92 Supply Chain Planning Research Papers & Essay Examples

📝 Supply Chain Planning Research Paper Examples

  1. Inventory Management in Supply Chain
    The paper examines inventory management as a backbone of supply chain management. It discusses components of decision-making, system development and management.
  2. Turner and Aramex Companies Logistics Issues
    The best way to understand the principles of logistic management is through considering their application in real-world cases.The paper discusses Turner International Construction and Aramex.
  3. Etihad Airways Company’ Supply Chains and Logistics
    Etihad Airways commands the UAE market. Organizations of different kinds supply products and services that seek to satisfy customer demands.
  4. E-Commerce Impact on Business Practices
    The paper looks at the impact of e-commerce technologies on the business practices in firms, and finds out the factors that affect the adoption of e-commerce by firms.
  5. Petrochemical Companies: Warehouse Managing and Improving
    Warehouse management remains a vital concept in the supply chain, as it controls the movement and storage of properties within a firm.
  6. Toyota Supply Chain: Supplier Relationships, Information Technologies, Logistics, Problems and Solutions.
    Researching 2020 🚗 Toyota supply chain? Toyota is a world-famous 🌏 Japanese car manufacturer. Toyota supply chain management involves the supply of goods to the end-user as well as following up to ensure that such customer is satisfied.
  7. Walmart Supply Chain Management & Technologies Use
    Researching Walmart supply chain management? ⛓️ Technologies play a significant role in improving Walmart supply chain system. 🤖 Read this analysis to learn more about different application platforms Walmart uses to link suppliers with customers. ✅
  8. Supply Chain Management Role in Enterprise Planning
    Effective supply chain management of an organisation ensures that the systems for supply chain management reduce various costs that are associated with supplies.
  9. Essence of Supply Chain in UAE
    The supply chain embodies most of the activities that are poised to bridge the essence of the gap between the producer and the customer.
  10. Enterprise Resources Planning in Modern Business
    Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is an emerging trend in business management operations. This research analyzes the relevance of ERP to the modern organisations.
  11. SIEMENS Company Operational and Logistical Strategies
    This paper will facilitate Siemens to understand and plan how the customer-company relationship can be improved in the future and further attain the mission.
  12. Information Management Software in Business Areas
    Several motivations would prompt an organization to operate through an excellent supply chain management (SCM) system.
  13. Operations Strategy and Management in Organizations
    Operations management are management processes that generate good and/or provide repair, it implements the policies and everyday jobs needed to get together an organization.
  14. Web-Based Technology in Supply Chain
    The paper examines the application of technology in the supply chain by focusing on web-based technologies, communication, visibility, analytics, and automation.
  15. Supply Chain Management: Selecting Partners
    Supply chain management means managing a network of businesses connected to each other and engaged in producing and distributing the goods to the ultimate consumers.
  16. Toyota Motor Company's Supply Chain Management
    This paper considers the fundamentals of supply chain management and logistics and presents examples of Toyota Motor Company's supply chain management practices.
  17. Veeco Services Inc.: Supply Chain Management
    The problems and weaknesses of the market strategy has been explained and further recommendation put forward on how capacity can be increased in the supply chain.
  18. Logistics Management as an Indispensible Element of Any Economy
    Logistics and supply chain management are vital components of any economic or business process observed on the global scale.
  19. Process Design for Riordan Manufacturing
    The process design for the Riordan manufacturing is useful in knowing the operations advantage and the different processes involved in the manufacturing of electric fans.
  20. Toyota and Ford: Supply Chain Management
    The contrasting approaches taken by each of Ford and Toyota in managing the supply chain indicates different areas of focus in business processes for both companies.
  21. Unilever PLC.: Strategic Supply Chain Management
    Supply chain management defines the management of a network of businesses which are involved in the provision of products and services to end users.
  22. Tesco: Supply Chain Management Strategies
    Supply chain management allows all the Tesco in a supply chain to look beyond their own objectives to the objective of maximizing the final customer's satisfaction.
  23. Supply Chain Management and Technology Impact
    An efficient supply chain management does not merely confine to technology, but it relies on the course of action.

