122 Internal Analysis Research Papers & Essay Examples

📝 Internal Analysis Research Paper Examples

  1. Jet Company’s Supply Chain Strategy
    Jet has increased chances of penetrating into the highly competitive mobile phone market. The company should perfect on making sleek fashionable mobile phone.
  2. Louis Vuitton Company's Strategic Management Policies
    In this paper, the researcher seeks to determine the strategic management policies that this firm is using to gain a competitive edge over its market rivals.
  3. External and Internal Analysis Tools in Strategic Management
    The essay promotes an internal analysis in strategic management of a business 💼 and explains how the tools of strategic management 📋 (SWOT, Porter’s Five Forces Analysis, etc.) may add value to organizations.
  4. Toyota Motor Corporation Analysis
    This report provides an analysis of Toyota Motor Corporation, which specializes in the design, manufacturing and assembling of vehicles.
  5. Pepsi Company Analysis: Operations and Performance
    This paper analyzes PepsiCo Company, including its historical background, business divisions and international operations, corporate governance, financial performance and strategy.
  6. Nike Marketing Plan: Marketing Mix, Concept, and Strategy Case Study
    Nike is the leading manufacturer and distributor of sportswear 🩳 in the global market. This giant American 🇺🇸 corporation has experienced massive growth over the years. Discover Nike marketing plan, marketing mix, and strategy in this case study.
  7. Qantas Airline Company Multi-Brand Approach
    Qantas belongs to the airline industry. It provides international travel services from Australia, to major cities, and destinations all over the world.
  8. Louis Vuitton: Managing Corporate and Business Strategy
    Louis Vuitton (LV) has benefited from restructuring of LVMH business units and the establishment of an ultra-modern manufacturing facility in France.
  9. Nike Incorporation Strategy Analysis
    The paper presents Nike's vision and mission, environment analysis, competitive advantage, internal and financial analyses, strategy implementation and evaluation.
  10. Ford Motor Company's Competitive Advantage and Future
    This paper has provided a comprehensive analysis of Ford Motor Company's strategies to conclude the company's competitive advantage and potential for further development.
  11. Amazon.com’s Performance in E-Business
    Amazon.com Inc. is a significant Fortune 500 company that enjoys the distinction of being one of the largest companies dealing in the sale of commodities over the internet.
  12. AT&T Company Analysis
    This report looks at the strategic analysis of AT&T, which is an international corporation in the telecommunication industry. The report focuses on both the company’s internal and external analysis.
  13. Tata Group Innovation Management
    The following report is about innovation management in the Tata Group. In the introductory section, the report provides a general overview of the importance of innovation.
  14. Business Growth and Opportunity Strategies
    Firms pursuing differentiation as their main strategy manufacture their finished goods or services with very distinctive traits.
  15. Casper & Gambini’s Company’s Strategic Analysis
    The Casper & Gambini’s firm targets to enter new markets in Europe, Southeast Asia, North America, North Africa, and in the GCC region.
