92 Market Entry Strategy Research Papers & Essay Examples

📝 Market Entry Strategy Research Paper Examples

  1. Apple Company: Investment in IT
    Investment in IT has given the Apple Company a competitive advantage in terms of better performance delivery, creation of superior products, and real time customer relationship management.
  2. Kazuri Company's Market Entry Strategy
    This research will focus on how the Kazuri Handcrafted Jewellery can capture the British market despite some of the challenges that it may face in this process.
  3. The Fleet Sheet Company' Challenges
    One major challenge that the Fleet Sheet experienced was market uncertainty in a transition economy of the Czech Republic.
  4. Apple Company's Penetration Strategy in the Russian Market
    The paper develops a marketing strategy that multinational businesses may utilize to penetrate the Russian market. The paper develops the strategy using Apple as a case study.
  5. Tesla Motors Company's Market Entry Strategy
    This work examines Tesla Motors’s market entry strategy, uses the already attained client numbers to gauge its profitability, and the overall expected evolution of the car industry.
  6. Samsung Group's Entry Modes into Global Market
    Samsung is selected as a case study that evaluates and recommends three foreign market entry strategies for three types of markets: low, middle, and high-income markets.
  7. Auto Parking Business Project
    This paper presents a case of expansion of business in the global market. The paper focuses on Auto Parking business.
  8. Ocean Beauty Center Business Plan
    The proposed business plan for the Ocean Beauty Center examines the prerequisite requirements and potential sustainability strategies in the dynamic beauty industry.
  9. H&M Company: Major Changes From 2005 to 2010
    To remain competitive, the H&M company needs to utilize its branding strategies that can easily acceptable in the competitive market.
  10. Coca-Cola Company's Entry Strategies into Indian Market
    The report outlines the strategies employed by the Coca-Cola Company to succeed in its international marketing with a focus on the Indian market.
  11. Leamington Spa Company's Competitive Product Development
    This report evaluates technologies that are available for energy storage in the domestic sector to help Leamington Spa Company to select a competitive product in the market.
  12. HP Company's Market Entry Strategy in the Middle East
    The study evaluates the existing marketing strategies HP Company should use in the context of introducing its products in Israel as one of the countries in the Middle East.
  13. Apple Inc.'s Performance Challenges Since 2011
    The essay provides insight into the Apple Company’s strategic issue in an attempt to recommend various resolutions that can be adopted to unravel its present-day challenges.
  14. Toshiba Company’s Entry Plan into the Iraqi Market
    The paper profiles the Iraqi market to find out the possibility and feasibility of financial, distribution, and marketing partnerships for the Toshiba company.
  15. The Case of the Adidas and Nike Sneakers Market
    This study will identify consumer perception barriers of green purchasing behavior and examines the effect of these barriers towards CSR practices.
  16. Dubizzle Company's Marketing Mix and Strategy
    This paper is a comprehensive report of an interview conducted with the founders of Dubizzle on how they impeccably employed an effective marketing mix and strategy to grow their business.
  17. Hennes & Mauritz Company's Market Environment
    The H&M company targets customers who are interested in the fashion apparel. The company specializes in the cheap chic and fast fashion products for women, men, and children.
  18. EBay Company's Entry into the Japanese Market
    The entry strategy of eBay Company into the Japanese market was not right and timely, as would be expected. It was a wrong strategy for eBay to enter Japan late.
  19. Wal-Mart After Entry into the Chinese Market
    Wal-Mart retail was established more than four decades ago. The retail stores began expanding its operations in international markets way back in 1992.
  20. Pepsi Max Product's Market Entry Strategy into India
    Pepsi Co has entered Indian Market in 1985, making a tie-up with one of India's leading business houses to begin the soft drink operations in the country.
  21. Supply and Demand Roles in Economics
    The significance of both supply and demand in a business setting is that they determine the level of sales or revenue.
  22. Internalization Theory and Eclectic Paradigm
    Before internalization theory, it was assumed that FDI was the natural form of the local production strategy. Internalization theory pointed out that licensing was an option.
  23. Comparison of Market Reforms in China and Russia
    Chinese reforms success and Russia’s reform failure, was crucially due to each opting to a different approach to the market economy.

