355 Product Strategy Examples

Do you remember the last time KFC introduced a new product into its menu? Did you like it? You probably did. The reason for that is a good product strategy that helps the company predict what its customers will like.

Curious about the product strategies of other brands? Keep reading this article!

🔝 Top 10 Product Strategy Examples

  1. Lush Cosmetics Marketing Plan – Strategies & Issues
  2. Blue Shark Company's Marketing Plan
  3. Barclays Company Marketing Plan
  4. Branding Australian Mobile Phones: Roo Winder Cell Phone
  5. 2Degrees Company's Marketing Research
  6. Laptop Industry’s Characteristics and Analysis
  7. Dettol Brand Loyalty
  8. The Best UAE Airline – Analysis of the Aviation Industry in UAE
  9. Crunchy Bites Company: International Business Plan
  10. The Cooler Bag's Advertising and Promotion Plan

🛍️ What Is a Product Strategy?

A product strategy is a detailed plan that lays out what goals a business hopes to achieve with its product and how it will achieve them. Such a plan acts as a model for developing a product and its features.

What Are the Elements of Product Strategy?

An excellent product strategy comprises the following:

  • The vision statement summarizing the product’s ideal future state.
  • Key problems to solve.
  • Goals that’ll be achieved.
  • The timeframe of how long it’ll take to accomplish the goals.
  • A well-defined target demographic.
  • Initiatives and trends the new product will influence.

What Is a Product Strategy in Marketing?

The product strategy is related to the marketing strategy. Transparency in a product strategy enables a company to concentrate on the right target demographic and marketing channels. It will help determine how to promote the new product to potential buyers.

How to Develop a Product Strategy?

To devise a good product strategy, a company must define the customers’ and business problems it will crack, outline the market opportunities, and predict what its preferred future looks like. Also, it’s necessary to illustrate the steps to execute the product strategy and attain the goals.

✍️ Product Strategy Framework

A good product strategy should include the following elements:

Product Vision It’s vital to determine the “Why” behind the product. Why does the company build these product types, and why should people care about them? It should express the crux of what you desire to achieve with your product.
Goals Goals need to be clearly defined, measurable, and time-bound. It will allow the company to understand what it wants to accomplish with the product. 
Initiatives Initiatives are similar to product goals but more conceptual. These are big-picture ideas the company will exploit.
Target Market and Product Positioning This aspect defines who will be interested in the new product. It emphasizes how the product will be positioned and how it will stand against other competitors in the market.

⭐ Product Strategy Examples

To understand the topic better, let’s have a look at some product strategy examples:

KFC Product Strategy

Due to customer demands, KFC enriched its menu with new products such as chicken burgers, wraps, desserts, and soft drinks. KFC’s product strategy is to first identify the consumer’s preferences and cultural context before introducing a new product.

Nike Product Strategy

Nike has a clear essence as a sportswear brand and works well with its product positioning and differentiation. They express the uniqueness of their footwear which helps potential customers to easily choose whether to buy Nike shoes or find another brand.

Coca-Cola Product Strategy

Coca-Cola is well aware of the most effective brand positioning methods. It also listens to its target audience. The brand has grown over the years by adapting to meet their customers’ needs. 

Product Strategy of Nestle

Nestlé’s strategy is a mix of value-based and product-based positioning depending upon the product they were branding and the market in which they sold the products.

Samsung Product Strategy

Samsung tends to concentrate on creating products that appeal to consumers. It has made a solid effort to be a company responsible for innovation in the market.

Other examples of companies with great product strategies include:

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📝 Product Strategy Research Paper Examples

