Google Corporation’s Management Theories and Concepts

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Assessing the application of management theories from the perspective of analyzing a real management role can provide an opportunity to identify the corresponding responsibilities and functions of the position that should be strengthened. As a background for analysis, the multinational Google corporation will be used, and the vacancy for a games engagement manager will be considered. Google is one of the world’s leading IT companies with multi-billion dollar revenues and affiliates around the world. The purpose is to determine how individual management theories apply to the role of the games engagement manager in the organization. As relevant concepts, the customer relationship management theory and the contingency management theory will be considered as approaches that imply creating flexible operating conditions. The analysis will be supplemented with the company’s description, the evaluation of the considered leadership position in the context of Google’s business, as well as improvement recommendations. The use of relevant management theories is an effective tool to identify the principles of optimizing activities in a specific management position and determine the mechanisms for strengthening it, given the nuances of the company’s work.

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Business Overview

The IT market is represented by numerous companies, but some giants, despite their relatively short period of work, have managed to become leaders in this niche, and Google is one of them. Founded by two Stanford University students over 20 years, the company has grown from a digital project to a corporation with thousands of employees worldwide and a wide range of successful subsidiaries (O’Connell, 2018). Initially, the organization’s activities were planned as a web search system, but later, at the beginning of the 21st century, due to the efforts of the creators, Google carried out a number of important buying initiatives. Many services were developed and purchased, which are still used under the Google brand today. Among the most famous, which are actively used by millions of users, one can name YouTube, Google Maps, Google Android, Google Chrome, and some others (O’Connell, 2018). According to Johnson (2021), the number of employees in the company has grown several times over the years; in 2007, the figure was 16,805, while in 2020, the indicator was over 135,000. This testifies to the corporation’s colossal recognition in the labor market.

Google is a multinational corporation with more than 70 offices worldwide. In 2015, it became part of the Alphabet holding that owns several projects (O’Connell, 2018). Google’s main area of work is IT, particularly Internet search, cloud computing, software, and advertising technology. By expanding the range of its market presence, the corporation has developed a large list of projects that are not related to its initial activities, for instance, virtual mail and an individual operating system.

During its existence, the annual revenue of Google has increased several hundred times. In 2002, the figure was $0.4 billion, while in 2020, this indicator was $181.69 billion (Johnson, 2021). Today, its founders are among the richest people in the world, and Google itself is one of the four IT giants along with such recognized companies as Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon. The company’s mission focuses on organizing the world’s information and making it accessible, while the vision is as follows: “to provide access to the world’s information in one click” (“Google mission, vision & values,” 2021, para. 2). Judging by what success the corporation has achieved during its existence, its mission and vision justify themselves.

To attract new employees, Google uses a special platform called Google Career. On this site, current vacancies are presented with detailed descriptions of the requirements for applicants, working conditions, responsibilities, and locations. One of these vacancies is the position of games engagement manager, which is represented on this platform (“Games engagement manager,” n.d.). As a progressive corporation, Google promotes the idea of ​​equal employment opportunities, which is stated on the page with the job description in question (“Games engagement manager,” n.d.). Such criteria as nationality, gender, age, citizenship, marital status, race, or other demographic factors do not play a role when applying for a Google employee position. This approach reflects the organization’s interest in creating a diverse and inclusive work environment.

Integrated Learning & Application

The considered position of a games engagement manager in working with Google Play, an online platform with virtual applications, games, music, and other content, is presented with a number of functions and responsibilities for the applicant. One of this manager’s key tasks is marketing activities to promote digital content to expand the target audience. Control over a large team of specialists involves establishing corporate ties and implies participating in the process of promoting products at each stage. In addition, the functions of a games engagement manager include leading analytical projects, scaling procedures, making partnerships with developers, and other tasks. The range of responsibilities is large, and the qualifications of the applicant are to be appropriate. Without work experience in the field, this is problematic to be productive, and this is also reflected in the job description.

