112 Supply Chain Management Strategy Research Papers & Essay Examples

📝 Supply Chain Management Strategy Research Paper Examples

  1. Inventory Management in Supply Chain
    The paper examines inventory management as a backbone of supply chain management. It discusses components of decision-making, system development and management.
  2. Turner and Aramex Companies Logistics Issues
    The best way to understand the principles of logistic management is through considering their application in real-world cases.The paper discusses Turner International Construction and Aramex.
  3. International Management in Business Globalisation
    Globalisation of industries has become one of the fundamental issues that have marked significant business transformations in the current days.
  4. Etihad Airways Company’ Supply Chains and Logistics
    Etihad Airways commands the UAE market. Organizations of different kinds supply products and services that seek to satisfy customer demands.
  5. Pepsi Company's Supply Chain Strategies
    PepsiCo Inc. is one of the leading food and beverage companies in the world. This research will focus on the supply chain strategies used by PepsiCo in its beverage segment.
  6. Carlsen and Agsten Companies: Production and Supply Chain
    This paper analyzes a case study involving Agsten and Carlsen companies that formed a partnership and experienced communication and skills transfer problems.
  7. EMAL Company Analysis
    This paper is about EMAL, a company that is based in the United Arab Emirates and deals with the smelting of aluminum.
  8. Operations Management Priorities and Concerns
    For any organisation to succeed in improving productivity, the management needs to employ well structured and defined quality management techniques for continuous improvement.
  9. Supply Chain Management Software
    This paper delves into the concept of supply chain management and the use of software in the sector. It explores the various forms of the supply chain, its significance, and the associated problems.
  10. Enterprise Resources Planning in Modern Business
    Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is an emerging trend in business management operations. This research analyzes the relevance of ERP to the modern organisations.
  11. Coca Cola Company: Sustainable Supply Chain Management
    In order to remain profitable in the ever-changing global environment, Coca Cola’s business strategy is guided by a powerful mission.
  12. Pete's Peanut Snacks Company' Supply Chain Management
    The paper studies the case of Pete’s Peanut Snacks firm with its idea of launching the product while targeting a large market and a high risk of making huge losses.
  13. The Coca-Cola Supply Chain & Operations Management
    The Coca-Cola drink has a rich history and is currently considered the most popular and top-selling soft drink in the world because of its taste and recognizable brand affiliation.
  14. Walmart China Supply Chain Evaluation
    Analyzing Walmart China supply chain? ⛓️ In this article, you will find how Walmart successfully entered the Chinese market. 📈 Figure out which Walmart China supply chain transformations led to expanding its market share. 👍
