117 Differentiation Strategy Research Papers & Essay Examples

📝 Differentiation Strategy Research Paper Examples

  1. Business Planning and Entrepreneurial Characteristics
    Business plans guide entrepreneurs on the steps during implementation and control measures. Entrepreneurs possess such traits as autonomy, commitment, ambitions, strong ego.
  2. Starbucks Company’s Brand and Distribution Strategy
    Researching ☕️ Starbucks distribution? 🤓 Explore Starbucks’s multichannel product strategy, brand distribution channels of coffee shops, and channel conflicts.
  3. Just Us! Coffee Roaster Company's Marketing Plan
    This report looks at the marketing planning of Just Us! Coffee Roaster in the challenging and dynamic marketing environment.
  4. Differentiation and Low-Cost Strategies in Stores
    The paper dwells on organizational structure and culture under differentiation and low-cost strategies and explains how chain stores operated by women employ the strategies.
  5. Product Development Life Cycle Phases
    The product development life cycle demonstrates phases through which a product creates revenues or starts to be beneficial for the organization.
  6. Facebook Company's External and Internal Environments
    This paper gives a detailed analysis of Facebook’s external and internal environments and strategies that can sustain its performance.
  7. Marketing Strategy for Avenue Park Accountants
    The application of a marketing strategy is important in the success of Avenue Park Accountants. The different components of this application have been discussed in the marketing strategy.
  8. Ocean Beauty Center: Business Proposal
    Ocean Beauty Center will be a full-service beauty and care salon committed to the provision of superior client contentment through offering quality products and exceptional services.
  9. Louis Vuitton: Managing Corporate and Business Strategy
    Louis Vuitton (LV) has benefited from restructuring of LVMH business units and the establishment of an ultra-modern manufacturing facility in France.
  10. Emirates Airlines Business Strategy
    The paper evaluates Emirates Airlines' mission, objectives and strategies, its current financial condition, internal and external opportunities and strengths.
  11. Nike Incorporation Strategy Analysis
    The paper presents Nike's vision and mission, environment analysis, competitive advantage, internal and financial analyses, strategy implementation and evaluation.
  12. Singapore Airlines Service Quality Analysis
    How is Singapore airlines service quality? ✈️ This paper evaluates the existing quality management practices of Singapore Airlines (SIA). 🍽️ Read it to know how the company implements an effective strategic change. 👉
  13. Emirates Airlines Company' Operations Management Practices
    Emirates Airlines was founded in 1985 in the UAE. The firm is entirely owned by the Dubai government and it ranks as the largest airline company in the Middle East.
  14. Nike Business Strategy Case Study: Industry, Corporate Social Responsibilities, and Strategic Decisions Analysis
    Researching Nike Strategy in 2021? Nike is an American-based 🇺🇸 multinational company that is involved in design, development, production, and global marketing of sportswear, apparel, and sports equipment 🏀 and services.
  15. Strategic Management of Nestle: Nescafe Marketing Strategy
    Researching strategic management of Nestle or ☕️ Nescafe marketing strategy? Business strategy analysis is very important as it enables the company’s executives to make better 📈 decisions. The Nestlé Company is the business of interest in this case.
