72 Workforce Planning Research Papers & Essay Examples

📝 Workforce Planning Research Paper Examples

  1. Workforce Planning and Recruitment
    The research defines the principles that guide the recruitment process and how to ensure that the recruitment program leads to a diversified workplace environment.
  2. Human Resource Dynamics in Organizations
    This paper set out to explore the dynamics that surround human resource planning as well as the recruitment and selection process.
  3. Corporate Responsibility in Globalized Business Environment
    This paper will look at the repercussions of globalization on organizations. It will also highlight the significance of corporate governance in organizations.
  4. Human Resources and Personnel Management Difference
    Personnel management used to refer to the set of activities concerning the workforce which included staffing, payroll, contractual obligations and other administrative activities.
  5. Al Hilal Bank Human Resource Management
    The paper explores how the Al Hilal bank applies its HRM and human capital to increase its performance, and discusses its human resource planning process.
  6. Human Resource Planning in Tourism Industry
    Human resource planning has always been a crucial component for the competitive growth and development experienced in the modern tourism industry.
  7. KND Corporation's Human Resource Plan
    KND Corporation produces medium-priced clothing for girls and women under the brand name Bliss, and its products are currently sold online, as well as in four physical stores.
  8. Employee Selection, Retention, Motivation Practices
    The role of HRM in the organization shall focus on improving recruitment, selection, retention, motivation, and promotion among other roles.
  9. Starbucks HR Strategy: Policies, Management, & Issues
    Analyzing Starbucks human resources strategy? ☕ This report describes the aspects of Starbucks HR management, policies, and issues! 🍩 Learn what is behind the success of Starbucks HR strategy. ➤
  10. Microsoft Gulf Plc's Human Resource Planning and Training
    The main focus of this paper is to assess whether planning for human resources leads to the accomplishment of tangible results in an organization.
  11. Downsizing' Process and Effects
    Downsizing in the corporate world is used to mean the process in which a company re-organizes its structure by bringing about layoffs in a part of the workforce of the company.
  12. Fast Food Company's Organization and Management Case
    The decision by Bob and Lloyd to start a fast food company in Cambridge is going to be a good investment if the two consider carefully organization and management of the business.
  13. McDonald’s Company Human Resource Strategy
    This paper focuses on people as an important aspect of McDonald’s overall strategy of improving its customer experience. Management of people falls in the realm of the human resource department.
  14. Google's and Westpac's Human Resource Strategies
    This paper discusses the role that human resource professionals play in strategy formulation using the cases of Google Company and Westpac Corporation.
  15. Resourcing and Talent Planning
    Workforce planning is a process of identifying and addressing the current skilled labor as well as the skills needed in an organization.
  16. Learning Function in Organization Design
    The role of the human capital (HC) in the organization is high because human resources directly influence the effectiveness of its operations.
  17. UAE Aviation Human Resource Optimization During Recession
    The recession has had far-reaching financial and human resource management implications that have compelled the readjustments of HR policies in the UAE aviation industry.
  18. Human Resource Management, Planning, and Policies
    Strategic human resource management (SHRM) is a tactical method for the management of an organisation’s human resource function in line with organisational goals and objectives.
  19. Strategic Human Resource Management and Objectives
    Strategic human resource management guides all the organizational activities and resources that are dedicated to attracting and maintaining a highly motivated workforce.
  20. Human Resource Planning Role in Aligning Skills with Jobs
    This paper discusses the role of human resource planning in the resourcing qualified personnel for organisations as a strategy for meeting the demand for competent human resources.
  21. Strategic Human Resource Management: Concepts and Cases
    Strategic human resource management (SHRM) is a tactical method for the management of an organisation’s human resource function in line with organisational goals and objectives.
  22. Strategies in the Human Resource Management
    Formulating business strategies in an organization involves systematic planning and coordination between organizations departments.
  23. Management Development: Human Resource Planning
    Management Development is best defined as the procedure from which administrators study and advance their capabilities not only to benefit themselves but also their organizations.
  24. Human Resource Planning and Its Role in the Organisation
    Human resource planning is an essential practice in ensuring that an organization maintains the right workforce in an attempt to achieve its impending operational goals.
  25. Leading Organizational Development in Ministry of Education
    This report presents an analysis of the strategic management process in the HR department of the Ministry of Education.