💡 Essay Ideas on Market Entry Strategy

  1. Global and Local Market Place in a Changing World
    The World Trade Organization is one of the most powerful institutions. This international organization establishes the rules of trade between nations, handles trade and enforces the GATT agreements.
  2. Blockbuster Marketing Strategy Analysis [SWOT, Porter’s Forces, & Marketing Mix]
    Researching Blockbuster marketing strategy? 📀 This paper analyzes Blockbuster strategy concerning its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. 🔍 Read thoroughly to learn more about Blockbuster business model and marketing strategies. ✅
  3. Netflix Communication Strategy in the UAE
    Analyzing Netflix communication strategy? 📺 In this paper, we seek to investigate how Netflix achieves success in the United Arab Emirates. ☀️ Read the text to learn what is Netflix communication strategy in the UAE. ✅
  4. Walmart Company's Global Leadership Strategies
    Walmart has applied effective leadership theory in its day-to-day operations, which has seen great changes in its current new markets.
  5. DPWN Company: Case Study
    Porter’s Five Forces for DPWN company, reasons of the success of DPWN, SWOT-analysis, market expansion strategy, diversification, and acquisition strategy.
  6. The Russian Market: Currency and Financial Risks
    The Russian market is very attractive for investors. This research is focused on determining the level of currency and financial risks associated with the Russian market.
  7. Starbucks Trading Strategy Analysis
    In order to understand a Starbucks strategy the actions and approaches of the business must be analyzed to form the pattern of the company’s strategy.
  8. Market Entry Strategies for MNCs in the Automobile Industry of China
    The study researches factors that have influenced the choice of market entry modes for Multinational corporations in China's automobile industry.
  9. Air New Zealand Company's Strategic Analysis
    The Air New Zealand company is primarily involved in the transportation of cargo and passengers on scheduled airline services. It is based in New Zealand.
  10. Oligopoly Markets vs. Perfectly Competitive Markets
    Market structures are classified according to the extent of being perfect. The perfectly competitive market is one which has perfect assumptions in all aspects and it is generally theoretical.
  11. Marketing of Kitenge in Japan
    The objectives of the study is to identify all the external factors which affect markets such as politics, economy, legal and environment factors affecting markets and the four Ps of marketing of international markets.
  12. Mode of Global Market Entry. '. Goldendrops'
    The global market has become so complicated and advanced that only the strong and competitive firms are able to survive
  13. Consumer Fashion Brands Case Study
    Launching a business in a new market is always a challenging task that demands proper preparation and considerable effort from the side of the company that plans such a step.
  14. International Marketing Plan for SABIC Innovative Market: Entry into the Australian Market
    Saudi Basic Industries Corp - one of the world’s leading producers of chemicals and intermediates, industrial polymers, etc. Australia is a possibly gainful new market for SABIC.
  15. Procter & Gamble in India
    Procter and Gamble (P&G) is a private limited company that is established within the Personal Products industry. According to P&G history, the firm has been in existence since 1837
  16. Wal-Mart's Business Strategy in the Real Market
    Business strategy has been important to the area of business studies for many decades. It is important to explain business with the basic concepts of strategy and its applications.
  17. Artificial Limbs Industry: About Production
    The artificial limb industry is very unique and complicated because it involves dealing with the reconstruction of human parts and replacing missing extremity.
  18. How Should LE Enter Indian Markets?
    Lincoln Electric would be necessary to enter into strategic alliances with strong, established and influential welding partners in order to initiate and sustain a good marketing foothold in India.
  19. Singapore Foods Inc.: Market Audit and Competitive Analysis
    This report discusses various factors that need consideration while a product is introduced into a new consumer market, Singapore by company called Singapore Foods Inc.
  20. International Marketing Management
    When a company chooses a new country to expand its business, it has to select the entry mode. For example, Exporting, Licensing, Franchising, Joint Ventures or Direct investment.
  21. Managerial Decisions in Different Market Structures
    This paper will discuss the differences and similarities in managerial decisions making in the three markets – competitive, monopolistically competitive and oligopoly markets.
  22. Getinsa Saudi Arabia – A Case Study
    This paper presents a case study on the organizational structure and operations of the Spanish company Getinsa within Saudi Arabian railways.
  23. Product Positioning in Oligopolistic Markets
    An oligopoly is a kind of market structure wherein a few sellers control the proceedings in an industry or a certain market segment.