  16. Etihad Airline Project: Strategic Management
    Etihad Airways should focus on supplying its consumers with premium products that suit their needs and experiences. The premises should be furnished in a luxurious manner.
  17. Abu Dhabi Oil Company's Strategic Analysis
    Abu Dhabi Oil Company has distinct advantages that can propel it to new heights. It can exploit many opportunities to further its dominance in the local and regional markets.
  18. Ritz-Carlton, Dubai International Financial Centre
    The researcher seeks to discuss principles, theories, and practices that the Ritz-Carlton Hotel should embrace to achieve success in the Dubai market.
  19. Sportzshoo Company's Market Segmentation Strategy
    As a medium sized fashion player specializing in sports footwear, Sportzshoo plc ventures in a market involving competition from different levels.
  20. Samsung Business & Corporate Strategy
    Analyzing Samsung business strategy? 📹 The linchpin of a business, like Samsung is the ability of its top management to craft and execute a corporate strategy. 📈 Read more about Samsung differentiation strategy, product distribution, 📝 and other aspects in this paper.
  21. Burger King Company: Strategic Audit
    The paper contains an analysis of the internal and external market environments of Burger King. The company needs to solve the key problems of the domestic and foreign markets.
  22. Amazon.com Inc.'s Business Management
    The analysis of Amazon shows that it has a flexible and adaptable business model that has facilitated its growth in both product lines and global expansion.
  23. Lenovo Strategy Evaluation [SWOT & PEST Analysis]
    What is Lenovo strategy? 💻 Read this report to find out! 📝 Lenovo strategy can be identified as a combination of vehement acquisitions, and a strong focus on innovation. ➡️ Open to learn more!
  24. Kodak Company's New Corporate Strategy
    The research recommends a new corporate strategy for Kodak to augment declining sales, improve profitability, and venture into the cloud service industry.
  25. Primerica: Strategy and Statements Analysis
    Primerica specializes in offering insurance and financial services, operates in financial and healthcare sectors, and it is headquartered in Duluth, Georgia.
  26. Uber Strategy: Global & Internal Uber Business Strategy Analysis
    What is Uber’s business strategy? 🚕 The company was founded as an easy-to-use and fast taxi service. 💨 Read this Uber strategy analysis to explore the model that skyrocketed Uber business strategy. 🚀
  27. Walmart Business-Level Strategy & Corporate-Level Strategy
    What is Walmart’s corporate-level strategy? 📈 This paper presents an analysis of Walmart business-level and corporate-level strategy. 📌 It also discusses the Walmart business strategy effectiveness and competitive advantages. 🔑
  28. The Ocean Blue Business Strategy Analysis
    The Blue Ocean strategy is ideal for surviving the competitive forces in the market since it empowers firms to adopt strategies such as differentiation, and cost leadership.
  29. The Resource-Based View: Internal Analysis
    RBV argues that any company that seeks a competitive advantage must first consider exploiting internal factors before considering the external factors/environment.
  30. Development of Marketing Strategy
    The aim of marketing concept should not be only satisfying customers but also achieving its own goals and objectives. It goals and objectives can be higher profit, increase market share and growth.