  1. Strategic Marketing in UAE Business Environment
    Businesses in the UAE have to tailor their strategic marketing approaches with the view of maintaining competitiveness and sustainability in the country’s business environment.
  2. Managerial Planning and Its Effectiveness
    The paper explores the effectiveness of managerial planning in the performance of the organization. This study used the deductive approach of the research technique.
  3. Emirates and Etihad Airlines' Brand Management
    Airlines can create and capture customer value in different ways. In particular, they can do it by providing core, actual, and augmented services.
  4. Olio Bello Organics Brand: Marketing Plan
    This report gives to understand how to build awareness for the Olio Bello Organics brand, making it more recognizable on the local, national, or international level.
  5. Brand Management for Ireland's Tourism Industry
    This reflective paper attempts to classify the effectiveness of designing and implementing brand strategies in Ireland.
  6. Lolous Company's Marketing Plan
    This is a strategic marketing plan for Lolous. It highlights the mode of entry and establishment of the company in India and the way of creating its niche in the pearl market.
  7. Information Technology Influence in Inventory Management
    Through this paper, a greater understanding can be developed on how information technology has helped to enhance current inventory management processes.
  8. Apple Company’s Marketing Plan
    Apple is one of the biggest companies in the world in terms of market value. Its electronic products are considered among the best available in the telecommunication and entertainment industries.
  9. Arab Online Inc Company: E-Business Plan
    The new e-business will target this market segment to address the market gap. The company will be known as Arab Online Inc. It will specifically focus on delivering various electronic products.
  10. Pepsi and Coca-Cola Company Analysis
    This is an analysis of the global market share that PepsiCo and Coca-Cola Company hold to determine the level of their performance and future financial health.
  11. New Zealand' Energy Drinks Industry Marketing
    This study includes market measurement, competition analysis, resources and capabilities, primary demand and marketing mix strategies for New Zealand beverage industry.
  12. Apple Decision Making
    Looking into 🤓 Apple decision making process? Read this sample 📄 to discover the aspects of apple decision making, including planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. Explore Apple’s organizational structure, innovation examples, and its departments and functions.
  13. Google Inc.'s Marketing Strategic Capabilities
    The report examines the Google company’s internationalization marketing strategic capabilities to present recommendations for improvement.
  14. Organizational Dynamics and Its Factors
    The study aims at examining the different factors that create a dynamic organization and the possible linkages with other organizational factors.
  15. Treasury Wines Estates Company's Marketing Plan
    The marketing plan of Treasury Wines Estate presents strategies of introducing new wine brands into the Indian market to attain its main strategic objective.
  16. Product Marketing Throughout Three Time Zones
    The relevance and suitability of measuring customer expectations, customer perceptions, customer satisfaction, and service quality is very essential in evaluating perspectives.
  17. Atec Incorporation Marketing Plan
    This marketing plan relates to Atec Incorporation, which operates in the UAE. The firm intends to venture into the production of coffee making machines.
  18. Enterprise Resources Planning in Modern Business
    Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is an emerging trend in business management operations. This research analyzes the relevance of ERP to the modern organisations.
  19. Subway Company in the Japanese Market
    Subway’s primary target market is composed of individual customers who are health conscious in their consumption patterns.
  20. Marketing Techniques and Segmentation in Examples
    IKEA’s success in the international market has arisen from its commitment to implementing effective marketing techniques.
  21. Emirates Airline Business Strategy
    The success of any airline depends on the business strategies adopted. This paper evaluates the business strategy of Emirates Airline.
  22. Burger King Company: Strategic Audit
    The paper contains an analysis of the internal and external market environments of Burger King. The company needs to solve the key problems of the domestic and foreign markets.
  23. Healthy Food Restaurant Business Plan
    A healthy food restaurant refers to an eatery that targets health-conscious customers. This article presents a business plan for a healthy food restaurant in New York City.
  24. Mackers Software Company's Strategic Marketing Plan
    Mackers is a software development company making customized software applications for customers, depending on their specific needs.
  25. Starbucks Corporate Social Responsibility & Marketing Mix
    Researching Starbucks corporate social responsibility policies? ♻️ This paper describes Starbucks CSR statements on economic responsibility, highlights its importance for the company program and performance. ☕
  26. Dior Company Marketing Strategies
    This paper focuses on Dior Company touching the marketing strategies that the company has created and implemented in order to achieve this competence.
  27. Nestle: Products Quality and Publicity Improvement
    Researching Nestlé quality issues? The case study reviews how Nestle handled the scandals around the quality of milk and beef products to win back the confidence and trust of its customers.
  28. Chery Automobile Company: Marketing Mix for USA
    Chery motors have struggled to keep its American competitors at bay especially after seeing the benefits, which came by way of strategic co-operation with the Chinese automakers.
  29. Marketing Planning, Segmentation and Products
    The marketer develops a structure of understanding what the customers require and then goes ahead to provide such products.
  30. Emicos International: Marketing Plan
    Operating in the global economic environment is a challenging task even for an organization as well established in the home market environment as Emicos International.
  31. Tamweel Company Marketing Plan
    The key to a successful recovery strategy of Tamweel Company will function on the development of e-business, expansion of the business, growth of the domestic market etc.
  32. Nike Inc.'s Marketing in the United Arab Emirates
    Nike does not have its own factories and a permanent production base, which makes its organization mobile and dynamic.
  33. Hybrid Electric Cars Marketing Mix
    The concept of plug-in hybrids emanated from the Chevrolet Motor Car Company when they made Vue to operate partially with the gas engine.
  34. G Company’s Marketing Plan
    Company G targets small electronic appliances users by providing high quality and innovative electronic solutions.
  35. The New Hybrid Toyota Prius: Marketing Plan
    Saud Bahwan Group has partnered with Toyota Motors Corporation to improve sales of Toyota cars in the local Omani market. In this plan, the focus was to improve the brand and sales.
  36. Arnott's Family Company Marketing Strategy
    This paper discusses an effective marketing strategy for the Arnott's family company; it will focus on marketing segmentation and marketing mix.
  37. Saudi Arabian Oil Production and Market Share
    This study is a research into justifying the strategy that Saudi Arabia should adopt to maintain stability despite competing fluctuations in oil prices and shrinking market size.
  38. Product Accounting in Smartphones
    This research paper aims to determine the optimal pricing strategies for the sale of a smartphone model, both worldwide and in the United Arab Emirates.
  39. Volterman Smart Wallet: Strategic Marketing Plan
    The strategic marketing plan for Volterman smart wallet focuses on how this company can use its limited resources to achieve market success.
  40. Tesla Motors Company's New Product Management
    Tesla Motors has done a great job of managing its new products right from designing stages, to assembling and to the current selling process.

