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📒 Job Analysis Guide

Job analysis plays a vital role in human recruitment. It helps HR managers determine the competencies or skills needed to perform a specific occupation, ensure that the job conditions are fair, and see how the position influences other parts of the business. Moreover, it improves employee participation and productivity. Based on job analysis, executives can create new positions, reorganize the team, or dismiss unproductive employees. On this page, we will explain what job analysis is and why it’s essential and provide a step-by-step guide on conducting it.

🔝 Top-10 Job Analysis Examples

  1. Director of Human Resources: Job Description
  2. Human Resource Professional's Career
  3. Competitive Job: Security Consultant/Manager
  4. Human Resources and Personnel Management Difference
  5. Aabar Investments Company Employee Behaviour and Motivation
  6. Human Resource Management' and Marketing' Relations
  7. Human Resource Policies for Staff Performance
  8. Human Resource Training and Development
  9. Job Analysis Techniques
  10. Digifile Recordings Company's Total Reward Strategy

What Is a Job Analysis?

A job analysis is an approach that examines job position, knowledge, and abilities required to carry out a specific task, the working environment, and its impact on business spheres. A job study assesses the position rather than the employee who performs the work. The method enables HR managers to comprehend the duties that employees carry out at work and the human capacities necessary to carry out these duties.

Why Is Job Analysis Important?

Job observation is very time-consuming and involves a lot of human effort, but still, its results bring a lot of advantages:

  • Information regarding required skills and responsibilities. Work observation can assist the business and the employees by providing a clearer picture of what a job involves. It also establishes criteria for employees so they know what is expected of them within their work position.
  • Development of evaluation methods. Employers can use job analysis to update or build new performance evaluation forms. The study also allows for a more realistic assessment of how an employee performs their work obligations.
  • Establishment of salary and promotion standards. A job analysis can assist in determining whether a specific role requires a more significant skill set. It also helps employers decide whether to adjust the pay scale for a certain position or promote a worker.
  • Refreshment of hiring procedures. A job observation could convince companies that the job descriptions they use for hiring and grading must be updated. It also allows them to create a new manual for hire procedures.
  • Training for employees. A job analysis assists organizations in determining the optimum way to train new and already existing staff. The research process can also reveal the most beneficial areas for professional development.

Work Analysis Types

The information acquired from the work observation is divided into 2 groups: the occupation’s task demands and the human qualities required to fulfill these tasks.

  1. Task-based analysis
    This kind of job analysis is the most common and focuses on identifying elements of the job. In this type of analysis, tasks must be stated as a task statement. The task statement is the most significant component of the task analysis process because it provides a standardized format for describing worker actions with all the details.
  2. Skills-based analysis
    A skill-based analysis aims at the specific knowledge and abilities required for the job. This form is more subjective and is more suited to high-level positions.

💭 What Are the Methods of Carrying Out Job Analysis?

It is essential to use effective techniques while conducting job research. A job analysis combines 3 methods, which are simple but bring fantastic results.

Interview Method of Job AnalysisInterviews are one of the ways to get information and understand employees’ working habits, skills, insecurities, and fears regarding their careers. The strategy allows interviewers to learn what exactly an employee thinks about their job and the responsibilities that come with it.
Observation Job AnalysisThe observation method helps to determine how long it takes to complete a specific task. A job analyst examines employees—records their completed and uncompleted duties, skills, and mental or emotional competence to deal with stress and hazards. However, the method may entail personal biases, and the results may not be accurate.
Job Analysis QuestionnairesThis job analysis method is based on receiving filled questionnaires from employees, their superiors, and managers. The questions should be carefully examined and designed for different employees. Poorly made questions can include personal biasness. To obtain accurate information, HR managers should explain to employees that the data gathered will be used for their benefit.

🤓 Job Analysis Template – Step by Step

The process of job analysis consists of 6 phases. Here’s a quick step-by-step breakdown:

Step 1 Examine the Employee Responsibilities

The first step is to determine the specific position’s roles and responsibilities. The information can be gathered through employee interviews, questionnaires, or work manuals. After creating a list of required activities, the numerous tasks can be classified and grouped based on the amount of knowledge and experience.

Step 2 Investigate Relevant Positions

The second step is to examine relevant positions to see if the work experience aligns with industry standards. Analyzing the necessary qualifications, duties, and activities seen as most vital by other employers can be beneficial. It can help discover employee job obligations a company was unaware of.

