Aspects of Hiring Processes Management

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Effective management strategies are crucial in project execution. Hiring activities also require strategic management of “human, physical, and financial resources” (Kerzner, 2010). An effective hiring strategy is applicable in the recruitment of workers with desirable experience, skills, knowledge, and talent. Notably, such workers are crucial for excellent operations at Resolute Energy Corporation. Effective hiring processes require flawless deliverables management and quality assurance strategies. Furthermore, communication strategies, documentation and contingency plans shall be applicable. This paper discusses diverse aspects of hiring processes management strategies.

Management Strategies for human, physical, and financial resources

Workforce hiring processes require strategic management of diverse resources in order to enhance their effectiveness. Management strategies are also applicable in acquiring temporary workforce for Resolute Energy Corporation. Furthermore, the team developing a new hiring plan must recognize the significance of permanent workforce in the firm (Kerzner, 2010).

Resolute Energy Corporation hiring processes require a work plan to guide associated activities. Deliverables associated with this project include the actual development of a new hiring plan. The deliverables are developed from activities listed in the work plan. The new hiring plan implementation team shall generate deliverables management strategies (Analoui & Karami, 2003). The tool shall be applicable in measuring hiring activities regarding their ability to produce identified deliverables. The activities that were earlier identified in the budget shall form the work plan. Hiring personnel shall manage the work plan and the deliverables together. The hiring personnel shall manage deliverables at Resolute Energy Corporation (Kerzner, 2010). This promotes the attainment of outcomes agreed on between Resolute Energy Corporation and the project team. Furthermore, this shall inform the firm’s decision to pay for satisfactory deliverables.

The new hiring plan is to provide an appropriate framework, which the firm can use to acquire excellent workforce. The team shall develop quality assurance strategies required to realize the objectives (Kerzner, 2010). The implementation team shall develop quality assurance management tools to guide the hiring process. Quality standards shall also be applicable at all stages of the recruitment process. Standardized interview screening forms shall be used in the hiring process. This shall ensure that recruited workers have features that match the job. Furthermore, hiring personnel shall manage vacancies announcements. This shall ensure that individuals possessing required skills, talent, experience, and knowledge present applications (Kerzner, 2010). Short listing and interviewing applicants shall also be guided by quality standards.

The new hiring project group shall decide what communication strategies shall be applicable in a recruitment process. Most importantly, successful hiring plans require impeccable communication strategies. Communication strategies shall provide accurate information to the potential applicants, hiring team, and Resolute Energy Corporation management. The strategy shall specify ways of issuing advertisements that provide accurate information about particulars of the opening (Analoui & Karami, 2003). The strategy shall specify communication channels between applicants and the hiring team. Modalities for applications submissions and notification of short listed applicants shall be specified. Furthermore, accuracy is required when inviting interviewees and providing information to hired workforce.

The process of recruiting workforce entails diverse activities that require documentation. A new hiring project shall require impeccable documentation management strategies. The applicable documentation systems and structures required during the recruitment process shall be decided by the team (Lewis, 2011). Electronic and manual filing shall be applicable in documenting hiring activities. The plan shall specify that files are used in documenting decisions to hire, vacancy advertisements, job descriptions, and terms of reference. Applications presented in hard copy shall be filed manually. The electronic applications shall be stored electronically. Furthermore, the hiring plan can specify that electronic applications are printed and filed manually (Lewis, 2011). The hiring team shall also manage the recruitment documents at every stage through filing.

It is notable that change requests enhance operations in diverse sectors of a firm. An excellent hiring process should provide strategies that shall be applicable in managing change requests. The implementation team shall develop strategies for effectively capturing and routing change requests to suitable persons. This shall ensure that approval and execution processes are conducted within schedule. The new hiring plan shall also specify how change requests are organized across individuals, diverse teams, and systems at Resolute Energy Corporation. The strategy for managing change requests shall also provide specific ways of notifying the impacted workforce and departments in order to reduce effectiveness (Lewis, 2011). The strategy shall also provide instructions on the involvement of all stakeholders in the change requests. This increases change application visibility to enable originators understands the status of their requests.

The project execution team shall develop applicable contingency plans for the hiring project. Contingency plans are crucial in addressing predicaments associated with hiring processes that negatively influence the ultimate outcome. (Kerzner, 2010). The plans enable Resolute Energy Corporation to land talent in a short period. This is applicable in hard economic times that slow down recruitment activities (Analoui & Karami, 2003). Furthermore, such plans are applicable in recruiting new workforce on short term engagements. The plan provides for how human resource managers shall handle situations where hired workers turns down opportunities at short notices.

Projects normally require monitoring and evaluation strategies. The monitoring strategy for workforce hiring at Resolute Energy Corporation shall be developed from the project activities schedule. Monitoring shall be an ongoing activity conducted after every project stage (Lewis, 2011). The implementing team together with representatives of Resolute Energy Corporation management shall monitor the hiring project. The monitoring activities normally require monetary resources. The management shall allocate eight percent of the venture costs for monitoring purposes.

A critical path approach shall also be applicable in the hiring process. Therefore, the implementation team shall develop a critical path for the project. The critical path shall depend on the activities outlined in the project (Lewis, 2011). Furthermore, the identified activities shall be covered in the critical path together with their timelines. This shall help hiring personnel in ensuring that all aspects of workforces’ recruitment are implemented during the process. Project monitoring shall reveal resource levels in the firm (Analoui & Karami, 2003). The available resources shall be monitored against what Resolute Energy Corporation requires in order to determine areas where action is needed.

Change requests from existing workforce shall be monitored to provide the firm with ideas on resource levels. The implementation team shall develop a standard tool that helps in monitoring change requests including those granted or refused. Change requests monitoring is crucial for Resolute Energy Corporation because it provides information on areas that requires additional workforce (Lewis, 2011). Scope creep prevention at Resolute Energy Corporation is also critical. The implementation team shall institute strategies for scope creep prevention and monitoring.


The significance of an effective workforce hiring plan cannot be underestimated. Most importantly, strategic management of hiring processes in a firm ensures effectiveness. Strategic management of diverse resources such as “human, physical, and financial resources” is also crucial. The implementation of various strategies in hiring activities also requires monitoring. Monitoring processes ensures that the implementation of hiring activities contributes to the attainment of predetermined deliverables.


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