Moving In Ltd.: Project Initiation

Purpose of Document

This document is about a new plan for the renovation of the new premises for Moving In Ltd. The document outlines the activities that are to be carried out together with their timelines. The plan is in place to ensure that smooth transition takes place. However, there are some risks and challenges that threaten the smooth completion and transition exercise for the organization. The document outlines the various issues that could of challenge to the development of the new project.


Moving In Ltd is a charity organization that operates in an old small premise. The organization assists homeless people who are aged between the ages of 16-25 years and are homeless to acquire and move into new house. The organization has grown and it wants to relocate from its current premises. Now that the organization has grown, it would like to increase its business and move into premises that can be accessible by the disabled people. A management board has been put in place to ensure that the transition into the new premises is smooth (Middleton, 2006).

Project Definition

Project Objectives

The objectives are:

  • Set out a plan for the development of new premises for the organization.
  • To investigate the various risks that threatens the completion of the project in time. More over, the document provides probable measures to deal with risks.

Defined Method of Approach

The project will be managed using the PRINCE2 methodology.

Project Scope

This project will highlight the new project and procedure of activities that re to be carried out. The plan gives a chronology of events from the beginning to the end with their respective timelines. In addition, risks that can affect negatively the completion of the renovation and the eventual move to the premises. Additionally, highlighted are possible risk management measures given. Therefore, it will be a very useful document to the project manager and the management team (Lock, 2007).

Project Deliverables and/or Desired Outcomes

The project deliverables are:

  • A new premise to the organization that is spacious enough for the company that is increase in size.
  • A new premise comprising of buildings and other facilities of the organization that are easily accessible by all people including the disabled.




The main constraints are:

Risks of resources, time, escalation of costs and proper management. Moving In Ltd may delay occupying the new premises if resources required in developing the premises lack. More over, with lack of coordination and communication during project implementation, the project may take a lot of time to complete and it may use many resources.

Links to Other Projects

This project is similar to other projects. The similarity is in every aspect that a project can poses. All the prerequisites of a project like the project title, the down payment of the required amount, contact address, a finalized business plan, company profile and many others all apply to this project. More over, this project is also exposed to the risks that other projects are exposed to. Therefore, despite the uniqueness of the firm that wants to use the new premise, the project is no different form the rest (Newton, 2009).


There are several assumptions that the project and specifically this plan will make. Its will be assumed that the new project will assume the title of the existing firm i.e. Moving In Ltd, that the contact address is in place and there is no need to register for another contacts and that the company is prepared to make a down payment for the premise before any work starts on the premise. It is also assumed that the privacy policy or the agreement of the company will be displayed where possible on the website of the company. More over, in case the organization makes any payment gateway payments or online payments, the all parties should be included an informed in advance (Nokes, & Kelly, 2007).

Project Organisation Structure

Project Team Structure

A Project Board has been set up to manage the project and it’s composition is:

Name Role
A project team Make decisions on important issues affecting teh project
Project manager Manage the project
Project executive committee Oversee expenditures in the project
Project sponsor Act as a facilitator

A Project Team has been set up to perform operational tasks and it’s composition is:

Name Role
Please insert names Project sponsor
Project manager
Project director
Executive committee
Steering committee
Project office manager
Project accountant
Project team leader
Organizational change manager (facilitator)
Communications specialist
Quality manager
Project auditor
External regulator

Job Descriptions

The roles and responsibilities of the members of the project are as follows:

Project Board:

Prime Responsibility

  • The major role is to oversee the implementation of a project form the beginning to the end. They assist the project manager.

Specific Tasks

Specific roles differ from one project to another. However, in this case, the project board will:

  • Make budgetary allocations for the project.

Project Executive (Project Sponsor):

Prime responsibility

  • His major task is to act as an interface between the project owners and the deliverers or the contractors of the project. Acting in collaboration with the project manager, he represents the client organization in the management of the project (Kerzner, H., 2009).

