92 Employee Engagement Strategy Examples

Some employee engagement strategy examples mention that the result of this type of strategy is a satisfied, happy employee. However, practice speaks differently, as an engaged employee is so much more. With recent events reshaping the work market, discussing a different explanation of employee engagement strategy may be timely.

🔝 Top-10 Employee Engagement Strategy Examples

  1. The Responsibility of CEO in Organisation
  2. Google Company's Employee Engagement Strategy
  3. Employee Empowerment Principles and Methods
  4. Diversity and Multiculturalism in the Workplace
  5. The Relationship Between Employee Turnover and Organizational Performance
  6. Management Practices and Employee Relations
  7. Foundation of Work and Employment Relations
  8. Management Power and Employee Empowerment: The Case of Uber
  9. Chinese Multinationals: Generational Differences and Perceived Subjective Well-Being
  10. Nestle Company's International Management

📍 What Is Employee Engagement Strategy?

Looking at some employee engagement strategy examples, one might see that these policies keep staff engaged. Engaged employees can set their own pace and are always willing to go the extra mile

Why Is Employee Engagement Important?

Employee engagement analysis is barely ever seen in a large company. Instead, companies focus on employee satisfaction or progress analysis and (self-)reports. Engaged people drive companies by working out their practices to contribute more and increase their satisfaction levels.

How to Measure Employee Engagement?

There are several ways to measure employee engagement. In doing so, one can choose between the ten available strategies described in the next section. However, it is essential to note the difference between a satisfaction survey and an engagement analysis. While the former can be seen as a general ‘happiness’ level, the latter is a bit more complex.

What Are Employee Engagement Surveys?

For this reason, special employee engagement surveys are implemented. These surveys can relate to activities and other work aspects:

  • Employees’ performance within the working framework;
  • Productivity bottlenecks and the way changes in HR and work layout can help reduce them;
  • The impact your employee engagement strategies have had so far.

📊 Strategies of Employee Engagement Measuring

So, what are the types of actions for employee engagement measuring? Well, with the three essential aspects to consider above, it is clear that more than one strategy may be needed. Here are the most common solutions for measuring employee engagement:

Ge to know their goals Clarify what your employee engagement goals are to set the direction for engaging your employees.
Encourage feedback Use pulse and email communication and comments – keep it short and simple. Anonymous comments are also more likely to engage people.
Set up one-on-one sessions Similar to case studies, in-depth sessions could open up new possibilities for engagement increase.
Track employee retention A high turnover rate signals issues. Deep-structure changes usually mean that even senior positions experience a fast turnover.
Check sick-days’ use Less engaged employees mean more sick days are taken.
Look at overall productivity Changes in overall productivity can be tracked as a function of production chain changes.
Let employees be creative Track their innovative solutions to getting more done quicker.
Nurture their talents Set out questionnaires to see what talents and interests of theirs your business can benefit from.
Use aptitude questionnaires This should signal any necessary position changes.
Track seasonal productivity changes This is especially useful as you roll out new incentives.

🏅 Top-3 Employee Engagement Examples

Tracking all the changes on your road to a better and more productive faculty needs not to copy anyone else. Quite on the contrary, as every company has its own employee profile and goals, it is necessary to draw from those to create a unique engagement strategy:

  1. McDonald’s. The company’s employee engagement strategy relies on a three-tier system: human energy, human needs, and human conditions.
  2. Full Contact. The paid holiday reward system allows every company’s employee to take a break from work and enjoy a paid holiday.
  3. Google. The chance to work on their own projects and sell them to the company has kept the employees busy and happy.

Other examples of companies with employee engagement strategies are:

If you want to learn more, read other essays on employment engagement below!