💡 Essay Ideas on Supply Chain Planning

  1. Supply Chain Management: Key Factors
    The contemporary business environment has become so competitive that business enterprises have been forced to device new strategies in a bid to ensure their success in the market.
  2. Purchasing and Strategic Supply Chain Management
    Supply chain management consists of all the activities involved in planning and management in regard to procurement and sourcing and logistics activities.
  3. Heavy Machinery: Supply Chain Management
    Heavy duty industries as well as the small businesses rely on supply of raw materials, machinery, spare parts and maintenance to successfully achieve their objectives.
  4. The Marketing of Coca-Cola Company Supply
    The Coca-Cola Company is the largest multinational corporations majoring in the production of soft drinks needs to address the management of its supply to enhance its prosperity.
  5. Purchasing and Supply Chain Management of the Coca-Cola Company
    The Coca-Cola Company, a multinational corporation, supply links have to be maintained in its operational countries to ensure that it accomplishes its production and supply targets.
  6. Procter and Gamble Company's Strategic Supply Chain Management
    The report analyzes how Procter and Gamble Company can integrate Gillette Company's strategic management issues into its supply chain strategy after taking over the firm.
  7. Strategic Supply Chain Management in Business
    The paper will be focused on the key challenges of the SCM, and analysis of the environmental and internal factors by the means of SWOT, PESTLE and KRALJIC analysis matrixes.
  8. History of Supply Chain Management
    The process in which good moves to become a usable product to the final consumers is referred to as a supply chain. This chain is dynamic in nature, it involves a constant flow of products.
  9. The Definition of the Supply Chain Strategy
    The objective of this report - to give a concrete definition in relation to supply chain strategy. A supply chain is one of the elements that can contribute to attaining the set objectives
  10. Volvo Company's Operations Management
    The key areas in Volvo that need operation management include management of quality, management of production, cost management social responsibility environment, and logistics.
  11. Information Technology for Management in the Digital Economy
    This article examines the information technologies used for management, as well as the transformation of organizations in the digital economy.
  12. Acegate Company: Supply Chain Management
    Acegate Company must cope up with new strategies and ideas on the improvement and excellence in running chain supply management.
  13. Summary of Supply Chain Logistics Management
    Supply chain management covers many strategies to ensure efficiency in operations. There is a need to establish appropriate logistics to ensure the supply chain management success.
  14. Supply Chain: Maximize, Manufacture, and Market
    To avoid additional and unnecessary costs and with the help of emerging technologies, firms strive harder towards quality assurance, control, and management.
  15. Supply Chain Resilience Against Catastrophic Risks
    Supply chains are essential for businesses to conduct their activities and achieve profits and Interruptions in the supply cause many difficulties for companies.
  16. How Power Relations Affect Different Actors in Oil Supply Chain
    The oil supply chain has three main actors; the state, the firms, and the civil society. Each actor endeavors to maximize benefits through the use of the competitive advantage.
  17. Logistics and Supply Chain Management
    The supply chain deals with the shipment of the products making transportation decisions essential. The managers define the process of allocating the product to different markets.
  18. Domino’s Case Study: Supply Chain and Competitive Advantage
    Domino’s supplies its stores with 240 products that range from the essential ingredients to the specific equipment.
  19. Samsung Electronics: Supply Chain Strategy
    Samsung Electronics’ long-term strategy should focus on building resilience and agility within the company’s supply chain management structure.
  20. Walmart Supply Chain Management
    This Walmart research aims to examine a global retailer Walmart and evaluate the SCM practices it applies to deliver products to its stores.
  21. Nike: Strategic Operations Management
    Through well-organised planning and control of business operations, Nike achieves ease of monitoring demand through the supply chain, thereby enhancing efficacy in marketing.
  22. General Motors: Supply Chain Management
    Supply chain management has an immense influence on a company's performance in the market. GM case analysis speaks that supply chains must be managed with the professionalism.
  23. Supply Chain Performance Management: Role and Importance
    A supply chain (SC) is an essential element of any company’s operations, which suggests that an SC must be sustained and upgraded regularly.