  15. Enterprise Resource Planning for Supply Chain
    Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the initial stage of ensuring that a firm produces quality products at the lowest cost possible.
  16. McDonald’s Supply Chain Management & Sourcing
    How to describe McDonald’s’ supply chain management strategy? 🍟 This case study discusses McDonald’s sourcing and examines its supply chain and other issues. 💵 In the end, you’ll find recommendations for facilitating the company's future growth. 📈
  17. British Airways' Logistics and Operations Management
    This essay provides a critical analysis of how British Airways has used technology in different areas of its operation towards achieving its goals.
  18. Quality Management in Supplier-Buyer Relationships
    Goods or services with good quality and with reasonable price will always lead to a burgeoning of profits, and customer satisfaction and retention.
  19. Samsung's and Caterpillar Inc.'s Management
    In the current study, the author conducts a comparative analysis of the aspects of operations management and quality management at Samsung Electronics and Caterpillar Inc.
  20. Apple Company's Poor Inventory Management Issues
    Since Apple Company operates internationally, it at times experiences challenges related to the supply of products, which emanates from poor inventory management.
  21. Ginger Hotels: Logistics and Supply Chain Management
    Ginger hotels are subsidiaries of The Indian Hotels Company Limited. It has a well-planned establishment chain of hotels that target the middle-class in the Indian market.
  22. Effective Supply Chain Practices for Computer and Phone Repair Shop
    The purpose of the given study is to identify effective supply chain practices, which can be integrated in phone and computer repair shop business
  23. Strategic Supply Chain Management
    This paper seeks to discuss strategic supply chain management. The paper will carry out a review of supply chain management strategies with respect to globally operating organizations.
  24. Supply Chain Management: Collaboration and Logistics
    The significance of creating strong cooperation with partners to build a well-developed and productive supply chain is doubtless.
  25. Supply Chain Risks and Interdependencies
    Supply chain risks and interdependencies are the issues that should be considered by a manager to provide the efficient functioning of a chain.
  26. Lean and Agile Supply Chain Operations Management
    Supply chain can be tailored to the needs of the business, thus making the production more efficient and assisting in addressing specific issues.
  27. How Can Apple Improve Its Supply Chain?
    Researching how can Apple improve its supply chain? 🍎 This essay provides an excellent Apple supply chain analysis. ⚙️ Read it attentively to learn how Apple moves its products and services from the suppliers to the consumers. 📱
  28. Supply Chain Strategy: Development and Execution
    The supply chain strategy focuses on motivating down the operational costs and assists in maximizing of business efficiencies. It enhances competitive advantage and profitability.