📝 Employee Engagement Strategy Research Paper Examples

  1. Google Company's Planning
    The human resource manager of Google Company should come up with strategies that encourage teamwork in the organization.
  2. Change Management and Employees' Role in It
    The study of change management focuses on the inclusion of employees and the employees' decisions during change management to analyze the value of the impact of change.
  3. The Quiet Employees Holding Your Company Together
    The article discusses traditional and new approaches to identify the best performers in companies, considers the leader-member exchange (LMX) theory.
  4. Values, Attitudes, Job Satisfaction and Achievements
    This paper focuses on values, attitudes, and job satisfaction. These are elements of organisational behaviours, which relate to and influence organisational achievements.
  5. Labor Relations and Innovations in the Field
    The paper focuses on innovation in human resource management and labor relations to improve the collaboration between people and reach organizational goals.
  6. Team Members at Big Blue
    Some teams are effective at the individual level, but they fail to live up to expectations at the team level. This failure stems from structural and process glitches in the team; such was the case at Big Blue.
  7. Sexual Harassment as Unethical Workplace Behavior
    A working environment free from sexual harassment enhances both social and economic benefits. Employers should ensure that ethical standards and behavior are fully enforced.
  8. Strategic Thinking and Leadership in Organizations
    Strategic thinking and leadership have been one of the most fundamental tools that direct and propel the vision of most contemporary organizations.
  9. Student Team's Structure and Work Process
    The effectiveness of a team relies on the team building strategies used to improve team operations and processes.
  10. The Organizational Culture Effect on Employee Performance
    Organizational culture refers to a collection of essential norms, understandings, assumptions, and values, which employees share.
  11. Employee Discrimination at Workplace
    This paper explores cases of workplace discrimination, the basis of discrimination, and propose effective ways of stopping the widespread and persistent employment discrimination.
  12. The Employee Engagement Problem
    Engagement strategy in a specific organizational context, using a medium-sized insurance business as an example of boosting Employee Engagement on a corporate level.
  13. Work and Non-Work Inverse Relationships
    This paper critically establishes that indeed an inverse relationship exists between work and non-work issues.
  14. Creativity and Innovation for Effective Leadership
    The major four groups of characteristics typical of creative leaders include knowledge, cognitive abilities, personality, passion for the task, and experience of flow.
  15. Group Work and Virtual Team Development
    Most people think that the barriers posed by technology are the main hindrance to the success of virtual teams and virtual team development.
  16. Information Overload and People Analysis
    The global society has entered a new information age which transformed all social spheres and interaction between people.
  17. Knowledge Management: Critical Reflection
    Understanding the importance of teamwork in workplace learning provides the HRM to value the importance of the concept of situated workplace learning.
  18. Managing Human Resources in the Organizational Context
    The job of a Human Resource (HR) manager might seem comparatively easy and lacking the connection to the rest of the organizational processes.
  19. Introduction to Management
    For the purpose of this paper the organization ‘Starbucks Corporation’ is chosen to analyze the factors of motivation and performance of the employees and the teamwork being employed in the corporation.
  20. Hilton Hotels Corporation: Multicultural Workforce Management in the Hospitality Industry
    This paper will attempt to justify existing multicultural employment policies enforced in the Hilton Hotels Corporation based on current research on effective workforce management.

💡 Essay Ideas on Employee Engagement Strategy

  1. Use of Teams in a Textile Industry
    This paper discusses proper strategies to solve problems in teams by having well defined approaches of the problem and awareness of the available resources.
  2. Human Resource Department: Mr. Richey Odio Interview
    An HRD professional acts as a strategic advisor to help in the decision-making processes in the human resource management department.
  3. FedEx Company's Human Motivation Strategies
    FedEx Human Resources develop policies, programs, and procedures that not only create a center of attention but also retain the most competent, talented, and diverse employees.
  4. Human Resource Management and Organisational Dynamics
    This paper discusses how change can be effectively implemented in an organization using various organizational development theories and human resource strategies.
  5. Employee and Industrial Relation Issues Associated With HRM
    Accordingly, employee engagement can be described as a composition of obligations “organizational citizenship”.(CIPD)
  6. Managing Employee Performance. Employee Participation
    Employee participation resulted in greater effectiveness, performance and output. Employers usually believe in possible profits that can be achieved as a result of a motivated worker
  7. Need and Relevance for Corporate Training
    A corporate training is becoming a necessity for every organization to motivate its workforce and to gain profits with the help of a motivated workforce.
  8. Palestinian Employee Relations System
    Good employment relationships are crucial components for well being of any organisation; because employees always seek to get maximum satisfaction and returns from their work.
  9. Kilmer Systems Company's Change Management
    Several changes would be required in the management and structure of Kilmer Systems in order for it to respond to competition effectively and in a timely manner.
  10. Managers and Employees Roles in Poor Economic Conditions
    The current economic environment is forcing companies to watch every move in their cash flows and grab every little opportunity to either save money.
  11. Motivation Theories and Discretionary Effort of Employees
    Understanding how employee productivity improves, and still keeping them satisfied is a problem has been the agenda of the human resources department across many organizations.
  12. Employee Involvement: Human Resource Planning
    This report will analyze the ways that an organization could plan for its human resources; it will briefly talk about other aspects of human resources development.
  13. Employee Involvement in Hospitality Industry
    Through analysis, interpretation and evaluation the paper seeks to examine the level in which employees in the hospitality industry engage in the affairs of the company.
  14. Google Inc.'s Employee Engagement Strategy
    This study discusses the importance and relevance of employee engagement in twenty-first-century organizations.
  15. The Developing Role of HR Within Modern Day Business
    HR departments have been compelled to transform from primarily operational roles to the assumption of duties, which serve the goals and needs of their institutions.
  16. Toyota Motors Culture and Diversity
    Toyota Motor Corporation has built a strong reputation in the automotive industry. It has spread its operations globally, including in the United States.
  17. Netflix’s Turn to Streaming through Kotter’s 8 Stage Process
    This paper analyzes Netflix’s shift to online streaming services from its previous DVD rentals mainstay, evaluating this change through Kotter’s 8 Stage Process.
  18. Mohamed Khalifa Al Mubarak's Influence Tactics
    Mohamed Khalifa Al Mubarak follows the principles of social and cultural responsibility and uses honest methods of influence.
  19. A Good Performance Management Strategy Elements
    Various elements, including agreement, measurements, feedback, positive reinforcement, and dialogue, comprise a good performance management strategy.
  20. Union of Companies to Buy a Uniform Insurance Policy
    The corporate spending would result in cost savings, quality care for employees, and significant flexibility across regions and populations for MNEs.

