231 Business Strategy Analysis Research Topics & Essay Examples

📝 Business Strategy Analysis Research Paper Examples

  1. E-Commerce Strategy in the United Arab Emirates
    E-commerce is gaining popularity in the United Arab Emirates, and many firms are now taking advantage of internet technology to reach out to customers.
  2. Competing with Dell, Apple, and Sony
    The essay examines a new laptop company's SWOT analysis and formulates strategies (marketing mix and promotional mix) to compete effectively with Sony, Dell, and Apple.
  3. Business Strategy's Formulation Process
    After establishing the mission, values, and goals of the company, the SWOT analysis is the best research that can help a manager to identify their business strategy.
  4. Apple Inc.'s Retail Marketing Strategy
    The report covers the importance of multi-channeling for Apple, Inc., as a retailer operating in dynamic environment and other strategic approaches to achieve long-term goals.
  5. Carlsen and Agsten Companies: Production and Supply Chain
    This paper analyzes a case study involving Agsten and Carlsen companies that formed a partnership and experienced communication and skills transfer problems.
  6. Caterpillar's and Graphic Controls' Human Resource Strategies
    Strategy refers to a decision that an organization or individual makes with respect the objectives that the concerned party wishes to achieve.
  7. Kazuri Company's Market Entry Strategy
    This research will focus on how the Kazuri Handcrafted Jewellery can capture the British market despite some of the challenges that it may face in this process.
  8. Louis Vuitton Company's Strategic Management Policies
    In this paper, the researcher seeks to determine the strategic management policies that this firm is using to gain a competitive edge over its market rivals.
  9. Customer Relationship Management in Lebanon Banks
    The study will attempt to highlight the progress of CRM in Lebanon. Factors that influence CRM in the country such as religion and culture are assessed in the paper.
  10. Strategic Planning: Benefits, Limitations and Challenges
    Scholarly research indicates that companies that employ strategic planning concepts have higher possibilities of success in terms of profitability than those that do not.
  11. Diversification Strategy in Business
    Diversification is a business growth strategy that allows organizations which exists in a saturated market to expand either vertically or horizontally.
  12. Differentiation and Low-Cost Strategies in Stores
    The paper dwells on organizational structure and culture under differentiation and low-cost strategies and explains how chain stores operated by women employ the strategies.
  13. Strategic Human Resource Management and Its Role
    Human resource management is the process of evaluating the needs of the organization’s human resources as well as identifying the required people to meet those needs.
  14. Business Strategies for Competitive Dynamics
    The most successful companies design innovative approaches that make them different from their competitors. Business models indicate their opportunities and operating implications.
  15. Netflix Objectives, Plan, & Mission [Strategic Audit of a Corporation]
    Analyzing Netflix strategic objectives? 🏹 This paper describes Netflix strategic plan, goals, and other policies. 📜 Discover the best strategic audit of corporation example and figure out Netflix’s mission. 👍
  16. Southwest Airlines Strategies
    At the moment, the U.S. airline industry remains attractive both for investors and companies which want to enter this market. However, it suffered from several critical problems in its past.
  17. Etihad Etisalat Company's Marketing Tactics
    The research analyzes Etihad Etisalat Company's marketing tactics, including evaluate the current plans of the company and offer recommendations on areas that need improvement.
  18. Tesla Motors Company's Market Entry Strategy
    This work examines Tesla Motors’s market entry strategy, uses the already attained client numbers to gauge its profitability, and the overall expected evolution of the car industry.
  19. Apple Company's Strategies
    The paper will examine the strategies employed by Apple Company Technologies in its quest to conquer the technology market.
  20. Coca-Cola and Pepsi Companies Strategies
    The Coca Cola Company and PepsiCo are the global industry leaders as far as soft drinks are concerned. Different industry players struggle to achieve market leadership and control their competitors.
  21. The Coach Company's Strategic Management Analysis
