Management and Organizational Dynamics: Job Enrichment

The mission of the company

The mission of the company is to be a market leader in offering physical health fitness. Through this mission statement, the company aims at providing the best fitness exercises to its clients across the US. The company is also keen on making sure that its corporate social responsibility is in tandem with international best practices. One of the CSR policies of the company is to exercise ethical behavior in the course of operations. The organization has an elaborate plan for corporate social responsibility especially in terms of its Professional Code of Conduct.

To begin with, employees are involved in the execution of the mission and CSR policies of the company. The corporate culture is fully understood and appreciated by all employees. The CSR strategy is also supported and developed under the confines of the company’s mission.

The employee’s Code of Conduct has been embedded in the Corporate Social Responsibility of the company. In regards to the recruitment and planning of the workforce, the sustainability skills required in the future and the CSR evaluation have been compiled to assist in developing a comprehensive reward plan. The value propositions of the employees and the employer’s brand have been fully incorporated into the Corporate Social Responsibility. Moreover, the recruitment programs make use of the CSR ideals that have been adopted by the 24-hour fitness company.

In terms of the valence expectancy impacts, motivation strategies adopted by the company, goals, and individual needs have been used to improve the performance of employees. Specific outcomes that are valued by employees have been targeted by the company so that the entire workforce can be fully engaged.

24-hour fitness is one of the largest fitness companies globally. It deals with fitness and operates in more than 16 states and 385 clubs. The company’s mission is to ensure that everyone adopts physical fitness as a lifestyle. It provides fitness programs at affordable rates and thus reaches a large population.

The 24 Hour fitness center plays a major auxiliary role in non-professional athletics. This is realized through supporting the U.S governing bodies and the U.S Olympic Committee. In 2012, the company served as the official fitness center for both the Paralympic and the Olympic teams.

Different reward plans are recommendable for 24 Hour fitness Inc. to encourage membership. The company should offer a 50-minute free personal training to its members. The voucher should be sent via email to the current members. This coupon should be non-transferable and the offer must be redeemed within a specified timeframe. Another viable program is a $20 Mystore coupon that can be redeemed in any of the company’s stores. It should have no cash value and non-duplicable. However, the user needs to bear shipping costs and related expenses. This coupon should only be used once. It should also not be valid with discounted offers provided by the company. It is important for the company to continue offering the mentioned reward programs but also includes others such as education on nutrition and dieting (24 Hour Fitness Inc par. 2).

The company’s Human Resources

The company’s Human Resources department was indeed pleased with our suggestion to improve the functioning of the entire workforce. After going through the profile of the company in regards to employee recruitment, we discovered that there were a lot of loopholes that needed to be addressed urgently. Our team together with the Human Resource department agreed to propose quite several measures that would be implemented to improve the performance of the entire workforce. At first, they thought that our team had little idea about HR practices. However, when the team members of the department opted to give us the chance to explain our approach and strategies, it became quite easy to convince them. For example, both the team and the Human Resource department agreed on the following strategies for improving the HR practices at the company.

To begin with, we noticed that the employees of the organization were largely not satisfied at their various places of work. As a result, the performance of the 24-hour fitness company was below the expectation. To boost the performance, we realized that the company needed to improve its employee engagement skills with a clear focus on job satisfaction. One of the team leaders in the HR department observed that lack of adequate employee engagement had resulted in dismal profits, poor productivity, weak emphasis on customer care, and costly turnover. From the outset, it was evident that the HR department decided to open up and share the challenges being faced by the company.

Second, the relationship among employees at the company was found to be poor. When employees are not relating well, it directly impacts the overall productivity of a company. From our observation, we noticed that employee productivity had gone down over the past three months. The Human Resource manager indeed confirmed to us that there were serious disconnections and weak working relationships among employees of the organization. As part and parcel of the suggestion given by our team members, we suggested that employees required additional capacity building through seminars and workshops. When the capacity of employees is enhanced especially concerning ethical behavior at the workplace, it becomes quite easy for them to understand and acknowledge the importance of pursuing the broad objectives of an organization. Behaving ethically at the place of work is a major ingredient in the success of an organization. We discovered that even though the company had competent managers in various departments, the poor relation among the individual employees was greatly hampering the performance of the company. It is always necessary for the entire workforce to understand how individual contribution at the place of work contributes towards the overall well being of an organization (Cai and Kleiner 95).

Finally, the Human Resource department was also pleased with the proposal of establishing a program aimed at assisting employees. According to our suggestion, such a program would minimize factors that cause stress to employees while at the place of work. It was interesting to mention that employees are often stressed regardless of the prevailing working conditions. Hence, establishing a long term program that can minimize the various causes of stress is crucial. The workforce of an organization should fully focus on attaining the set goals. One of the ways of eliminating stressful moments is addressing financial issues affecting employees. The employee reward program through financial tips is a major stress reliever that any HR manager can apply.

Workplace problems

One of the reasons why an employee might be performing poorly at the workplace is the lack of ability to perform the assigned task. In this case, a supervisor is supposed to enhance the ability of such an employee by applying various working strategies. For example, it may be possible that an employee does not have adequate resources to perform the assigned task effectively. A supervisor must assess and make sure that all the resources required to perform the job are supplied to the employee.

Second, it may be necessary to take the employee through a retraining process so that he or she can be fully updated with the changing skills and knowledge of performing particular tasks. An employee’s skills might become outdated with time and therefore, capacity building and training regularly is vital. Also, it is important to mention that retraining might take various forms. For instance, external providers can be used to offer in-house training seminars. To improve the technological know-how of an employee, a supervisor can also propose computer-based training (Kaeomanee 133). This can assist in updating the competence of employees especially if basic IT application at the workplace is required. Other forms of retraining include simulation exercises and exposure to a competitive working environment.

An employee who is not performing well at work after three months can also be refitted by a supervisor. This means that such an employee can be assigned tasks that he or she can perform well. It is possible for an employee can be talented in one area of the job description but poor in the other. If the above measures fail to work, a supervisor at the workplace can eventually decide to release the employee from employment (Markos and Sridevi 82). This should be the final step.

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