105 Project Planning Example Essays

Do you want to improve your knowledge of business management? There are many interesting topics, one of which is business project planning. It’s an essential and valuable concept for a business known to any successful entrepreneur. In this article, we’ve provided all the information about project planning and some great essay examples you can use for your studies.

🔝 Top 10 Project Planning Example Essays

  1. Entrepreneurial Management: Business Plan and Skills
  2. Business Planning Process and Entrepreneurial Management
  3. Human Resource Manager' Professionalism
  4. Securities Market in the UAE
  5. Global Projects' Organizational Strategy & Culture
  6. Single Project Level Management vs Portfolio Management
  7. Emaar Marketing Strategy for International Expansion
  8. Forecasting in Operations Management
  9. Project Risk Management: Aspects and Tools
  10. DP World Company Project Management

❓ What Is Project Planning?

Project planning is a discipline that aims to explain how to finish a project in a specific amount of time. It also includes detailed information about required stages and resources. The project plan acts as a road map for the whole project management procedure.

Why Is Project Planning Important?

The likelihood of client pleasure and confidence in the company for future investments will improve as the company successfully completes project planning. It is the most crucial action in lowering risk and project failures. Project planning can significantly assist in materializing abstract ideas into reality.

✨ Project Planning Elements

It is vital for project managers to have strict instructions on how their project will be realized. Understanding each project planning element gives project managers a better view of the situation. It allows them fully comprehend the actions they must complete to launch the project. Project planning is based on the following elements:

Objects Definition

In order to start the project, all acting managers must understand their goal and the main purpose of their project. The definition stage must outline the project’s components, primary goal, intended outcomes, and closing milestones.

Scope Explanation

The scope explanation specifies the initiative that will attempt to tackle the problems and determines the people that will be working on them.

Tasks Scheduling

A project manager is responsible for assessing the needs of all project participants and identifying the conditions necessary to meet those demands. Every project stage has a start date, a finish date, and an estimation of how long it will take to complete each step. This information should be provided to each participant of the project’s realization.

Project Outcomes

This element of project planning should explain what the company will earn after finishing its project, its results, and the final indicators.

🧑‍💻 Project Plan Process

Although creating a project plan requires some initial labor, the effort will be worthwhile in the long run.

Any project plan’s fundamental structure may be summed up in these five steps:

1. Defining Stakeholders and Their Roles

The manager must be able to identify the following:

  • people involved in the project;
  • project’s scope;
  • quality baseline;
  • deliverables;
  • milestone steps;
  • success criteria.

The manager also creates a project charter, the work breakdown structure, and the statement of work.

2. Identifying Project Risks

At this step, managers will identify all possible risks and assign deliverables to them. They will also be required to keep an eye on the risks that will appear after the project has already been ended.

3. Providing Communications Updates

This step requires creating a communication strategy, a project timetable, a budget, and other guiding elements. All parties involved in the project should be informed of the plan, and communications updates should be given as frequently, and in the manner, they’re anticipated.

4. Identifying Project Resources

Here managers are obliged to make a list of all the resources required for the project, such as personnel, tools, and supplies. Then they will have to calculate their cost for the project’s realization.

5. Revising

After the project plan is completed, managers must once again revise all previous steps to ensure everything has been defined correctly and nothing has changed in their plans. Performance needs to be assessed once the project is finished so that lessons can be learned and areas for improvement can be found.

Now you know what project planning is, and you’re ready to review this topic in any of your studies as well as use it yourself if you decide to become an entrepreneur. Be sure to check the essay examples we’ve collected for you! They will be a great help and provide a major boost to your inspiration and knowledge!