👍 Good Employee Engagement Strategy Essay Examples to Write about

  1. Leadership Models Case Study
    Leadership is critical in companies and businesses because it fosters workforce management to attain primary objectives and goals stipulated in the statements
  2. Contingent Leadership with Transformational Element in Organization
    Almost every organization and team, ranging from small ones to large corporations have leaders at various levels of the organizational structure.
  3. Inspirational Leader: Howard Schultz
    Howard Schultz is an example inspirational leader since he had an instrumental role in changing Starbucks’ direction when the company was on the verge of bankruptcy.
  4. Business Stakeholders: Case Study of Ben’s Big Bins Expansion
    The paper discusses Ben's Big Bins expansion case gives an insight into how careful even a small company should be in relationships with its stakeholders.
  5. Leadership Model Applied in the Apple Brooke LLC
    The paper discusses various leadership styles applied by a leader and a caregiver handling vulnerable children at Apple Brooke LLC.
  6. Transformational Leadership, Justice and Outcomes
    Organizational justice constitutes the blueprint for the successful managerial process that ensures an effective accomplishment of the company’s objectives.
  7. Jeff Bezos' Leadership Characteristics
    Jeff Bezos is the founder of Amazon, the largest and most innovative e-commerce and internet technology company.
  8. Enron Company's History of Rise and Fall
    The case of Enron employees is an example of what employees go through. Most companies face similar challenges which adversely affect people’s life.
  9. A Case Study of Personal Leadership Experience
    In the case study of personal leadership experience, the issue of discrepancy between the organization’s executives’ opinions regarding the primary gender policies.
  10. Workplace Favoritism and Leadership Development
    This literature research has revealed some crucial points regarding leadership development with a focus on workplace favoritism.
  11. Impact of Reward Satisfaction on Employee Turnover Intentions in the Hotel Industry
    This paper discusses the satisfaction level of financial and psychological rewards in the hotel industry, the impact of rewards satisfaction on employees’ turnover intentions.
  12. Managing a Diverse Workforce
    The paper discusses the importance of managing a diverse workforce and guiding managers, identifying effective communication strategies.
  13. The Fit Between Employees’ Perception and the Organization’s Behavior
    The paper reviews the article “The Fit between Employees’ Perception and the Organization’s Behavior in Terms of Corporate Social Responsibility” by Sora Kang et al.
  14. Century Ltd. Case Study: Workplace Practices
    The following research focuses on the effective practices and support systems that can inform the workplace practices in Century Ltd.
  15. Nike Inc.'s Management Quality & Organizational Success
    The long-term profitability of any organization follows effective management. The most prominent example of such an approach is Nike.
  16. Enhancing Nonprofit Executive and Staff Diversity and Inclusion
    Non-profit organizations are a type of business that provide services to the public at large, and they usually have been exempted from paying taxes.
  17. Effect of Organizational Integrity and Leadership Behavior
    The paper reviews the article “Effect of organizational integrity and leadership behavior on organizational excellence: Mediator role of work engagement” by Hadi AL-Abrrow et al.
  18. Organizational Culture and Employee Performance
    Organizational culture is one of the most critical elements of an organization. It determines the success of the company and the well-being of its people and customers.
  19. Employee Engagement in Decision-Making
    ​Employee engagement in decision-making has been lauded in many studies, indicating its relative effectiveness in elevating organizational performance.
  20. Right-To-Work Laws, Worker Wages and Benefits
    The effects of a right-to-work law vary among states, but certain results can be detrimental to workers, especially those within unions.