💡 Essay Ideas on Product Strategy

  1. Microsoft Corporation' Marketing Mix
    This paper describes how product, place, price, and promotion affects the development of the Microsoft marketing strategy and tactics.
  2. Adidas Company's Vision, Mission, Competition
    The Adidas company is involved in production of athletics apparel, footwear, and accessories for both male and female customers of any age.
  3. Procter & Gamble Company's Production Management Process
    The Time Series approach, in its turn, can be considered a good tool for identifying the patterns in P&G’s performance so that a forecast could be drawn later on.
  4. Marketing Strategy of Adidas in the UAE
    This paper aims to analyze a worldwide corporation Adidas on its marketing components, specifically in the United Arabic Emirates.
  5. Retail Petrol Outlets: Marketing Mix Elements
    The paper is a report describing the four marketing mix elements and how they are applied to real-world working in retail petrol outlets.
  6. Marketing Principles Concept in Business
    The principles of marketing revolve around the governance of the major components of the marketing mix concept.
  7. Emirates Airlines: Marketing Analysis
    This paper assesses the core Marketing Mix components based on Emirates Airlines' activities, discusses the key marketing strategies, and suggests specific marketing strategies improvement proposals.
  8. Product Life Cycle: Term Definition
    Product life cycle in this case is taken to mean the succession of the many varying stages by which a product is said to undergo through.
  9. Management Product Life Cycle
    For several decades, the product life cycle model has been very popular in management. Companies adopt this concept as a core of business operations and product management.
  10. The Product Life Cycle in Management Success
    A product’s life cycle has many phrases and involves many professional disciplines, and requires many skills, tools, and processes.
  11. Coca-Cola Company: Product Reassessment
    Coke is a product of the multinational Coca-Cola Company. The product targets young Americans especially from the age of nine to fifty.
  12. Apple's iPhone 7: Marketing Plan
    Apple Inc. is one of the leading companies in the technology industry where it specializes in the production of electronic gadgets.
  13. The Product Life Cycle in Business Area
    This paper critically evaluates the literature that supports and criticises the Product Life Cycle concept and gives a balanced argument using case examples.
  14. Eureka Software Compant's Marketing Strategic Plan
    Eureka Software Inc. was started on 12th October, 2000. It has grown to become one of the leaders in the industry in terms of both market share and profitability.
  15. Product Development Process in Contemporary Environment
    New product development and innovation are crucial in determining the success or failure of a company. This paper analyses concept of the product development process.
  16. Nikon D800E Digital SLR Camera: Product Marketing
    There is a need for Nikon to frequently upgrade and manage their knowledge system for the sake of surviving within the international market.
  17. Haier Group Company's Marketing Principles
    This report provides ways through which Haier Group in American Retail Market implemented its competitive advantage in order to attain its operational and management effectiveness.
  18. Dell Computers: Strategic Management
    Dell has enjoyed great success in delivering quality products and solutions to its clients while its current sales levels are high and business growth is imminent.
  19. Complementary and Substitute Products: Demand and Quantity
    There is a clear distinction between demand and quantity demanded; furthermore, they have their own significance in the economics arena.
  20. NMC Healthcare Company's Mission and Vision
    The work uncovers the topic of the importance to be a mission- and vision-oriented company operating in the healthcare sector on the example of NMC Healthcare.
  21. Wonder Co Business Strategy
    This paper discusses strategic and marketing mistakes, that appeared during Wonder Co growth and development and recommended strategy that should be applied.
  22. The 4p’s Marketing Strategies Analysis
    This research enables the 4p's company management to reduce uncertainties that might arise after the business decision has been implemented.
  23. OPEC and Non-OPEC Crude Oil Supplies With OECD and Non-OECD
    Discussion of the change in the structure of the oil industry in the context of balance between OPEC and non-OPEC crude oil supplies with OECD and non-OECD demand.
  24. Marketing Mix and Strategies Used in Combination With 4p'
    Marketing Mix represents a memorable and practical framework for marketing decision making, which can help to keep staff motivated and moving in the same direction.
  25. Nivea Visage Products' Marketing Mix
    Since NIVEA prides itself as a leading cosmetic and skin care brand, it is unsurprising that the customer profile of the company is mainly comprised of women.
  26. Jouf Water Company's Strategic Marketing
    In this paper, the researcher seeks to analyze the appropriate strategies that Jouf Water Company should use in the new market, based on marketing mix elements.
  27. Brumby’s Bakeries Company’s Situational Analysis
    The paper has done an analysis of the Brumby’s Bakeries chain’s current market situation, the size of its market, and how it can be able to increase its market share.
  28. Planning and Developing a New Product
    Planning and development are important preliminary steps that account for a major part of success before the product reaches its market.
  29. SunTrust Bank and Bank of America: Marketing Concepts
    The marketing strategies that are chosen should ensure that the customers are given the best services so as to maintain them and to improve on their well being and that of the society’s at large.
  30. Promotion Opportunity Analysis for Coke-Cola Product
    This is one of the major processes when carrying out the promotional opportunity analysis; for coke-cola communication is a key factor in carrying out promotional objectives.
  31. Virtual Fitting Room: Product Marketing
    For this purpose we have come up with a product called the Virtual Fitting Room. This is an interactive virtual fitting room with real-time clothing changing function.
  32. The Global Oil Industry-Present and Future
    Oil producing countries face various individual problems that are triggered by the economic status of those countries.
  33. SWOT Analysis of iPhone Market
    The new technology of iPhones has definitely proved that it will have a lasting impact on the industries of consumer electronics and that of communications
  34. Marketing of Kitenge in Japan
    The objectives of the study is to identify all the external factors which affect markets such as politics, economy, legal and environment factors affecting markets and the four Ps of marketing of international markets.
  35. Global Gadgets Import Firm's Direct Marketing and Privacy Issues
    Global Gadgets Imports is a firm with strong elaborate mechanisms for business. Boosting sales is however critical as the firm has experienced a decline over the past year.
  36. GPS: Marketing Plan
    GPS have its strengths and weakness. Strengths can be to formulate the plan. Weaknesses can be to get the right manpower, amount, machinery, etc.
  37. Perceptual Map Simulation
    Competition is not only restricted to your local market; with increasing globalization, the entire international forum is becoming your playing field.
  38. Baskin Robbins the Ice Cream Chain: A Case Study
    Baskin Robbins, a worldwide known ice cream chain. In 60 years Baskin Robbins has grown immensely and now offers 1000 flavors in ice cream along with other products.
  39. Do Advertising and Promotion have an Impact on Students' Choice?
    The word more appropriate than demand is “stir”; stir is for the educational institutions of higher learning that have been market-oriented for quite a while now.
  40. InteCom: Proposed Strategic Development Plan
    This report presents the discussion of the situation which emerged in the company InteCom in 1982. This work is aimed at developing action plan for this enterprise.