💡 Essay Ideas on Differentiation Strategy

  1. Costco Marketing Strategy: Marketing Mix, Branding, and Objectives
    Researching 🤓 Costco Marketing Strategies of 2021? Its mission statement is to provide quality products and services 👍 to customers. Read the sample to learn about the company’s values, business strategy, and departments.
  2. Tesco Company and Its Strategy' Analysis
    Tesco is a multinational company dealing with grocery and general retail merchandise. Its headquarters are at Cheshunt, United Kingdom.
  3. Operations Management: How to Idealize Your Operations Strategy
    To idealize operations strategy, we need to first think about its two major components- operations and strategy.
  4. Marketing in the UK Clothing Industry
    This study is aimed at analyzing the consumer behavior towards the clothing industry especially in consideration men and women in UK. Fair trade is concerned with the production of endorsed clothing in the UK.
  5. Fruit Juice Company's Marketing and Sales Strategy
    This paper provides a comprehensive marketing plan and sales strategy for a company that intends to engage in the production and sale of mixed fruit juice in Waldorf, Maryland.
  6. Steve Job's Strategies That Made Him Successful
    Steve Jobs was appointed the Chief Executive officer of Apple Company and he adapted personal and business strategies that helped the company to succeed in its operations.
  7. Amazon.com's E-Business and Strategy in the Internet
    E-Business facilitates the virtual supply chain, and as companies manage these virtual networks, it becomes absolutely important to integrate these networks.
  8. Mambo and Its Branding Strategy
    The discussion of Mambo and its branding strategy shows that the brand itself is strong but lacks relevance, which makes the brand irrelevant to the target customers
  9. Costco Wholesale: Full Analysis of the Company
    Costco Company attracts its customers majorly by means of a membership program featuring a comparatively low pricing tactic and offering various merchandise.
  10. Corporate Policy and Strategy Course: Generic Strategies
    This paper analyzes three basic generic strategies (cost leadership, differentiation, focus) together with the fourth one - “stuck in the middle” adopted when a firm fails to choose.
  11. Wal-Mart: Company Analysis and Strategy Recommendation
    The major competitors of Wal-Mart include Costco Wholesale Corporation and Target Corporation. During the 2008 financial year, stiff competition came from Target Corporation.
  12. Hyundai Motor Company's Market Consulting Project
    Hyundai Motor Company was founded in 1967 in South Korea by Mr Chung Ju Yung when there were other key players in the market.
  13. Automobiles Markets Problems Over the Last Two Years
    The automobile industry today has been flooded with very many car products that exhibit a high degree of homogeneity in functionality and performance.
  14. Importance of Business Strategy in E-Business
    The purpose of this paper is to analyze the importance of business strategy in the electronic business, its inception, and its contribution.
  15. Strategic Marketing on the Coles Supermarkets' Case
    The paper analyzes the internal and external environment of the company and industry Coles Supermarkets operates in, based on two main strategic management analysis: SWOT and PEST.
  16. Corporate Strategy Decline and Recovery in Business
    A corporate strategy is a strategic approach that charts the way forward for a business entity by analyzing the external and the internal environment of the business.
  17. Strategic Management and the Competitive Strategies
    The paper evaluates strategic management and the competitive strategies put forward by Porter, who outlined three plans that a company can use to reach a competitive advantage.
  18. Asda Stores' Strategic Marketing
    The report evaluates and analyzes the current marketing strategies of Asda and proposes changes in its strategic planning and channels of distribution.
  19. Vodafone’s Marketing Strategy Within the UK Market
    With the rapid globalization aided by technological advancement, the information technology industry has bequeathed man with an easy way of communication.
  20. Nokia Wireless Headphones' Marketing Management
    This paper will seek to develop a marketing strategy that Nokia will use in its new model of wireless headphones.
  21. The U.S. Brewing Industry Research
    The paper will attempt to provide an overview of the brewing industry in the United States and the different strategies used by brewing companies, and the regulation's influence.
  22. Market Orientation and Productivity Regarding the Organization Strategy
    To enhance the performance of the firm, choosing the right strategy to pursue in terms of a competitor or market orientation is the best method that an organization can apply.
  23. 99p Stores: Company Analysis
    The discussion of this paper entails an analysis of a fast growing company. The firm considered is 99p Store which is established within UK.
  24. Sweet Bits Branding, Pricing, and Distribution Strategy
    Various products manufactured by SBC will remain faithful to the principles of high-quality, low-cost, organic, and ethically manufactured food
  25. How Do Business Strategies Affect HR Strategies?
    Applying both of methods in Human resource management has proven to be effective and both methods can maximize on production, customer, and employer and employee satisfaction.
  26. Apple Inc.: Strategic Management Case
    Strategic management involves a continuous process that includes setting targets, implementing them, evaluating them and making changes where necessary.
  27. Using Perceptual Maps in Market Simulation
    To ensure that sales revenue of products is increased, it is necessary to consider the product situation and include the necessary parameters to be used in the marketing strategy.
  28. IKEA’s Internationalization Strategy: Review and Analysis
    The present paper overviews IKEA’s internationalization path that started in the 1980s - about forty years after its establishment, and its further expansion into foreign markets.
  29. Blue Apron and Amazon: Why Strategy Matters?
    The case of Blue Apron and Amazon is an illustration of how a business can lose its cost leadership due to new entrants with a strong infrastructure basis.
  30. Improvements for the Performance Management Strategy in Organization
    The introduction of the framework that will allow keeping the company ahead of its competitors is crucial for maintaining the quality of its performance and managing it accordingly.