📝 Project Planning Research Paper Examples

  1. Human Resource Policies for Staff Performance
    Business essay sample: This paper discusses how effective are the bank's performance management policies specifically appraisal/promotion, compensation and disciplinary policies.
  2. Middle Managers Driving Change in Organization
    Business essay sample: This paper analyzes the problem of implementation of change by middle managers in an organization, and the associated difficulties.
  3. Corporate Social Responsibilities in Construction Industry
    Business essay sample: Corporate social responsibility is a form of corporate self-regulation integrated into a business model. This paper covers CSR and its role in the construction industry in Jordan.
  4. Virgin Group Company's Strategies Research
    Business essay sample: This envisioned research will focus on the Virgin Group that is one of the dominant companies in UK. Business analysts have conducted research studies of the company’s business strategies.
  5. Supply Chain Management Role in Enterprise Planning
    Business essay sample: Effective supply chain management of an organisation ensures that the systems for supply chain management reduce various costs that are associated with supplies.
  6. Leamington Spa Company's Competitive Product Development
    Business essay sample: This report evaluates technologies that are available for energy storage in the domestic sector to help Leamington Spa Company to select a competitive product in the market.
  7. Retail Business Analysis: Wal-Mart Stores
    Business essay sample: The paper has taken into account a real business by conducting a study on Wal-Mart Stores Incorporation which operates in the United States.
  8. Value Management
    Business essay sample: The stakeholder management is the decisive factor for the success of any project whether small, large or complex.
  9. Enterprise Resources Planning in Modern Business
    Business essay sample: Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is an emerging trend in business management operations. This research analyzes the relevance of ERP to the modern organisations.
  10. Social Work Leadership Plan
    Business essay sample: This research embarked on a project that utilises the transformational leadership style to enable evidence-based practice in social work service delivery.
  11. Apple Company's Poor Inventory Management Issues
    Business essay sample: Since Apple Company operates internationally, it at times experiences challenges related to the supply of products, which emanates from poor inventory management.
  12. Management Product Life Cycle
    Business essay sample: For several decades, the product life cycle model has been very popular in management. Companies adopt this concept as a core of business operations and product management.
  13. Customer Relationship Management and Operational Management
    Business essay sample: The processes occurring at the present stage in the world economy have led to a revival and development of estimate activity, urgency and demand of results in market conditions.
  14. Toyota Company's Lean Manufacturing Project
    Business essay sample: The focus of this paper is on a manufacturing management project that was implemented by Toyota. Today this approach is known as lean manufacturing.
  15. Clark Faucet Company: Project Management Methodology
    Business essay sample: Researching Clark Faucet company? 🛁 The methodology manual plan in this paper will provide a good stand for the Clark Faucet Company to increase the benefit. 📈
  16. Key Factors for Success in Running Successful Projects
    Business essay sample: This paper will try to discuss, analyze, and relate different key factors that are necessary and significant for the successful running of the projects in different businesses environments.
  17. Planning and Developing a New Product
    Business essay sample: Planning and development are important preliminary steps that account for a major part of success before the product reaches its market.
  18. Project Management Megaline Inc Case
    Business essay sample: Development of effective project management becomes important in maintenance of human relationships and ensuring the physical well-being of employees.
  19. Baltimore Hilton: Shortcomings in Project Planning and Management
    Business essay sample: The purpose of this paper is to critically evaluate how the construction of a new state-of-the-art hotel called Hilton Baltimore was planned and executed
  20. XYZ Company: Start in China
    Business essay sample: China is the right place to start operating business at global view. It could be assumed that XYZ would be benefited if they start their business there.
  21. Emirates Airline Foundation Company and Projects
    Business essay sample: The paper will discuss the project, program, and portfolio management strategies of the Emirates Airline Foundation Company.
  22. Project Risk Management in the Organizations
    Business essay sample: Risk management all over the world has been considered the most beneficial aspect of combating uncertainty in organizations.
  23. Organizational Culture for Project Management Structure
    Business essay sample: It is important to deal with cultural issues and challenges early at the start of the project and continuously review as the project progresses.
  24. 4 Bedroom Villa in Abu Dhabi: A Business Project
    Business essay sample: The villa shall be constructed for personal purposes, so the design and everything need to be done according to one's own specifications.
  25. A Project of Online Shopping for an Electronic Supermarket in US
    Business essay sample: Project will help to replace the old style of shopping and save the customer’s time. It creates a website for online shopping so the customers can access their shopping requirements.