    This report reflects on strategic issues affecting the Coach Company, including elements of the industry and the company’s financial health, performance and challenges.
  22. The Emirates Group Company Analysis
    The Emirates Group is an organisation that is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The company is in the aviation industry.
  23. Qantas Airline Company Multi-Brand Approach
    Qantas belongs to the airline industry. It provides international travel services from Australia, to major cities, and destinations all over the world.
  24. McDonald’s Company Information System Performance Managing
    McDonald’s company serves about 70 million customers around the world, who are located in the more than 100 countries where it has operations.
  25. The Apple Company Overview
    The Apple Company is widely recognized, and one of the leading companies in developing and distributing advanced information and communication products.
  26. Emirates Airlines Business Strategy
    The paper evaluates Emirates Airlines' mission, objectives and strategies, its current financial condition, internal and external opportunities and strengths.
  27. BlackBerry Business Strategy [Compared to Apple & Motorola]
    What is BlackBerry’s business strategy? 🤳 This paper analyzes BlackBerry's strategy and compares it to 📱 Apple’s successful management and Motorola’s business strategy failure. 😮 Aren’t you curious yet?
  28. Sears Company's Transaction Processing System
    This research will focus on how Sears can use transactional processing system as a way of enhancing its productivity and reviving its profitability in the market.
  29. Ford Motor Company's Competitive Advantage and Future
    This paper has provided a comprehensive analysis of Ford Motor Company's strategies to conclude the company's competitive advantage and potential for further development.
  30. Nike Business Strategy Case Study: Industry, Corporate Social Responsibilities, and Strategic Decisions Analysis
    Researching Nike Strategy in 2021? Nike is an American-based 🇺🇸 multinational company that is involved in design, development, production, and global marketing of sportswear, apparel, and sports equipment 🏀 and services.
  31. Apple and Samsung Companies: Strategic Management
    The research analyzes the business strategies of Apple Inc. and Samsung and gives recommendations, which would boost their profitability and competitiveness.
  32. Walmart's Business Strategies and Alternatives
    Walmart is one of the oldest and most successful retail companies in the whole world. This work aims at analyzing and evaluating the possibilities of Walmart.
  33. Amazon Company's E-Business Strategy
    Amazon is a global online retail giant. Established in 1994, the company has grown over the years into a multinational corporation with an active presence in the US.
  34. Strategic Management of Nestle: Nescafe Marketing Strategy
    Researching strategic management of Nestle or ☕️ Nescafe marketing strategy? Business strategy analysis is very important as it enables the company’s executives to make better 📈 decisions. The Nestlé Company is the business of interest in this case.
  35. First Gulf Bank’s Business Strategy
    Founded in 1979 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE), this firm has experienced tremendous growth and has expanded its operations beyond the borders of this country.
  36. IBM Company Strategic Human Resources Management
    IBM is one of the publicly quoted firms in the technology industry. The firm deals in computer hardware and software as well as integrated technological applications and devices.
  37. Alibaba Company: Strategic Information Needs
    Alibaba Group consists of Internet-based businesses, which aim to promote buying and selling of anything across the globe via the Internet.
  38. Virgin Group Company's Strategies Research
    This envisioned research will focus on the Virgin Group that is one of the dominant companies in UK. Business analysts have conducted research studies of the company’s business strategies.
  39. Walmart Company's Marketing Analytics
    In this paper, the researcher will analyze marketing strategies used by Wal-Mart and determine the level to which it applies marketing analytics with the view of making recommendations.
  40. Walmart Company's Global Strategy and International Business
    This paper presents the analysis of the global strategy and international business with respect to Wal-Mart. The paper provides a detailed analysis of Wal-Mart and looks at some approaches.