When analyzing the application of management concepts to this job description, one can review the contingency management theory and the customer relationship management (CRM) management theory. The former concept, as Williams et al. (2016) argue, implies finding unique management approaches to satisfy the interests of a particular organization. However, in the context of a games engagement manager job, the CRM theory is more applicable and corresponds to the functions of this occupation. Debnath et al. (2016) state that this concept is associated with the IT sphere and linked to the marketing director. The tasks of a games engagement manager include communication with the target audience and building ties among different specialists. The assessment of customer activity can best be carried out by utilizing such a theory, which is logical in view of its principles, implying the delivery of relevant offers to the market. Since Google’s mission, vision, and values are focused on providing open and easy access to digital content, the job description corresponds to these goals and implies communicating with every user to satisfy people’s interests.

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In relation to the company’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) goals, the manager’s position in question addresses the factor of equal and open communication. Grier (2020) notes that to be successful, marketers need to take into account the criteria of diversity since this topic finds its relevance in modern society due to widespread democratic norms. A games engagement manager’s responsibility to deliver the company’s message to users with a variety of devices supports Google’s commitment to DEI goals. This position involves interacting with different clients regardless of their demographic characteristics, which is a consequence of an equal marketing approach. At the same time, some ethical factors need to be taken into account, for instance, age restrictions when promoting digital content or responsibility for the content that may humiliate or offend certain citizens. However, if trained professionally, a games engagement manager can handle these tasks successfully.


By following the CRM theory and performing one’s immediate duties responsibly, a top candidate for the position under consideration should possess several crucial management skills. One of them is highlighted by Grier (2020) and provides for “the ability to constructively engage with diversity” (p. 60). This skill allows interacting with the target audience successfully and understanding the needs of different citizens and communities. Another valuable attainment for a games engagement manager at Google is advanced communication skill, which is required to find common ground with different stakeholders, including customers, colleagues, and partners. Finally, flexibility is a valuable managerial quality in this position in view of the ever-changing trends in the digital content industry and the need to adapt the workflow in accordance with these changes.

Upon starting this job, a new hire may face some challenges. One of them is a difficult task to not only satisfy the target audience’s interests but also ensure the company’s gains since the availability and wide choice of content is a barrier to successful profit capitalization. As Grier (2020) remarks, such a marketing challenge is common and can be inconvenient for external communications managers. Another potential challenge at the initial stage of work is a poor understanding of customer retention mechanisms, which, according to Debnath et al. (2016), is one of the main components of the CRM theory. Working in a new company requires familiarity with the behavior of the target audience, and experience is the best tool for making strategic work plans.

To improve this managerial job description based on Google’s mission, vision, and values, some information about workplace specifics could be mentioned. The company is well-known for its democratic approach to the workflow, and an applicant should know about a friendly atmosphere in the team. In addition, when mentioning job responsibilities, this is essential to mention not only the quality of communication with users but also the interests of the organization in creating the most convenient interaction environment. This condition is important for Google as a corporation that promotes the principles of affordable digital content, and a future games engagement manager should be aware of this.


Analyzing the requirements for management positions from the perspective of relevant concepts can help identify objective directions for developing professional potential and optimizing the workflow. By utilizing the example of Google and its vacancy as a games engagement manager, the application of the Customer Relationship Management theory is considered a concept that is more suitable for this position than the contingency theory. The company’s great success in the IT market explains the specific range of tasks and responsibilities that an employee in this role needs to perform to establish productive communication with clients, colleagues, and partners. Google has always placed great emphasis on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion goals, and in this job description, these goals are mentioned. Despite the potential challenges associated with the lack of experience or meeting the organization’s financial interests in carrying out direct responsibilities, an applicant can succeed. Using effective management skills, particularly respect for diversity, advanced communication, and flexibility, a games engagement manager at Google can prove one’s professionalism. Supplementing the job description with some statements from the company’s mission, vision, and values ​​may enhance its practical significance.


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