Armed Forces Officers Club and Hotel: Systems Analysis and Design

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A Problem Statement

Armed Forces Officers Club and Hotel is a large complex located in the outskirts of Abu Dhabi, United Arabs Emirates. A five star hotel is well equipped with ultra-modern equipments. Its architectural design, the location and the type of personnel distinguishes it as one of the best hotels in this region. Through its website, a customer can get a view of the company’s serene interior facilities. Its management has been keen to ensure that the company keeps abreast with the emerging technologies. As such, Armed Forces Officer’s Club and Hotel has remained one of the best five star hotels in the region. It has been attracting visitors both locally and abroad. Whitten, Bentley and Dittman (2005) say that only a satisfied customer would come for more goods and services. It would therefore be true to conclude that this hotel has been keen on ensuring that customers who visit the premise come out satisfied. As Whitten, Bentley, Dittman (2005) note, the hospitality industry needs to be given proper attention. This would call for inclusive decision-making meaning that the management should involve stakeholders and junior workers. The organization should work as a team to achieve its goals and aims. This is what has been happening at this hotel. The management and junior employees work as a team. There is a close relationship between the senior management and the junior employees. This has seen a smooth flow of information from top to bottom. In other words, there is a continuous flow of information in the organization.

However, amidst all these positivity, there seems to be a grey patch that hinders the hotel from reaping maximally in this industry. According to Whitten, Bentley and Dittman (2005), the hospitality industry is one of the most competitive in the world. With hotels such as the Hiltons and the Sheratons keen to assert their dominance in this industry, it has become increasingly difficult for other hostility firms to navigate successfully. Whitten, Bentley and Dittman (2005) say that technology is the only answer to the many problems facing these firms. Technology would help these firms to keep up with the competition. All the industry players have exploited other means of attracting customers. It is therefore unfortunate that this firm has not been to keep integration into the global management system by embracing the emerging technologies. Online booking system is a functional requirement in the current competitive market that a firm such as this should embrace. The new technology enhances the performance of workers, makes information available to customers and makes the control procedures much easier. It is also relatively economical and more efficient than booking at the facilities.

It came to the realization of the management that this was a major problem hindering its progress after the discovery that other major competitors had integrated online booking into their systems. They were able to attract foreign customers who wanted to book for the services while still in their respective countries so that they come to the country with a surety that accommodation is well taken care of.

Gantt Chart With Critical Report

The Gant chart helps in organizing and planning the things that should be undertaken. The concerned offices or individuals should arrange in time the chronology of events before, during and after planning the program. Timing is an important aspect given the bureaucratic nature of public offices. This would imply that programs take time to be approved. Keeping in touch with time enables planners to fix things appropriately. The external public needs to be informed on time when the program will be starting for them to prepare well. The organizers of the online ticketing program are supposed to use the Gantt chart, which shows the activities to be completed on the vertical axis and total time allotted to each task on the horizontal axis. Activities are given priority beginning from the top to the bottom because the policy of first things first applies in public relation planning. The most urgent programs are addressed as fast as possible to avoid last minute rush. A clear timetable should be drawn to avoid confusion and time wastage.

Gant Chart (Weeks)

Gant Chart (Weeks)

The chart shows that the planners and the policy makers are to generate the idea before writing a proposal pertaining to it. The programmers are to engage in data collection processes in order to come up with facts. In this regard, some standard data collection tool is to be used. This implies that the questionnaire is brought on board.

Output Requirements

Fishbone Diagram
Fishbone Diagram

Functional Requirements and Non-Functional Requirements

In this system, there are both functional and non-functional requirements. Functional requirements are those features that a system must perform. This new system must be in a position to perform certain features in order to be considered effective and worth the investment. It is important that this system allows customers to make inquires about the services offered by the hotel online. It should be interactive enough to allow complete communication between customers and the customer care. The system should allow customers to book for the hotel’s services on-line. This would require the management to ensure that it makes its prices known through the website. It is also important that the system integrated should allow the management, especially the marketing and finance departments, to monitor the flow of customers. This would help in developing strategic objectives for the firm.

This system must also have non-functional requirements. These include such features as animated pictures of the facilities in the interior website. In most of the cases, new customers would want to have a picture of what the facilities in the hotel look like for they might have not visited the facility before. The animated pictures would allow them to learn more about the place they plan to visit. The system should also explain to the customers the kind of weather to expect while there. Topography of the facility in terms of nearness to the sea, city or some mountains or waterfalls should also be available in the system.

Use- Case Glossary

Armed Forces Officers Club and Hotel Web Site

Armed Forces Officers Club and Hotel Web Site


Whitten, J., Bentley, L., & Dittman, K. (2005). Systems Analysis & Design (7th ed.). New York: McGraw Hill Publishing.

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