💡 Essay Ideas on Business Strategy Analysis

  1. Apple Company's Analysis
    The paper delves into the peculiarities of Apple Company`s functioning and conducts a comprehensive investigation of its corporate strategy.
  2. Volkswagen Company Business Strategy
    This paper explores the current changes in the strategic management of Volkswagen (VW) that have been spurred by the recent emissions-cheating scandal.
  3. H&M Business Strategy Analysis: Organizational Structure & Planning
    Looking for H&M business strategy analysis? 🔍 It’s here! Read about H&M strategic planning, organizational structure, 🥇 and how the company has gained a leading position in the retail sales of clothes. 👕
  4. Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank's Six Sigma Approach
    The Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank adopted and rolled out the use of six sigma in its managerial systems influenced by the successful records reported on the use of this strategy.
  5. Staples Incorporated's Strategy
    Staples Inc. has been in the office supply business for decades. It sells a range of office products and offers technology solutions.
  6. Kopi Luwak Coffee Company Marketing Strategy
    The analysis of the various management and marketing principles worthy of consideration in the event where an organization plans to venture into international market.
  7. Apple Company: Outer-Organisational Environment and Strategies
    Apple Inc. has maintained its market leadership in the technology industry due to its innovative products and robust market strategy.
  8. Wal-Mart Stores' Strategic Management
    The article analyses the mission statements, objectives, and values of Wal-Mart, the supermarket store. It suggests the best strategic management practices.
  9. Google Inc.'s Product Innovation and Performance
    As discussed by Edenlman and Eisenmann, the Google Inc. case study analyzes the process of growth of the company in terms of product innovation and policy frameworks.
  10. Marketing Planning, Segmentation and Products
    The marketer develops a structure of understanding what the customers require and then goes ahead to provide such products.
  11. FedEx Company's Strategic Management
    FedEx will need to redefine its marketing strategies both locally and internationally as competition is expected to stiffen.
  12. Organizational Management Functions, Systems and Theories
    The functions of management include planning, organising, staffing, directing and controlling. Planning involves the making of decisions prior to acting.
  13. Digital Entrepreneurship: Videogame Sales Tracker
    The subject of this report is a business idea – a service that tracks videogame sales on game launchers and online stores and collects the best deals.
  14. Tamweel Company Marketing Plan
    The key to a successful recovery strategy of Tamweel Company will function on the development of e-business, expansion of the business, growth of the domestic market etc.
  15. Amazon in India
    The governments where Amazon operates have the role of legislating strong cybercrime laws and effectively implementing them to protect the online business platform of this multinational company.
  16. Nissan: Supply Chain Strategies
    In this paper, Nissan’s competitive advantage, operations, techniques and theories, supply chain strategies, and sustainability will be examined.
  17. Dyson Company's Strategies and Challenges
    Dyson is one of the leading players in the handheld vacuum industry. This discussion gives a detailed analysis of the company’s business strategies, competitors, and existing challenges.
  18. Uber Strategy: Global & Internal Uber Business Strategy Analysis
    What is Uber’s business strategy? 🚕 The company was founded as an easy-to-use and fast taxi service. 💨 Read this Uber strategy analysis to explore the model that skyrocketed Uber business strategy. 🚀
  19. UPS Business Strategy and Strategic Management
    The vision of UPS is to synchronize the world of commerce by developing business solutions that create value and competitive advantages for customers.
  20. Customer Management in Car Mechanical Services Industry
    This review investigates the impact of customer satisfaction and customer relationship management on the decisions of customers in the car mechanical service industry.