  16. Abu Dhabi Oil Company's Strategic Analysis
    Abu Dhabi Oil Company has distinct advantages that can propel it to new heights. It can exploit many opportunities to further its dominance in the local and regional markets.
  17. Zappos Company's Internal and External Analysis
    Zappos is an online business that specializes in the sale of clothes and shoes. The company’s mission is to provide the best customer service possible.
  18. Ritz-Carlton, Dubai International Financial Centre
    The researcher seeks to discuss principles, theories, and practices that the Ritz-Carlton Hotel should embrace to achieve success in the Dubai market.
  19. IKEA Market Position Improvement
    Researching 🔍 IKEA market position? Founded by Ingvar Kamprad at the age of 17, IKEA started in 1943 as a mail business in Sweden 🇸🇪 and has gradually grown and expanded its products over decades.
  20. Microsoft Corporation's Market Competitiveness
    This research paper evaluates Microsoft's growth consistency by examining the company's background and analyzing internal factors, and external factors, business
  21. Staples Incorporated's Strategy
    Staples Inc. has been in the office supply business for decades. It sells a range of office products and offers technology solutions.
  22. ADNOC Gas Processing Strategy
    ADNOC Gas Processing (previously GASCO) was established in 1978 through joint venture among ADNOC, Shell, TOTAL, and Partex.
  23. Amazon Company as a Successful Management Example
    Amazon Inc. has achieved the success due to its ability to differentiate its products on different websites. This strategy has increased the number of customers
  24. Coca-Cola External Environment & Internal Factors Analysis
    Coca-Cola's external environment is a very broad topic to investigate. 🥤 Let’s dive into Coca-Cola's external and internal analysis today. 📊 You’ll find out the company’s most appropriate strategy and some of the major factors influencing its market position. 🏆
  25. Google Inc.'s Product Innovation and Performance
    As discussed by Edenlman and Eisenmann, the Google Inc. case study analyzes the process of growth of the company in terms of product innovation and policy frameworks.
  26. Wal-Mart's Low-Cost Provider Strategy
    Wal-Mart employs a low-cost provider strategy that allows the company to sell the lowest priced products and make it the number one business organization in the world.
  27. Toyota Motor Corporation's Marketing Plan
    The market plan contains a detailed analysis of Toyota, its internal and external activity, the marketing strategies that the company uses, the marketing mix and SWOT.
  28. Bank of America: Internal and External Factors
    This paper provides internal and external analysis of Bank of America using the Resource-Based View and value chain analyses.
  29. Amazon Company: Individual Business Case
    The Amazon will need to come up with a strategy that will give it an edge over its rivals. The focus will be to determine the strategies that this firm can use in the market.
  30. Uber Strategy: Global & Internal Uber Business Strategy Analysis
    What is Uber’s business strategy? 🚕 The company was founded as an easy-to-use and fast taxi service. 💨 Read this Uber strategy analysis to explore the model that skyrocketed Uber business strategy. 🚀

