InterClean Company Strategic Planning

Job analysis

InterClean company wants to have an edge in the competitive market. It requires to come up with a new strategic plan on how to have an edge in the market after acquiring the Enviro tech Company. Intensive training of the sales employees will be done in order to help them be part of the new company’s strategy. In order to come up with the best employees, the company will have to carry out a Job analysis procedure which will help in collecting information relating to the operations and responsibilities of a specific job (Bohlander & Snell 2009). In conducting the job analysis for new salespeople in InterClean company interviews and questionnaires will be used. An interview will help the company to understand the potential employees properly. It will also help the human resource manager to understand how the candidates will solve problems and also how they will behave under pressure or stress. Questionnaires will be given to the potential employees to fill in InterClean Company in order to gather more information from them.

Duties and specifications

Initiative and farsighted

The salesperson required by the InterClean Company should be able to foresee the future events of the company and know how to diversify the market and also the products in order to be competitive in the market. He should also be aware of the current market trends in order to have an idea of future trends in the business and be in a position to make good decisions (Bohlander & Snell, 2009). The salespeople should also initiate the launching of InterClean products to new sales territories.

Sales management skills

The salespersons should be able to frame and implement sales plans, sales policies, sales procedures and sales programs for the company. They should also be in a position to coordinate the activities of the sales department with those of other departments. It is a prerequisite that the salespersons should have knowledge of the latest market environment and develop managerial abilities (Bohlander & Snell, 2009).

Increase company sales

The salespeople should work hard to increase the company’s sales and its market share. They should guide and supervise the company’s sales force by fixing sales quotas for them and also designing sales territories.

Workforce planning

The workforce planning system for the Interclean Company will assist in understanding the workforce demand and supply for the sales department (Bohlander & Snell 2009). The skills required for the salespeople in the InterClean Company include the personal skills which will help the salespeople to implement the job and the sales skills they have. The salespeople must possess attributes like self-management, self-starting capacity, consistency and personal motivation. Job skill is also another requirement that the company is looking for. The salesmen should have a product and marketplace knowledge with a minimum of six years of experience in the industry. The other skill that the company is looking for is sales skills. This is the ability of the salesperson to understand and implement the state of the art selling skills relative to the appropriate level of prospecting, selling and account management. Job, product or marketplace knowledge will be one-third of what is required, while sales and personal skills will comprise two-thirds.

(Job skills + sales skills) * Personal skills =sales performance quotient

Positions needed

The company requires people to head the sales department activities and come up with goals and strategies for the sales department. The sales support person will also be required to help in market research and also help the sales management team in implementing and accomplishing the sales strategies and goals. Sales representatives are also required. They will be assigned territories in which they are supposed to go and sell the Interclean Company’s products. They will also act as links between the company and the customers who are mostly the farmers. In total, the company will hire five people for the sales department. Two will be in the management team as the sales department manager and his deputy. One person will be hired as a sales support person while two will be employed as the sales representatives who will be going to the field to sell the company’s products.

Employee training

Training and mentoring needs

Training will be done in order to help the new sales team be legible for the new merge process (Bohlander & Snell 2009). Employees will be trained on how to make the company be successful in the global markets. Training will be part of the overall professional development program of the company. It will also help in the acquisition of new sales techniques which will help the company to have an advantage in the market.

Objectives of training

To help the salespersons know the sales techniques to be used in attracting customers

To help the salespeople meet their set targets

To help the salespeople establish good relationships with the customers.

Methods of training

The company will train the sales teams in order to orient them to the new company and make them work towards achieving the company’s objectives. One of the training methods that the company will use is the job methods. This method is will involve the new sales team doing the sales job under the supervision of an experienced employee. Conferences and seminars will also be used to train the new sales team in the company. Sales experts will be hired by the company to train the new salespeople on how to attract and retain customers.

Contents of training and mentoring

The aim of employee training is to help employees be legible for the new merge process and thus conduct their sales function perfectly. Some of the topics that the company will teach include customer service. This will be important because with the stiff competition in the global market the sales employees will be in a position to understand the customers and meet their needs satisfactorily. Ethics will be also a topic that will be taught because the community today has high expectations about the organization’s corporate responsibilities. This makes it important for the salespeople to know how to treat the community. They will also be taught about the values and morals in the workplace. Human relations will also be taught in order to prevent misunderstandings and conflicts in the workplace. It will also help the employees to get along well in the workplace.

Time frame

When the new sales team joins the InterClean Company, they will undergo training for the first two weeks. In the first week, the sales team will meet with a sales expert who will train them on how to attract and handle customers in order to make the company have a competitive edge in the market. In the second week, the sales team will be required to start performing their duties under the supervision of an experienced person.

Evaluation of training and development

The company will be periodically performing evaluations in order to ensure that the training and development process is cost-effective. The real performance of the sales team will be compared with the expected performance. This will help the company to know whether the training goals set are being accomplished or not. The results of the evaluation process should be made known to the sales team in order to motivate them.

Performance appraisal

This will involve evaluating each sales employee’s current and potential levels of performance. This will help the salespeople know how they are doing and how they can do better in the future. Performance appraisal will also be used by the human resource manager in giving pay rise and promotions. The objective method will be used where the volume of sales made by each salesperson will be measured and then compared to the set target.

Performance feedback

The results of the appraisal will be discussed with the sales team soon after the evaluation process is completed. The manager will explain the basis for the present reward and will also inform the salespeople what they can do in order to be recognized as better performers in the future.

Alternative avenues for further development

The company will be arranging for further training and development for some of the sales team members. The company will sponsor some sales team members to join higher institutions of learning in order to advance their sales knowledge. The employee will be required to go to class and meet with a lecturer who will train him.


The employees will be selected according to their level of job skills, personal skills and sales skills (Bohlander & Snell 2009). The selection process will not discriminate against any race or age. Since the company’s aim is to build long-lasting relationships, the employees with this quality will have an advantage. Interviews will be used because they are advantageous in that the participants will talk about their experience in their own words and the company will get more information from them. On the other hand, interviews are disadvantageous in that they are very expensive to conduct. The company will also use questionnaires in order to source more information from the participants. The process of analyzing information from these questionnaires is very tedious which is disadvantageous to the company.

Sales manager

Eric Borden will be hired as the company’s sales manager because he has high expertise in this industry, he is also customer-oriented and he has the selling skills required. Since he has also performed as a team leader, it will be easy for him to head the sales department. He had worked in Enviro Tech Company for 14 years and he has a good reputation of serving the customers needs effectively.

Deputy sales manager

Ving Hsu will be hired to work together with Eric because he has the industry skills having worked for twelve years in Enviro Tech Company also. He is also able to build a long-lasting relationship with the customers. He has a good reputation for teaching employees how to handle customers. He is good at solving customers’ problems because he knows how to obtain appropriate answers through his personal network.

Sales support person

Jim Martin will be hired as the sales support person who will be responsible for doing market research and coming up with new ideas on how to compete in the market. He is an experienced and knowledgeable person in the industry. He is not afraid of trying new ideas and that’s why the company prefers to hire him in order to perform market research for the company.

Sales representatives

Tom Gonzalez and Dennis White will be hired as the sales representatives of the Interclean company because they are aggressive and as they work together with the sales management team they will be in a position to build good customer relationships. Tom Gonzalez has worked in Environ Tech for five years and has been in the industry for 25 years. He aims at building a long-lasting relationship with the customers. Dennis on the other hand has worked in the InterClean Company for 4 years. He is an active salesperson who likes winning customers.

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