👍 Good Differentiation Strategy Essay Examples to Write about

  1. Strategic Management Plan for BACHI Barcelona
    BACHI Barcelona is an up-and-coming business that has great opportunities for succeeding in case if an appropriate strategy is put in place. This article provides such a strategy.
  2. Strategic Management and Strategic Competitiveness: Apple Inc.
    Apple Inc. invents new designs of electronics into the market while upgrading the existing products and services to meet the demands of customers.
  3. Allure Cruise Lines Company's Differentiation Strategy
    The article discusses the strategy of the Allure Cruise Lines Company, which allowed it to achieve success in the global market.
  4. BlueJeans: Business Strategy and Recommendations
    The analysis of BlueJeans shows that it employs different business strategies because it has been leading in creating unique innovations over time in line with it is mission and vision.
  5. Johnson & Johnson’s Corporate and Business Strategy
    Johnson and Johnson is a multinational company operating in several markets connected with healthcare products and services.
  6. General Mills’ Strategic Choices
    This paper explores the building blocks of General Mills' corporate strategy, differentiation experience and competitive advantage.
  7. Greggs Bakery Chain’s Strategic Analysis
    This paper aims to conduct a strategic analysis of Greggs in terms of Porter’s Five Forces framework to formulate relevant recommendations for its further development.
  8. Al Ain Water: Growth Strategies
    As of now, Al Ain Water occupies a prominent position on the UAE capped and bottled water market, especially when it comes to 4- and 5-gallon bottles for houses and offices.
  9. Analysis of the Supermarket Industry’s Performance
    The supermarket industry is among the largest economic sectors in the U.S. with regard to food and other non-food product retailing.
  10. TOWS Analysis Strategies for AMD
    The company AMD has a broad product portfolio and strong research and development wing which would enable the company to meet the growing demand for PCs in the world.
  11. Backwell IXL: Company Analysis
    This report describes the management fundamentals and quality management concepts of Backwell IXL Company regarding its historical background, company structure, strategy, product.
  12. Future of Management Accounting in Strategic Management Accounting
    Strategic Management Accounting is more long-term oriented than traditional management accounting. Management accounting only provides internal operational information.
  13. Caterpillar Inc.'s Financial Analysis
    Caterpillar Inc. is the leading maker of earthmoving moving machinery like tractors, graders, excavators, and other heavy machinery used by road contractors, miners, etc.
  14. Delta Airlines Incorporation in the Aviation Industry
    Delta Airlines Incorporation was established in 1924 as an aerial crop dusting company. The firm offers air transport to passengers and cargo in the United States and other countries.
  15. The Balanced Scorecard in Good Mark Industrial
    The paper will investigate the concept of the Balanced Scorecard on the objectives and operations of Hong Kong Company, Good Mark Industrial.
  16. The Case Deal With the Apple’s Successes
    The paper critically evaluates how well placed Apple is to sustain its recent success in the consumer electronics industry.
  17. Franklin Resources: Finance Analysis, Internal Competitive Resources
    This essay analyzes Franklin Resources Inc's financial condition as well as the company's internal competitive resources and strategy.
  18. Barnes and Noble Business and Industry Overview
    In 1986, Barnes & Noble stated its journey incorporating under the US Company Act as a bookseller dealing with academic, commercial, and technological books.
  19. Coach Incorporation: Individual Case Analysis
    This paper analyzes Coach Incorporation's strategic capabilities, provides company situation analysis, and gives generic and grand strategy recommendations.
  20. The Entrepreneurship at Twitter
    Twitter is one of the most popular, as well as powerful social media in the world today. It is an online microblogging and social networking service.
  21. Business Strategy for the Apple Inc.
    Apple Inc. is among organizations that have used strategic planning to maintain good positions in their industries, this paper describes its mission statement, internal audit, etc.
  22. Professional Management and Leadership
    Personal and professional development are integral parts of building careers and acquiring new skills for future managers and leaders.
  23. Change Management at Almarai
    Change management in corps is often a complex and risky affair. Firms can be sensed as rational enterprises that are structured and designed to pursue predetermined objectives.
  24. Analysis of the Rebirth of IBM
    IBM is the pioneer of the IT industry that has a chronological evolution of more than a century. The study addresses the company's history within the era of the fall to Rebirth.
  25. Under Armour Business Strategy's External Analysis in 2013
    Under Armour (UA) is one of the largest producers of sportive apparel and accessories in the world. It was founded in 1996 by a former football player, Kevin Plank.
  26. Coca Cola: Marketing, Strategy Analysis
    Companies have employed various strategies in trying to capture a significant percentage of their market share.
  27. JUMBO Seafood: Environment Analysis and Business Level Strategy
    This report will address JUMBO Seafood’s competitors, customers, and collaborators, SWOT, VRIN, and value chain analysis, and establish a new takeout and delivery service.
  28. MTN Ghana Is a Telecommunications Company Marketing Strategy
    This paper discussed how MTN Ghana telecommunications company applied various marketing concepts in its business.
  29. Alphabet Inc. (GOOGLE) Strategic Analysis
    The history of Google can be traced to the initial idea of developing a search engine dependent on links to determine the importance of various pages within the World Wide Web.
  30. Internal and External Factors of Tesla
    The paper presents a PEST and SWOT analysis of Tesla Inc; it incorporates an analysis of its market pricing and distribution approaches.