💡 Essay Ideas on Internal Analysis

  1. Wal-Mart After Entry into the Chinese Market
    Wal-Mart retail was established more than four decades ago. The retail stores began expanding its operations in international markets way back in 1992.
  2. The Resource-Based View: Internal Analysis
    RBV argues that any company that seeks a competitive advantage must first consider exploiting internal factors before considering the external factors/environment.
  3. Papa John’s International Corporation
    Papa John’s International Inc.’s current mission is to focus on the customers, team members, franchises, and shareholders.
  4. Easy Jet E-Business Strategies
    Europe’s low-cost airlines Easy Jet has explored the opportunities available in e-commerce. This paper discusses the e-business strategies followed by Easy Jet that contributed to its rapid growth and success.
  5. Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC): Strategic Management
    Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), is a world renown fast food brand. The company is based in the United States but has expanded its operations in numerous countries world wide.
  6. Dollar General Corporation's Strategic Management
    Dollar General would have to make strategies that must take advantage of industry opportunities and protect the company from industry threats.
  7. Nike: Case Study
    Nike has been a very leading company in the athletic footwear market. It has always given tough competition to its rivals Adidas.
  8. Adam Aircrafts: Factors of Performance of the Company
    Adam aircraft has seen both good and bad times in its history but with the help of excellent planning skills and management with high consideration for integrity
  9. Automotive Industry. Fiat and General Motors Alliance
    This paper is a case study on an alliance between Fiat and General Motors entered by the two companies in the year 2000, the crisis that arose, and how they resolved the crisis.
  10. Case Analysis of Google Inc
    Within a single decade, Google has jumped from an Internet based start-up to the prevailing contestant in the Internet advertising pedestal on search engine technology by the use of Information Technology.
  11. Cemex Company's Strategic Analysis
    Cemex Company has grown tremendously from a local manufacturer of cement in Mexico to become the third-largest cement company in the world only behind Lafarge and Holcim.
  12. Dr. Reddy’s Pharmaceutical Company: Case Study
    Dr. Reddy’s is a highly competitive company in an industry, which is growing. The company is moving in the right direction armed with a strategy to maintain cost leadership.
  13. Intercontinental Continental Hotel Analysis
    The size of the company increased by 5% because of the addition of 9,849 rooms, which comprises 117 hotels, resulting in the general size of 629,700 rooms, that is 4,303 hotels.
  14. Integrated Strategy Project: Thermo King
    The integrated strategy attempts to take an internal and external analysis of Thermo King and attempts to draw up a conclusion on the strengths, weaknesses,opportunities and threats
  15. Strategic Plan for Dubai World Trade Centre
    In order to develop a reasonable strategic plan for Dubai World Trade Centre, housing keeping department, the company’s mission and dream must be integrated with its objectives
  16. Solar Tracking Systems' Marketing Plan
    The marketing plan analyzes the internal and external business environment in Australia to bring to market a product of a company dealing with solar tracking systems production.
  17. Qantas’ Resource- Base Analysis and Competition
    The document describes the internal and external environment of Qantas airline in terms of its management and strategy to compete in the industry environment.
  18. Strategic Management: Right Strategy for the Right Results
    Completed a report that provided the necessary information that explains the reason why it would be profitable for all the investors to put up a huge investment for the creation of the said mall.
  19. Canterra Bros Firm's Vittoria Coffee Marketing Plan
    The management of Canterra Bros incorporation can increase the firms’ level of revenue through effective repositioning of its Vittoria coffee brand in the market.
  20. Tesco: Human Resource Management
    The analysis of Tesco Inc. is expressed through the investigation of such factors as political, economic, sociological, technological, legal and environmental.
  21. Sony Ericsson Company's Marketing Plan
    This marketing plan depicts the importance of situation analysis for setting the objectives and strategies, so Sony Ericsson will be able to target all segments in the UK.
  22. Caribou Coffe Strategic Options
    Caribou, a company owned gourmet coffee house operator in the United States is the second largest in the provision of quality gourmet coffee and espresso-based beverages.
  23. Business Decisions of General Motors
    The statistical analysis of the internal and external data of GM shows that the company should leverage the opportunities available from the emerging nations especially the BRIC countries
  24. Davis Service Group Plc - Strategy in Action
    The Davis Group Plc has been successful in expanding its operations in most parts of Europe through acquisition and organic growth.
  25. Al Ain Poultry Farm: Management Strategy and Policy
    This paper gives a summary of Al Ain Poultry Farm and the industry in which it operates, making a SWOT analysis of the company, Porter's Five Forces, and PESTLE analysis.
  26. Milco Company: Management
    Milco Company is one of the food companies being operated under the group name National Food Product Company. The company was established in 1973.
  27. Strategic Analysis of Coach Inc
    The report of Coach Inc begins with a strategic analysis of the company with a detailed SWOT analysis of the organization based on its current position.
  28. Davis Service Group: Strategy Action
    The report entails an analysis of the Australian textile maintenance services industry. The competitive challenges facing Davis Service Group are analyzed.
  29. The Apple Company: Company Strategic Management Analysis
    Despite its strong brand in the U.S. market, the Company has not penetrated the international market as compared to its competitors.
  30. Solar Flare Company's International Business Strategies
    Solar Flare Company intends to open a business in India. It is expected that it carries out some feasibility studies to determine the potentiality of the market.