💡 Essay Ideas on Supply Chain Management Strategy

  1. Strategic Supply Chain Management: Evaluation and Performance
    This paper analyses a number of strategic supply chain management strategies available to globally operating organizations and the role of information technology.
  2. Nissan: Supply Chain Strategies
    In this paper, Nissan’s competitive advantage, operations, techniques and theories, supply chain strategies, and sustainability will be examined.
  3. Supply Chain Management as a Business Controversy
    Efficient supply chain management promotes positive alterations in companies’ functioning by suggesting methods to build a competitive infrastructure and attain sustainability.
  4. Supply Chain and Operations Management
    Ecosystems represent a paradigm shift in business. It's a new form of organization in which organizational networks combine to deliver services and products in new innovative ways.
  5. Logistics and Supply Chain Management Operations
    Logistics tends to occupy the demand side of any business. With the prominence placed upon the speed of response and advantages that accrue in keeping pace with demand.
  6. Forecasting Role in a Supply Chain
    Supply chain management has become the need of many organizations looking for a way to meet the hostile challenges of today’s business environment.
  7. Procter & Gamble Company's Production Management Process
    The Time Series approach, in its turn, can be considered a good tool for identifying the patterns in P&G’s performance so that a forecast could be drawn later on.
  8. SIEMENS Company Operational and Logistical Strategies
    This paper will facilitate Siemens to understand and plan how the customer-company relationship can be improved in the future and further attain the mission.
  9. Outsourcing Benefits in Supply Chain Management
    Strategic supply chain outsourcing is the process of hiring the services of an external agent to properly manage and control the supply chain of a company.
  10. Supply Chain Features in Videos
    The video “Supply Chain: 3 Key Things to Know” opens by listing the three items a chief executive officer needs to know about the supply chain.
  11. Walmart Company's Transportation and Supply Chain Management
    The Wal-Mart company’s great success is highly attributed to its efficient supply chain management system and continuous innovation and adoption of technology.
  12. Wal-Mart Company’s Supply Chain Management
    Wal-Mart's competent organization of the supply chain management system is a useful measure to increase the profit of the company and make the whole business process as perfect as possible.
  13. GlaxoSmithKline Company's Supply Chain Processes
    Pharmaceutical companies such as GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) are involved in managing sophisticated supply chains that pose a huge challenge in their effective management.
  14. Future of Data Science in Supply Chains
    Supply chain management and logistics benefits significantly from data science as multiple points of shipments, transfer, routing, and delivery can be processed and optimized.
  15. Supply Chain Management Process Definition
    Supply chain management can be defined as the systematic, tactical coordination of the traditional business purposes and the way around this business functions within a particular company.
  16. Solve Problem of Logistic and Supply Chain Management
    The significance of the study is the re-evaluation of approaches to effective supply chain management, including devices and system platforms for information transmission.
  17. Dong-In Entech Company's Supply Chain in Philippines
    This paper is a case study analysis of Dong-In Company, which manufactures outdoor gears and equipment. This paper evaluates possible strategic options for the company's dominance.
  18. Supply Chain Strategy of Manufacturers
    Supply chain strategy is the one responsible for business success as without it, there cannot be a supply chain or supply chain management.
  19. Global Supply Chain Management and Frameworks
    Supply chain management was developed with the aim of demonstrating the importance of integrating key firm processes.
  20. Wal-Mart's Supply Chain and Merchandise Turn Issue
    This document talks about the history of the company and its competitive priorities, which are mainly based on the implementation of data analysis of IT advertising.
  21. Wal-Mart Stores' Transportation and Supply Chain Management
    Transportation management plays a significant role in Wal-Mart. The chain store is unique and has remained focused on the retail industry despite its massive growth over the years.
  22. Supply Chain Management and Collaboration
    In the current global environment, there is a growing concern over shocks being experienced in established supply chains in every industry.
  23. Enterprise Resource Planning in Supply Chain Management
    Many large companies are using enterprise resource planning to ensure that there is close interdepartmental and intradepartmental communication to enhance smooth operations.
  24. Nortel Networks Corporation's Supply Chain
    The case of Nortel Corporation vividly portrays that an effective supply chain is based on a unique combination of resources, transpiration facilities, and location.
  25. Supply Chain Management Changes and Leadership
    The paper tracks the changes that the supply chain has undergone over the past decade in order to demonstrate how the issue of change management has been addressed.
  26. Strategic Supply Chain Management Role in company
    To compete with rival companies or for value adding or altering its features and design,strategy of Supply Chain Management play very important role.
  27. Kellogg's Supply Chain Case Study
    This document attempts to discuss various elements required to assist in the effective management of Kellogg’s supply chain.
  28. Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management in Business
    Global logistics are dominated by seaborne trade because of the economies of scale involved. However, for certain products, Airfreight can become the medium of choice for transportation.