Specific Tasks

  • Making sure that an appropriate project or program management framework is in place.
  • Preparation of briefing sessions in the course of project implementation.
  • Making project appraisals and presenting them for approval.
  • Securing resources and expertise from the client organization as required.
  • Ensuring that there is coordination within the whole project management process
  • Controlling changes following approval
  • Determine and manage risks to the project
  • Manage the project budget (including risk allowance)
  • Acting as sole point of contact with project management

Project Manager

Prime Responsibilities

  • To facilitate the project ensuring that the project is completed on time, within the budget limit and set requirements.

Specific Tasks

  • Organizing and carrying out meetings; planning the schedule
  • Finding the necessary resources, vetting vendors, conducting interviews, and assigning tasks
  • Working out a plan, implementing the plan, and adjusting it if necessary
  • Drawing up status reports and presenting them to senior management

Communication Strategy


The purpose of this document is to provide a plan that will enable the completion of the new premise for occupation. It also informs the project manager the risks that he is likely to encounter while implementing the plan and possible risk management procedures (Burke, 2003).

Project Controls

It is important to control a project in order to ensure that it is completed in time, within the resource limit and costs limit. Tools that can be very effective in controlling a project are communication and risk management. Others are identification and analysis of costs involved in the project and attenuation (Office of Government Commerce, 2005).