👍 Good Market Entry Strategy Essay Examples to Write about

  1. Aqua Auto-Care of Edinburgh Limited
    This paper analyzes the business plan, how the business is carried out in Aqua auto-care of Edinburgh limited - a service industry providing car wash service.
  2. Avlon: Market Research Proposal
    The potential market size for Bolox in the UK market and the perception of customers towards the new product. This will be useful tool of planning the Avlon’s entry into the market.
  3. Marketing Analysis of Frito Lays Dips
    Frito Lay is a company that manufactures and distributes snack foods and this company was incorporated in 1932 in the US with its headquarters in San Antonio Texas.
  4. McDonald’s Corporation’s Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
    The McDonald’s company believes in ethical practice and aims at being of integrity, honest and fair. It maintains good company ethics and is accountable.
  5. International Marketing in the Asia-Pacific Context
    Marketing research is vital for any organization looking to expand into other markets. It provides insight into the market weather and environment in the Asia-Pacific region.
  6. Wal-Mart: Entrance of a Large Scale Discount Store
    Entry of large supermarket chains has been generating a lot of debate on the fate of small scale retailers or mom and pop stores since the nineteen fifties.
  7. Vitamin Water: Egyptian Market
    There is a huge potential for the success of Vitamin Water in the Egyptian market. This is possible as long as all the business aspects are taken care of in the entry process.
  8. Life Coaching Business
    The paper will look at what such expansions entail through a life coaching business based in the United States. Its strategy is to enter the Australian market.
  9. Australian Joint Venture in Vietnam
    This paper informs on the key national, political, legal, environmental, and economic factors that may affect the successful operation of a possible joint venture in Vietnam.
  10. Pros and Cons - Starting and Operating Korean Fast Food Barbecue in China
    Korea Korean Barbeque, which initiated preliminary operations in Canada, is all set to spread its wings around other parts of the world, including Asian destinations.
  11. Venture Screening Guide of Phoenix Solar Energy Systems
    Propose to produce and market solar energy systems for household purposes in the Indian market. A SES capable of powering the house without external power forms our chief product.
  12. The In-N-Out Burger Services: Venture Into the Mexican Market
    In-N-Out’s venture into the Mexican market should prove to be a good, and profitable decision, a well-planned strategy should provide the guidance it needs to be successful.
  13. Tukster Hotel: Business Strategy
    The context of the business strategy of the Tukster Hotel will involve the in-depth analysis of the resources, capability, competitive advantage, and strategic formulation.
  14. A New Mobile Phone That Is Compatible to Projectors
    Development of technology is a well-cited demand of consumers of mobile phone sets and innovation in the field becomes the single indicator of success.
  15. Business Plan For the Mobile Vegetarian Restaurant
    This mobile restaurant business plan illustrates how the vegetarian restaurant will provide its services competitively to its target market.
  16. Hyundai Motor Company's Leadership and Facilitation
    The role of leadership can be outlined in the context of Hyundai Motor Company in particular, and Hyundai Chaebol in general.
  17. PESTEL and Porter’s Five Forces Analysis for the Euro Disney
    Assessing the situation that Euro Disney faced in 1994 with a PESTEL analysis and Porter’s Five Forces in order to assess what is the effect that external forces have on the company.
  18. Buckley’s Cough Syrup’s Export to Saudi Market
    In order to accomplish the business of exporting Buckley’s cough syrup from Canada to Saudi Arabia, it is necessary to examine the market for the product in the export country.
  19. A Notebook Computer in Huawei’s Product Portfolio
    The study assesses the market condition of notebook computers and tries to generate an idea for introducing notebook computers in Huawei’s current product portfolio.
  20. Recycling Batteries: Market Analysis for a New Product
    This paper endeavors to conduct a market analysis in the US for company XYZ which intends to introduce a new brand of lead batteries that are easy to recycle.
  21. Vodafone’s Marketing Strategy Within the UK Market
    With the rapid globalization aided by technological advancement, the information technology industry has bequeathed man with an easy way of communication.
  22. PESTEL Company Strategic Analysis
    The PESTEL analysis will put a spot light on the major concerns especially the external factors that will have a negative effects on the business.
  23. Strategic Elements Used in Gaining a Competitive Advantage in Medical Tourism
    Network study is mainly a strategy that is used to enhance awareness among business practitioners and to make them apply the best tactics in their management.

