139 Capabilities Analysis Research Topics & Essay Examples

📝 Capabilities Analysis Research Paper Examples

  1. Jet Company’s Supply Chain Strategy
    Business essay sample: Jet has increased chances of penetrating into the highly competitive mobile phone market. The company should perfect on making sleek fashionable mobile phone.
  2. Brambles Company's Knowledge Management
    Business essay sample: Knowledge and Knowledge Management are critical ingredients in the growth and success of an organization. At Brambles, it was essential in the accomplishment of various tasks.
  3. Organizational Dynamics and Its Components
    Business essay sample: Organizational behavior involves the dynamic interplay among individuals in organizations, leadership and team behaviors, the organization itself, and the foundation competencies.
  4. Diamond-E Framework in Strategic Planning Process
    Business essay sample: Researching diamond-e framework? 💎 Diamond-e model enables organizational leaders to establish the goals of the business and come up with steps to implement them. 🔍 Read the paper for the diamond-e analysis. ✅
  5. Google Inc.'s Marketing Strategic Capabilities
    Business essay sample: The report examines the Google company’s internationalization marketing strategic capabilities to present recommendations for improvement.
  6. Whole Foods Market Company’s Strategic Audit
    Business essay sample: This paper is a strategic audit of Whole Foods Market, right from its inception to 2004 where the case study ends. The company has been very successful in its operations.
  7. Apple and Samsung Companies: Strategic Management
    Business essay sample: The research analyzes the business strategies of Apple Inc. and Samsung and gives recommendations, which would boost their profitability and competitiveness.
  8. Coach Inc.'s Internationalization Marketing Competency
    Business essay sample: The internal and external environment assessment indicates that Coach Inc. is geared towards further market expansion, especially in the international markets.
  9. P&G Company's Development Issues
    Business essay sample: The paper will critically evaluate the key organisational development issues emerging in the P&G case with specific reference to strategic development, leadership and HR practices.
  10. Tata Group Innovation Management
    Business essay sample: The following report is about innovation management in the Tata Group. In the introductory section, the report provides a general overview of the importance of innovation.
  11. Samsung Company Strategic Analysis
    Business essay sample: Samsung is facing challenges at sustaining its growth in mobile phone business and at the same time safeguarding its profitability.
  12. Business Intelligence Systems Management
    Business essay sample: In this paper, the author analyses various aspects of business intelligence. In addition, the benefits and limitations of this concept in the context of modern business organisations are analysed.
  13. Coca-Cola Company’s Sustainability Initiative
    Business essay sample: This study will help develop a strategy that can be used by the Coca-Cola Company to ensure that its operations are environmentally sustainable.
  14. GenRays Company’s Human Resource Information System
    Business essay sample: The major purpose of implementing this human resource information system in the Gen Rays Company will be to improve the overall operations of the human resource department.
