Competitive Job: Security Consultant/Manager

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In the modern competitive global labor market, a specialist of every profession should be proficient in a set of qualities for the sake of gaining a competitive job. To make the competition process more transparent, one can scan the job offers and resumes available in a certain professional field, and identify the core competencies valued and searched by employers. The same situation may be detected in the case of discussing the key competencies needed for a Security Consultant/Manager. After a thorough analysis of vacancies and job requirements, the present list of competencies has been identified. Hence, the present paper represents the professional and personal assessment in order to identify a personal fit for the discussed job. Taking into account that the list is not ultimate and exhaustive, the end of the paper will be dedicated to designating some additional competencies needed for a successful, professional Security Consultant or Manager.

Provide Consultancy at a business and technology level. I am sure that I possess the present competency since I am a highly skilled technology specialist, and I have gone through a series of business training and simulation exercises and sessions during my studies. Therefore, I am sure that my studies and training have provided me with a sound set of competencies for the ability to combine technical and business proficiency in a way optimal for the employer.

Analyze business processes on behalf of clients; identify how information is handled and how information is at risk. It is a very comprehensive field of professional competencies, and I cannot assess my proficiency in this field adequately at the present moment, since I have no experience of communication with clients. I think that customer communication will be the hardest issues in the designated competency, since all of them are individualities, and sometimes misunderstanding and conflicts may arise. However, I can assume that I am proficient in risk assessment, information management, and business process analysis, and can provide a wide range of professional services regarding these aspects.

Carry out formal risk assessments and develop risk reduction plans. I am a strategic thinker, so I am sure that the present competency has already been developed by me through professional studies, training, and personal development. Risk assessment is a formal task of a Security Consultant/ Manager, but development of risk reduction plans requires systems thinking and strategic management skills, which I am sure I possess.

Develop security policies, processes and procedures appropriate to individual business environments and cultures. The development of individualized policies and procedures requires time for accommodation to the individual organizational culture and environment. Hence, I think that in order to be able to complete this task, I will need to spend a considerable period in the company, at least half a year, to integrate in the culture, to grasp the environment, and to become its homogeneous part. However, it is not all for the success of the present task – those entrusted with such tasks have to possess strong communication skills, should be adaptable and culturally sensitive, should be natural leaders and organizational change agents. I am sure that I am an efficient communicator and negotiator, and I am a natural leader; however, managing organizational change is the hands-on experience I will still need to acquire in the process of employment.

Have an up to date knowledge of security technology including alarm systems, CCTV systems, fire prevention systems and access control systems including proximity and biometric systems. These capabilities refer to the narrow set of technical skills and theoretical as well as practical knowledge of their utilization. Hence, I am sure that as a security specialist, I will be able to master the security applications, devices, programs, and software in order to retain the strategic fit of my personal and professional qualities with the job description. The present set of skills can be easily acquired by a person with technical or engineering education, so I feel strongly equipped with background knowledge in order to comply with these requirements.

Maintain and develop client contracts and relationships. The present requirement for a Security Consultant/ Manager refers to the sphere of managerial qualities, not technical ones. However, managerial capabilities should never be overlooked in the positions at the verge of technical and managerial functions. Technicians responsible for maintaining, monitoring, preserving, and ensuring security in organizations should also be able to supervise people responsible for some lower-level operations, which is a managerial function. Secondly, the modern business is customer-focused, so individuals occupying positions that used to be far from the direct customer communication have now acquired a new focus. Thus, even security consultants have to retain constant contact with customers; business develops and prospers on the basis of expanding the customer base, and customers prefer to turn to secure business. Therefore, the role of the Security Consultant acquires much more significance in terms of communicating the safety measures provided by the business, and the level of security of its products, which raises clients’ trust. I am sure that I will be able to conduct these functions well, since I have proven to be a good negotiator, and I am able to comprehend the role of security in the customer relations.

Ability to manage projects. Project management is a very responsible and strategically loaded field of Security Consultant’s/ Manager’s responsibilities at the workplace. To conduct project management successfully, the Security Consultant or Manager should be proficient in all technical aspects concerning the organization’s security, should be capable of organizing teamwork, and should manage people effectively. In order for the project to succeed, the Security Consultant/ Manager should be able to communicate the project timeline and goals effectively, should be able to resolve conflicts, and to negotiate with administration of the company. Project management refers more to personal qualities than technical ones, and I am sure that I will be able to provide high performance in this aspect. I am a person capable of visualization, so I am sure that I will provide high-quality, consistent, and charismatic supervision of project completion.

Ability to service multiple assignments and complex tasks. The present ability lies within the framework of the ability to work under pressure, and to keep attention focused on a series of issues pertaining to the job performance. It is very complicated to keep to such a high level of proficiency in any work settings, but I am sure I possess adequate training in this field due to my tense education schedules. I believe that working under several tasks is a stressful activity, and lengthy exposure to such working conditions can cause deterioration of work forces, but I am sure that intrinsic and extrinsic motivation alongside with proper time management and relaxation will help me manage such workloads.

Perform Security audits and recommend options for improvement. The critical thinking and attention focus are necessary to ensure the completion of these functions. The reason for the necessity of these responsibilities is that the security audits refer to both security and financial issues. Finance is an indispensible element of any enterprise, so every Security Consultant or Manager has to be able to provide concise and detailed reports about the fundability of current security measures, the ways of optimizing them financially and universally, and recommendations for improvement of security provision under the current or reduced fund allocation. Hence, I am sure that even a highly technologically oriented security specialist should be professionally trained in the field of financial calculations and prognoses as well. Security is costly nowadays, but it is an urgent necessity of any enterprise conducting part of its business affairs in the Web. Hence, expenditures for security have to be thoroughly calculated, monitored, and updated in terms of new products’ emergence and the new emerging needs of the enterprise.

However, I am sure that it is not the complete list of competencies and skills that the Security Manager or Consultant should have in order to perform his or her functions effectively at the workplace. I believe that possessing leadership qualities and organizational change skills is the key requirement for the consultant in terms of security; extensive technical knowledge, both practical and theoretical, is also needed for the sake of adjusting to any innovations introduced in the company’s security provision measures, and upon the detection of some unprecedented security attacks or malware. In addition to everything stated above, I am sure that the Security Consultant should be creative and resourceful; he or she should constantly update knowledge about potential security risks, and should prevent the potential attacks on the basis of the acquired knowledge. Finally, one of the core skills of the Security Consultant should be understanding cybercrime and cyber terrorism fundamentals, and ensuring the comprehensive outlook at all current, part, and future threats for the business security.

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