  21. Tesla Diversification – a Strategy of Success
    Tesla diversification was the strategy that brought the company a competitive advantage. 🏎️ Read this article to uncover 🎁 Tesla's diversification & distribution strategy and learn more about company’s investments.💰
  22. The Ocean Blue Business Strategy Analysis
    The Blue Ocean strategy is ideal for surviving the competitive forces in the market since it empowers firms to adopt strategies such as differentiation, and cost leadership.
  23. Montgomery's Lecture-Based Business Strategy
    “The strategist: Be the leader your business needs” was written by Cynthia A. Montgomery – a renowned professor in the field of business administration at Harvard Business School.
  24. Strategic Management and Competitive Advantage in Business
    Core competencies are considered a source of competitive advantage due to the dynamic nature of the contemporary business environment.
  25. The Resource-Based View: Internal Analysis
    RBV argues that any company that seeks a competitive advantage must first consider exploiting internal factors before considering the external factors/environment.
  26. Supply Chain Strategy of Manufacturers
    Supply chain strategy is the one responsible for business success as without it, there cannot be a supply chain or supply chain management.
  27. The Use of Information Resources by Amazon Company
    The purpose of this paper is to provide background information about Amazon, discuss the organization’s strategic framework and use of information resources.
  28. Flayton Electronics: Risk Management Project
    In case of data theft at Flayton Electronics, some risk management interventions were implemented to reduce the negative impact of the possible threats.
  29. The PepsiCo Company's Strategy Implementation
    To ensure the company’s strategy of quality focus, PepsiCo Company through the department of human resources is focusing on putting in place a skilled workforce.
  30. Business Strategy Analysis McDonalds
    This paper is based on the US fast food sector and aims to analyze McDonalds in terms of its business and marketing strategy, and depict the position of the company in the market.
  31. Samsung Growth Strategy
    Samsung has used various growth strategies throughout decades. It has entered many markets, which ensured a significant coverage and sales across the globe.
  32. Steve Job's Strategies That Made Him Successful
    Steve Jobs was appointed the Chief Executive officer of Apple Company and he adapted personal and business strategies that helped the company to succeed in its operations.
  33. J.C. Penny Inc. Strategic Management
    J.C. Penny Inc. has laid down several strategies to ensure that it fits in the ever-growing industry. The management has resorted in maintaining a "high-low" pricing policy.
  34. Technologies Role in Business
    The development of the modern business world depends on the effective strategies used in companies and on operating contemporary information systems.
  35. International Business Model in Indonesia
    The economic subject of international business is usually either a single joint-stock company or the system of the parent and subsidiary (dependent) joint-stock companies.
  36. Global Supply Chain Management Definition
    Global supply chain management is the advanced and globalize picture of the old traditional supply chain management.
  37. Microsoft vs. Red Hat Corporate Strategy
    Corporate strategy refers to the policies, schemes, and devices a firm or an organization applies and the development of all its departments at large.
  38. Tesco. Supermarket Industry in England
    Extensive research should be carried out within an organization and its environment so as to overcome these challenges so that growth and development can take place effectively.
  39. Strategic Changes at Apple Inc.
    The basic shift in strategy that brought back Apple Computer to its winning ways was its return to creative ways.
  40. J.Sainsbury Plc: Exploring Corporate Strategy
    Exploring corporate strategy on J.Sainsbury Plc example with analysis regard to its competitive environments, strategic capabilities, financial performances, and future plans.