Step 3 Specify the Outcomes Required for the Position

Since roles and duties differ within departments, even equivalent positions don’t produce the same results. Employers need to specify what exactly they want to receive from the person they hire. It’s best to write down skill sets and degrees of expertise a company needs from its workforce.

Step 4 Determine Skills, Training, and Level of Education

Specifying the exact skills, training, and education each worker will require is crucial. To receive good job analysis results, a company must be specific and accurate about each point. Depending on the value they bring to the team, it may change some functional responsibilities and duties.

Step 5 Determine Benefits and Compensation

A company needs to examine the pay range for the position and the revenue that its rivals provide for the identical job. Visiting websites like Glassdoor or Payscale will give all the necessary information about the amounts of compensation and benefits. Also, it’s essential to list the actions that will lead the employee to a financial promotion.

Step 6 Continually Iterate and Improve the Job

A job observation is a continuous process because the requirements for each position change every time. After the research, a company can choose workers who fit the job the most and pay them following industry standards. It will also allow the company to help those employees who want to progress in their careers.

📝 Job Analysis Research Paper Examples

  1. Employee Incentives and Reward Systems
    According to equity theory, the level of compensation compared with the amount of effort that employees put into their jobs determines the relationships in employment.
  2. Job Evaluation and Performance Appraisal
    The performance appraisal system is a step of better achieving the set goals. This work explains the effectiveness of a performance appraisal system in a public sector organization.
  3. Human Resource Planning in Tourism Industry
    Human resource planning has always been a crucial component for the competitive growth and development experienced in the modern tourism industry.
  4. Employee Selection, Retention, Motivation Practices
    The role of HRM in the organization shall focus on improving recruitment, selection, retention, motivation, and promotion among other roles.
  5. Qatar National Bank's Employees in Change Processes
    The dissertation focuses on investigating the impact of human resource bundles on change management processes in Qatar National Bank (QNB).
  6. Employee Performance Management in Business
    Human resource is a field that possesses challenges that need effective management skills. People and organizations interact at all times, and it results in many changes.
  7. Human Resource Management: Roles and Responsibilities
    The pressures from global competition and the dynamic challenges and technological revolution have prompted the Human resource departments to link job analysis with business needs.
  8. Nestlé Group's Quality in Operations Management
    This paper reviews the quantitative examination of value and supportability perspectives of Nestle Company as a leader in providing food products across the globe.
  9. Coca-Cola Human Resources – a Case Study
    This report focuses on Coca Cola human resources: 🧑‍💼 job design, the training process, employee benefits, promotion strategies, etc. 👓 Read the paper to learn more about Coca Cola human resource management!
  10. UAE Aviation Human Resource Optimization During Recession
    The recession has had far-reaching financial and human resource management implications that have compelled the readjustments of HR policies in the UAE aviation industry.
  11. Improved Work Environment at Production Plant
    The research undertaken to examine the impact of improvements in the work environment in the production plant of a multinational firm.
  12. How Recruitment and Selection Affect Organisational Performance
    The aim of this study is to establish how well organizations manage their talents, especially during the recruitment and selection process, and the implication of their practices.
  13. Federal Roads Maintenance Agency: Critical Evaluation
    The purpose of this paper is to undertake a critical evaluation of performance appraisal in the context of an organisation’s determination to foster the employees’ development.
  14. Employee Turnover and Its Long-Term Impact
    The learning process has resulted in a greater appreciation of the importance of effective leadership in the success of the organisation.
  15. Employee Job Satisfaction and Job Retention
    In this study, the focus is to determine employee job satisfaction and job retention in the public sector in the United Arab Emirates.
  16. Organizational Development: Job Design and Motivation
    In organizational management, work design is concerned about the creation of jobs and teams that can lead to high levels of employee satisfaction and productivity.
  17. Employee Motivation Role
    The element of employee motivation requires effective management of the available resources and strategic leadership.
  18. Samba Financial Group Strategic Operations Management
    This paper discusses the ways in which Samba Financial Group apply the ten principles of strategic operations management and evaluate its success.
  19. Google Incorporation's Human Resource Practices
    Google Inc. needs to manage its international branches and offices more efficiently to ensure that all benefits provided by the company are also available in the foreign offices.
  20. Performance Appraisal Importance in HR Management
    This paper discusses the importance of incorporating job analysis in the performance appraisal system. The paper will discuss the need for having an all-rounded performance appraisal system.
  21. Job Performance and Business Communication
    Job performance is the ability of employees to use their skills and competence to accomplish various activities within a particular organization.
  22. Selection Procedures, Their Factors and Stages
    Selection process has multiple stages which include interviews, pre-employment inquiries, background investigation, aptitude test, first screening interview, and application form.
  23. HR Practices in Infosys – Best Strategies
    What are the best Infosys HR practices? 💾 This work presents the HRM system of Infosys, its challenges, and the ways of overcoming these difficulties. 🤝 Read the article to learn what are innovative HR practices in Infosys. ✔️
  24. Organizational Workplace and Human Resource Trends
    This essay examines various functions of HRM in enhancing an organization’s business flexibility, explores equal employment opportunity laws and trends in the business environment.
  25. Managing People. Performance Appraisal Methods
    This paper tries to study all the methods of appraisal in different organizational frameworks and then judge their practicality.
  26. Managing People. Performance Appraisal
    Performance appraisal is essential to the victorious operation of most firms. Employees are evaluated to determine their contributions to the organization.