  15. Business Growth and Opportunity Strategies
    Business essay sample: Firms pursuing differentiation as their main strategy manufacture their finished goods or services with very distinctive traits.
  16. Electrolux Company's Business Studies and Strategy
    Business essay sample: One of the most outstanding stakeholders of Electrolux is the targeted community of consumers who are located in various markets across the world.
  17. Dynamic Organizations and Impact on Productivity
    Business essay sample: The study examines factors that create dynamism in organizations and how they affect productivity lays down a mechanism to manage the changing environmental factors.
  18. Organizational Dynamics and Its Factors
    Business essay sample: The study aims at examining the different factors that create a dynamic organization and the possible linkages with other organizational factors.
  19. Operations Management Priorities and Concerns
    Business essay sample: For any organisation to succeed in improving productivity, the management needs to employ well structured and defined quality management techniques for continuous improvement.
  20. H&M Business Strategy Analysis: Organizational Structure & Planning
    Business essay sample: Looking for H&M business strategy analysis? 🔍 It’s here! Read about H&M strategic planning, organizational structure, 🥇 and how the company has gained a leading position in the retail sales of clothes. 👕
  21. Airbus Company Operations Management
    Business essay sample: The system and operations management gives the Airbus automated capability of using any integrated service directly through the center link as part of a more complex process.
  22. Emirates Airlines' Successful Strategic Management
    Business essay sample: In this strategic management paper, the focus was to determine the strategic management techniques that Emirates Airlines has been using to achieve its current levels of success.
  23. Apple Incorporation's and Samsung Group' Strategies
    Business essay sample: The discussion presented below examines the business strategies and practices embraced by Samsung Group and Apple Corporation.
  24. Ford Motor Company: Redefining Strategies
    Business essay sample: This paper discusses the business-level strategies deployed by Ford Motors and how the company's values can be better linked in order to create value for the company.
  25. R and K Financial Counseling Services' Strategic Planning
    Business essay sample: R & K Financial Counseling Inc. is one of the financial firms offering financial services and products to the transportation industry. The strategic planning process involves five steps.
  26. Wal-Mart Company's Operations Management
    Business essay sample: This paper focuses on the issue of empty shelves that has recently faced the operations management function at Wal-Mart, its underlying causes, and possible solutions.
  27. Information Security Role in Strategic Business Decisions
    Business essay sample: The paper focuses on the identification of key aspects that are associated with information systems (IS). In particular, the report begins with the definition of IS.
  28. The Most Innovative Companies in 2016
    Business essay sample: Many organizations struggle to make the correct choice to support innovation, while other companies aim to enact innovative management plans and activities.