👍 Good Internal Analysis Essay Examples to Write about

  1. Aussie Pooch Mobile Pty: Strategic Plan
    The main success factors include the popularity of the brand among customers and franchisees and the increase of the company revenues.
  2. Research Proposal on Ipad From Apple INC
    The company has a very high cost of selling, marketing, distribution, and advertisement which draws down its sales revenue.
  3. Gulf Falcon Air-Conditioning Systems Fixing Company: Managing the Market
    G.F.A.S.F. undertakes the manufacturing of chilled water from a centralized place to all customers, it has professionals who address different needs of the clients.
  4. AI Ain Dairy Company: Strategic Management
    The company should start worker’s remuneration, where their salaries can be slightly increased and also rewarding the most hardworking one’s.
  5. Wait Watchers International: Strategic Analysis and Future Directions
    This analysis will help Weight Watcher company to align its performance positively against the forces of change that affect the business environment.
  6. ReAgent Company's Strategic Management
    This paper provides an analysis of ReAgent, a chemical manufacturer, outlining the major areas that should be considered in terms of its strategic management and marketing.
  7. Valero Energy Comprehensive Analysis
    The paper discusses the Valero Company's external environment, recognizes present opportunities, factors hindering change, and finalizes with recommendations.
  8. Halfords: Internal and External Analysis of the Company
    Halfords Group has the local and international community as its external environment. On the other hand, its employees and suppliers are its internal environment.
  9. Scandinavian Airlines Systems: Company Analysis
    Scandinavian Airlines Systems (SAS) is the largest airline in Scandinavia with bases in Denmark, Stockholm, and Oslo. The airline serves more than 23 million passengers every year.
  10. Sheikh Mohammed and the Making of “Dubai, Inc”
    Sheik Mohammed began his journey to leadership while he was only 19 years. Dubai Inc. is a conglomerate owned largely by sheik Mohamed who is also the leader of the government.
  11. Management Strategies for Almarai Company
    These are the significant factors to check the effectiveness of the newly incorporated growth strategy of market entry of Almarai in the Gulf region with market penetration tools.
  12. Qantas: Strategic Management
    In terms of product, Qantas lacks a distinguishable or unique product as their services are a reflection of similar services offered by competitors.
  13. Air Asia Company's Strategic Management and Analysis
    Political factors state the aviation regulations and acts that are needed by aviation companies such as Air Asia in order to do business.
  14. International Strategic Management Overview
    The purpose of this paper is to provide an extensive overview of the essential topics of international strategic management.
  15. Strategic Plan for BAE Systems
    The analysis of BAE Systems provides the basis for their future strategic decisions and allows creating plans on increasing the efficiency of the company's operations.
  16. Phantom and Wakame: Companies Analysis
    Phantom is a consultancy firm that could help Wakame in regard to management optimization and marketing changes.
  17. Human Resources Management and Its Development Role
    A thorough review of the organisational structure is the shortest path to identifying all the redundancies and addressing them in the most viable manner.
  18. Analyzing Disney Internal Variable
    Disney should take aggressive online marketing to tap effectively into new market segments. This policy will enable Walt Disney to leverage incredibly its brand recognition globally.
  19. Netflix: Business Analysis and Issue Identification
    The purpose of this article is to assess Netflix's competitive strategy and determine its performance now and in the long term.
  20. Strategic Management Plan for BACHI Barcelona
    BACHI Barcelona is an up-and-coming business that has great opportunities for succeeding in case if an appropriate strategy is put in place. This article provides such a strategy.
  21. Enterprise Rent-A-Car: Transformation
    Enterprise Rent-A-Car (ERAC) has gone through a business transformation to boost its capabilities and drive competitive differentiation.
  22. Airbnb Strategic Analysis
    Airbnb is an international marketplace specializing in hospitality by offering arrangements for temporary and short-term lodging in cities around the world.
  23. Human Resources and Their Developing Role
    The purpose of this paper is to discuss the developing role of HR, its internal and external factors, strategy formulation and implementation, etc.
  24. Amazon Company: Internal & External Analysis
    This paper discusses the Amazon industry, the discussion includes the internal organizational audit, external stakeholder analysis, and strategic plan of the company.
  25. Advanced Micro Devices Company's Strategic Analysis
    In this paper, the researcher was interested in conducting a strategic analysis of the AMD company to understand the growth that it has achieved in the market over the years.
  26. Information Technology in the Perisher Blue Resort
    The paper analyses the current situation in the Perisher Blue resort, the competition in the industry and develop an action plan.
  27. Information Systems Strategic Planning in Business
    The aim of the document facilitates easier realignment of the information technologies to the business objectives and the management plan.
  28. Business Plan E & D Hamburger Restaurant
    This business plan presents a marketing, financial and operational analysis of the E & D Hamburger Restaurant.
  29. Franklin Resources: Finance Analysis, Internal Competitive Resources
    This essay analyzes Franklin Resources Inc's financial condition as well as the company's internal competitive resources and strategy.
  30. Internal and External Matrix Analysis: The Vine Marketplace
    This paper is an executive summary in memo format about internal and external matrix analysis for tracking down the history and success of on the vine marketplace.