🎓 Simple Research Paper Examples with Employee Engagement Strategy

  1. Discussion of Aspects of Leadership
    In an organizational context, leadership involves the process of leading workers to accomplish their goals, duties and tasks.
  2. Non-Union Representation in the Workplace
    Over the last 12 months, REBU managed to achieve an impressive 54% profit rise. However, this evident progress was followed by emerging problems in organizational culture.
  3. Organizational Virtue and Its Impact on Employees’ Satisfaction in the UAE
    The study investigates the critical aspects of organizational virtue and their impact on employee satisfaction in UAE enterprises.
  4. Google Corporation's Management Theories and Concepts
    The purpose is to determine how individual management theories apply to the role of the games engagement manager in the Google corporation.
  5. Diversity and Inclusivity in the Workplace
    Diversity and inclusivity in the workplace are part of the organizational process and structure and the company’s culture, ethics, policies, and regulations.
  6. Ethical Leadership: Impact on the Company’s Performance
    The main idea of the article is that ethical leadership has a number of positive effects on the company’s performance and its workers.
  7. Employee Morale and Its Effects on the Workplace
    An effective organizational structure presupposes the existence of a corporate culture that stimulates employees.
  8. The Take-Two Interactive Company's Corporate Social Responsibility
    A prospective opportunity for Take-Two Interactive to bring positive social change internally would be to offer the employees various strategies that promote social responsibility.
  9. Effective Techniques of Advancing Employees’ Job Satisfaction
    The paper discusses factors that Advanced Technologies Company should put into consideration to manage human resource issues within the Green Waste business organization.
  10. Southwest Airlines Company and Employees’ Role in It
    The philosophy of Southwest Airlines is frequently copied but never reproduced. Every worker is accountable for fostering and maintaining the culture.
  11. Managing Stakeholders’ Expectations
    The main characteristics of interest that are relevant to primary stakeholders concern their financial position in the company and their direct contribution to it.
  12. The Coca-Cola Company's Arbitration and Ethical Dilemma
    The Coca-Cola Company has faced juridical injustice concerning an unusual racism issue and failed to solve probably the most sensational dilemma of this age.
  13. Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Success
    A successful entrepreneur is one that has a clear vision of the business, knows the needs of employees, and can accept his failures.
  14. Employees' Emotions, Attitudes, and Behavior
    Employees who know how to regulate their emotions are less prone to be grumpy or respond in an unproductive manner in the workplace.
  15. Jack Dorsey's Leadership Practices Evaluation
    Jack Dorsey's leadership practices and ideas have been discussed in detail in this paper, describing the significance of innovation and employee engagement for Twitter's CEO.
  16. Walmart Inc.'s Managerial Decisions and Leadership
    Walmart's concentration on consumer service, price transparency, and supply chain optimizations enabled it to become the leading retailer in the USA in 1990.
  17. PricewaterhouseCoopers Firm's Employee Loyalty Initiative
    To improve employee loyalty, PwC has organized a top-down initiative in which managers were encouraged to work with employees to develop a work schedule that was suitable for them.
  18. Nucor Aligns Company Goals With Employee Goals
    In the event of establishing a labor union in Nucor, there will be an essential impact on the company's dynamics.
  19. Selling Eggs on Wholesale: A Business Plan
    The business that I will venture into to earn profit will be selling eggs on wholesale. The business will be profitable because its main source of revenue is from my capital.
  20. Singapore Airlines: Managing HR for Cost-Effective Service Excellence
    In order to properly manage staff and provide excellent service quality, the Singapore Airlines crew resource management system becomes critical.
  21. Google: Organizational Behavior and Teamwork Effectiveness
    This report aims to evaluate the performance of Google in terms of the organizational behavior principles promoted in the company and the impact of skills that impact teamwork.
  22. Impact of Employee Engagement Programs
    Employee engagement strategies are highly beneficial for any workplace as they help promote staff engagement, and commitment to the company and reduce absenteeism.

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