💡 Essay Ideas on Project Planning

  1. The Dolphin Hotel Group: Overview
    Business essay sample: The project is aimed at constructing the hotel building and providing all the necessary capacities for the successful development of the hotel industry.
  2. Computerized Sewerage System in Bedford Town
    Business essay sample: The paper presents a project for the construction of a computerized sewerage system in the municipality of Bedford Town with risk assessments and project stages.
  3. Kool Kutz: Case Study
    Business essay sample: Kool Kutz is a hairdressing company with branches across the country. The company’s major difficulty of operation deals with the sharing of information in all departments.
  4. Management of Resources and Information
    Business essay sample: Management of resources and information is a successful and proficient method of operation for an organization to handle its resources when they are in need of that.
  5. The Process of Recruiting New Staff Members
    Business essay sample: The report explains the process of recruiting new staff members for the project which should improve fire safety awareness amongst young children
  6. Strategic Project Management. Product Development
    Business essay sample: The high rate of globalization has led into a shift within the business environment. One of these changes is evident in the high rate of competition among firms.
  7. Remington Peckinpaw Davis: Improper Project Management
    Business essay sample: The case of Remington Peckinpaw Davis is an example of improper project management and issues it might cause to the company.
  8. C-Nomis Is Project: Reasons for Failure
    Business essay sample: Conclusively, the C-Nomis project failed to achieve its projected success, like many projects, it suffered from multiple factors that led to the eventual suspension of the project.
  9. Project Management: Monsanto Company
    Business essay sample: Monsanto Company has launched the “sustainable yield initiative – SYI, a project to help in enhancing the development of agricultural activities around the globe.
  10. Coca-Cola Company: Project Management
    Business essay sample: In this study as an example of an organization to implement a project management program, the Coca-Cola corporation will be applied.
  11. Project Resource Management for Agile Environments
    Business essay sample: The paper examines concepts relevant to the resource management, methodologies for agile environments, and implications as described in the Project Management Body of Knowledge.
  12. Developing Professional Practice: Essay
    Business essay sample: In the competitive environment, companies have realized that the only way through which they can achieve an edge in the market is a team of highly effective human resources.
  13. Project Management for Department of Veterans Affairs
    Business essay sample: The project management framework based on the promotion of awareness and the introduction of change into the current hospital setting is advised.
  14. Project Management for the Energy Industry
    Business essay sample: Energy industry management practices and principles are often closely associated with the in-depth analysis of the business environment of the sphere, and the business research.
  15. Project Manager of Global Green Books Publishing
    Business essay sample: The competencies of a project manager necessary to bring success to Global Green Books Publishing are wide-encompassing and varied as they impact a range of different components.
  16. Sustainable Project Management: Overview
    Business essay sample: The paper critically reviews the literature on sustainable project management by dividing the located sources into major topics of research and synthesizing the findings.
  17. Human Resource Management Strategy Plan in Tesla Company
    Business essay sample: The current project targets discrimination, work process safety, and communication breakdown between the bottom-level employees in Tesla and supervisors.
  18. “The Moss Village” Social Enterprise: The Business Plan
    Business essay sample: “The Moss Lawn” enterprise addresses an important issue that exists in modern society - lack of housing that is built using environmentally-friendly practices.
  19. Moving In Ltd.: Project Initiation
    Business essay sample: This document is about a new plan for the renovation of the new premises for Moving In Ltd. and the various issues that could of a challenge to the development of the new project.
  20. Human Resource Professional Practice Activities
    Business essay sample: The paper presents how to use a Profession Map, group dynamics and conflict resolution approaches project management and problem-solving techniques.
  21. Project Procurement Management
    Business essay sample: The modern concept of project procurement management is based on the idea of the project, in which the project acts not only as a management object with some specific properties.
  22. The Project Management Body of Knowledge: Project Procurement Management
    Business essay sample: Procurement management is a knowledge area in the Project Management Body of Knowledge that focuses on the external purchases of a project.
  23. Project Management. Literature Review
    Business essay sample: The analyzed resources demonstrate that project management can be considered the way to struggle with the adverse effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  24. The Project Integration Management and Its Impact
    Business essay sample: The project integration management and both knowledge areas' core and facilitating functions have a significant impact on the successful project.
  25. Woody 2000: Project Review and Suggestions
    Business essay sample: Woody 2000 could have been a successful and smoothly executed project given proper planning was done and controls were kept in place.