🎓 Simple Research Paper Examples with Internal Analysis

  1. Internal Control Al-Karnak Contracting Company
    This paper is written to study the internal control of a small Al-Karnak contracting company and analyze its weaknesses and strengths.
  2. An External and Internal Analysis of McDonald’s Corporation
    The present paper conducts an external and internal analysis of McDonald's corporation to identify strategic issues that can influence the financial performance of the company.
  3. Toyota Motor Corporation: Strengths and Weaknesses
    This paper analyzes how well Toyota capitalizes on its strengths to meet threats and take advantage of opportunities, analyzes how its weaknesses impede these efforts.
  4. Internal and External Equity Comparison
    The article argues in an organization, compensation focuses on what is referred to as extrinsic rewards which can be financial, social or material.
  5. Greenville Closet: Business Plan
    The idea was a success, and the group ended up selling T-shirts in various local stores. Today, the time has come for Greenville Closet.
  6. Apple Inc.'s Performance and Challenges Analysis
    Apple is a leading firm in the global technology industry. This paper will analyze the performance and challenges that Apple faced from 1990 to 2014.
  7. Analysis of Essential Monitors Inc
    Essential monitors Inc was founded in 1999 by Ronald Irwin with the main aim of providing professional quality LCD monitors for the consumer market.
  8. Under Armour Business Strategy's External Analysis in 2013
    Under Armour (UA) is one of the largest producers of sportive apparel and accessories in the world. It was founded in 1996 by a former football player, Kevin Plank.
  9. Team Workmanship in Organizations
    The paper describes developing a detailed plan that will increase communications, training, professional development, and teamwork across all organization's functional areas.
  10. BMW Company's External and Internal Analysis
    Current BMW's position in the market can be outlined as relatively stable since the company makes sure it pushes its boundaries and creates additional growth opportunities.
  11. Salesforce Inc.'s External and Internal Analysis
    The paper aims to present the external analysis of Salesforce Inc. through Porter’s Five Forces, SWOT, forecasting tools and recommendations regarding the investment.
  12. Strategic Management: Parcel Force Case Study
    To address the case study of Parcel Force Worldwide, this paper would consider the SWOT as a variable of the case that has been identified first.
  13. Internal and External Factors of Tesla
    The paper presents a PEST and SWOT analysis of Tesla Inc; it incorporates an analysis of its market pricing and distribution approaches.
  14. Tempur Sealy International Perfomance
    The strategic analysis will discuss the performance of Tempur Sealy International relative to its technology industry.
  15. BMW Company's Business Environmental Analysis
    The paper critically evaluates the impacts that both macro and micro factors have on the organization's business objectives and decision-making.
  16. General Motors Firm's Internal Factor Evaluation
    The Internal Factor Evaluation matrix is a business management tool applied when evaluating a company's internal environment. The paper discusses the IFE matrix for General Motors.
  17. Amazon Company's Resources and Competencies
    The external analysis incorporates the Five Forces developed by Porter as well as the Political, Environmental, Socio-cultural, Technological, Economic, Legal framework.
  18. Blue Nile Inc.'s Market and Competitors Analysis
    Blue Nile Inc. has a promising strategy, but they need to grow and increase brand awareness to compete effectively in the industry.
  19. Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Firm's Strategic Profile
    Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia does not have a significant online presence. It remains in an uncertain business state and requires strategic alternatives.
  20. Apple Inc.'s Company and Product Analysis
    Apple leads the development categories through effective combinations of marketing, product specifications, and competitive pricing.
  21. Innovation Bridges–C. Me Smart Designs Ltd’s Marketing Challenges
    This case study is comprehensive marketing research of the company “Innovation Bridges–C. Me Smart Designs Ltd,” studying its status and prospects in the modern Britain market.
  22. Garmin Case Study: Strategic Management
    When Garmin first made an entry into the personal navigation devices (PND) market in 2007, it gained rapid popularity because of the superiority of what it offers.
  23. Wiggo: Marketing Feasibility Report
    In the implementation of this plan, Wiggo needs to be aware of the external factors, which may influence its operations as it is revealed by PESTLE analysis.
  24. WeWork Singapore Firm's Strategies for Dealing with COVID-19
    WeWork is a global company that engages in the purchase and lease of office properties across the country and lets them to businesses seeking office spaces.
  25. Trader Joe’s: Cheap Gourmet & Price-Value Equation
    This paper aims to find out how Trader Joe's manages to keep costs low, sell their products cheap, and have unique brands which appeal to buyers.
  26. Case Analysis of the Target Corporation
    This paper analyzes Target’s business from external and internal perspectives, including the factors affecting the operation of the retail network.
  27. Strategic Analysis of David Jones Brand
    This report will explore the David Jones Brand internal and external environment to help develop a new strategic direction.
  28. Strategic Analysis of the Food Chain: McDonald's
    The aim of this paper is to analyze the strategic structure of the well-known company McDonald's and learn about external and internal factors of their job.
  29. Yum! Brands Inc.'s Strategic Management
    Yum! Brands, Inc's, mission is the statement of building the world's most loved, fastest, and most trusted growing restaurant brands.
  30. Netflix: The Founders of Digital Streaming
    Netflix is a multinational technology and media company that is credited for popularising the concept of streaming media from modern electronic devices.
  31. Training 4 U Services Ltd Project Report
    This report discusses ways through which Training 4 U Ltd will transit its learning onto an online platform that will work well with its learners.
  32. The Business Situation: Tesla Case Study
    The purpose of this work is to analyze the business situation of Tesla, on the basis of which the issues of the company will be determined.

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