👍 Good Product Strategy Essay Examples to Write about

  1. Triwa Incorporation's Marketing Plan
    Triwa Incorporation is a private limited company that is was established in 2006 within the non-alcoholic drink industry.
  2. E-Commerce and New Product Development
    Electronic commerce entails the process of purchasing, selling, distribution and servicing products and services through various computer networks such as the internet.
  3. "PowerAde": Marketing Strategy
    PowerAde must divest its target market from niche sports market to a health conscious market as well as the young amateur sports market.
  4. Consumer Fashion Brands Case Study
    Launching a business in a new market is always a challenging task that demands proper preparation and considerable effort from the side of the company that plans such a step.
  5. Industrial Technical Development Company Analysis
    The company, which will be analyzed, is engaged in the sphere of repairing services and technical maintenance of the steel furnaces and supplementary equipment.
  6. The Software X: Power of Predictive Business Intelligence
    Software X will compete within the business intelligence (BI) category, generally accepted to mean the combination of data warehousing and market information tools.
  7. Adventure Tours Australia: International Marketing Plan
    In order to introduce a new product to the market it is important that a comprehensive marketing strategy be developed by considering target market, market segment and positioning.
  8. Furniture Company: Marketing Research and Enhancement
    This report identifies the future changes in the trends of the furniture market and also recommends possible strategies which can be helpful to recover from this situation.
  9. Emirates Airline Marketing Strategy
    The article describes the marketing strategy of Emirates Airline, the scale of the company, the level of development and development potential thanks to well-structured marketing.
  10. Fashion Marketing: The Ladies Party Dress
    The Australian fashion market is quite crowded but it still is a huge industry with great opportunities for the well-established companies.
  11. Marketing Strategy for Sainsbury
    Sainsbury’s is looking into expanding its portfolio and entering untapped geographical areas. Its focus is on providing quality products at fair rates.
  12. Marketing Strategy for Husky’s Breakfast Cereal
    Description of macro environmental factors that impact the marketing of product: economic, natural, cultural, demographic, political and technological issues.
  13. Golden Circle Company's International Marketing Plan
    The Golden Circle Company is one of the Australian fine fruits and vegetable manufacturers, which produces more than 15 varieties and is one of the largest pineapple processors.
  14. "Global Marketing Management" by Kotabe and Helsen Book Summary
    Marketing management is a field in business that puts into practice the theoretical approaches that an organization can embrace to make known its products in the market.
  15. Enhancing Thailand’s Competitiveness in Fashion Product
    Various governments are increasingly formulating strategies aimed at improving their countries’ competitiveness. The prosperity of a country is determined by its competitiveness.
  16. The Global Household Brands: Marketing Strategies
    This paper is a case memo about the operational as well as marketing strategies relating to the famous household products brand The Global Household Brands.
  17. Diesel Product Line Role in Male Beauty Products Market
    This paper mainly focuses on the product line of Diesel in male beauty products through the various aspects and explains some strategies to establish the brand in the market.
  18. The Cheesecake Factory Restaurant: Overview
    The Cheesecake Factory, Inc proposes unique products reflecting the national traditions and food preferences of the American nation.
  19. Triwa Incorporation: Marketing Plan
    The company description is illustrated by identifying the firm’s past financial performance, human resource base and mission statement.
  20. Poland: International Buyer Behavior
    The paper analyzes the potential customer base in Poland before launching the new product by the marketing team.
  21. A Tourism Product's Marketing Plan