👍 Good Project Planning Essay Examples to Write about

  1. On the Role of Leadership in Project Management
    Business essay sample: The purpose of this document is to demonstrate the importance of senior management support in ensuring project success.
  2. Analysis of the HR System in Riordan Manufacturing
    Business essay sample: The objective of this paper is to analyze the HR of Riordan Manufacturing, to examine existing varieties of tools that be used in the integration of the company information systems.
  3. Expand the Company Kool Kutz
    Business essay sample: Kool Kutz is a hairdressing company that has twenty-five branches across the country. The main branch in the city has its administrative office and beauty salon.
  4. Quality Assurance: Quality Systems in Company
    Business essay sample: A quality system enables a company to deliver its promises with due professionalism and ease. Several factors quantify the efficiency of a better system.
  5. Project Management AIM Hypermarket
    Business essay sample: The paper is a project management report of the customer relationship management system project to be undertaken by Bluechips consultancy.
  6. Information Technology (IT) Project Governance
    Business essay sample: IT project governance, therefore, entails rules and regulations which are followed or observed by the IT project managers and teams towards the successful completion of projects.
  7. A Facility's Relocation Project and Quality Plan
    Business essay sample: The goal of this project is to relocate and consolidate ABCD’s offices, and as a result, profits, as well as its client base, will improve.
  8. Network Project: The Company IT Solutions INC.
    Business essay sample: The company IT solutions inc. is a small company dealing in turnkey network design and implementation. Services provided by the company include onsite network solutions.
  9. The Individual Professional Development Plan (PDP)
    Business essay sample: The PDP explores the strategy and scope of the project and the ways and means of the learning as well as production outcomes.
  10. Project Management Concept: Frederick Winslow Taylor
    Business essay sample: Projects are temporary engagements that have five main stages they are initiation, development, enactment/implementing, monitoring, and closing.
  11. Hamdan Footwear Start-Up Company's Business Plan
    Business essay sample: Hamdan Footwear is a start-up company, that planned to start operating in June 2015. The semi-mechanized footwear production unit will focus on footwear for ladies.
  12. Project Funding: Sources and Methods
    Business essay sample: A project is an undertaking that involves a lot of research. It is also carefully planned to achieve a set target.
  13. SPMP’s Stages and Parts Analysis
    Business essay sample: This paper analyzes SPMP’s stages and parts, such as management processes, technical processes, budget plans, work schedules, and its monitoring and control processes.
  14. Case Study: St. Edith Memorial Hospital
    Business essay sample: St. Edith Memorial Hospital has well-trained and experienced senior medical staff, including surgeons with flourishing professional ethics.
  15. Research in Information System for Anwara Grocery
    Business essay sample: Anwara grocery is a medium-sized family business located in central London that deals with grocery products and sweets.
  16. Risk Management Implementation in the Project Life Cycle
    Business essay sample: Civil engineering projects are exposed to risks that can be potentially damaging due to the cost of investments incurred in such projects.
  17. West Gate Bridge Project Fundamentals Structure and Management Analysis
    Business essay sample: The West Gate Bridge Project Fundamentals case study is a comprehensive case that explores the course of managing projects and the procedures and processes therein.
  18. Understanding Innovation and Change in Organization
    Business essay sample: This report of Philip Morris shows how innovation could be implemented in a heavily-regulated industry based on prior experience and overall familiarity with innovation operations.
  19. Planning Projects and Allocating Work
    Business essay sample: A company’s mission identifies its goals and the way to achieve these goals; a vision reflects the desired future of an organization.
  20. Project Management: Interface and Change Management
    Business essay sample: Project management is a broad and complex subject that covers a multitude of a project’s aspects. These aspects include interface management and change management.
  21. Coca-Cola’s Project Analysis
    Business essay sample: In this analysis, Coca cola’s flexible production strategy illustrates flexible schedule management to attain innovative production objectives.
  22. Project Management Skills, Conflicts, and Costs Problems
    Business essay sample: Project leaders must possess interpersonal skills, technical skills, and conceptual skills to manage complex processes effectively.
  23. Researching of Project Management, Projects Comparison
    Business essay sample: In today's market, in conditions of fierce competition, success can be achieved by those companies that consider their needs and implement projects within the planned contractual period
  24. People Practice and Organizational Success
    Business essay sample: Companies that provide their workers with opportunities to develop as professionals and ensure that the workplace environment is friendly and accepting can achieve better performance.
  25. Project Quality Management in Practical Projects
    Business essay sample: The paper discusses that the Huawei case study is a practical example of how project quality management applies to practical projects.