👍 Good Business Strategy Analysis Essay Examples to Write about

  1. Market Entry Strategies for MNCs in the Automobile Industry of China
    The study researches factors that have influenced the choice of market entry modes for Multinational corporations in China's automobile industry.
  2. Samsung Mobile Phones in the United States
    The management report of Samsung USA begins with a strategic analysis of the company with a detailed SWOT analysis of the organization based on its current position.
  3. Dell Corporation: Strategy in Action
    The events that led to Dell Corporation’s success can be considered as an example of strategy in action. The company managed to overcome near-bankruptcy and evolved into a highly noted firm.
  4. Information Technology and Business Strategies Aligned
    This paper introduces the concepts of business strategy, business information strategy, and alignment of the two strategies as a way of achieving the ultimate business goal.
  5. Global Business Strategies Overview
    Globalization is the process in which businesses and technologies spread throughout the world. It is the worldwide movement toward economic, financial, trade and communications integration.
  6. Ducati: Company Analysis
    The paper analyzes internal and external factors that have been seen to affect the profitability of the Ducati Company.
  7. The Second Mover Advantage in Business
    The paper shall look at whether this is a good business strategy and what first movers can do to outsmart such moves.
  8. Integrated Strategy Project: Thermo King
    The integrated strategy attempts to take an internal and external analysis of Thermo King and attempts to draw up a conclusion on the strengths, weaknesses,opportunities and threats
  9. How E-Business Is Helping Enterprises Compete
    The paper analyzes two organisations that adopted e-business strategies. The first is an SME, Vitalograph. The second company is a large enterprise, General Electric.
  10. Pulte Homes and Its Innovations for the Homebuilding Industry
    Pulte Homes’ entry into the industry was rather phenomenal: it started as a single-house builder until it grew into a subdivision developer and builder of millions of homes.
  11. Principal-Agent Theory for Business Strategy
    The application of Principal-Agent Theory requires the restructuring of organizational structure, implementation of proper success, and performance measurement system.
  12. Procter & Gamble in India
    Procter and Gamble (P&G) is a private limited company that is established within the Personal Products industry. According to P&G history, the firm has been in existence since 1837
  13. Importance of Business Strategy in E-Business
    The purpose of this paper is to analyze the importance of business strategy in the electronic business, its inception, and its contribution.
  14. Main Steps in Developing the Marketing Strategy
    The core concepts that are involved with strategic marketing include the customers’ needs, values, wants, products, exchange, communication and establishment of relationships.
  15. Disney Consumer Products: Marketing Nutrition to Children
    In developing products that meet requirements of the market, DCP positions itself as the leader in the production of healthy foods, which has chances to sustain business model.
  16. The Global Household Brands: Marketing Strategies
    This paper is a case memo about the operational as well as marketing strategies relating to the famous household products brand The Global Household Brands.
  17. Samsung Electronics: Company Analysis
    Modern business organizations are well defined with their structure and strategy to achieve their vision statement with skill of the management and workforce.
  18. Fundamental Premise of Business
    Those who offer their products on the market are faced with the constant challenge of being innovative and fresh, offering franchise that is of quality.
  19. Artificial Limbs Industry: About Production
    The artificial limb industry is very unique and complicated because it involves dealing with the reconstruction of human parts and replacing missing extremity.
  20. JIT: Strategic Plan and Implementation
    Incorporating strategies to support the global strategy will undoubtedly see the emergence of another formidable player in the production of prepaid cell phones.
  21. Strategic Management and Strategic Formulation by Primack Company
    Primack Company is one of the companies with outstanding strategic management policies which were started with the aim of acting as the legal consulting company.
  22. International Business Opportunities in the Long Tail
    The term "Long Tail" describes a business strategy that is fundamental to any business. This strategy emphasizes the advantage of having more customers to whom smaller quantities can be sold.
  23. Outsourcing in Pharmaceutical Industry
    The main objective of outsourcing in the companies is to reduce the production cost but at the same time increase the business profits this is the perceived aim.
  24. Wal-Mart: Their Strategy to Globalization
    Wal-Mart’s success in global market is explained by a number o factors including effective marketing strategies, customer loyalty and huge financial investments.
  25. Ways in Which HRM Policies Can Support Business Strategies
    The main role of the HRM is to establish actions and policies, which offer a worker competencies and characters the organization requires in order to attain its main or primary objectives.
  26. A Case Study of Powergen in the UK Electricity Industry
    This report based on the case study of PowerGen analysis strategies used by electricity companies to provide electricity to consumers and generate power from their own sources.
  27. Business Planning Guide for Entrepreneurs
    The checklist to determine whether the business plan is on the right path or you need more information as regards your strategy and the business market you are venturing into.
  28. The GeneOne Company’s Strategy for Overcoming the Internal Crisis
    Product promotion strategies for GeneOne, taking into account the introduction of new technologies and effective management within the company.
  29. PowerGen: Global Corporate Strategy
    The paper begins by defining what a strategy is in corporate organizations. The impacts in changes of organisational structure on the PowerGen’s corporate planning are discussed.
  30. Organizational Strategy and Planning for Bradford & Bingley Plc
    The report of Bradford & Bingley Plc begins with a strategic analysis of the company with an exhaustive SWOT and PEST analysis of the organization based on its current position.
  31. Increasing Company Value by Using Modern Acquisition Strategies
    A company can increase its value by using modern acquisition strategies to ensure it maintains a competitive edge over its competitors at all times.
  32. The Dolphin Hotel Group: Overview
    The project is aimed at constructing the hotel building and providing all the necessary capacities for the successful development of the hotel industry.
  33. British Airways Strategies
    British Airways is an international and UK’s largest airline that currently operates to over 300 destinations in different countries across the world at different schedules.
  34. The Definition of the Supply Chain Strategy
    The objective of this report - to give a concrete definition in relation to supply chain strategy. A supply chain is one of the elements that can contribute to attaining the set objectives
  35. General Civil Aviation Authority's Customer Service
    The General Civil Aviation Authority requires a plan to change its current customer service and increase satisfaction. The paper provides strategies for the implementation.
  36. Vodafone’s Marketing Strategy Within the UK Market
    With the rapid globalization aided by technological advancement, the information technology industry has bequeathed man with an easy way of communication.
  37. Strategic Project Management. Product Development
    The high rate of globalization has led into a shift within the business environment. One of these changes is evident in the high rate of competition among firms.
  38. The Norwegian Cruise Lines: Company Analysis
    The paper aims to propose possible options for further improvement of the company strategy in the directions of market penetration and development.
  39. Business Strategy Analysis: Emirates Airlines
    This paper presents a project on the strategic analysis of Emirates Airlines. The paper provides an internal and external environment analysis of the Airline.
  40. PepsiCo: Business Strategies
    This paper aims at studying PepsiCo's strategies that have enabled it stay ahead of the competition in the past.