💡 Essay Ideas on Capabilities Analysis

  1. Linn Products Managing Business Performance
    Business essay sample: The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the competitive basis, performance measurement methods, and the performance management approach used by Linn Products.
  2. Primerica: Strategy and Statements Analysis
    Business essay sample: Primerica specializes in offering insurance and financial services, operates in financial and healthcare sectors, and it is headquartered in Duluth, Georgia.
  3. Logistics and Supply Chain Management Operations
    Business essay sample: Logistics tends to occupy the demand side of any business. With the prominence placed upon the speed of response and advantages that accrue in keeping pace with demand.
  4. US Airways and American Airlines Merger
    Business essay sample: The merger between American Airlines and US Airways was attributed to various reasons, particularly countering intense competition and increase capabilities on several fronts.
  5. Management Development: Human Resource Planning
    Business essay sample: Management Development is best defined as the procedure from which administrators study and advance their capabilities not only to benefit themselves but also their organizations.
  6. European Holding Company's Management Consulting
    Business essay sample: The holding company with a chain of supply stores in several countries made a decision to decline consultancy advice for an integrated IT system among its supply chain stores.
  7. Assessment of Nokia Group as a Corporate Global Company
    Business essay sample: The main objective of this paper is to evaluate Nokia Group as a corporate global company, which determines its success as a single case study.
  8. High-Performance Work Organisation Management
    Business essay sample: The concept of HPW frames the process of managing organizational performance through continuous improvement and incremental positive changes.
  9. Report on E-Business Between China and USA
    Business essay sample: From the analysis of e-business, USA provides better quality than China. China's technological and economical level is the obstacle of its insulate.
  10. J.Sainsbury Plc: Exploring Corporate Strategy
    Business essay sample: Exploring corporate strategy on J.Sainsbury Plc example with analysis regard to its competitive environments, strategic capabilities, financial performances, and future plans.
  11. IBM Company: Assessment on the Innovation Capabilities
    Business essay sample: For IBM, innovations result in two groups of forces, competitive and monopolistic. The key drivers of success can be divided into internal and external drivers
  12. Programs for an Efficient Service of a Major Branch of Bank
    Business essay sample: In the case of BNP PSS, valuation the suitability of different options of IS tools and recommends specific solutions for information exchange. The investments in IT and organizational performance.
  13. Qantas’ Resource- Base Analysis and Competition
    Business essay sample: The document describes the internal and external environment of Qantas airline in terms of its management and strategy to compete in the industry environment.
  14. Veeco Services Inc.: Supply Chain Management
    Business essay sample: The problems and weaknesses of the market strategy has been explained and further recommendation put forward on how capacity can be increased in the supply chain.
  15. A Case Study of Powergen in the UK Electricity Industry
    Business essay sample: This report based on the case study of PowerGen analysis strategies used by electricity companies to provide electricity to consumers and generate power from their own sources.
  16. The Shell Company: The Oil and Gas Projects
    Business essay sample: This paper is elaborating the various organizational styles in the different activities and the experiences of Shell as a global leader.
  17. PowerGen: Global Corporate Strategy
    Business essay sample: The paper begins by defining what a strategy is in corporate organizations. The impacts in changes of organisational structure on the PowerGen’s corporate planning are discussed.
  18. The Kroger Co.: Case Study
    Business essay sample: The Kroger Co. has long been the leading corporation in the retail/grocery industry until just recently Wal-Mart has overtaken Kroger in that spot.
  19. Solar Flare Company's International Business Strategies
    Business essay sample: Solar Flare Company intends to open a business in India. It is expected that it carries out some feasibility studies to determine the potentiality of the market.
  20. The Supplier Selection Process
    Business essay sample: In a complex manufacturing environment, a large number of components, some critical, and other not so critical, go into the manufacture of a product.
  21. The Use of Database Management Systems
    Business essay sample: This paper focuses on the significance of DBMS in organizations. It discusses the examples of DBMS use and their help to managers, and organizations for the data management needs.
  22. FedEx Corporation: Structural Transformation Through E-business
    Business essay sample: FedEx has focused on customer-based approaches to transform itself from an express delivery company to a supply chain Solutions Company, with heavy reliance on e-business.
  23. Organization and Innovation Capabilities
    Business essay sample: This paper is concerned with outlining how the capabilities of an organization coupled with innovation can affect the existence of the same.
  24. Hewlett-Packard: The First IT Company Founded in the Silicon Valley
    Business essay sample: The present proposal provided a brief outline of the main issue for HP, following their efforts in the smartphone market. The issue identified was the lack of brand loyalty.
  25. Southwest Airline Company: The Background
    Business essay sample: The Southwest Airline Company was incorporated in 1967 as Air Southwest Company adopting the current name later in 1971.
  26. Guam’s Economy
    Business essay sample: This paper discusses changes that can be expected in Guam, and with these changes, how will this affect Guam’s tourism industry, particularly in the line of hotels.
  27. Quality Culture in TNT Express UAE
    Business essay sample: This paper elaborates on the concept of quality culture and its impact on organizational performance. As a case study, this paper examines the quality culture in TNT Express Dubai, UAE.
  28. MyBank: Change Management
    Business essay sample: Change management is a critical aspect of business growth and development. Analysis of the aspect of change management as practiced by MyBank.

