Cultural Competency Plan at Amazon

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The company Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos and began as an online bookshop. They have made significant progress, as evidenced by the fact that they now have their hands in everything from internet commerce to the building of technical infrastructure (Sandeep & Pohutezhini 2019). Individuals may discover virtually any goods on Amazon’s online marketplace. To facilitate the sale of a wide variety of items, they have developed an online platform for retailers of all kinds; they also have their retail line of merchandise. However, they did not stop there; instead, they expanded into every market they could find. They introduced their own kindle devices to the market and Amazon video and Fire TV, and, most recently, they launched Amazon Go, which is a real marketplace in the heart of Seattle. Continued development and adaptation to market conditions is Amazon’s most effective competitive approach.

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Goals for Inclusivity

  • To educate Amazon leaders
  • Forming an inclusion council
  • Celebrating employee differences
  • Listening to employees
  • Targeting young adults and millennials
  • Promoting organizational culture
  • Participating in training that would specifically enhance employee cultural competency.

Indicators of Outcome Measurement

To Educate Amazon Leaders

The leaders and managers of the organization will be critical in assessing Amazon’s progress toward its objectives. The number of leaders attending the workshop will be a key indicator of achieving the goal. This is due to the fact that it is the manager who is on the front lines of interaction with their subordinates. The experience that Amazon’s executives are creating will determine whether or not the company’s staff is inclusive. Employers such as Amazon need their managers at all levels to be trained on discriminatory practices. This happens when individuals make judgments concerning others based on their differences without being aware that they are doing so.

Good listening during performance assessments, promoting diverse points of view in meetings, and carefully picking wording will measure inclusive conduct. The company’s inclusion team will assess its professional development programs on a regular basis to ensure that managers have the opportunity to learn how to manage diverse workgroups effectively. Members should discuss how to cope with real-life circumstances that managers confront, such as guiding an employee who requires special accommodations due to a handicap or a single parent dealing with difficult child care difficulties. Therefore, the number of leaders’ attendance and active participation will be a key measurement of the goal outcome.

Forming an Inclusion Council

The number of employees who are given a safe environment to express their concerns will be a crucial measure of whether or not an inclusion council is effective. They should be as diverse as possible, with members representing not just different races and genders but also a variety of company roles and geographical regions as well. Those who are underrepresented in workforce, whether they are women, persons of color, or other ethnic minorities, should not be expected to shoulder the burden of ensuring that workplace is welcoming to all. Those individuals frequently lack the authority or influence necessary to effect positive change. It is at this point that inclusion councils can step in to help.

Celebrating Employee Differences

Asking employees to bring qualities to work is one of the most effective ways to demonstrate to workers that Amazon values their histories and traditions (Williams 2020). The achievement of this aim will be assessed by the extent to which Amazon assists employees. By celebrating employee differences, it increases a sense of belonging within the workers. One of the universal criteria used to measure employee motivation, dedication, and honor in the workplace is the feeling of belonging they have in their job. Rewards and recognition initiatives at work have the potential to significantly improve employees’ feelings of belonging and worth in their jobs. There is a risk that their views, or value systems, may constrain what is recognized and who is awarded in the organization. This happens if the responsibility for workforce recognition is delegated to a small number of managers and executives. Therefore, the assistance will aid in identifying common ground while also respecting the distinctions between one another: the workforce of Amazon will be motivated.

Listening to Employees

Human resources at Amazon will include employee surveys and hold focus groups to dig further into problems such as engagement and inclusiveness. This will help them gain a better understanding of their employees’ experiences. This is usually measured through performance reviews, employee engagement surveys, and their overall reviews. The efficacy of listening to Amazon workers is determined by doing a complete study of the company’s demographics and personnel. The firm will have a separate Christmas celebration for its production staff in order to accommodate their unconventional work hours.

Targeting Young Adults and Millennials

Amazon currently has a significant number of prime members who are above the age of 35. Through the use of SMART indicators, the goal of addressing young people and millennials will be evaluated and monitored. In fact, according to Business Insider, prime has shown to be particularly appealing to older folks. They also show that a significant proportion of prime members are above the age of 40 (Esper, Goldsby, & Zinn, 2020). To begin targeting millennials and young people is maybe a unique corporate goal for Amazon to aspire for in the near future.

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The possibility to reach younger audiences would arise if Amazon entered into a partnership with Instagram bloggers or YouTubers. Amazon’s success depends on its ability to attract a younger audience, which is increasingly important as more and more businesses provide same-day delivery. Walmart and Target are striving to compete with Amazon, and while they are not quite on the same level as Amazon just yet, both of those companies are popular with younger audiences, which is encouraging. However, it is critical that Amazon establishes a presence on social media sites since this is the most effective way to reach this new audience. It is possible that attracting the attention of millennials and young people may result in longer subscription periods and promoting inclusivity.

Promoting Organizational Culture

The working atmosphere of an organization is referred to as organizational culture. Measuring the organizational culture through KPIs will determine the achievement of excellence of Amazon and a culture that prioritizes personal accomplishment and outcomes. Values, rules, procedures, conventions, and expectations contribute to organizational culture, which motivates people to work, stay dedicated to their goals, and enhance performance. Various organizational variables influence the development of organizational culture. One of the essential aspects of creating a good corporate atmosphere is leadership. The way a leader leads a group of employees or individuals to achieve the company’s business goals have a significant impact on their behavior and expectations.

Participating in Training that Would Specifically Enhance Employee Cultural Competency

The level of awareness raised among LGBTQ workers will be an indicator of this goal. A variety of these networks are run by the organization, including a female talent group, a group for war veteran employees, and a disability affinity group, to mention a few. These organizations also contribute to Amazon’s internal policy; for example, Glamazon, Amazon’s LGBT network, collaborated on the company’s transgender standards, which were previously released.


Amazon will mandate leadership training for all of its employees who hold management or executive positions. It will begin with the fundamentals, such as what inclusion is and why it is critical. Small groups will meet to explore ways for fostering it inside the organization. Therefore, inclusion training will be extremely important in the workforce training process. Additionally, the LGBTQ program will be executed to raise awareness of implicit prejudice and emphasize the need to practice inclusive behavior. Lastly, the staff will incorporate a program of attracting young people to the organization. The example of using bloggers is one strategy that would target the youth explicitly. Programs such as “Prime Wardrobe” are available as part of Amazon Prime. This allows prime members to order clothing to try on before deciding whether or not to purchase them.


Goal Time (Months)
To educate Amazon leaders 4
Forming an inclusion council 1
Celebrating employee differences 3
Listening to employees 1
Targeting young adults and millennials 2
Promoting organizational culture 5
Participating in training that would specifically enhance employee cultural competency. 2


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