    The paper aims to illustrate how the firm can effectively launch the product in the market and attain a competitive advantage both in the domestic and foreign markets.
  22. Marketing Analysis of GameStop
    This research deals with a market analysis of Game stop and its ability to use e-marketing theory, its competition, customers and marketing needs, target market profile, etc.
  23. Masafi Mineral Water Company: Products and Quality
    The quality of a product or service provided by a company is very important to both the consumer and the producer.
  24. Nestle: Quality Strategic Polices
    The strategic polices that are being implanted at Nestle have been the ones that can make Nestle win in the global markets.
  25. The Bank’s of America Standards and Tactics
    Description and analysis of the Bank of America standards and tactics in marketing segmentation which help in the building up of excellent products in the industry.
  26. Artificial Limbs Industry: About Production
    The artificial limb industry is very unique and complicated because it involves dealing with the reconstruction of human parts and replacing missing extremity.
  27. Primark Stores Limited’s Supply Chain Management
    The discussion involves an analysis of the role of supply chain management in the fashion retail sector. The analysis entails Primark Stores Limited as an example.
  28. Big Media Ink: Ad Advertising Action Plan
    This advertising plan constitutes the introduction and launch stages of a business graphics and communications service which the author will structure as a sole proprietorship.
  29. Invent Electronics: Business Plan
    The small appliances will be created and designed to fit needs of households. The company has a vision and mission statements to guide the company in achieving its objective.
  30. JIT: Strategic Plan and Implementation
    Incorporating strategies to support the global strategy will undoubtedly see the emergence of another formidable player in the production of prepaid cell phones.
  31. Coca-Cola: Marketing Policies and Processes
    This essay shall discuss the importance of marketing orientation of an organization, study the key elements of a marketing plan and how successfully these are being used by Coca Cola.
  32. How Should LE Enter Indian Markets?
    Lincoln Electric would be necessary to enter into strategic alliances with strong, established and influential welding partners in order to initiate and sustain a good marketing foothold in India.
  33. Singapore Foods Inc.: Market Audit and Competitive Analysis
    This report discusses various factors that need consideration while a product is introduced into a new consumer market, Singapore by company called Singapore Foods Inc.
  34. Australian Wine: Media Buying and Planning
    Australian Vineyards have been in the market since 1889, this is an indication that they have a vast wealth of experience in wine production.
  35. International Business Opportunities in the Long Tail
    The term "Long Tail" describes a business strategy that is fundamental to any business. This strategy emphasizes the advantage of having more customers to whom smaller quantities can be sold.
  36. Honey Monster Cereal Products: Brand Extension
    Brand extension is one facet of brand positioning. Honey Monster has evolved from a product promoting mascot into a company banner due to its acceptability and popularity.
  37. Nestle and the Nespresso System Analysis
    Nestle company was established in 1867 by Henri Nestle in Vevey, Switzerland and is currently one of the top nutrition, health, and wellness company in the world.
  38. Economics: Oil Sands Sector Perspectives
    Oil sand sector is the area where we can find significant economic growth across the country and has the potential to continue over next number of decades.
  39. Frito-Lay and Cracker Jack: Case Analysis
    This paper has centered to represent an analysis and examination of the merger between Frito-Lay and Cracker Jack, and an investigation of whether it would be successful or not.
  40. Sony Ericsson Company's Marketing Plan
    This marketing plan depicts the importance of situation analysis for setting the objectives and strategies, so Sony Ericsson will be able to target all segments in the UK.