👍 Good Capabilities Analysis Essay Examples to Write about

  1. Du Company Strategic Analysis
    Business essay sample: Du makes the mission statement in its annual reports as to make the customers happy and to become one of the employers of choice to attract and retain best talents.
  2. Balanced Scorecard Design for J Sainsbury Plc
    Business essay sample: The internal perspective of Sainsbury’s balanced scorecard consists mainly of improving the efficiency of its supply chain, which is very large.
  3. Global Corporate Strategy PowerGen
    Business essay sample: The case study on PowerGen, corporate planning and strategy gives a clear picture of the power sector in the world.
  4. Saudi Aramco Rapid Transformation Strategy
    Business essay sample: Knowledge management and intellectual capital entail various issues related to the application of information technologies, to enhance Saudi Aramco business operations.
  5. Tesla: New Circumstances and New Leadership
    Business essay sample: Eliminating the inability and lack of desire to change amongst Tesla's managers will promote healthy change leadership practices in the company.
  6. Qantas: Strategic Management
    Business essay sample: In terms of product, Qantas lacks a distinguishable or unique product as their services are a reflection of similar services offered by competitors.
  7. Crown Equipment Corporation Company Analysis
    Business essay sample: Crown Equipment Corporation started as a manufacturer of temperature controls for coal-burning furnaces as well as television antenna rotators.
  8. Business Analysis of Almarai and Savola Group
    Business essay sample: Almarai Company is a business in Saudi Arabia with the biggest integrated business in the Middle East. The business was based on a venture agreement between two family.
  9. Human Resources Function: Managing and Coordinating
    Business essay sample: In a modern business environment, organizations strive to strengthen the HR function to realize development objectives and increase productivity by prioritizing specific tasks.
  10. KPMG in Saudi Arabia Company Analysis
    Business essay sample: KPMG is a for-profit organization that works on helping other companies mitigate their risks and seek new opportunities in the market.
  11. Dell Inc.: Strategic Analysis
    Business essay sample: This essay reports on Dell Inc. strategic analysis. It addresses Dell Inc. internal strategic analysis through internal Dell Inc. business environmen.
  12. How Power Relations Affect Different Actors in Oil Supply Chain
    Business essay sample: The oil supply chain has three main actors; the state, the firms, and the civil society. Each actor endeavors to maximize benefits through the use of the competitive advantage.
  13. Organizational Change Management: Fall Out From Global Financial Crisis
    Business essay sample: Schermerhorn claims in managing organizational change, leaders ought to ensure decisions that are made regarding long-term investment products are right.
  14. FMCG: Supply Chain Management Practices
    Business essay sample: This research project is going to examine the key dimensions of supply chain management that can contribute to the development of FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) beverages.
  15. Amazon’s Success Models and Factors
    Business essay sample: The company adopts a customer-centric model, which involves asking clients what they desire, and strategising how the customer's requirements will be delivered
  16. PESTLE Analysis for the Aveng Company
    Business essay sample: This paper uses pestle analysis to examine the strategic capabilities of a construction Aveng Company, that deals with different products in South Africa.
  17. Marketing Proposal for Bikemate
    Business essay sample: This document is a marketing proposal for Bikemate, which is a new brand of smart accessories for active mobility device users.
  18. The Effects of Talent Management on the United Kingdom SMEs’ Innovation Capacity
    Business essay sample: Talent management is defined and conceptualised in the context of multicultural and global corporations, little attention is paid to its manifestations and effects in the SME.
  19. SARHS: Strategic International Business Management
    Business essay sample: The organization named SARHS is expected to deploy organizational change within the next two years. The problem is that it has already undergone several restructuring activities.
  20. Strategic Leadership and Performance Development
    Business essay sample: The paper will introduce the background of strategic leadership and highlight the potential effects of strategic leaders on firm performance based on theory.
  21. Airbnb Strategic Analysis
    Business essay sample: Airbnb is an international marketplace specializing in hospitality by offering arrangements for temporary and short-term lodging in cities around the world.
  22. Strategic International Business Management
    Business essay sample: The company’s goal is to promote environmental management by recycling and waste reduction as well as promoting fuel-efficient initiatives.
  23. Amazon Company: Internal & External Analysis
    Business essay sample: This paper discusses the Amazon industry, the discussion includes the internal organizational audit, external stakeholder analysis, and strategic plan of the company.
  24. Singapore Airlines' Radical Circles & Vision Transformation
    Business essay sample: This paper aims to evaluate the notion that radical circles could affect vision transformation and enhance the innovation capability of the operations of Singapore Airlines.
  25. GoPro Firm's Functioning and External Environment
    Business essay sample: GoPro remains critically dependent on its suppliers as at the moment the company does not produce the core technology needed for the functioning of its action cameras.
  26. Industry Innovation Report: Amazon
    Business essay sample: The trends of Amazon which helped it become a worldwide online retailer include the focus on customer experiences, advanced logistics and testing new ways of shopping.
  27. Tech Components International Firm's Strategic Plan
    Business essay sample: As a medium-sized electronics component business, Tech Components International aims to increase sales through engagement with the global supply chain through local channels.
  28. The Importance of Human Resource Information Systems
    Business essay sample: The following paper is related to the topic of Human Resource Information System, the field of Human Resource Information System is extremely dynamic and immeasurably enormous.

