65 Marketing Communication Analysis Research Papers & Essay Examples

📝 Marketing Communication Analysis Research Paper Examples

  1. Marketing: Social Media Impacts
    The paper reviews the impact of social media on the generation of customers and revenue and offers recommendations for the estimation of the impact of social media.
  2. Barclays Company Marketing Plan
    The purpose of this assignment is to develop a marketing plan for Barclays PLC basing on analysis of the Barclays PLC situation, its market overview, SWOT and competitor analysis.
  3. IPad: Advertising Knowledge and Application
    This paper aims at looking at the importance of advertisement in iPad marketing and how it is entrenched in the marketing mix of the product.
  4. Branding Australian Mobile Phones: Roo Winder Cell Phone
    The paper solves the task of branding Australia and its products on the example of mobile phones. It presents situation analysis, creative strategy, and marketing communication.
  5. Apple iPhone 6 Marketing Strategy Analysis
    The first advertising campaign by Apple uses posters. The advertising is used to promote the fantastic camera of the iPhone 6.
  6. Zappo Company: Consumer and Buyer Behaviour
    This paper assesses the concept of consumer and buyer behaviour by evaluating the case study titled Zappos: Happiness in a Box and using theories on consumer behaviour.
  7. Marketing Communications Models Comparison
    IMC is a concept of marketing that involves communication planning and recognizes that comprehensive planning evaluates all the roles of a range of communication disciplines.
  8. Coca-Cola Company Strategic Marketing Management
    One of the factors which have contributed to the high growth rate that Coca-Cola Company is experiencing relates to the fact that it has developed a strong brand.
  9. Tesla Motors Brand and Marketing Communications
    Tesla Motors is an American automobile manufacturing company. This paper analyzes of Tesla Motors and its marketing communications.
  10. Wamaz Mobile Phone: Product Description
    The proposed Wamaz is a digital device of low cost but is enriched with high-quality specifications and features. It is incorporated with social networking applications.
  11. FlyDubai Company's Communications Mix
    FlyDubai is one of the leading airlines operating on the international scale. It offers comfortable flights and affordable prices to meet the customer’s expectations.
  12. Marketing Strategy for Avenue Park Accountants
    The application of a marketing strategy is important in the success of Avenue Park Accountants. The different components of this application have been discussed in the marketing strategy.
  13. Canterbury Company: Consumer Behaviour and Marketing
    This report will discuss an integrated marketing communication strategy for Canterbury of New Zealand or the Canterbury Clothing Company.
  14. Subway Company in the Japanese Market
    Subway’s primary target market is composed of individual customers who are health conscious in their consumption patterns.
  15. Cloud Creative Solutions Company Marketing
    Cloud Creative Solutions (CCS) Ltd is a successful and well established full service agency firm, offering an array of marketing communication tools.
  16. Ford Motor Company: Redefining Strategies
    This paper discusses the business-level strategies deployed by Ford Motors and how the company's values can be better linked in order to create value for the company.
  17. Fly Dubai Company's Marketing Mix
    This essay examines the suitability of Flydubai’s marketing mix to its target markets with a view to recommending various strategies that can be executed to ensure sustained profitability.
  18. Haier Group Company's Marketing Principles
    This report provides ways through which Haier Group in American Retail Market implemented its competitive advantage in order to attain its operational and management effectiveness.
  19. Social Media in Digital Marketing
    The paper is devoted to exploring the role of social media in digital marketing. It has an aim to identify the most common and impactful social media marketing activities.
  20. International Marketing Plan for Bolton PC Company
    The main issues addressed to enter a foreign market successfully: marketing across borders, risks, and opportunities that the company will face and country analysis.
  21. Digital Marketing: Global Strategies
    The Internet and the development of WWW have changed communication patterns and greatly impacted marketing channels and techniques.
  22. E-Commerce for Small Business
    This paper explores the possibility of becoming more competitive and at the same time providing convenience and accessibility to its clients.

