
  19. Relationship Between Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
  20. Project Kirana: External Factors and CSR
  21. Changing Roles of Business Organizations in Society
  22. Analysis of Amazon's Corporate Social Responsibility of Sustainability
  23. Concept of Corporate Social Responsibility
  24. The Fit Between Employees’ Perception and the Organization’s Behavior
  25. Social Responsibility and Ethics in Business
  26. Boeing Company's Sustainable Practices and Disclosures
  27. Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
  28. Leadership's Role in Healthcare Organizations
  29. Strategic Investment Analysis of McLaren Group
  30. The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Contemporary Organizations
  31. Skills for Hyperlink and Imaginera Companies' Success
  32. Sweatshop Issues and Nike: Business Ethics
  33. Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethical Issues
  34. Business Ethics: Corporate Social Responsibility
  35. Social Responsibility and Ethical Behavior by a Corporation
  36. Legal Ethical Issues Surrounding the Ford Pinto
  37. The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill's Ethical Issues
  38. Philosophical Approaches to Business Ethics
  39. Ethics and Social Responsibility: Case Study
  40. AAR Corporation's Social Responsibility Strategy
  41. International Business and Its Main Challenges

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