Initial Business Case

Initial Project Plan

The initial key project milestones are in the following table:-

Name Duration Start Finish
Contracts 0.00d 7/5/10 7/5/10
Supply Lot Sale Agreement 0.00d 7/5/10 7/5/10
Supply Construction Agreement 0.00d 7/5/10 7/5/10
Supply Contract Plans 0.00d 7/5/10 7/5/10
Supply Contract Specifications 0.00d 7/5/10 7/5/10
Supply Contract Site Plan 0.00d 7/5/10 7/5/10
Secure Financing 0.00d 7/5/10 7/5/10
repairs Loan Settlement 0.00d 7/5/10 7/5/10
Document Review & Revision 25.00d 7/5/10 7/9/10
Review & Finalize Plans 15.00d 7/5/10 7/25/10
Review & Finalize Specifications 20.00d 7/5/10 7/2/10
Review & Finalize Site Plan 1.00d 7/26/10 7/26/10
Print Construction Drawings 5.00d 7/3/10 7/9/10
Approve Revised Plans 0.00d 7/9/10 7/9/10
Approve Revised Specifications 0.00d 7/9/10 7/9/10
Approve Revised Site Plan 0.00d 7/9/10 7/9/10
Bids & Contracts 24.00d 7/10/10 8/12/10
Make Copies of Plans 3.00d 7/10/10 7/14/10
Make Copies of Specifications 2.00d 7/10/10 7/11/10
Distribute Plans & Specifications 1.00d 7/15/10 7/15/10
Receive Bids 10.00d 7/16/10 7/29/10
Review Bids 5.00d 7/30/10 8/5/10
Execute Subcontractor Agreements 5.00d 8/6/10 8/12/10
Grading & Building Permits 17.00d 7/10/10 8/1/10
Schedule lot stake-out 1.00d 7/10/10 7/10/10
File Grading Permit Application 1.00d 7/10/10 7/10/10
File Building Permit Application 3.00d 7/10/10 7/14/10
Post Lot Identification 1.00d 7/17/10 7/17/10
Sediment Control Insp. 1.00d 7/24/10 7/24/10
Grading Permit Issued 1.00d 7/25/10 7/25/10
County Permit Process 10.00d 7/15/10 7/28/10
Repairs and renovation Permit Approved 1.00d 7/29/10 7/29/10
Repairs and renovation Permit Issued 0.00d 8/1/10 8/1/10
Site Work 7.00d 7/28/10 8/5/10
Stake Lot for Excavation 1.00d 7/31/10 7/31/10
Rough grade lot 1.00d 8/1/10 8/1/10
Floor repairs 2.00d 8/4/10 8/5/10
Pin Footings 1.00d 8/11/10 8/11/10
Stock Block, Mortar, Sand 1.00d 8/12/10 8/12/10
Partition rooms 15.00d 8/13/10 9/2/10
Fill Block Cores w/ Concrete 1.00d 9/3/10 9/3/10
Steel Delivery 1.00d 9/4/10 9/4/10
Set Lintels, Bolts, Cap Block 2.00d 9/5/10 9/8/10
Lumber Delivery 1.00d 9/4/10 9/4/10
Rough Carpentry 44.00d 9/9/10 11/7/10
Set Steel 1.00d 9/9/10 9/9/10
1st Floor Deck Framing 4.00d 9/10/10 9/15/10
1st Floor Wall Framing 4.00d 9/16/10 9/19/10
Draw #2 (First Floor Deck) 0.00d 9/19/10 9/19/10
2nd Floor Deck repairs 2.00d 9/22/10 9/23/10
Draw #3 (Second Floor Deck) 0.00d 9/23/10 9/23/10
2nd Floor Wall repairs 3.00d 9/24/10 9/26/10
Frame Roof 7.00d 10/1/10 10/9/10
repair Roof Plywood 5.00d 10/10/10 10/16/10
repair Windows & Doors 2.00d 10/22/10 10/23/10
Frame Basement 3.00d 10/10/10 10/14/10
Frame Basement Bulkheads 2.00d 11/6/10 11/7/10
repair Basement 1.00d 9/24/10 9/24/10
repair Garage 1.00d 9/25/10 9/25/10
H.V.A.C. 17.00d 10/10/10 11/3/10
HVAC Rough-in 5.00d 10/22/10 10/28/10
HVAC Set Indoor Units 2.00d 10/29/10 10/30/10
HVAC Temporary Heat 2.00d 10/31/10 11/3/10
Plumbing Sub-slab 2.00d 9/16/10 9/17/10
Plumbing Layout 1.00d 10/29/10 10/29/10
Plumbing rough-in 5.00d 10/30/10 11/5/10
County Plumbing Sub-slab Inspection 0.00d 9/17/10 9/17/10
County Plumbing Rough-in Inspection 0.00d 11/5/10 11/5/10
repair Electric Boxes 2.00d 10/24/10 10/27/10
repair Electric Service Panel 2.00d 10/28/10 10/29/10
Electrical Rough-wire 14.00d 10/31/10 11/19/10
Specialty Rough-ins 5.00d 11/20/10 11/26/10
Alarm System Rough-in 5.00d 11/20/10 11/26/10
Telephone System Rough-in inspection and repairs 5.00d 11/20/10 11/26/10
Television System Rough-in inspection and repairs 5.00d 11/20/10 11/26/10
County Electrical inspection 0.00d 11/26/10 11/26/10
Roofing Paper Installed repairs 3.00d 10/17/10 10/21/10
Roof, windows, doors 0.00d 10/23/10 10/23/10
Stock Roof Shingles 1.00d 10/24/10 10/24/10
Install Roof Shingles 7.00d 1/12/09 1/20/09
Exterior Finishes 56.00d 10/24/10 1/9/09
Siding 3.00d 10/24/10 10/28/10
Exterior Trim 7.00d 10/29/10 11/6/10
Brick Arch Forms 1.00d 11/7/10 11/7/10
Brick Veneer 45.00d 11/10/10 1/9/09
Caulk & Air Seal 1.00d 11/28/10 11/28/10
Draft & Fire Stop 1.00d 12/1/10 12/1/10
County Insulation Inspection 0.00d 12/4/10 12/4/10
Drywall 26.00d 12/5/10 1/9/09
Hang Drywall 5.00d 12/8/10 12/12/10
Remove Scrap Drywall 1.00d 12/15/10 12/15/10
Tape and Finish Drywall repairs 15.00d 12/16/10 1/5/09
Sand Drywall 1.00d 1/6/09 1/6/09

Project risk management process

Project risk management process
Figure 1. Project risk management process


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