🎓 Simple Research Paper Examples with Business Strategy Analysis

  1. Strategic Plan for BAE Systems
  2. Ajax Minerals and Perrier Companies: Strategy of Change
  3. Implementation of Paperless at Small Organizations
  4. BAE: Strategic Option
  5. Small Package Express Delivery Industry Evolution, 1973 – 2010
  6. Organizational Challenges and Business Strategic Management
  7. Strategic Management Plan for BACHI Barcelona
  8. Samsung Electronics: Supply Chain Strategy
  9. Kudler Fine Foods' Strategic Plan and Risk Management
  10. Strategy of Barrack Gold Corporation
  11. The Theory of Business Strategy in Use
  12. Planning: Crafting and Executing Strategy
  13. Netflix: Strategy Analysis
  14. Strategic Planning as a Tool for Start-Up Project Management
  15. Food and Beverages at Southwestern University Football Games
  16. The Relationship Between Strategy and Structure
  17. Allure Cruise Lines Company's Differentiation Strategy
  18. Nike: Strategic Operations Management
  19. BlueJeans: Business Strategy and Recommendations
  20. AT&T Corporation's Competitive Strategy
  21. PepsiCo: The Strategic Choices
  22. Enhancement of the Employee’s Career Development Through Company’s Training
  23. Managing HR in a Business Context - 3F Brief Business Environment
  24. Portfolio Management Strategies
  25. Qualitative Research Methods and Data Collection Techniques
  26. Business Processes of CC Music
  27. The Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning Model
  28. Qualitative Research for Business
  29. Identifying and Addressing Potential Barriers to CLT Adoption
  30. Business Strategy & Policy Self Discovery: Chick-Fil-A
  31. Sustainability of the Organisation
  32. “The Moss Village” Social Enterprise: The Business Plan
  33. Netflix Inc.'s Business Strategy and Strategic Analysis
  34. Maryland Technology Consultants Case Study: Business Analysis and System Recommendation
  35. Country Road Limited: Industry Analysis and Analysis of Business Strategy
  36. E-Business Application. The Company and Environment
  37. The Broadway Café Analysis

