Process Design for Riordan Manufacturing


The process design is a complex process that uses the transformation of the raw materials and requires the expertise, veterans, or the properly designed tools to suit the requirements. The process design can be a result of creativity, individual plan development, and brainstorming. The process design is applicable to the new products or to the existing product.

Riordan manufacturing company: An overview

The Riordan manufacturing company is a plastic manufacturing company which was established in the year 1976, whose parent company is the Riordan which is a fortune 1000 enterprise. They have nearly 550 employees with tremendous growth in the last 25 years. Riordan manufacturing is headquartered in San Jos; The Company has its main focus on the research and development and in-licensing of patents. The company has a good market presence by the commencement of its latest operation in china.

The main products of the company are beverage bottles, fans, automobile parts, appliances. They have different systems for the planning and the forecasting of the budget-related activities; “Riordan Manufacturing stay current with the latest technology, recent developments in the industry, and attend to the needs of its customers” (Riordan manufacturing: Analysis of service requast1, 2009, para.1).

The process design of Riordan manufacturing

The Riordan manufacturings are at the hinge in the manufacturing of the electric fans. The manufacturing process requires an adequate inspection and the conducting of the surveys to know how the employees in the manufacturing process deal with the increased demands and the changing environment. The survey results in the identification of the employee problems and solving them to make the organization successful in flying colors. The intense labor and the production cost are the factors that involve the factors of the change. The change factors are the positive factors in the organization. The change factors of the manufacturing include the different changes like the materials requirement planning (MRP), supply chain system, and the logistics to smoothen the operation.

MRP Systems for the manufacturing of Riordan fans

The MRP systems are used for the streamline operation in the business, as Riordan are giant manufacturers of plastic. The MRP system is much essential for the supply chain, production design, and employee satisfaction.

The mission of the company is to be the global leader in the manufacturing of the plastics; The riordan has a full-fledged R&D department which is the member of the six sigma process which depicts the high standardized products in the organization. The long term mission of the company is to produce the good quality of plastics through the innovation to emerge as a dominant market player.

The manufacturing of the plastic products are done in the china plant and the plant operates in a particular time limit, The manufacturing process operates from inception to the manufacture and to the final production. The different departments have the functions in the manufacturing cycle, The raw materials are received by the receiving department and the processing is done by the department of holding and the assembling department has the processed materials and then it is provided to the shipping and the logistics section for the final process. The chief operating officer has implemented the system to track and manage the raw materials and to use them effectively and efficiently. The management teams have a keen focus on the optimization of the resources.

A New Process design for the Riordan electric fans

The mission of the Riordan Company is to produce the quality electric fans and to be the market player; the riordan company has its operation in the china with the main aim of production in terms of quantity and the quality. The Riordan company has its purchase of the raw materials from the outside company which decreases the time of the delivery, the company can have the privilege of stocking the inventory themselves where the inventory cost is high.

The efficient production system like the lean production system, which include the less time, labor, finance and the inventory. and the just in time (JIT) in the business for the manufacturing operations with the less cost by the reduction in the inventory. The intention in using the JIT is to improvise the quality of the production, least inventorycost, increased revenue and good return on investments. This helps in better strategic planning and the ability to meet the future demands at an ease.

Supply Chain Management for electric Fans

The supply chain management is the interlink of the business networks, it is through the supply chain operations the products travel through the network and reach the final production and to customers. It is the link between the product development, production process, business development and the CRM. The Riordan has its manufacturing plant in Sanjos,and the production plants are in Michigan,Georgia,and in China. The supply and the purchase of them include the purchase of the polymers from the local customers to reduce the time and the cost from the same inventory of the company.

The product outsourcing and the customizing of the same is of better options to the purchase and in the future dealing with supplies and the demand. The complete focus on the company is to have the raw materials and the finished product in the industry, but the quality has to be found as a factor that has to have a constant check. The present supply chain of the riordan is not considered to be much effective as there are lack of communication that are involved in the system among the suppliers, departments and the factories. The result of this is the waste of time and the production cost that are involved. The aim is to have good business communication systems between the different departments by providing the LAN, WAN and the extranet facility to make the communication effective.

Production Forecast of the Riordan manufacturing

The production forecast of the company is made by the moving averages and the theories of the moving averages are to be incorporated for the forecast. The expected demand for the product in the forth coming year can be identified from the sales calculation of the previous 3 years put together. The market has to be analyzed and the individual purchasers and the bulk purchasers are to be identified. The estimation of the forecast tools like the planning, scheduling, manufacturing and the delivery should be found out. The unit in china takes care of the electric fans and the market presence.

The employing of the JIT and the six sigma of the business strategy contribute to the delivery of the right product to the right place in the right time irrespective of the obstacles.

Gantt Chart of design process

Task: Project No:1 Starting Finishing
1.Team formation and top management approval 01.01.2010 02.02.2010
2.election tool for implementing the project 03.02.2010 02.03.2010
3.Actual implementation 13.04.2010 14.04.2010
4.Total quality management &troubleshooting identification
Task: project No:2
1.Implementation of lean production 03.03.2010 01.04.2010
2.Implementing functionality using JIT 03.04.2010 02.06.2010
3.TQM implementing and maintenance 03.05.2010 02.07.2010

The implementation of the lean production can be done in two tasks, they are the divided as two projects, The first project consists of the implementing the pilot project implementation. The project is divided into 4 tasks and the task 1 consists of the time taken for the team formation and the selection of the ideas that are to be implemented, then it is followed by the selecting of the implementation tool, which are used in the actual implementation. The task3 consists of the actual implementation by the just in time strategy for a period of 1 month. The task4 consists of the total quality management processes that are under the implementation where it is depended on the duration of the trouble shooting identified.

The project2 is the actual implementation after the pilot implementation of the project, It may have the similarities in the pilot project ,these are divided into the 3 tasks, where task1 is the similar one to the previous project and it requires the settlement time of about 1 month and the task 2 is the implementation of the JIT,which is the extension of the project1,the task 3 is the last one which include the implementation of the TQM and the quality maintenance of the system require a period of about 1 month time.

Covering letter showing the co-ordination and the implementation of the TQM and planning



Designation ____________________


The CEO___________________________

Riordan Electric fan manufacturing.

Respected Sir,

We would like to lodge a proposal for the implementation of the TQM and the operational planning methods.

The different operations are for the operational process in the firm, which include the selection of the tools and the strategy for the successful organization and to meet the upcoming demands by the forecast method.

The TQM implementation consists of the two phases, the first phase is the pilot implementation for the error and the bottleneck identification, and to improve in the actual project.

The different factors like the cost reduction, time management, six sigma standard implementation, quality related issues, production process are to be given much priority.

I here by request you to have the look at the proposal and the valuable feedback from you.

Yours faithfully



The process design for the riordan manufacturing is useful in the knowing the operations advantage and the different process involved in the manufacturing of electric fans. The proposal contributes for the better functioning of the organization.


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