Innovation Bridges–C. Me Smart Designs Ltd’s Marketing Challenges

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This case study is comprehensive marketing research of the company “Innovation Bridges–C. Me Smart Designs Ltd,” studying its status and prospects in the modern Britain market. The purpose of this research is to study the potential market for the product in the territory of the UK. The objectives are to determine the possibility of producing goods to gain recognition from consumers and identify the best terms of sales.

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This report will cover aspects that will help navigate the sales market in Britain and identify potential consumers. It includes identifying current business challenges the company faces in the British market and internal and external analysis. Additionally, the study involves analysis, presentation, and modeling of the consequences and results of implementing a specific business case. The report is required by the company “Innovation Bridges–C. Me Smart Designs Ltd” to obtain reliable, valid information about market conditions to successfully enter the marketplace, increase sales, and gain a leading position. This report contributes to a competent and qualitative assessment of the market structure and understanding of the type of market in the UK, as well as determining possible sales.

Identification of Challenges Faced by the Company

Time is developing rapidly, and the boundaries between the past and the present are gradually erased. As practice shows, various enterprises have experienced external changes to date. There are several obstacles facing businesses in the United Kingdom in 2021, such as Brexit and COVID-19 pandemic (Harvey, 2021, p. 26). Prices are rising, incomes are stalling, and people are getting into debt. Approximately 30% of firms experience negative economic consequences after Brexit (De Lyon and Dhingra, 2021, p. 1). Business owners face problems such as a significant reduction in imports and exports of products, delays, inspections by regulatory authorities, and additional customs costs (De Lyon and Dhingra, 2021, p. 1). Additionally, according to recent research, about half of Britons assume that another most fundamental problem they face is the coronavirus pandemic (Statista, 2021). Coronavirus is dealing a devastating blow to business not only in the UK but also around the world. Small and medium-sized enterprises created over the years are suffering, facing possible bankruptcy and liquidation (Amankwah-Amoah et al., 2021, p.181). The incomes of large enterprises have fallen sharply, forcing entrepreneurs, who are used to working according to traditional business models, to restructure internal processes and the system of doing business.

Internal, External Analysis, and Evaluation

The reflective material developed by the company, “Innovation Bridges-C.Me Smart Designs Ltd,” can be used in fashionable clothes, security equipment, special uniforms, and protective clothing related to people’s lives and property safety. The UK is one of the developed countries that strive to ensure the safety of its citizens by introducing rules and standards for wearing warning clothing on the roads. Following this, clothing with reflective material will often be in great demand among consumers interested in their safety and their family (Park, 2021, p. 2). The material is visible to drivers in poorly lit places at night, on rainy and foggy days, so the risk of an emergency is significantly reduced. Moreover, workers performing official duties on roads or other objects of public importance are interested in equipment with a reflective effect, providing clothing carriers with a certain degree of shading and thermal insulation. Thus, the product’s target audience is workers who require special uniforms and other people interested in safety, especially on the roads; it is the designated audience that is more likely to purchase the products.

To date, the UK is undergoing one of the most depressive periods in the economic component, which, therefore, is crucial for businesses, enterprises, and organizations. The UK has quite a large amount of debt accumulated in the system in response to the pandemic. The economic recovery may be delayed indefinitely due to the global problem due to the spread of COVID-19 (Allain-Dupré, 2020, pp. 2-3). The disappointing situation on the border with Northern Ireland may also contribute to this (Doherty, 2017, pp. 1-2). In addition, the European Union has tightened measures for conducting trade negotiations after Brexit. More than 80% of enterprises experience a reduction in employment, business volumes, and manufactured goods (De Lyon and Dhingra, 2020, pp.1-2). The areas in which goods and services for personal consumption, transport, and entertainment are produced suffer the most.

Despite this, the UK market is one of the most undervalued globally for the following reasons. The UK can show flexibility, autonomy, and speed in decision-making. Due to the increasing purchasing power of consumers and companies in connection with the gradual opening of world borders, the country will have a chance to eradicate the low level of economic activity. Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party continued to strengthen their positions, and even the pandemic could not overcome their leader (Peele, 2021, pp. 402-411). In addition, the UK will always be a place of attraction for the global elite in the form of capital, talent, education, and demand for assets (Comunian et al., 2021, pp. 21-39). If relations with the EU deteriorate further, the country will become competitive as possible.