💡 Essay Ideas on Marketing Communication Analysis

  1. Bierbrier Brewery Company's SWOT Analysis
    Bierbrier Brewery is a medium-sized company located within the Griffin town, south of a city center called Montreal district.
  2. Marketing Communications in Building Strong Brand Names
    The paper investigates the views of different authors in assessing the role played by marketing communication in creating/building and sustaining a strong brand name.
  3. Dell Inc. as Multinational Corporations
    Cultural diversity and cultural training are the main factors that help Dell to compete and create a competitive advantage.
  4. Promotion Opportunity Analysis for Coke-Cola Product
    This is one of the major processes when carrying out the promotional opportunity analysis; for coke-cola communication is a key factor in carrying out promotional objectives.
  5. J. D. Wetherspoon Marketing Communication
    This report seeks to explain the marketing communications process, the different elements of the communications mix available to J D Wetherspoon.
  6. International Marketing in the Parker Pen
    This paper undertakes to study the international marketing strategy used by parker pen. Parker pen is a company that has gone global which sells products over 154 countries worldwide.
  7. Golden Circle Company's International Marketing Plan
    The Golden Circle Company is one of the Australian fine fruits and vegetable manufacturers, which produces more than 15 varieties and is one of the largest pineapple processors.
  8. Context and Regulatory Framework of Business
    Article “Responsibility and brand advertising in the alcoholic beverage market’” by D. J. Ringold describes the problems and controversies faced by companies and alcohol producers.
  9. “A Cut Above” Hairdressing Business: Marketing Advice
    ‘A cut above’ will try to maximize the opportunities for consumer complaining so that management can get a more complete picture of customer reactions to their services.
  10. Virgin Blue vs. Jetstar: Comparative Analysis
    This paper studies the cases of Virgin Blue and Jetstar to understand the brand equity of the existing brands.
  11. Marketing Plan for Agent Provocateur New Products
    The marketing initiative will help in changing the public perception of Agent Provocateurs as an expensive luxury brand to brand for any woman with a desire for fashion.
  12. Yellow River University: Marketing of Private University
    Yellow River University of Science and Technology image and positioning are factors which influence student loyalty and success.
  13. Marketing in Everyday Life
    The aim of the paper is to analyze two business organizations, which operate on a single market sphere; investigating the respective marketing activities of these organizations.
  14. Merritt Hookah Lounge: Market Plan
    The plan entails market research with reference to competitors and consumers as the key market elements, SWOT analysis, key success factors, and the critical issues are analyzed.
  15. Hot Nodle: A New Product's Marketing Plan
    A new product enters the market as the result of the innovative steps in the new product development process. The new product is a brand of noodle called the Hot Nodle.
  16. Vitamin Water: Egyptian Market
    There is a huge potential for the success of Vitamin Water in the Egyptian market. This is possible as long as all the business aspects are taken care of in the entry process.
  17. Marketing Communication for Heinz’s Desktop Beanzawavel
    The report analizes integrated marketing communication that will involve print, electronic and internet ads will be applied in order to reach target market in Heinz Company.
  18. Ford Sales Dealer and Services
    Ford Company is a major player in the automotive industry. With the advent of globalization the market environment has changed. The paper took an analytical look at Ford Company.
  19. Marketing Communication Used By Apple
    Analysis of the external audience the company communicates with, the tools and media it uses. The company’s ethical and social responsibility policy.
  20. Apple Stores Retail Mix Analysis
    The paper keenly describes Apple’s retail mix, variety and assortment of merchandise, sustainable competitive advantage and Customer Relationship Management.
  21. Business Plan For the Mobile Vegetarian Restaurant
    This mobile restaurant business plan illustrates how the vegetarian restaurant will provide its services competitively to its target market.
  22. Integrated Advertising, Promotion and Marketing Communications
    Developing the art of marketing and successful sales depends on the acquired proficiency through mastering the concepts outlined in the theories of marketing.

👍 Good Marketing Communication Analysis Essay Examples to Write about

  1. Guinness Case Study: Reaction Paper
    The Guinness case demonstrates that marketing communication and the right choice of channel for its implementation is one of the decisive aspects of running a successful business.
  2. Starbucks Branding: Importance of Organizational Management
    The emphasis of the study will be on finding out how Starbucks uses internet marketing as a key instrument for its operational planning activities.
  3. Canadian Tire Corporation Limited
    This paper seeks to determine the general description of the Canadian tire company, revise its products and services and make a SWOT analysis.
  4. Marketing Communication Analysis: The Case of IKEA
    The analysis of IKEA’s preferred marketing communication tools shows three main values: wide choice, affordability, and innovative design solutions.
  5. Strategic Marketing: Bates Farms and Dairy
    This report will focus on the marketing efforts for Bates Farms and Dairy in the US, the current brand image, and whether it needs change for the new field of competition.
  6. Nike Inc.'s Marketing and Communications Plan Nike
    Nike's strategies as a brand must be improved, updated, and revitalized to the best option if the company is to be successful in maintaining its profit and market position.
  7. Marketing Role in Gaining Competitive Advantage
    Marketing provides a meaningful way to optimize a business plan of a company by narrowing down the target audience, enabling it to reach it with ease, and attracting new customers.
  8. Breast Cancer Research Foundation's Non-Profit Management
    Breast Cancer Research Foundation is among the leading charities in the US specializing in conducting research for developing a potential drug for curing cancerous disease.
  9. How Does Corporate Advertising Affect the Consumer Behavior Telecommunication Segment? MTN Syria
    This paper will center on the advertising concept, which is a very crucial concept to any modern business that desires to attain its marketing objectives.
  10. Financial Proposal For ‘SILK’ Hair Protection Gel
    The business proposal must present an estimated cash flow showing the likely amount of cash that the business can generate during the first year of production.
  11. Business-to-Business Marketing Concept
    The report notes that B2B marketing is one of the most important features within the market environment since it can increase sales and attract new customers.
  12. Tesla’s Disruptive Business in the Context of Marketing Management
    Tesla engages in direct communication with its customers on all levels, including its CEO, which enables a better understanding of the market’s requirements.
  13. Amway Online Retail Environment
    Amway is one of the most respected companies in the online retailing environment, the company is a direct selling company that has adopted modern product distribution techniques.
  14. Understanding Innovation and Change in Organization
    This report of Philip Morris shows how innovation could be implemented in a heavily-regulated industry based on prior experience and overall familiarity with innovation operations.
  15. Optical Advertising for the Esports Industry
    Considering the importance of optical advertising, the paper will be focused on designing a marketing campaign for the Esports industry, utilizing visual interaction.
  16. A Usage-Based Insurance Company's Marketing Strategy
    The paper explores an opportunity for the hypothetical company to enter the market of usage-based insurance in Colorado, as it shows a high potential for future growth.
  17. The UK Oral Hygiene Market
    The UK oral hygiene market is a mature market which produces these products and distributes them to other countries.
  18. Starbucks Coffee Company Planning and Promoting New Service
    The use of social media marketing, promotional website and advertisement are suitable marketing strategies that the coffee company will utilize.
  19. Jose Confections Company: Diversity and Inclusivity in Marketing Communication
    Jose Confections Company believes in the cultural, racial, and sexual orientation diversity of its customers and the larger public it aims to serve.
  20. Positive Influence of the IMC on Businesses
    As a vital marketing constituent, IMC enables businesses to move the leading services, products, and ideas from the producer to the consumers.
  21. Tesla: Innovation With Information Technology
    The main objective of the proposed marketing communication plan was to establish a powerful background for future Tesla activities.

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