Opening New Dunkin’ Donuts Locations

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Dunkin’ Donuts store is a doughnut business that operates twenty franchises in different locations. It is the largest coffee & bakery chain in the world that offers doughnuts, sandwiches, and hot and cold drinks for breakfast. As a manager in the same company for barely two years, I have gained experience and successfully managed their key business drivers. However, this makes the franchisee promote me as a district manager of the store.

Therefore, my promotion influences the owner of the stores to open up other new five locations for Dunkin’ Donuts. With the authority given to me in structuring, staffing and operating the new location, this paper majors on the job design chosen, job analysis, description and job specification that will lead to expansion for growth of the store. Moreover, the paper will also discuss the organizational design chosen and the reasons why it was preferred to be used in the new locations. These two elements will help in the improvement of communication, and innovation and will increase the productivity of the new locations. Hence, an effective job and organizational design influence the growth of Dunkin’ Donuts.

Job Design

Job design is an essential function of human resource management that entails content of job specifications, job relationships and the requirements needed to satisfy the employees. It is composed of techniques such as job rotation, job enlargement, job enrichment and simplification. However, the five newly opened store locations will help in analyzing the job design technique and job enrichment (Raharjo et al., 2018). These job design techniques help in satisfying the employee’s needs in his place of work and maintaining his safety. Job design is followed by job analysis and its main objective is to analyze jobs and organize duties to meet organizational goals.

Job design techniques help in attracting the right employee to the rightful tasks and this influences job satisfaction. It is a technique that will help me to analyze the available jobs, the skills needed to perform the jobs and evaluate the relationship of tasks in the newly opened stores. As a District Manager of Dunkin’ Donuts stores, job design will help me in organizing the tasks and allocating them to the available human resource available (Marta et al., 2021). It will help me analyze the available jobs and find how best they can be executed to meet the objective of the company.

Job Enrichment

This is a job design technique that involves designing tasks in a way of offers greater satisfaction and autonomy to the employees. The employees must have knowledge and skills in decision making, planning and controlling functions of management. This job design technique will enable the employees in the new locations to gain more knowledge and skills in-store management and other related tasks (Marta et al., 2021). However, the major employees’ goal is to achieve their objectives, to be recognized and expanding the growth of Dunkins’ Donuts stores. Since the five locations are new, there will be the need to increase the duties to employees to make them more successful and rewarding to them. The management objective of expansion of growth will be met by involving creativity and innovation in job execution (Raharjo et al., 2018).

It enhances employee accountability, and ensures immediate feedback on the employee performance enhances planning and control in the new locations (Marta et al., 2021). All the employees will be subjected to learning new ideas and new skills that will help them survive in these newly opened locations. Job enrichment ensures direct communication between the managers and employees hence leading to increased output in the new locations.

Job Analysis

It is the process of task identification, responsibilities, duties and the qualifications and skills needed to perform a given task. It is done for recruitment purposes and when new jobs are created in the store. Therefore, the creation of new locations led to the creation of new jobs and this will attract potential candidates to apply for the available jobs (Clement & Puranam, 2018). The new locations will attract more employees which will have to meet the requirements of job specifications. It consolidates details on all available jobs such as assistant managers, crew leaders, cashiers and departmental heads who will be required to run the various departments.

Job Description and Job Specification

It is a document that provides the available responsibilities and duties in a given organization or company. It encompasses the job titles, job location, and summary of the jobs and duties to be performed. The positions available in new locations are crew members, cashiers, bakers, shift leaders, restaurant managers and assistant managers. These positions will attract more potential employees who will provide their qualifications for approval. Job specification outlines the descriptions of the roles and duties to be executed alongside its requirements and objectives (Raharjo et al., 2018). They involve the skills, knowledge and traits of the employees.

The 5 new locations will absorb the qualified candidates who will work in the positions of vacant positions, based on their skills, knowledge and traits. These two elements ensure global awareness of the newly opened location which will attract potential candidates.

Organizational Design

It is the overall design of an organization that is determined by the direction and objectives of an organization. Therefore, organizational design is based on the mission, vision and objectives of an organization. It is an organizational system that enhances teamwork through the formation of organizational structures. However, the five new locations will be designed based on its goal of expansion for growth.

The design will influence the proper delegation of activities and achievement of the strategic plan of an organization. Some examples of organizational design structures are line organization, functional organization, line and staff, and project-based and matrix organization structures (Clement & Puranam, 2018). The availability of the marketing department, operations, finance, and human resource department will make the new locations of Dunkin’ Donuts stores adopt a matrix organizational design.

Matrix Organizational Design

This is an organizational structure in that all the employees have specific reporting functional managers depending on their departments. Since the new locations will absorb various employees in various fields, employees will be accountable to their functional managers in their departments. The departments concerned are the finance, operation, sales and marketing and human resource departments. Therefore, to achieve the growth expansion objective, there should be strong communication between managers and employees. Matrix design enhances quick decision-making and increases the company’s interaction (Clement & Puranam, 2018).

Matrix design maximizes the use of Dukin’ Donuts resources and enhances teamwork among the employees. The employees are motivated to work as they are directly linked to their respective departmental managers (Raharjo et al., 2018). This design was chosen because the other twenty stores use this design and we deal with a similar product line of operation. The functional manager will then forward the reports to the overall District Manager.


Dunkin Donut’s new approach of opening new locations of operations will increase its profitability and reputation. This will be enhanced through the adaptation of job enrichment techniques in the new locations which will develop the available employees. Moreover, job analysis, job description and specifications of the new locations will attract potential employees; this will increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the five locations. Growth expansion will also be achieved through the organization adapting the matrix organizational design. This design will influence decision-making and overall communication in the organization’s structure.

Job enrichment provides essential creative skills which improve employees’ ability to perform their duties. This strategy will enable the newly opened locations to flourish and expand their growth in terms of total sales and revenues.


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