🎓 Simple Research Paper Examples with Capabilities Analysis

  1. Business Project Management: Biz Flow
    Business essay sample: This dissertation is devoted to research in the field of business process management: its scope, functions, overview, the life cycle of business process management are considered.
  2. Lego Group Comprehensive Report
    Business essay sample: This management report is a set of data and recommendations based on which the management of Lego Group can make important decisions for the enterprise.
  3. A Case Study of 3M Company
    Business essay sample: 3M is an American-based multinational conglomerate company that is primarily operating in the fields of healthcare, consumer goods, industry, and worker safety.
  4. Breast Cancer Research Foundation's Non-Profit Management
    Business essay sample: Breast Cancer Research Foundation is among the leading charities in the US specializing in conducting research for developing a potential drug for curing cancerous disease.
  5. Advanced Micro Devices Company's Strategic Analysis
    Business essay sample: In this paper, the researcher was interested in conducting a strategic analysis of the AMD company to understand the growth that it has achieved in the market over the years.
  6. TruQuest Corporate-Level Strategy
    Business essay sample: In this article a corporate level strategy for TruQuest company was developed, taking into account its capabilities and potential.
  7. Manufacturing Process of Steel Container
    Business essay sample: Processing used or abandoned materials for use in creating new iron units in steel containers demonstrates considerable opportunity for improvement.
  8. Computerized Accounting In an Enterprise Resource Planning System
    Business essay sample: Enterprise Resource Planning software is used in the integration of the various sections of an organization to form one system that is easier to manage.
  9. Information Systems Strategic Planning in Business
    Business essay sample: The aim of the document facilitates easier realignment of the information technologies to the business objectives and the management plan.
  10. Caterpillar Inc.'s Financial Analysis
    Business essay sample: Caterpillar Inc. is the leading maker of earthmoving moving machinery like tractors, graders, excavators, and other heavy machinery used by road contractors, miners, etc.
  11. Supreme Building Materials
    Business essay sample: This paper highlights the functional requirements of the SBM business system and appropriate solutions that can be implemented in order to increase efficiency in the execution.
  12. Upside Risk Impact on Lehman Brothers Crisis
    Business essay sample: Essay reports on the impacts of upside risks based on Lehman Brothers Company by identifying the role played by different upside risks.
  13. Kellogg's Financial Case Analysis
    Business essay sample: The following research is set out to perform an in-depth analysis of Kellogg's Financial Case, by examining its governance, compensation, and capital structures.
  14. The Case Deal With the Apple’s Successes
    Business essay sample: The paper critically evaluates how well placed Apple is to sustain its recent success in the consumer electronics industry.
  15. Apple’s Success in the Customer Electronics Industry
    Business essay sample: Apple has engaged in several approaches such as strategic management and planning in the attempts to sustain its recent success in the customer electronics industry.
  16. Apple: Recent Success in the Consumer Electronics Industry
    Business essay sample: This paper will be using the most common ones like the SWOT analysis to evaluate the company strategy, external and internal environments, and positioning.
  17. Apple Inc.: A Global Company Linked With Electronics
    Business essay sample: Since 2010, Gartner, a renowned IT research company ranks Apple Inc. as the multinational with the best supply chain in the world.
  18. Barnes and Noble Business and Industry Overview
    Business essay sample: In 1986, Barnes & Noble stated its journey incorporating under the US Company Act as a bookseller dealing with academic, commercial, and technological books.
  19. Coach Incorporation: Individual Case Analysis
    Business essay sample: This paper analyzes Coach Incorporation's strategic capabilities, provides company situation analysis, and gives generic and grand strategy recommendations.
  20. Profiles of Nestle and Sabic
    Business essay sample: This report is a proposal to Nestle for a joint venture to package their products. The venture is aimed at shoring up the business prospects of the three companies.
  21. The Intellectual Capital Development in the UAE
    Business essay sample: This research focuses on Intellectual Capital development in UAE. It traces the history and the emergence of IC management for competitive advantage.
  22. Company Performance Assessment Tools
    Business essay sample: Expanded 7-S framework Balanced Scorecard, SWOT analysis, and PESTLE analysis are all going to be looked at in an attempt to understand their structure.
  23. Analysis of Kibsons International
    Business essay sample: The paper analyzes Kibsons International. It is a Dubai company, which produces and delivers fruit, vegetables, and meat to UAE customers.
  24. Payout Polices of Banks and Technological Firms
    Business essay sample: Publicly traded companies have to pay out dividends to their shareholders as a form of compensation for their investments.
  25. Eurostar Firm's Strategies for Leading and Managing Change
    Business essay sample: This report focuses on the role of leadership in organizational change in Eurostar and the measures leaders should take to ensure change is effectively managed.
  26. International Business Machines Social and Sustainability Report
    Business essay sample: IBM is one of the global companies engaged in various business processes particularly in the manufacturing of information technology products as well as offering related services.
  27. Strategic Management Etihad Airways
    Business essay sample: This report will provide an industry analysis and discusses strategic management up-to-date and going forward for Etihad Airways.
  28. Analysis of Asia-Pacific Multinational Enterprises
    Business essay sample: The paper compare Secom, Hitachi, Huawei, and Samsung using elements that describe the corporation's operations—strategy, organization, capabilities, and government involvement.

