Business Idea: Healthy Cookies Made of Chickpeas

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Our business idea is to make healthy cookies made of chickpeas. We came to this idea by looking at our daily diet and analyzing the nutritious value of our food. By observing our daily consumption of different products, we figured out that the most edible snack in our families was cookies. Cookies usually are made of sugar, dough, and butter, thus being considered junk food. All those ingredients are not healthy, especially if a person consumes them daily. Yet, people keep eating cookies regularly as it is hard to give up the sweet dough.

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Moreover, sugar is an integral part of every product in today’s world. There are many sugary products located on the shop shelves that are being sold out every day. People consume sugar in an extreme amounts without understanding how it may harm their physical and mental well-being. Cookies are part of those sugary products that include gluten, refined oils, soy, dairy, and wheat, which multiplies the harmful effects of sugar consumption. By considering all the detrimental effects of sugary and dough products as cookies, we have decided to make healthy cookies that will help people to reduce their sugar levels and dough consumption. In addition, cookies are a regular product found in every kitchen, so our products will be in use every time, providing revenues for our business. Cookies are also used as a present to other people, helping people to interact with each other. As such, cookies are good products to start a business.

We started this business because our group consists of health-oriented people who would like to search for healthy alternatives to regular products. Each of us was previously interested in nutrition and was aware of how our food influences our bodies physically and mentally. Therefore, when discussing our business project, it was evident that we would choose healthy food products as our business idea. Moreover, a dad of our groupmate shared some recipes related to chickpeas as he was an experienced vegetarian After making cookies by using chickpeas with sweeteners, we liked the taste and, as such, came up with our business idea.

We did not hesitate to go online as today the Internet and social media are making people and business structures worldwide famous within a shot-period. Hence, we hope that the fame will reach us too as promoting online business is more accessible than offline one. Additionally, selling online is convenient for our company as we can have a greater audience and save our capital from renting and having employees. As such, due to the easy promotion and convenience, the business idea of selling organic cookies online was the best business idea for our group.

Our Value Propositions

The value that our business plans to deliver is a crucial component of the overall strategy. As a team, we have production facilities that operate at a high energetic frequency due to our concerted efforts. To achieve this, we carefully select and use production materials that are natural and organic while also ensuring that all ingredients meet the existing ethical sourcing standards. During any batch production activities, we do our best to maintain positive energy in the workplace to maximize our customers’ well-being. This finds reflection in integrating diverse forms of art, ranging from dancing to music, into our manufacturing activities. Our key mission is to utilize various food products and responsible and ethical manufacturing practices to bring more positive energy and compassion to humanity. In general, we aim to invent a new approach to food production that would emphasize creative thinking and basic human values. Therefore, we strive to provide healthy and natural products for our customers.

Our Differentiation

The final product is different from that of competitors by the ingredients and method of manufacture. Ingredients that we use are organic and healthy in a way that they do not increase the sugar level in the body. They are also gluten-free and organic, making the products better alternatives to the existing cookies. Prior to this time, we did not see any cookies made by using chickpeas as a dough; thus, we believe that our organic cookies are unique within the market. The product is also dedicated to customers who care about the environment and animals.

Method of manufacture is natural that is without any use of chemicals and non-plant products, as we attempt not to exploit animals and harm the surroundings. We also make our products in a creative atmosphere, making them not only natural but also special and creative. Our company will also try to communicate with customers more than existing brands as we will act solely online, asking for the opinions of our customers. Customers will also have an opportunity to watch the process of making cookies online.

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Our Mission

The mission of the business is to provide healthy and organic products to customers and make the world better by using the eco-friendly method of manufacture and convincing people to choose natural products. It also aims to provide healthy alternatives for junk food, making people think about their daily diet. The three core values of our business are to provide only natural products, concentrate on people’s needs, and be creative in our decision-making. These values will guide us in leading the business and promoting it to the public via the use of the Internet and social media.

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