🎓 Simple Research Paper Examples with Product Strategy

  1. Marketing Plan on Starbucks
  2. Business Plan and How to Build It
  3. Bag Manufacturing Company: Business Plan
  4. Country Classics: Production and Operations Management
  5. Quality Plan for Al Ain Water Company
  6. Product Positioning in Oligopolistic Markets
  7. A Brand Transition Challenge
  8. Sony Corporation and Its Product: Marketing Planning
  9. The Business of Amy’s Ice Cream Trade
  10. Boost Juice Bar: Brand and Product Management
  11. Non-Original Components in the Dental Implant Market
  12. Dominos Pizza Enterprises: Marketing
  13. Marketing Research on Apple’s iPhone 3GS
  14. Supply of Drinking Water in UAE
  15. Oasis Water Company as Main Water Supplier
  16. Academic Enhancement Services to Students
  17. RelaxO Company’s Business Development and Production Plan
  18. Yellow River University: Marketing of Private University
  19. Developing and Introducing a New Product
  20. Smart Travel Tours Limited: Business Plan
  21. Marketing in Everyday Life
  22. Marketing and Its Segmentations
  23. Hot Nodle: A New Product's Marketing Plan
  24. Tourism Tasmania’s ‘Experience Product’ Strategy
  25. Saudi Basic Industries: Low Software Quality
  26. AT&T Company’s History in Telephony Operation
  27. Coca-Cola: Product Development Analysis
  28. Decision-Making Buying High- and Low-Involvement Products
  29. Toyota Prius – Marketing Plan
  30. Impact of Sales of Inferior Goods Due
  31. Trade of Dr. Pepper From USA to UK
  32. Solar Flare Company's International Business Strategies
  33. Entrepreneurial Marketing Management in Service Sector
  34. British Airways Strategies
  35. Apple and Microsoft Companies' Marketing Approaches
  36. Truck Safety Company's Marketing Strategy
  37. Subway Franchise's Positioning Strategy
  38. Coca-Cola Company's New Product Marketing Plan
  39. Mercury International Ltd.'s Company Analysis
  40. Australian Retailing Market Trend
  41. Wal-Mart: Entrance of a Large Scale Discount Store
  42. DU Telecommunication: Total Quality Management
  43. Consumer Behavior Audit: Anoush Soap
  44. Research Proposal on Ipad From Apple INC
  45. Wok to Walk: Marketing Plan Proposal
  46. Product Packaging Designing Kimberly Clark Company
  47. Al Rawabi Dairy: Company Overview
  48. McDonald’s: Marketing Mix Segments
  49. Vitamin Water: Egyptian Market
  50. Business Planning for Entrepreneurial Venture
  51. Abercrombie & Fitch: Brand Revitalization and Extension Strategies
  52. Ford Sales Dealer and Services
  53. Marketing strategy of TESCO
  54. Brand Development Strategies of Wal-Mart and Tesco
  55. Establishing a Retail Shop for Smartphones
  56. Product Life Cycle Stages
  57. Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited Company's Analysis
  58. Laura Ashely Business Performance Assessment and Analysis
  59. Ford Pinto Case Study: To Recall or Not to Recall
  60. Multinational Corporations in Different Countries
  61. Motorola Company's Quality Planning and Customers
  62. Apple iPod Product's Marketing Audit & Management
  63. Venture Screening Guide of Phoenix Solar Energy Systems
  64. The Temple Brewing Company's Marketing Plan
  65. RFID Impact on the Food Industry and Global Trading Patterns
  66. Servicescape Design Analysis
  67. Marketing of Services in Industry Sector: General Electrics
  68. Toyota Cars: The Demand in Long and Short Run
  69. Apple Company: Strategic Analysis
  70. Competitive Position of Mac in the UK Market
  71. Marketing Fundamentals to Magnolia Web Studio
  72. Marketing Research About “Packaging”
  73. AI Ain Dairy Company: Strategic Management
  74. Growing Pains at Grandiose Motors Case Study
  75. American Instant Incorporation: Marketing Plan

