Effective Manager Reflective Report

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To make more achievements in life, a man should be self-critical to what is being done currently. In fact, it is better to take this principle as a given in order to succeed in every beginning. A leader should have no doubt if something goes wrong. Instead, one might analyze the reasons for making drawbacks. My personal position to managerial area of knowledge is that it should not be taken for granted as something that is going on by itself. People capable of thinking rationally and taking decisions appropriately form the elite groups of individuals who drive the society toward better future. In case of business affairs, one should never neglect the significance of constructive and productive communication between the members of this or that community in the workplace. For me, stepping by the pathway of managerial perspectives means to have applied skills and to appreciate self-development (Anderson & Ryder, 2010). This statement makes me understand the primordial intentions if one dares chose the profession of a manager.

Self-reflective experience

As it might be seen, the extent of human relationships depends on different factors in the workspace. It means that if one wants to coordinate the work of people efficiently, one should follow the main principles of etiquette and morale. In the work place it is a bit different than in person. In practice, it is necessary to predict the development of actions at work by making constructive suggestions. It concerns the sphere of interpersonal savvy and professionalism of employees. Educational and experience background matters in this respect. However, one should assume a particular difference between features studied at a university and those happening in reality. Organizational context hereby impacts negatively skills and competencies of a manager. It has logical explanation, for each human being is individual, and to cope with a group of people means to know the peculiarities of character of each.

In global approach, managers need to show their ability to resist rivals by motivating the personnel to work harder and more effectively. Working in International Medical Center as a statistical analyst, I have understood afterwards that my destination is to solve issues of international type. As being leaned toward human problems as though they are mine, I feel personal significance of bringing my mite in the society. Once I was working overtime over preparation of one significant report on statistical collection of data related to patient satisfaction. It was a real challenge for me. However I followed principles of time and energy management. It means that my colleagues being subordinate to me were kindly requested on helping me in that task. Cooperation provides more chances for completion of different tasks. Hence, I did not get stuck about whether or not to ask somebody in what belonged straightforwardly to me. Conversely, by motivating people correctly it is possible to complete different task faster. When the reputation of the company is at stake, one should refer to it as to personal reputation as well (Guirdham, 1990).

Thus, as admitted in what I have learnt already, my interaction within the personnel gave freedom to subordinates and improved my authority in response (Ryder, 2010). In fact, the authority can be efficiently achieved by taking more responsibility for people around. The management practice is too serious to consider it just a way to earn money. In aforementioned example, it is seen that the power of making coherence with the staff members for the sake of corporate interests is reachable.

However, the medical practice is even more serious in terms of management. One can imagine the work of the superior in nursing with an instructor who helps people realize how to help people. To make it precise, profession of a nurse or a doctor is too responsible and reputable in the society if one has proved once his/her ability in curing people. Working in International Medical Center, I encountered a great example of a manager within hospital area. It was our nurse supervisor. She was apt at planning daily activities of each staff member, so that to have some additional time for quite possible emergency cases at any time. She was a great planner to follow. Since that time I have understood the power of being a sufficient planner. Further still, after that little experience I managed to develop additional qualities of my managerial skills, namely:

  • Organizing;
  • Commanding;
  • Coordinating;
  • Controlling (UH Business School, 2010).

Communicating constantly with people, it is better to omit any conflict moment. Making a constructive supposition of such a use of this action, I do not get into some quarrels. Instead, it would be more applicable to find out the reason of the conflict and possible solutions to the problem. I take care of it, for I prevent any impact of stress on me. Being resistant to stress, one can go well with people surrounding him/her in the workspace as well as one can attain higher results of work (Stress Management, 2010).

In theory, managers should get through different obstacles in communication and decision-making. An effective manager copes dynamically with ownership and resources and reaches the balance in accountability and authority (Performance Management 1, 2010). Thus, I can infer that in person I followed the same way but having recognized it in other words. Appraisals are for responsible and reputable people within the communities of other people. Going along with the policy of a company and its cultural aspects, it is correct to feel a great significance of personal belonging (Performance Management 2, 2010). Moving people toward better standards of work, a manger (or supervisor) gets better. All in all, looking at the previous experience in managerial field of activities, I see that the reality of time provokes me on doing something useful in managing personal work process. It corresponds also to people led by me. Time will tell whether my skills are that perfect. To date, I do not stop learning and practicing everything that is new to management.

To reduce all known difficulties in using personal skills and habits for a good cause, it is better to make a design of further actions as a manager. Doing it now, one saves time and efforts for the future. In other words, being a good planner, I used to make time-table with week, month and even annual intervals. It helps to understand that no spare minute of my precious time is spent in vain. On the other hand, it gives me more opportunities to communicate and help people in need. Finally, designing personal and professional life, one can surpass expectations of any company or corporation. If the goals are achieved on time, that means success to a manager. Hence, my action plan to improve further steps in management team would be as follows:

Action Plan

  1. Fit the standards of personal performance. A manager should be an example for others. Thus, he/she needs to improve personal leadership skills significantly.
  2. Planning. Keeping goals achievement in coherence with time limits.
  3. Decision-making. Taking responsibility for some definite task, one does everything to reach it out for the sake of company’s growth and well-being of the personnel subject to me.
  4. Mentoring. Finding out the way to match personal character with characters of subordinates means to feel their needs as personal. In this respect one needs to be sure in an employee. Here, emotional intelligence should serve as a panacea to go well socially (Goleman, 1995).
  5. Counseling. Being an etalon to others, a leader should help people in the workplace or in person find the optimal ways of solving their problems. It is better to teach a man to catch fish, than just take him/her a fish. Working out one’s problem by means of some innovative or unusual way might serve as a big plus (Alvesson & Willmott, 1998). More use can be gained through shedding light on the most applicable opportunities to be taken in life.
  6. Discipline. Similar to the word “disciple”, it means to obey the policy and culture in the work place. Manager’s role is to keep it strict for all employees and for me, first of all.
  7. Appraisals. Looking at the positive or negative results attained by each employee, a leader’s responsibility is to provide appraisals. Personal objectivity in this respect should touch upon ostensive reasons to compliment and encourage an employee.


To conclude, self-criticism of personal achievements in the work place is vital to make steps in career prospects more efficient. Thereupon, the basis for the most applicable managerial rules should lie through trust, leadership, communication, perseverance, and decision-making along with problem-solving. Following these principles, one can become a successful manager.


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