💡 Essay Ideas on Job Analysis

  1. Human Resource Department: Mr. Richey Odio Interview
    An HRD professional acts as a strategic advisor to help in the decision-making processes in the human resource management department.
  2. Quality of Work Life Improvement Techniques
    Managing human resources is a highly complex and competitive task in modern organizations. Human resource management demands mastery over many areas.
  3. Management and Organizational Dynamics: Job Enrichment
    The corporate culture is fully understood and appreciated by all employees. The CSR strategy is also supported and developed under the confines of the company’s mission.
  4. Human Resource Management: Job Analysis
    The role profile in our company describes the responsibility the holders are supposed to deliver in terms of the expectations of the company and accountabilities.
  5. Compensation System Design and Job Analysis
    Compensation programs are based on a combination of evaluations of the internal relationship of jobs at the workplace.
  6. Human Resource Management: Academic Theory
    The human resource management sector in any organization deals with ensuring that all the complainants relevant to all staff issues are passed forward to be addressed.
  7. Workload and Employee Performance Relationship
    Most organizations are starting to slowly understand the impact of workload and to give thoughtful managers a practical and effective technique for increasing people's efforts.
  8. The Concept of Human Resource Management
    Human resource management is one of the most crucial activities that relate to managing the employee and employee-related activities in an organization.
  9. Staffing Issues Related to High Technology Organizations
    Staffing, just like and is regarded as some of the most crucial functions of the human resource management in various organizations.
  10. Personnel Training and Development Programs
    Personnel training and development programs are shown to significantly enhance the performance of the workforce. It helps them understand the organizational culture.
  11. Job Analysis as Important Feature of Recruitment Process
    This paper emphatically outlines the critical importance of job analysis and selection process in the overall recruitment process.
  12. Performance Management: Benefits and Concerns
    Considering the changes that are occurring in the business environment, it is important for Integrated HR Services to develop a high competitive advantage in its operation.
  13. Team Leader: Starategies and Tools
    The main method used by leaders is result-based leadership method, the main strategies are motivation and inspiring employees, cooperation, and support initiatives.
  14. Human Resource Management Competencies-Interview Package
    The report throws light on the various steps the management should take care of before planning and scheduling an interview.
  15. The Influence of Change on IHRM
    The research will evaluate the strategic importance of IHRM and the impact of such factors as economic, social, and political pressure on IHRM.
  16. Performance Appraisal Process
    Performance appraisal elements describe the overall responsibilities of an employee. Performance standards are the expected level of performance of the employees.
  17. Emotional Intelligence & Primal Leadership Theory
    Emotional intelligence is described as the ability of a person to control his own emotions and feelings and direct and guide the feelings of others.
  18. Performance Measurement and Management in Business
    Performance measurement is vital in all organizations because the organizations need to verify the validity of the selection methods.
  19. HRM Practices: Difference in Practices in US and Japan
    The paper provides a comprehensive review of the differences in the HR policies of GM and that of Toyota. It also shows that the differences are common in all US and Japanese companies.
  20. McJob: Human Resources Management Theories
    HR managers have to look into the ways in which they can transform McJobs from their current structure to a more efficient, yet simultaneously, to a more satisfying experience.
  21. The Concept of International Human Resource Management
    Common concept of human resource management illustrates how to adopt the right man for the right place. Both individual and organizational goals entail this process.
  22. The Education and Job of a Film Director
    The essay explains what the job of film directors is, their responsibilities, and how to get a job of a film director today.
  23. Motivation at Work Places: Employees Behavior
    Motivation is an internal drive in an organizational setting that intends to satisfy unsatisfied need and the employees must have the will to achieve the goals.
  24. Effective Performance Management Systems in Australian Organizations
    This report will focus on the strategies that organizations, especially in Australia, can use to improve the performance management system.
  25. Employment and Staffing. Recruitment
    The process of employment and staffing is starts with attracting potential candidates and only ends when competent staffs are recruited and oriented.
  26. HR Manager Job Aspects
    The organization should establish strict codes of ethics for all employees’ groups. The HR manager should understand and follow WHS laws and statutory law in depth.