✍️ Product Strategy Essay Examples for College

  1. Ford Motor Company: Strategic Marketing and Way Forward
  2. A New Mobile Phone That Is Compatible to Projectors
  3. The Spicer: Clean Sheet Marketing Style
  4. Tengelmann: International Business
  5. Dannon Company Inc.: International Marketing Mix
  6. Global Business Issues. Global Prospects and Strategies
  7. Pinkberry Franchise in Saudi Market
  8. Marketing Plan For Secondbite Organization
  9. Ipad by Apple Inc Research Proposal
  10. Zain Company's Electronic Marketing in Saudi Arabia
  11. Sony PlayStation Gaming Company's Value Chain Analysis
  12. Sector Matrix Framework for Demand and Supply Analysis
  13. Asda Stores' Strategic Marketing
  14. Pursuing an Online MBA Program Over an Onsite Program
  15. Research of the Concept 'The Marketing Scene'
  16. Recycling Batteries: Market Analysis for a New Product
  17. Economics of Ibn Khaldun
  18. Saxonville Sausage Company: Ann Banks' Case
  19. A Java Culture Coffee Shop's Business Plan
  20. Internet Marketing Strategy for a Company
  21. Final Guillermo Furniture Store Scenario
  22. Learning the Basics of Advanced Marketing
  23. Decoding the Object of Desire: BMW x5 or Land Rover Range Rover
  24. Nokia Wireless Headphones' Marketing Management
  25. Online Retailing as a Developing Trend in Business
  26. Marketing Communication: A Chocolate New Brand: Testty
  27. Procter & Gamble Co.'s Marketing Plan
  28. Sunglass Hut: Preliminary Marketing
  29. Terror Tubes Firm's Issues and Financial Structure
  30. Terror Tubes Company's Design of Staff Training
  31. A Supermarket and a Farmer’s Market Comparison
  32. PESTEL Company Strategic Analysis
  33. Business Plan for Global Curios
  34. Monopoly Is a Type of Market
  35. Integrated Chinese Oversea Student Services Program
  36. Challenges of Setting up a Business
  37. Tide to Go Product Introduction in Egypt
  38. China National Tobacco Company and Farmers
  39. Kellogg’s Company: Effective Marketing Strategies
  40. Market Orientation and Productivity Regarding the Organization Strategy
  41. How Consumers Will Benefit From Miscea Faucets
  42. Macro-Environmental Forces Affecting Pedometers
  43. Pet Food Company. Profitability of Pet Food Industry
  44. Coca-Cola: Company Marketing Analysis
  45. Marketing Plan for the FlaBlaster Product
  46. Ashburn Furniture. Company Analysis
  47. Case Study on Custom Woodworking Company
  48. The Management of IKEA Investments: Case Study
  49. Easy Jet Marketing Plan and Reflection Report
  50. Khalifa University Marketing Plan
  51. Malaysian Airlines' Marketing Plan Critique
  52. Unilens Vision Incorporation's Company Analysis
  53. Sports Marketing Affected by Internet of Things
  54. Arabic Coffee or Arabic Restaurant in United State
  55. Patagonia Brand and Its Sustainability
  56. Sephora as the Leader of the Cosmetics Industry
  57. Apple Inc.'s Quality Improvement Activities
  58. Market Analysis for CrossHelmet
  59. Coca-Cola: The Concept of Demand and Supply
  60. The Concept of Lean Management
  61. Customer Satisfaction and Pricing in UAE Shopping Centers
  62. Woolworths Group's Marketing Recommendation
  63. Marketing Matrix Elements for Business
  64. Product Comparison: Competitive Analysis
  65. Cochlear and Ramsay Health Care Companies' Analysis
  66. Parker Pen Company: Case Study
  67. Australian Biscuit Market's Analysis
  68. Dicks Sporting Goods: Demand and Supply Forces
  69. Product Designing and Development
  70. Bombardier Inc.’s Quality in General Public View
  71. Portland Drake Beverage's Marketing Research Critique
  72. Change Management Plan in Locus Fs Company
  73. Comparison and Evaluation of Nike and Adidas Competitive Strategies
  74. Timmco's Breach of Contract and Ethical Issues
  75. Starbucks Company's Marketing Stage Analysis