💡 Essay Ideas on Workforce Planning

  1. Resourcing and Talent Planning in the United Kingdom
    The paper discusses the wide variety of the latest trends in the labour market to gain an understanding of them to foster positive environments within companies.
  2. Managing Human Resources in the Organizational Context
    The job of a Human Resource (HR) manager might seem comparatively easy and lacking the connection to the rest of the organizational processes.
  3. Role of Human Resource Department in Managing Power Balance Between Employer and Employee
    The most important role of Human Resource Department in managing the power balance that exists between employer and the employees is that of employee compensation.
  4. McDonald’s Company’s Strategic HR Direction
    McDonald’s Corporation was started in the year 1940 and is said to be the biggest chain of fast food restaurants in the world.
  5. Event Human Resource Management Analysis
    This report presents the various policies that will be used by Sydney world Masters Games in managing volunteer human resources.
  6. Human Resource Planning in a Changing and Dynamic Economic Environment
    The literature review will focus on the many aspects of human resource planning, the advantages and disadvantage of HR planning, some aspects of HRM, and theories and concepts.
  7. Align HR With Organization Strategy
    Human resources alignment means integrating decisions about people with decisions about the results an organization is trying to obtain (U.S Office of Personnel Management, 1999).
  8. Employment and Staffing. Recruitment
    The process of employment and staffing is starts with attracting potential candidates and only ends when competent staffs are recruited and oriented.
  9. People Power: Driving Fashion Forward
    Many organisations have resorted to the People Power approach as a HRM tool as it recognises the major role employees play in determining the future of the business.
  10. Kamuga Motors Company's Human Resource Planning
    Despite Kamuga Motors Company emphasizing recruiting qualified personnel, it uses a dynamic learning approach to equip its employees with the necessary skills.
  11. Human Resource Management's Central Issues
    Human Resource Management emphasizes human resource potential through staffing and optimizing skills, talents, capabilities for the fulfillment of the organization’s objectives.
  12. Workforce in Strategic Human Resource Management
    This essay shows the rising importance of resources in SHRM and investigates if the resource-based view has resulted in a diminished focus on people.
  13. HR Audit: Florida Corrections and Rehabilitation
    An HR audit is a practice used by organizations to develop and evaluate ways of strengthening workforce performance. As a Benchmark is used Florida Corrections and Rehabilitation
  14. The Scientific Revolution in Human Resourse Management
    In our fast-paced world, Human resource management has to hire and maintain persons who are flexible, highly-skilled, innovative and committed.
  15. InterClean Company Strategic Planning
    InterClean company needs to come up with a new strategic plan on how to have an edge in the market after acquiring the Enviro tech Company.
  16. Human Resource Planning: Employee Demand & Supply
    It is a systematic process of evaluating the human resource needs of an organization and making the appropriate human resource allocation based on their skills and competence.
  17. Developing Strategic HRM Policies and Plans
    The current state of competition in business environment calls for organizations to be open to embracing changes and innovations aimed at helping them gain competitive advantages.
  18. McDonald’s Company HR Management Practices
    McDonald's is a global multinational corporation, which is represented on all six continents and in over 100 countries. The workforce of McDonald's has a long history of diversity.
  19. Human Resource Management
    HRM's main goal is to maximize employee performance and ensure the organization has sufficient workers equipped with everything they need to achieve top results and be satisfied.
  20. Resourcing and Talent Planning in Labor Markets
    Understanding the nature and specifics of labor markets in different countries allows making more informed decisions on hiring and firing employees, changing their wages etc.
  21. Human Resource Management at Amazon
    The HR policies of Amazon are reflected in its systems intended to improve cooperation between managers and employees.
  22. Comparator Group: Cigna and Anthem
    Cigna and Anthem companies possess comparable revenues and operate in a similar market, but there are key distinctions between the comparator group and the UnitedHealth Group.
  23. Aspects of Hiring Processes Management
    Effective management strategies are crucial in project execution. This paper discusses diverse aspects of hiring processes management strategies.
  24. Human Resource Management - Canadian Retail Sector
    This paper will discuss fundamental HR functions in the Canadian retail sector and their impact on organizations.
  25. Amazon HR Practices and Processes
    Ethics is an integral aspect of HRM Amazon management should take into account ethical concerns related to workplace health and safety.