Moreover, based on the received facts and data, the following judgment should be made about the UK’s potential markets for reflective clothing by “Innovation Bridges-C.Me Smart Designs Ltd.” Firstly, according to the latest statistics, the clothing and footwear market in the UK is steadily growing at a rapid pace and is gradually recovering and developing, reflecting the high demand and supply (Shahbandeh, 2021). However, firms may face several obstacles and problems despite the relatively buoyant state of the textile business and similar products.

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The survival of companies engaged in the production of clothing and equipment for personal wear depends on the tactics of doing business, the situation, and the phase of production of manufactured products (Casadei and Iammarino, 2021, p.262-263). In fact, due to COVID-19, companies may face a decrease in consumer demand for certain goods, and due to Brexit, the firm may suffer from issues related to the import and export of resources (Trades Union Congress, 2020, p. 3-4). Rising prices for raw materials and processing in the UK are becoming a big challenge and a high probability of unforeseen risks for “Innovation Bridges- C.Me Smart Designs Ltd” (Roscoe, 2020, pp. 1-2). Moreover, Internet sales are increasing, and the company needs to promote and advertise products on the marketplaces or create a website, which requires additional costs (Vieira et al., 2019, p. 1085). In addition, the maximum possible volume of sales of the products in the clothing market will occupy one of the minor shares because of the highly specialized field of fitting goods.

Below are frameworks describing the concept of the business case regarding the product – clothing, and accessories with a reflective effect:





BCG Matrix

BCG Matrix

Market Segmentation Chart

Market Segmentation Chart

Critical Analysis of the Implications

The firm has several opportunities and ways to interact with potential buyers at the national level. “Innovation Bridges-C.Me Smart Designs Ltd,” having determined the country’s niche and demand for products, must invent a production scheme and find ways to manufacture clothing with reflective properties. The firm must determine what key and unique characteristics the products have. Making a single version of the product is a losing option. After all, the potential customer will choose between the company’s product and the competitor’s product. It is better to create the most comfortable conditions for choosing between several product options. As for product promotion, there are no universal tools. The standard promotion model is advertising on radio, television, social networks, and promotions in retail outlets.

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If this is a B2C product and consumers are ordinary people, one needs to understand where they will buy the product: a retail or online sale. When retailing, you need to build a supply chain through a distributor or independently deliver your goods to stores. In the future, engage in its promotion, promotions at the points of sale themselves, to attract attention. If resources are limited, it is necessary to determine where the maximum of the product’s target audience is concentrated. Accordingly, the owner of the company will focus on these channels. After a successful product launch, the lack of innovations and improvements will not entail long-term prospects. Therefore, the company is recommended to offer the market not only a practical but also a unique idea, constantly improve and improve the product.

Moreover, going global is also a natural stage in the development of any product. A common mistake of companies is working within one country or market. Sooner or later, demand hits the ceiling, and the company’s indicators stop in place. Subsequently, this leads to regression due to the saturation of consumers. Therefore, going global in such a situation is a logical continuation of business development. Any marketing research has a small margin of error, and to minimize it, it is necessary to conduct a series of tests before launching a marketing campaign in full.

The company owner can also transfer part of the rights to the products and thus make a sublicensed contract with the owner of the brand or enterprise. Thus, Innovation Bridges- C.Me Smart Designs Ltd will avoid risks and unforeseen consequences and expand the range and production capabilities. Certain brands will be able to implement an attractive, unique fashion design. At the same time, production organizations will be able to arrange the supply of goods within the framework of logistics and marketing.

Recommendations and Conclusive Arguments

In conclusion, the company may face many obstacles and restrictions due to the UK’s economic instability and financial imbalance caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and Brexit. They often include high prices for the purchase of resources, the need to advertise goods in the Internet space, and the need to develop broad-spectrum products with reflective material. According to the purpose of the study, the potential and prospective group of buyers are people who are worried about road safety and workers at enterprises. The goods produced will be in demand among this population group since clothing with a reflective effect is not a product for the masses. Based on the task set concept, the company needs to consider current news and events taking place inside and outside the country. The possibility of selling the product will be presented in the best light if “Innovation Bridges- C.Me Smart Designs Ltd” will sublet products to manufacturers and sellers of relevant goods in anticipation of risks, incidents, and force majeure. Based on the actual moments, the company needs to “hear” each client, listen to the needs of everyone to stay afloat in view of global and regional cases and incidents.

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