👍 Good Supply Chain Planning Essay Examples to Write about

  1. Relationships in the Business Supply Chain
    Supply management is an important part of modern business, and it is essential to establish adequate relationships between the buyer and the supplier within the supply chain.
  2. Systems and Operations Management
    The paper will review how Toyota Motor Corporation can achieve a sustainable competitive advantage on its supply chain management using the necessary cost.
  3. Dell Corporation Supply Chain Management
    Smart supply chain management is crucial to any business, and knowing the customer base of the company and the situation on the market is a significant part of a successful plan.
  4. Aegis Living: The Way to the Global Company
    Aegis Living is a company that aims to help older adults and provide housing, care, and good nutrition to people who are partially or completely disabled.
  5. Time-Based Competition in the Grocery Retail Industry
    Grocery retail companies should focus on logistics and supply chain management as well as the implementation of business to enjoy advantages associated with time-based competitiveness.
  6. Multi-Agent Systems for Supply Chain Management
    The multi-agent system technology is well situated to develop robust models for the process of creating a supply chain.
  7. Vendor Selection in Supply Chain Management
    The supply chain deals with the movement of products from the point of their manufacture to the desired destination where the consumer will access them.
  8. Supply Chain Management for We Are the Best Company
    The paper discusses 3D printing, which is a digital technology used in most modern businesses. It would help the company cut certain manufacturing costs.
  9. Supply Chain Management: Zara and H&M
    The paper states that Zara and H&M pursue different approaches to supply chain management. Both companies are multinational fashion retailers
  10. Analysis of Supply Chain Management in Business
    The paper focuses on two aspects(risk management as the general theory and outsourcing as a global practice) of supply chain management to acquire an understanding of a phenomenon.
  11. Cost Cutting in Supply Chain Management
    Cost-cutting can be carried out through various means which are as follows: retrenchment, introducing of technology, outsourcing internal auditing, partial outsourcing, etc.
  12. An Analysis of H&M’s Operations Management
    This paper will address three important areas of H&M's activity, namely, its approach to operations management, the significance of supply chain coordination for its success.
  13. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.: Management & Supply Chain
    Wal-Mart is structured around a management approach that enables the corporation to effectively adjust to an ever-shifting global marketplace.
  14. Wal-Mart: Supply Chain Management
    By examining the supply chain management at Wal-Mart, this paper will illustrate important aspects that help in maximizing the efficiency and overall productivity of the business.
  15. Wal-Mart: Location Decisions & Supply Chain
    It is the broad objective of this paper to critically evaluate if Wal-Mart has maximized its supply chain efficiency by making optimal location decisions.
  16. Integrated Supply Chain in Business
    Integrated supply chain is an emerging concept which emphasizes combining the requirements of the buyer with the production schedules of the supplier.
  17. Supply Chain Quality Management Course Reflection
    Supply chain management and quality management are the concepts that promote competitiveness in organizations.
  18. Quality and Supply Chain Management
    The paper aims to describe overall quality programs suggested for the company and improvements for the supply chain management.
  19. Zara Supply Chain Management
    The improvement in supply chains and their management will help Zara to hold leading positions and continue its evolution and planned expansion.
  20. Amazon.com Firm's Supply Chain Management
    Amazon's integrative approach and continuous adherence to advance strategies within the supply chain have enabled its leading position among its competitors.
  21. DHL: Operations and Supply Chain Management
    The report examines DHL’s SCM and the related strategies that the company uses, thus commenting on the efficacy of DHL’s performance and recommending options for further improvements.
  22. The Coca-Cola Company's Supply Chain Management
    Business analytics are employed to optimize management processes. This report looks at the importance of business analytics in supply chain management for Coca-Cola.
  23. Wild Dog Coffee Company: Business Plan
    Gathering information on business operations is crucial in business decision-making. It requires the stakeholders to use tools such as checklists.