👍 Good Supply Chain Management Strategy Essay Examples to Write about

  1. Global Supply Chain Management Definition
    Global supply chain management is the advanced and globalize picture of the old traditional supply chain management.
  2. Supply Chain Management and Business Success
    This report discusses Supply Chain Management paying particular interest in the role it can play in increasing the strategic position of a firm.
  3. Supply Chain Management to Streamline Operations
    Businesses have to keep on coming up with strategies that streamline their business operations and give them a competitive advantage over rival’s/competitors.
  4. Dell’s Supply Chain Structure
    Dell’s competitive advantage is its supply chain and it cannot afford to lose it. Dell also needs to invest in R&D towards products and improving productivity of supply chain.
  5. System Integrator in Capturing and Delivering Value
    This paper will look into how to operate an effective supply management chain by in cooperating a system integration system into its operations.
  6. Supply Chain Management: Selecting Partners
    Supply chain management means managing a network of businesses connected to each other and engaged in producing and distributing the goods to the ultimate consumers.
  7. Toyota Motor Company's Supply Chain Management
    This paper considers the fundamentals of supply chain management and logistics and presents examples of Toyota Motor Company's supply chain management practices.
  8. Supply Chain Management: Main Steps
    There are five steps that can be followed while designing a supply chain network. These are: planning, sourcing, making, delivering and returning.
  9. Veeco Services Inc.: Supply Chain Management
    The problems and weaknesses of the market strategy has been explained and further recommendation put forward on how capacity can be increased in the supply chain.
  10. Primark Stores Limited’s Supply Chain Management
    The discussion involves an analysis of the role of supply chain management in the fashion retail sector. The analysis entails Primark Stores Limited as an example.
  11. Order Management in the Current Circumstances
    The more the companies produce goods and services, the more importance is gained by the order processing so that such aspect as order planning and scheduling are crucial.
  12. IBM Company: The New Vector of Development
    The IBM company is in the process of diversifying from the goods production sector to the services sector. With this orientation the biggest supply that IBM gets is that of labor.
  13. Logistics Management as an Indispensible Element of Any Economy
    Logistics and supply chain management are vital components of any economic or business process observed on the global scale.
  14. Process Design for Riordan Manufacturing
    The process design for the Riordan manufacturing is useful in knowing the operations advantage and the different processes involved in the manufacturing of electric fans.
  15. Cadbury and Coca-Cola Supply Chain Management
    Cadbury and Coca Cola were at odds with supply chain management and supply chain strategy, which did not prevent them from integrating their supply chain management strategies.
  16. LG Electronics: Company Analysis
    In this report has mainly concerned to examining the capabilities of an individual entity to understand any company’s distribution, transport, and inventory system.
  17. Toyota and Ford: Supply Chain Management
    The contrasting approaches taken by each of Ford and Toyota in managing the supply chain indicates different areas of focus in business processes for both companies.
  18. Saudi Basic Industries: Low Software Quality
    The core problem of the research is to identify which software SABIC should use as it has low quality software globally.
  19. Unilever PLC.: Strategic Supply Chain Management
    Supply chain management defines the management of a network of businesses which are involved in the provision of products and services to end users.
  20. HP Company: DeskJet Printer Supply Chain
    The supply chain for the DeskJet is composed of the manufacturing site, network suppliers, the center of distribution or the D.C.S., the dealers as well as the customers.
  21. The Supplier Selection Process
    In a complex manufacturing environment, a large number of components, some critical, and other not so critical, go into the manufacture of a product.
  22. IBM Company: Organizational Change
    IBM Company found itself in a position that needed absolute change in certain parts of its operation in order to compete favorably and maintain sustainable growth and success.
  23. Socially Responsible Procurement Concept
    Socially responsible procurement concept emerged fifteen years ago when it became clear that international companies were conducting their business operations in an unethical way.
  24. Tesco: Supply Chain Management Strategies
    Supply chain management allows all the Tesco in a supply chain to look beyond their own objectives to the objective of maximizing the final customer's satisfaction.
  25. Supply Chain Management and Technology Impact
    An efficient supply chain management does not merely confine to technology, but it relies on the course of action.
  26. Supply Chain Management: Key Factors
    The contemporary business environment has become so competitive that business enterprises have been forced to device new strategies in a bid to ensure their success in the market.
  27. Expensive Plant and Machinery: Phenomenon of a Supply Chain
    This paper describes how a supply chain may be made sustainable to ensure the continuous supply of parts, components and subassemblies for maintenance of expensive plant and machinery.
  28. Technology Management in the Information Age
    In this study, the author examines the main aspects of technology management during the information age on the example of the giant company BMW.