✍️ Business Strategy Analysis Essay Examples for College

  1. Virgin Blue Holdings: Financial Statement Analysis
  2. Information Technology in the Perisher Blue Resort
  3. "International Financial Statement Analysis" by Choi and Meek
  4. General Motors Company's Decision-Making
  5. Management Accounting: The Transformantion in a Modern Business World
  6. Procter and Gamble: Company Profile
  7. Frito Lay Firm's Information Technology & Business Strategy
  8. Information Systems Strategic Planning in Business
  9. Newmont Mining Corporation's Stock Analysis
  10. On Your Mark: Company Financial Assessment
  11. Cadbury Public Limited Company: Financial Management
  12. Operations Management Process: TK Maxx
  13. Business Culture and Strategy: J D Wetherspoon
  14. Kellogg's Financial Case Analysis
  15. Franklin Resources: Finance Analysis, Internal Competitive Resources
  16. How and Why the Express Mail Industry Has Evolved
  17. Kellogg Company's Strategy and Quality Analysis
  18. Polipaks Group Project: Alternative to Timber
  19. GM and Ford Financial Analysis
  20. Business Strategy for the Apple Inc.
  21. How to Intelligently Harness the Strategic Business Value of Digital Technology
  22. Project Management: Interface and Change Management
  23. Apple Inc.'s Performance and Challenges Analysis
  24. Under Armour Business Strategy's External Analysis in 2013
  25. Abercrombie & Fitch: Aligning Operational Needs With Business Strategies
  26. Pembina Pipeline Corporation's Analysis
  27. Tesla Company Disrupting the Auto Industry
  28. Uber and Netflix Organizations: Comparison
  29. Management Consulting Business
  30. MTN Ghana Company's Analysis and Future Strategies
  31. The Eco-Café Company: Strategic Human Resource Management
  32. Google Company's Model Analysis in Global Technology Market
  33. MTC: Business Analysis and System Recommendation
  34. MTC Group's Business Analysis and System Recommendation
  35. Mountain Bank's Competitive Strategies and Human Resource Tools
  36. Associated Brands Industries Limited (ABIL) Charles Chocolates
  37. Nike Inc.'s Marketing and Corporate & Business Strategies

🏆 Best Business Strategy Analysis Research Titles

  1. Canon's and General Motors' Supply Chain Strategy
  2. Implementation of “5S” in an Office Environment
  3. Betterhomes Company's Strategic Planning
  4. MESA Business Strategy Overview
  5. Walmart: Transportation Strategy
  6. Gillera: Compensation Strategy
  7. Forever 21 Company’s Turnaround Strategy Report
  8. Korwin Pharmaceuticals: Promotion and Pricing Strategy
  9. Google’s Corporate and Business Level Strategies
  10. Strategy Case Analysis: Telstra
  11. Marks & Spencer: Sustainability Development Strategies
  12. Heineken Firm's Corporate-Level and International Strategy
  13. New Car Dealership: Developing a Business Plan
  14. Apple's Business-Level and Corporate-Level Strategies
  15. Integrated Commercial Inc.'s Strategic Management
  16. Kodak: Strategy Failure
  17. Goodwill Industries International Firm's Competitive Differentiation Advantages
  18. Toyota Motors Corporation: Strategies
  19. Strategy Analysis of LinkedIn Company
  20. Disney's Competitive Strategy Analysis
  21. Amazon: The Strategic Factors
  22. Dollar Shave Club Company Improving Technical Characteristics
  23. Innovative Electric Vehicle Manufacturer Marketing Plan
  24. Case Analysis of the Target Corporation
  25. Southwest Airlines: Business Strategy
  26. Walt Disney Company: The Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy
  27. The Aroy Thai Restaurant Business and Marketing Strategy
  28. The Strategy Development Field
  29. Nails Zone: Business Model and Plan
  30. Zoom: The Strategic Decisions
  31. The Quick Bites’ Food Truck: Business Plan
  32. Turkish Airlines Strategic Analysis
  33. Morgan's Healthcare Organization's Strategic Plan
  34. Management: Moyon Tea Business Plan
  35. Bridgestone Corporation's Strategic Report
  36. Human Resource Management at Southwest Airlines
  37. The Business Situation: Tesla Case Study

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