🎓 Simple Research Paper Examples with Supply Chain Planning

  1. Jacobs Industries: Supply Chain Management
    The paper offered to manage the supply chain for Jacobs Industries by building new factories and warehouses, adding capacity to the existing factories, changing the batch sizes.
  2. P&G Corporation: Transport Improvement Plan
    This paper provides a comprehensive transportation improvement plan for a U.S-based company, Procter and Gamble (P&G).
  3. McDonald’s Supply Chain Management
    Businesses and organizations in the current market do not compete among themselves but rather on supply chain systems.
  4. Tesla’s Supply Chain Management
    Tesla remains one of the leaders in the industry of electric vehicles, but it should constantly evolve and develop innovative strategies to retain this status.
  5. Cost Reduction Strategy in Supply Chain Management
    This paper explores cost reduction strategies across the supply chain by synthesizing literature from professional journals and comparing the authors' perspectives on cost reduction.
  6. Amazon’s Effectiveness & Supply Chain Management
    This paper will demonstrate the best practices and effects of Supply Chain Management by examining Amazon, a company renowned for its excellent supply chains.
  7. Hewlett Packard: Supply Chain Management
    This paper examines and describes Hewlett Packard’s supply chain management as an outstanding example for organizations that want to achieve their maximized potential.
  8. Walmart Company's Supply Chain and Digital Transformation
    This paper discusses Walmart’s supply chain profile and strategy towards value creation, challenges, and how digital transformation enhances Walmart’s connectivity and integration.
  9. Supply Chain Management, Models, and Stages
    The paper presents the concept and main purpose of the supply chain. Next, the paper presents the main models of supply chain management.
  10. Supply Chain Evaluation Walmart China
    Walmart China has gone to tremendous measures to optimize its supply chain. It regulates how their goods are transported and stored.
  11. Canon's and General Motors' Supply Chain Strategy
    This paper aims to compare the Canon and General Motors industries with respect to their supply chain strategies, as well as the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on them.
  12. Marketing, HR, and Financial Services in Supply Chain Management
    The paper argues a cohesive and efficient collaboration between marketing, HR team, and financial services is essential to implementing a profitable supply chain within a company.
  13. Apple's iPhone Supply Chain Mapping and Risk Assessment
    This paper explores Apple iPhone's supply chain management, identifies the three most at-risk countries and reasoning, and provides risk assessment strategies.
  14. The Significance of Carbon Disclosure Project on Supply Chain and Life Cycle
    Carbon disclosures play significant roles for various organizations. Reporting to CDP can help a company to gain a competitive advantage in the market.
  15. Apple Inc.'s Supply Chain Sustainability
    The purpose of this essay is to examine the existing challenge of supply chain sustainability Apple Inc. faces and demonstrate the possible implications.
  16. BlueStar Supply Chain Company's Cost Reduction
    This paper examines the challenges facing the transportation sector at BlueStar supply chain company and finds solutions to reduce the cost of supplying their products to clients.
  17. Big Data in Green Supply Chain Management
    The paper shows that the accuracy of decision-making could be significantly improved with the help of Big Data and its proper connection to the given green supply chain.
  18. Supply Chain Operation: Nike
    From the perspective of globalization, Nike’s development principles have allowed it to strengthen the brand value and make it globally recognizable.
  19. Nokia’s Supply Chain Management
    The presented project is devoted to the in-depth analysis of Nokia’s supply chain as an example of technologies’ integration, optimization, and sustainability management.
  20. Strategic Purchasing and Supply Chain Management
    In this paper, the sustainability and conditions for the formation of reliable supply chain management are examined on the example of the delivery of COVID-19 vaccines.
  21. IKEA Firm's Operations and Supply Chain Management
    Throughout the decades, IKEA has been operating under the idea of providing a selection of products for home furnishing that are affordable and accessible.
  22. Leopard Tools Company's Supply Chain Methods
    The report provides data about the present state of manufacturing and supply chain methods implemented in the Leopard Tools company and proposes alternative strategies.
  23. New Technologies in Operations Management and Supply Chains
    The purpose of the present paper is to highlight the effects that new technologies have on decision-making in operations management and on processes within the supply chain.

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