🎓 Simple Research Paper Examples with Project Planning

  1. Contemporary Issues in Change & Project Management
    Business essay sample: The paper discusses contemporary issues in management. It includes political, economic, social, environmental, legal, and technological factors.
  2. ElekTron Company's Network Design Proposal
    Business essay sample: At the present time, network planning and design play an essential role, as it is the foundation for effective network monitoring.
  3. The Phases of Project Management
    Business essay sample: The current paper states that following the SMART framework can enhance the outcomes and maximize the probability of the project’s success.
  4. Brief of Bankaham Village Project
    Business essay sample: The Bankaham Village it's a project which tackles unemployment and underemployment issues by providing full-time jobs and business opportunities.
  5. Analysis of Sony Group Corporation
    Business essay sample: The paper analyzes the Sony Group Corporation - one of the leaders in the sphere of consumer and professional electronic products.
  6. Project Management: Success Factors and Challenges
    Business essay sample: Project management is a complicated process. The current paper discusses successful project management and the possible challenges managers should cope with.
  7. Project Charter, Project Scope, and Project Plan
    Business essay sample: Organizational and managerial projects in business can be frequently described as multi-dimensional initiatives with a significant degree of importance.
  8. Project Life Cycle Principles in Business
    Business essay sample: Contemporary organizations attempt to achieve their overarching business objectives by matching those to specific projects.
  9. Project Management Theory and Practice
    Business essay sample: Project management (PM) is an application of methods, processes, knowledge, skills, and experience to a particular project following the project acceptance standards.
  10. Financial Performance Evaluation of the BP PLC Company
    Business essay sample: This report evaluates the prospective future financial budgeting strategies for the BP PLC Company concerning the lately experienced impact of COVID-19 through financial analysis.
  11. Financial Planning, Its Essence and Importance
    Business essay sample: Financial planning covers the most critical aspects of the organization and provides the necessary preliminary control over the use of material, labor, and cash resources.
  12. Organizational Project Management Office
    Business essay sample: The paper discusses the establishment of project management office at ABC Group that is currently struggling with project fulfillment and disorganization.
  13. Analysis of Project Management
    Business essay sample: Project management continuously develops as an activity of great importance and is given priority as it creates a competitive environment for the firm's growth.
  14. Nails Zone: Business Model and Plan
    Business essay sample: Nail Zone is a full-service nail business salon that is dedicated to providing quality customer services in a calm and relaxing setting.
  15. The Quick Bites’ Food Truck: Business Plan
    Business essay sample: This report has outlined the planned business venture to open a food truck called Quick Bites in Southwest Florida.
  16. The Dudebox Subscription Market Research Project
    Business essay sample: The market research project that was conducted revealed that most of the companies that manufacture personal care products often target women.
  17. Management: Moyon Tea Business Plan
    Business essay sample: The goal is to expand the brand into a franchise. MOYON is meant to represent the disruption of the industry, a healthy alternative to coffee, and a modern social experience.
  18. Foundations of Business Intelligence and Analytics
    Business essay sample: Each business organization should have a highly qualified HR specialist who would be involved in processing qualitative and quantitative data related to jobs and compensation.
  19. Training 4 U Services Ltd Project Report
    Business essay sample: This report discusses ways through which Training 4 U Ltd will transit its learning onto an online platform that will work well with its learners.
  20. Empirical Evaluation of Data Visualization for Business Intelligence
    Business essay sample: The project focus on investigating available data visualization tools and their usefulness for presenting information and fostering analytical processes.

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