👍 Good Job Analysis Essay Examples to Write about

  1. The Concept of Recruitment and Selection on Job
    Job description entails a description of the purpose of the post, the job title, where the job will be based, the type of person that is required which is the selection criteria.
  2. Labor Market Issues in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry
    The paper discusses HR management in the hospitality and tourism industry, which involves different functions and tasks related to employees and their effective performance.
  3. Job Analysis in Human Resource Management
    Job analysis is important to human resource personnel as it gives them a clear description of a candidate before they are posted to their work.
  4. Needs Assessment in HRM
    Without Needs Assessment, HRM cannot go on with the other objectives of training and development and other projects or activities for the organization.
  5. Job Opportunities in Modern America
    While the USA may pride itself on a service-based economy that has provided better working environments for workers, there are some obvious shortcomings of this type of economy.
  6. Fashion Designer: Applying for a Job
    Design itself is the large business segment, and it is subjected to marketing and business rules as any other profitable activity.
  7. The Importance of Proper Staff Recruitment and Employee Training Processes
    This research examines the impact and importance of proper recruitment and selection of human resource, as people are the most important function in any company to gain success.
  8. Effective Managing Human Resources
    Many aspects of human personality such as self-esteem, group-belonging, and self-actualization, are gaining grounds as far as management of human resource is concerned.
  9. Work Motivation & Employee Performance
    Motivation is a psychological feature that uplifts a person’s extent of commitment. It takes account of the aspects like reason, conduit, and sustainable performance in a fastidious committed direction.
  10. Human Resource Management's Central Issues
    Human Resource Management emphasizes human resource potential through staffing and optimizing skills, talents, capabilities for the fulfillment of the organization’s objectives.
  11. Organizational Behavior in Business Environment
    Ability in an organization can be managed by assigning jobs that would require the utilization of such abilities to employees who possess them.
  12. HR Audit: Florida Corrections and Rehabilitation
    An HR audit is a practice used by organizations to develop and evaluate ways of strengthening workforce performance. As a Benchmark is used Florida Corrections and Rehabilitation
  13. Egycel Telecommunication Entering the Cuban Market
    Considering the intensity of competition characterizing Egypt’s telecommunication industry, Egycel Telecommunication should formulate effective expansion strategies.
  14. Integrating Human Resource Strategies and Theories
    This paper provides a comprehensive analysis of the different types of Human Resources Management (HRM) strategies and theories.
  15. InterClean Company Strategic Planning
    InterClean company needs to come up with a new strategic plan on how to have an edge in the market after acquiring the Enviro tech Company.
  16. Current Issues in Human Resource Management
    Human resource faces the challenge of quickly applying technology to the task of improving its own operations and to always be ahead of others in the technological innovations.
  17. Employee Retention in Human Resource Management
    This article provides a literature review that discusses the differences in employee retention in the public and private sectors.
  18. Employee Performance Appraisal System
    This report covers the definition of employee performance appraisal systems, through a short history of where it started.
  19. Securing Employee’s Commitment to an Organization
    Elevated dedication of the employees at the workplace results in a positive outcome, elevated efficiency and yield, whereas a depleted dedication results in a poor outcome.
  20. Customer Sevice Improvement in The Hilton Hotel in Sydney
    The report expects to reveal important information on the positive qualities of hotel staff using the example of Hilton Sydney.
  21. Compensation Decision-Making in the Company
    Compensation must take into consideration the contributions of each individual with respect to the position they hold and the service they provide to the organization.
  22. Dunkin’ Donuts: New Branches
    This article discusses the working methods and organizational structure used to open the new Dunkin 'Donuts coffee shop.
  23. UAS Career Opportunity Exploration
    The purpose of this paper is to describe Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) operations as useful resources for the real estate sector.
  24. The Key Elements of Job Analysis
    This paper describes the key elements of job analysis to explore the underlying factors and conditions of responsibilities.
  25. Employee Motivation and Work Engagement
    The aim of this paper is to identify the factors influencing workers’ motivation and the effects of employee engagement on the organization’s performance.
  26. Training and Development in Career
    This paper discusses the extent to which training provided by a company enhances employees' career development.