🎓 Simple Research Paper Examples with Differentiation Strategy

  1. Uber and Netflix Organizations: Comparison
    This paper focuses on the similarities and differences in forces affecting Uber and Netflix, the reasons for the forces' impact.
  2. Tempur Sealy International Perfomance
    The strategic analysis will discuss the performance of Tempur Sealy International relative to its technology industry.
  3. Competitive Strategy of Apple Company
    As the digital revolution continues to shape companies, enterprises are embracing innovation to gain a competitive advantage in the market.
  4. Tim Hortons Inc.: Strategic Analysis
    Tim Hortons Inc.’s vision articulates what the company hopes to become in the future while helping direct its strategies such as expansion into the global presence.
  5. Market Entry Strategy for Sjöö Sandström
    Keeping in mind that Sjöö Sandström has the significant product, and resources, it seems reasonable to state that the internationalization approach is one the company should undertake
  6. Johnson & Johnson Company Analysis
    Although J&J is currently performing desirably, the future financial outlook is promising, driven by the impressive growth in its pharmaceutical segment.
  7. Southwest Airlines' Hybrid Strategy
    The peculiarity of Southwest Airlines' business model is the combination of differentiation and low-cost services.
  8. Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Company's Analysis
    The paper analyzes the market environment for Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical products and assesses how the company can differentiate itself from competitors.
  9. American Lebanese Syrian Associated Charities' Infrastructure
    This paper aims to analyze the American Lebanese Syrian Associated Charities (ALSAC) infrastructure and IS architecture requirements.
  10. Mountain Bank's Competitive Strategies and Human Resource Tools
    The Mountain Bank case will be analyzed with the primary goal of demonstrating the role of competitive strategies and HR tools.
  11. MSH Brands Company's Analysis & Marketing Plan
    The marketing plan of MSH Brands involves conducting promotional campaigns in the form of join-projects in partnership with bloggers and sampling.
  12. Parker Pen Company: Case Study
    In order to sell its products abroad, Parker Pen Company could adopt its products to local needs and cultural principles.
  13. Whittard of Chelsea Firm's Market Entry Strategy for the US
    The report comprises PESTEL-based macro-environmental analysis, market entry modes with the selection of the most appropriate one, STP strategy, and generic entry strategies.
  14. Whole Foods Market Firm's Strategic Improvement
    Whole Foods has become a dynamic leader in the business of high-quality food and is a mission-driven company that aims to set high standards for food retailers and manufacturers.
  15. Coca-Cola Company: Strategies Coca-Cola Implemented
    Global presence is a model used by Coca-Cola company to promote effective competition while focusing on the investment in the new localities.
  16. Strategic Investment Analysis of McLaren Group
    As a diversified investment fund, XYZ invests in a variety of different organizations; however, it aims to adopt a sustainable investing approach in the decision-making.
  17. Betterhomes Company's Strategic Planning
    The proposed strategic plan for Betterhomes LLC involves using Michael Porter's five forces model, retraining employees, and improving the customer experience.
  18. Uber’s Business- and Corporate-Level Strategies
    The given assessment will primarily focus on the analysis of Uber’s business-level strategies, corporate-level strategies, competitive environment, and market cycles.
  19. Primark Stores Limited's Retail Theory and Practices
    This report assesses the retail scenario, opportunities, and threats of Primark Stores Limited, as well as the company’s strategies to foster its growth and continuity.
  20. Forever 21 Company’s Turnaround Strategy Report
    This paper provides an overall strategy that will help turnaround Forever 21’s current condition and continue as a going concern company.
  21. Management Issue and Culture of Diversity
    Accommodating different cultural backgrounds is important in an organization as workers with different cultural orientations work together for the prosperity of the business.
  22. Toyota Company: Organizational Structure
    The one thing that Toyota is working to fulfill is the ideal standard used globally by people working to fulfill the mission of the organization.
  23. Aspects of Amazon’s Strategies
    Amazon’s strategies have ensured the company’s growth over time from a small online book retailer in 1994 to the biggest online retailer of all types of goods today.
  24. Aspects of Amazon INC. Strategy
    The paper discusses that Amazon’s sustainable growth and profitability can be attributed to its cost-leadership and differentiation focus.
  25. BYD Company's International Strategies
    This paper analyzes the various techniques the BYD company has employed to improve its competitive advantage in local and international markets.
  26. Strategic Management: A Case Study of Netflix
    Netflix is an American-based production company operating in the media and entertainment industry. The company was established by two businessmen Reed Hasting and Marc Randolph.
  27. General Motors Firm's Marketing Analysis
    The paper entails an analysis of the new product, competition, the target market, competition, and a communication plan that will help the marketing team implement the new product.

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