✍️ Capabilities Analysis Essay Examples for College

  1. Technology Management as a Dynamic Capability
    Business essay sample: The process of managing resources faces a number of risks where critical decisions must be made to achieve the goals.
  2. Nokia Company’s Transportation System
    Business essay sample: Nokia company's success is heavily dependent on a transportation system that allows a large capacity at a minimum cost.
  3. Supplier Selection and Qualification Standard Operating Procedures
    Business essay sample: This paper examines the standard operating procedures for the selection and qualification of suppliers, which remains a key strategic decision for any business.
  4. Innovation, Strategy, and the Corporation
    Business essay sample: This paper aims to demonstrate how the invention process can be systematized, replicated, and achieved within companies.
  5. Earthwear Clothiers (EWC) Company Auditing Strategy
    Business essay sample: EarthWear Clothiers (EWC) main specialty includes the manufacture of superior quality open-air clothing, the firm is making stable financial business operations.
  6. Assessment of Samsung's Competitiveness
    Business essay sample: This paper analyzes and evaluates the competitiveness of this company through the use of matrix theory, as well as predicting the continuation of its leadership position in the coming years
  7. SWOT Analysis of Nintendo Co., Ltd.
    Business essay sample: This paper provides a SWOT analysis of Nintendo Co., Ltd, a multinational corporation with its primary headquarters located in Japan, specializing in home entertainment.
  8. Tesla: Marketing Distribution and Pricing
    Business essay sample: This report examines the pricing and distribution problems at Tesla, an overview of the company, pricing, distribution challenges, and recommendations will be discussed in detail.
  9. Nexus Cardiac Product Ltd.
    Business essay sample: Nexus Company's success is measured by the increase in its sales volume, access to external markets, and technological approach to developing new products.
  10. P&G Corporation: Transport Improvement Plan
    Business essay sample: This paper provides a comprehensive transportation improvement plan for a U.S-based company, Procter and Gamble (P&G).
  11. Project Quality Management in Practical Projects
    Business essay sample: The paper discusses that the Huawei case study is a practical example of how project quality management applies to practical projects.
  12. Pixar Company Analysis From Aspects of Business
    Business essay sample: The paper identifies the Pixar company's vision and goals, represent the advantages, and introduce strategies to maintain top positions.
  13. General Motors Firm's Internal Factor Evaluation
    Business essay sample: The Internal Factor Evaluation matrix is a business management tool applied when evaluating a company's internal environment. The paper discusses the IFE matrix for General Motors.
  14. Google's Corporate Strategy, Problems and Solutions
    Business essay sample: This paper provides a comprehensive assessment of Google's corporate strategy and identifies its strategic problems.
  15. The Feasibility for Building a New Chemical Distribution Facility
    Business essay sample: This paper aims to evaluate the feasibility of and economic justification for building a new liquid chemicals distribution facility near New York City.
  16. Tesla Inc.'s Business Processes and Market Opportunities
    Business essay sample: This paper aims to provide a meaningful discussion concerning Tesla's fundamental business processes, its alignment of resources to market opportunities.
  17. Marriott Hotels: Company Analysis
    Business essay sample: Over the decades of its existence in the hospitality industry, Marriott Hotels has warranted the image of a luxury company with exceptional services.
  18. The Walt Disney Company: Strategic Management Case Analysis
    Business essay sample: The paper describes The Walt Disney Company's history, services, vision, and mission, using Abell's model, which represents the served market, goals, and strategic objectives.
  19. Garmin Case Study: Strategic Management
    Business essay sample: When Garmin first made an entry into the personal navigation devices (PND) market in 2007, it gained rapid popularity because of the superiority of what it offers.
  20. Amazon Inc.'s Societal and Social Marketing
    Business essay sample: Amazon Inc. is an American-based multinational company that primarily deals in the wholesale and retail business.
  21. Big Data in Green Supply Chain Management
    Business essay sample: The paper shows that the accuracy of decision-making could be significantly improved with the help of Big Data and its proper connection to the given green supply chain.
  22. WeWork Singapore Firm's Strategies for Dealing with COVID-19
    Business essay sample: WeWork is a global company that engages in the purchase and lease of office properties across the country and lets them to businesses seeking office spaces.
  23. Sales Manual Report: Approaches and Management
    Business essay sample: The sales manual report has effectively introduced CS international company, which works with Seneca World Traders Inc.
  24. Maintaining Organizational Creativity in the Working Environment
    Business essay sample: This paper explores the topic of digital advances and organizational creativity, highlights the main conclusions, and criticizes the works’ contributions.
  25. Improving Organizational Performance and Management
    Business essay sample: Performance management is an instrumental concept in organizational management involving evaluating and monitoring employees' productivity.
  26. The Unilever Group's Strategies for the Next Five Years
    Business essay sample: This paper provides a detailed analysis of the Unilever Group to determine the best strategies for the next five years.
  27. The Business Situation: Tesla Case Study
    Business essay sample: The purpose of this work is to analyze the business situation of Tesla, on the basis of which the issues of the company will be determined.

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