🎓 Simple Research Paper Examples with Job Analysis

  1. Payment Management in the Organizations
    A payment management and provision services for the staff acquire the top priority as the central approach to the creation of a positive climate within a collective.
  2. About the Process of Hiring Employees at Apple, Inc.
    This essay seeks to analyze recruitment and selection processes, such as job advertisement and interviewing at Apple, Inc.
  3. Dignity in Low-Status Jobs: Discursive Constructions of Dignity
    The concept of dignity at the workplace may be described as a condition that depends on several factors. This phenomenon is viewed as a set of social markers.
  4. Discussing the Job of a Dunkin’ Donuts Manager and Improvements
    The purpose of this paper is to discuss the job of a Dunkin’ Donuts manager and improvements in the structure of this organization in the future.
  5. The Process of Job Analysis
    The primary purpose of a job analysis is to use the collected information to determine the right fit between employee and position and assess the employee's performance.
  6. CapraTek: Interview Candidates Selection
    In terms of the following paper, the major techniques of selecting interview candidates for CapraTek’s regional sales representative position will be outlined and analyzed.
  7. Opening Your New Dunkin’ Donuts Locations
    Dunkin’ Donuts shows prominent results, and its progress in the market is evident. Therefore, expansion is one of the major focuses for the further development of the company.
  8. Want an Exciting Job? Become an IT Manager
    The position of IT Manager in an organization is an exciting one, yet very challenging. The IT manager is more than a senior technician, he manages employees working under him.
  9. Administrative Assistant Job
    This article is a job description for an administrative assistant or secretary at The Turner Construction Company and the requirements for applicants.
  10. An Employee Motivation Program for Walmart
    A comprehensive employee motivation program premised on employee empowerment through task delegation and workers’ autonomy will inspire Walmart’s workers.
  11. Google Inc.: Training and Development
    The Google Inc. company has developed elaborate training and development strategies for use in the continued build-up of human capital to guarantee long-term performance.
  12. Motivation of an Employee
    When an employee is to be motivated there is a need to develop the conditions and incentives which will make a person exhibit the desired behavior.
  13. The Effectiveness of Occupational Stress Management
    The focus of this study will be on the experiences of both workers and managers, to determine the effectiveness of occupational stress management.
  14. Better Way Company's Recruitment Plan
    The paper examines the structure, external, internal environment, organizational structure of the company Better Way, and sets recruiting goals to help the company's development.
  15. Managing Organizational Employee Retention
    The paper discusses strategies on how 21st-century organizations can improve employee retention through effective employee relations strategies.
  16. Staffing Review Report
    The detailed report defines the process, the reasoning for conducting the job analysis, the resulting job design, and the performance evaluation process for each position or role.
  17. Employee Performance in the Ship-Repair Industry
    This study will attempt to determine the most effective techniques for overcoming the challenge of work-related stress in the ship-repair industry.
  18. Job Design for the Position of Administrative Assistant
    The current paper discusses a job analysis. It is a process aimed at developing an understanding of what employees do in their work.
  19. Resource and Talent Planning Within Organization
    This paper discusses labour market, future skills, workforce planning, HR planning and documentation, retention and turnover, lawful practice from managing dismissal, retirement.
  20. Job Analysis and Selection Techniques
    This paper will discuss job analysis, employee selection, how job analysis can influence employee selection, demonstrate the job analysis’ and the selection method’s connection.
  21. Job Performance Appraisal System and Assessment Methods
    This paper explores the job performance appraisal system and proposes a performance appraisal, discusses performance criteria for the position and assessment methods.
  22. Preparing for a Job Interview
    An essential part of acquiring the desired job is completing the interview with a potential employer. This paper discusses preparation for a job interview.
  23. Trends in the Financial Profession
    This annotated bibliography is based on three trends in the financial profession. First, diversity at workplaces is now a major topic.
  24. A Report on the DrainFlow Company’s Challenge
    DrainFlow is a renowned company for its exceptional plumbing maintenance services in the US. However, some internal challenges pose a significant threat to its success.
  25. The Interview Process of Candidates
    This essay aims to examine the benefits of selected interview styles, determine the main components of an efficient interviewer training program, develop questions for an interview.