🎓 Simple Research Paper Examples with Supply Chain Management Strategy

  1. McDonald’s Organization: Operation Management
    Analysis of McDonald’s operations to come up with the concepts of operations management that are applied by this large corporation.
  2. Growing Pains at Grandiose Motors Case Study
    Grandiose motors had just established a fourth network dealership which unlike the previous dealerships will operate as an auto supermarket.
  3. Supply Chain Management and Logistics Metrics
    Business logistics depends upon effective controls and measurements. For control purposes, too, there is an overwhelming difference in usefulness between the two types of data.
  4. Purchasing and Strategic Supply Chain Management
    Supply chain management consists of all the activities involved in planning and management in regard to procurement and sourcing and logistics activities.
  5. Heavy Machinery: Supply Chain Management
    Heavy duty industries as well as the small businesses rely on supply of raw materials, machinery, spare parts and maintenance to successfully achieve their objectives.
  6. Purchasing and Supply Chain Management of the Coca-Cola Company
    The Coca-Cola Company, a multinational corporation, supply links have to be maintained in its operational countries to ensure that it accomplishes its production and supply targets.
  7. Procter and Gamble Company's Strategic Supply Chain Management
    The report analyzes how Procter and Gamble Company can integrate Gillette Company's strategic management issues into its supply chain strategy after taking over the firm.
  8. Strategic Supply Chain Management in Business
    The paper will be focused on the key challenges of the SCM, and analysis of the environmental and internal factors by the means of SWOT, PESTLE and KRALJIC analysis matrixes.
  9. History of Supply Chain Management
    The process in which good moves to become a usable product to the final consumers is referred to as a supply chain. This chain is dynamic in nature, it involves a constant flow of products.
  10. Marketing Logistics: Marketing Hearing Aids to Developed Markets
    In any business operations globally, certain factors have to be considered in ensuring smooth operations of the business venture.
  11. Sysco Corporation's E-Supply Chain
    This paper discovers how Sysco benefits from e-Sysco and was targeting to establish the various benefits that the company obtains from the electronic supply chain.
  12. Volvo Company's Operations Management
    The key areas in Volvo that need operation management include management of quality, management of production, cost management social responsibility environment, and logistics.
  13. A Notebook Computer in Huawei’s Product Portfolio
    The study assesses the market condition of notebook computers and tries to generate an idea for introducing notebook computers in Huawei’s current product portfolio.
  14. Information Technology for Management in the Digital Economy
    This article examines the information technologies used for management, as well as the transformation of organizations in the digital economy.
  15. Dell Inc.'s Marketing Strategy and Plan
    Amidst much competition in computer products, Dell has tried its own marketing mix and continues to employ various techniques to counter this competition.
  16. Strategic Supply Chain Management After Takeover
    The report touches upon supply chain management adjustment to the renewed needs of a corporation formed after two companies unite through a business takeover.
  17. Acegate Company: Supply Chain Management
    Acegate Company must cope up with new strategies and ideas on the improvement and excellence in running chain supply management.
  18. Sustainable Logistics: Virginia Valley Smoked Ham
    By Virginia Valley putting in place sustainable logistics and supply chain management, it will be able to run operations in the most effective and efficient way.
  19. Supply Chain Management: Event Assessment of the Tour de France 2014
    The Tour de France may contain several hazards that can derail the event. They may include crashes, crowd troubles, straying animals, and attacks from people.
  20. Summary of Supply Chain Logistics Management
    Supply chain management covers many strategies to ensure efficiency in operations. There is a need to establish appropriate logistics to ensure the supply chain management success.
  21. Abu Dhabi Distribution Company: Supply Chain Management
    Abu Dhabi Distribution Company has an objective of providing highest standard services for its clients. This calls for a diverse international system of suppliers.
  22. Supply Chain: Risk Management in Supply Chains
    In this study, the general structure of the risk management process in supply chains and the methods of risk management in supply chains will be observed.
  23. FMCG: Supply Chain Management Practices
    This research project is going to examine the key dimensions of supply chain management that can contribute to the development of FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) beverages.
  24. Walmart Supply Chain Management
    This Walmart research aims to examine a global retailer Walmart and evaluate the SCM practices it applies to deliver products to its stores.
  25. Supply Chain Performance Management: Role and Importance
    A supply chain (SC) is an essential element of any company’s operations, which suggests that an SC must be sustained and upgraded regularly.
  26. Purchasing Principles and Law: Supplier Selection
    The focus of this report will be on the selection of a supplier for Hydrec Ltd., a designer and manufacturer of forecourt petrol dispensers for the European market.
  27. Nokia’s Supply Chain Management
    The presented project is devoted to the in-depth analysis of Nokia’s supply chain as an example of technologies’ integration, optimization, and sustainability management.
  28. IKEA Firm's Operations and Supply Chain Management
    Throughout the decades, IKEA has been operating under the idea of providing a selection of products for home furnishing that are affordable and accessible.

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