🎓 Simple Research Paper Examples with Market Entry Strategy

  1. Amanda West: Way in Food Industry
    Shortly after Amanda West graduated with Master of Business Administration, she had one main idea of starting a fast food restaurant as a business enterprise.
  2. Tide to Go Product Introduction in Egypt
    Tide to Go is essentially a convenience-based product. The product is well established in other markets and has a strong brand elsewhere.
  3. Pet Food Company. Profitability of Pet Food Industry
    Companies have significantly invested in research to satisfy this change in demand and taste and preference trends in the pet food industry as buyers demand value for their money.
  4. Innovation and Technology Transfer: Stannah Ltd
    Stannah Ltd was established in 1860s by Joseph Stannah as a lift manufacturing company. The company has been in this industry for more than one hundred and fifty years.
  5. Tesla Inc. as a New Car Company on the Market
    Tesla Inc. is a relatively new car company on the market for electric vehicles. The company started selling solar energy solutions for businesses and families.
  6. International Business Strategy: Case Study on Clippy Bag
    Based on Clippy London’s products, I would strongly recommend business franchising as the entry mode to different international markets.
  7. Pepsi’s Investment in the Australian Market
    Pepsi is the second-largest food and beverage business in the world. Launching an energy drink to the market right now is a good and timely investment.
  8. Critical Reflection: Team Work and Project Management
    The innovation world has undergone major transformations. This has in turn called fro more calculated measures and approach towards product development management.
  9. Easy Jet Marketing Plan and Reflection Report
    Easy Jet is Europe’s leading short-haul airline with a market presence in more than 30 countries around the world.
  10. Phantom and Wakame: Companies Analysis
    Phantom is a consultancy firm that could help Wakame in regard to management optimization and marketing changes.
  11. IKEA’s Path of Internationalization
    The current report focuses on exploring IKEA's approach toward internationalization and international expansion as a component of its strategy.
  12. RAK Ceramics: Case Study
    RAK Ceramics is a large UAE company producing various high-quality ceramic products. It was founded in 1989 in the UAE, and since then, it extended its business to Europe, the USA.
  13. Small Business in Brazil: Burswood Ltd
    The essay covers the political, economic, social, technological, and legal environments of Brazil within the framework of the Burswood Company.
  14. Apple Inc Company Analysis
    Global expansion remains a sensitive area for most companies. As demonstrated by Apple Inc., international development comes with both challenges and benefits.
  15. Dyson Company Market Entry Strategy
    This essay will look at different marketing elements that affect the Dyson company as it plans to open a new store in New York in the US.
  16. Market Entry Strategy for Sjöö Sandström
    Keeping in mind that Sjöö Sandström has the significant product, and resources, it seems reasonable to state that the internationalization approach is one the company should undertake
  17. Business Management & Decision-Making Report
    In the recent past, there has been a sudden increase in population and economic growth within major cities across the globe, leading to an increase in vehicle ownership.
  18. A Report on Delta Electronics Company (Thailand)
    The main purpose of this report is to indicate the nature of the business of Delta company in Thailand, showing all relevant information associated with its operation.
  19. Whittard of Chelsea Firm's Market Entry Strategy for the US
    The report comprises PESTEL-based macro-environmental analysis, market entry modes with the selection of the most appropriate one, STP strategy, and generic entry strategies.
  20. Spanx Product's Global Marketing
    Spanx is among the well-known products initially manufactured in the United States and has started to gain international recognition attracting customers worldwide.
  21. Analysis of Starbucks’s Entry in Chinese Market
    The entry of Starbucks into the Chinese market illustrates the capitalization on the importance of products and services that the company offers.
  22. A Qatar SME Analysis: The Case of Ciko Middle East
    Expanding into new markets and trying to gain a voice within the global business community is always a challenge for a small or medium (SME) organization.
  23. Internationalization: The Case of Asana
    The paper discusses Asana. It is a company that develops project management software and helps different organizations track and shape their work.

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