👍 Good Workforce Planning Essay Examples to Write about

  1. The Key Elements of Job Analysis
    This paper describes the key elements of job analysis to explore the underlying factors and conditions of responsibilities.
  2. Electronic HR Management Using Clerk.ly as an Example
    This report aims at defining e-HRIS, analyzing options of e-HRIS software programs, and providing recommendations for Clerk.ly as to whether it would benefit from adopting e-HRIS.
  3. Human Resource Career Paths and Strategic Planning
    This paper overviews human resources career paths and analyzes how companies conduct the implementation of their human resources strategic plans.
  4. Resourcing, Talent Management and Development
    This paper assesses the employee resourcing and talent management plan of a medium-sized company in the context of the contemporary employment market.
  5. Effective Human Resource Practices and Employee Motivation
    This paper explains the way effective HRM practices help to improve employee satisfaction and development, thus increasing performance in organizations.
  6. The Role of HRM Within Retail Organizations in Canada
    In this paper, the role of human resource (HR) practitioners as business partners is essential to address new market realities.
  7. How Tesco Uses Workforce Planning & Proactive Recruitment
    Recruitment and selection have become fundamentally important concerns for employers globally in large part because of considerable shifts in emerging technologies, labour market.
  8. Human Resource Planning and Management
    This paper states that human resource planning and management are of paramount importance in any given organization.
  9. Finding, Keeping, and Growing People
    With the outbreak of COVID-19, Scottish energy sectors have been impacted negatively on how they recruit, select, and develop employees' talents.
  10. Resource and Talent Planning Within Organization
    This paper discusses labour market, future skills, workforce planning, HR planning and documentation, retention and turnover, lawful practice from managing dismissal, retirement.
  11. Human Resource Management at Singapore Airlines
    Many human resource (HR) departments face multiple challenges and obstacles, which may require a strategic approach to resolve.
  12. People Practice and Organizational Success
    Companies that provide their workers with opportunities to develop as professionals and ensure that the workplace environment is friendly and accepting can achieve better performance.
  13. Human Resources Management Plan and Job Aids
    This report is an HR plan for an organization looking to hire a Chief Financial Officer, including selection tips, training proposal, recommendations, and orientation script.
  14. Human Resource Management for Tourism, Sports and Creative Industries
    Scholars in HRM have attempted to develop different approaches in managing events. We shall focus on human resource management in sports.
  15. The Eco-Café Company: Strategic Human Resource Management
    Human resource managers have the responsibility to align their planning with the employers' business objectives. The Eco-Café Company’s business goal is enhancing its market reach.
  16. To Be or Not to Be? Sustainability Challenges for 21st Century
    The paper considers sustainability and knowledge management and how to develop and implement them in business effectively.
  17. Managing a Diverse Workforce
    The paper discusses the importance of managing a diverse workforce and guiding managers, identifying effective communication strategies.
  18. Strategic Management and Planning in the Workplace
    A business profile includes brief information about the company's history and development, past success, and expected future performance.
  19. Human Resource Management at Maersk
    The paper states that when the HR manager understands the company's strategic goals, it will be easier to hire the best employees at the correct time.
  20. Integrated Commercial Inc.'s Strategic Management
    Integrated Commercial Inc. aims to revitalize the company’s human resources, which have faced a myriad of challenges over the past three years.
  21. Compensation Effectiveness Evaluation
    The current paper discusses the key areas of HR development, analyzes the methods of assessing the effectiveness of compensation management, and proposes recommendations.
  22. Disability Services Australia's Implementation Plan
    For Disability Services Australia to function successfully in the long term, an implementation plan must be developed.

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