🏆 Best Product Strategy Research Titles

  1. The Feasibility for Building a New Chemical Distribution Facility
  2. Decorative Cosmetics Market's Practical Research
  3. MTN Nigeria Company's Strategic Issue Analysis
  4. Titanic Brewery's Performance Analysis
  5. Altria’s Strategy Implementation, and Evaluation
  6. Whole Foods Market Firm's Strategic Improvement
  7. Kodak's and Apple Inc.'s Organizational Changes
  8. The Product Supply Chain MAP for CSR Sugar Australia
  9. McDonald’s Attraction of New Customers
  10. E.& J. Gallo Winery Case Study
  11. Team Techno Trends: Business Brief
  12. Global Marketing: KFC’s Fried Chicken in the U.S. and UK
  13. Al Ain Diary Company's Activities Location
  14. Coca-Cola’s Strategic Technology Plan
  15. Relation of Advertising and Marketing
  16. Ingham’s Company’s Revenue Calculation
  17. Shareholders’ Analysis of Amazon.com Inc.
  18. Analysis of Healthy Innocent Company
  19. Yamaha Company's Analysis Using BCG and Ansoff Matrix
  20. Amazon Company's Resources and Competencies
  21. Case Study: “Sustainable Lawn Care”
  22. Blue Nile Inc.'s Market and Competitors Analysis
  23. SWOT Analysis of CVS Pharmacy: Strengths and Weaknesses
  24. Managing Post-Purchase Feeling of Customers
  25. The Purchase Intention of Chocolate Amateurs for Bean-to-Bar Chocolate
  26. Demand-Driven Inventory: Optimal Inventory Levels
  27. Quality Management Initiatives to Improve Products
  28. Supply Considerations and Strategic Management
  29. A Successful Business: Projected Time and Expenses
  30. McDonald’s Technology Innovation Management
  31. Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia's Strategic Alternatives
  32. Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Firm's Strategic Profile
  33. Apple's iPhone Supply Chain Mapping and Risk Assessment
  34. Digitalization of Age United Kingdom Organization
  35. The Significance of Carbon Disclosure Project on Supply Chain and Life Cycle
  36. The Tim Hortons Fast Food Chain's Analysis
  37. The Attitude of Customers to Sales Promotion Methods on the Example of Apple
  38. Apple Company's Key Financial Metrics Evaluation
  39. Almarai Company's Alternative Solutions and Recommendations
  40. Apple Company's Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
  41. Market Analysis for Clothing Industry
  42. Spanx Product's Global Marketing
  43. The Customer Experience Strategy for the Rolex Company
  44. The Goodner Brothers Case
  45. What Influences Customers in the Age of Nearly Perfect Information
  46. Discussion of Q-Robotics Business Plan
  47. How Does Social Media Marketing Affect the Economic Success
  48. Black-and-Decker Company: Marketing
  49. Analysis for Boston Beer Company Case Study
  50. BlueStar Supply Chain Company's Cost Reduction
  51. Nike Company: SWOT Analysis
  52. Finding a New Leader for Almay Company
  53. Just Agrotech Company's Internship Analysis
  54. Fittie Fine Foods: Redundancy and Restructuring
  55. The Blue Ocean Strategy: The Flow of Customers
  56. Analysis of the Leadership: Steve Jobs’s Revolutionary Leadership Style
  57. Operations Management for KFC. Case Study
  58. Business Idea: Healthy Cookies Made of Chickpeas
  59. Toyota Company: Organizational Structure
  60. Urban Outfitters: Challenges of Start-Up Companies
  61. Korwin Pharmaceuticals: Promotion and Pricing Strategy
  62. Harley-Davidson: Pricing Policies
  63. Analysis of Motivation of Purshaising of Dove Products
  64. The Animal Foodland Organization: Branding Strategy
  65. The Libra Company's Strategic Marketing
  66. Brannigan Food Need for Low-Risk Strategies
  67. Business Simulation and Management Report
  68. The Tesla Business Environment Analysis
  69. Discussion of Fitbit Case Study
  70. Aspects of Amazon INC. Strategy
  71. Indra Krishnamurthy Nooyi: CEO PepsiCo
  72. Fishcare Company Rationalize the R&D Work and the Cross-Functional
  73. Apple's iPhone as a Product Innovation
  74. Tesla Marketing Aspects Analysis

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