✍️ Job Analysis Essay Examples for College

  1. Preparing for the First Job Interview
    Before the first interview, an applicant should research the target company, practice some responses by using the STAR methodology and obtain feedback from friends or mentors.
  2. Job Redesign and Workplace Rewards Assessment
    The paper focuses on the problems of motivation at work encountered, how they fit into the theories existing, and ways of solving them.
  3. Human Resources Management Plan and Job Aids
    This report is an HR plan for an organization looking to hire a Chief Financial Officer, including selection tips, training proposal, recommendations, and orientation script.
  4. Interviewing an Applicant With Appropriate Questions
    Conducting an interview with a candidate for a specific position requires a sufficient level of professionalism despite its seemingly simple goals and steps.
  5. Using Technology to Bridge Employee Skill Gaps
    The aim of the study is to understand the impact of the industrial evolution on automation in insurance, relative to the preparedness to handle effects on the job market.
  6. Job Analysis Assignment of Employee
    The paper provides interviews and observations on the job employee for a brief period using the position description form from the University of Pennsylvania.
  7. Opening New Dunkin’ Donuts Locations
    This paper majors on the job design chosen, job analysis, description, and job specification that will lead to the expansion for growth of the Dunkin’ Donuts store.
  8. Full-Time Versus Part-Time Workers at Jing Jiang Tower Hotel
    This paper uses data from the study of Jing Jiang Tower Hotel -a hotel in Shanghai to study the level of commitment among part-time and full-time employees.
  9. Data Analysis of Employment Market Using Text Mining & Job Finder System
    This research report analyzes the application of text mining and job finder systems in data analysis of the employment market.
  10. Barclays Bank: Sales' Team Motivation
    This paper aims to analyze the set of motivational tools and techniques that can be implemented to increase sales production of Barclays Bank consumer banking segment.
  11. Analysis of Google Way of Working
    Google is one of the most popular and profitable search engines in the world which creates a unique culture and perception of human resources.
  12. Avatar Ireland: Human Resource Management
    Currently, Avatar Ireland is in the process of restructuring, and its HR function is one of the highly affected areas in the company.
  13. Organizational Training Program
    The current paper has analyzed the potential benefits of organizational training programs, identified the major stakeholders.
  14. The Case of Dunkin’ Donuts: Organizational Structure
    In this work, the most beneficial job design method for the Dunkin' Donuts case will be presented, and clarification for an organizational system chosen will be provided.
  15. Show Me the Money: Compensation at Cisca Engineering Limited (CEL)
    Jeff Arvidson (the president and CEO of CEL) faces a selection dilemma of employee compensation triggered by the urgent need for a pipe stress analyst.
  16. Job Redesign and Job Crafting Types and Differences
    The job redesign methods handle boredom issues. Job crafting techniques include interaction with other people for impacting the mental state.
  17. The Role of Motivation in the Management of Employees
    Several approaches to organizational behavior and theories of motivation play a distinct role in explaining current practices to the management and organization at the workplace.
  18. Person-Job Fit and Its Practical Application
    The person-job fit demonstrates its efficacy as an adjustable tool to meet the organization's needs in practice and contributes to employees' better performance.
  19. Principles Improving Organizational Performance
    It may be concluded that organizational development, performance management, and training represent the essential I/O principles that might guide a relevant development program.
  20. “The Job Evaluation”: Article by Colin Baker
    “The Job Evaluation: Its Importance and How To Conduct One” by Baker points out that if a corporation wishes to keep its top employees, it must reward and make them feel valued.
  21. Webster’s Case: Dealership Needs Help
    Managing a company is a complex process, requiring balancing the needs of the business with the expectations of employees, consumers, and regulators.
  22. Business Excellence & Employee Engagement in the UAE
    This research aims to study the effect of business excellence on employee engagement in government and semi-government organizations in the United Arab Emirates.
  23. The Tesco Company's Human Resource Practices
    This paper provides a case study of Tesco PLC Company's human resource strategies amid the post-COVID-19 pandemic.
  24. The Boeing 737 MAX Decision of Profit or Security
    This analysis aims to show that when organizations prioritize profits over safety, they can make bad decisions that jeopardize both their operations and consumers.
  25. Home International's Reward Approaches and Packages
    This paper provides explanations of which reward approaches and packages exist and how they can be developed and implemented in Home International.

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