Examples of HR Strategy - Costco, Tesla, Starbucks, & More

An HR department is a crucial component of any company, regardless of size. The HR team’s responsibilities include talent sourcing, recruiting, employee retention, dealing with benefit programs, perks, performance, labor law compliance, and firing.

The main goal of any HR department is to find people that will perform well and match the company’s values. Therefore, a good HR strategy is essential to attract and bring in workers that will improve an organization’s performance.

🔝 Top-5 Human Resources Strategy Examples

  1. Caterpillar's and Graphic Controls' Human Resource Strategies
  2. Human Resource Challenges and Future in the UAE
  3. Sheikh Saeed Bin Ahmed Al Maktoum's Private Office's Human Resources
  4. Workforce Planning and Recruitment
  5. Human Resource Professional's Career

✅ Human Resources: Issues and Strategies

HR is an inseparable part of any business. It deals with versatile tasks, problems, and challenges. Below, we will describe the typical HR issues and strategies.

Examples of HR Strategies Issues

  1. Local laws and regulations. The company needs to adhere to all local rules in its operational area. The HR department is responsible for following laws, policy practices, and regulations connected with labor law.
  2. Headhunting. Landing top talents is not an easy job. Several companies might have an interest in one particularly experienced candidate.
  3. Compensation management. HRs must ensure that every candidate and employee is satisfied with the offered salary and additional benefits.
  4. Long-term retention. HR departments research the market and competitors to ensure competitive compensation and the working environment. It will motivate employees to work for the company longer.
  5. Productivity and performance. Workers who are satisfied with their job and working conditions achieve better results. The HR department must do everything possible to make their workers more productive.

Types of HR Strategies

Now let’s learn about different HR strategies. Take a look at two types of HR operating models:

  1. Overarching HR strategy. This HR strategy considers the company’s general course in the first place. It is consistent with the business’s overall goals and values. A crucial part of an overarching HR strategy is the general tone of communication, unified benefits for workers, performance bonuses, etc.
  2. Specific HR strategy. It divides an HR department’s strategic objectives and actions into several areas. Specific HR strategies work with learning, development, and compensation separately. The strategic plan usually includes the following areas:

These strategies use different analytic methods and HR metrics and set distinct goals and time frames. HR departments usually combine both systems to achieve their goals.

🤓 Examples of HR Strategies

Developing HR strategies is not an easy task. Before you start working on one, let’s examine the successful HR strategies of world-famous businesses:

Costco HR strategy

Costco puts its employees first. It includes providing them with good compensation and multiple benefits. The retention rate is the main focus of the company’s HR analytics – it allows the company to lower labor costs connected with recruitment.

Tesla HR strategy

Tesla’s HR strategy heavily relies on the ownership mindset. Every employee in Tesla’s department structure is encouraged to think and act as if they were the company’s owner. It is a very business-oriented method that became a part of Tesla’s organizational culture. This approach raises the responsibility and awareness of the workers. At the same time, it is also an effective motivational tool.

Starbucks HR strategy

Starbucks’ focus on human resources involves staff training and monitoring job satisfaction. It helps create a unique unified “Starbucks experience” and supports the brand image in any coffee shop. Starbucks uses internal and external recruitment, creates career growth perspectives, and has a referral program. The company also created a unique reward system to increase job satisfaction and motivation.

Disney HR strategy

Disney hires the best people and provides them with the best working conditions. It heavily relies on internal hiring, which allows employees to grow with the company. Disney also pays attention to people’s soft skills to check if they align with the brand’s philosophy.

Check out more examples of how big companies operate their human resources:

📝 Human Resources Strategy Research Paper Examples

  1. Human Resource Training Process and Strategy
    The human resource department is responsible for ensuring that the policies employed in the management of resources within the firm support the general organizational objectives.
  2. Disneyland Company's Human Resources
    Disneyland is a multinational company with offices in different parts of the world including California. The company has a global presence in the transportation and entertainment industry.
  3. Fundamentals of Human Resource Management
    Human resource management is a functional unit in an organization that deals with the management of people. It is a department within an organization that focuses on identifying vacant positions.
  4. Goals, Objectives, & Vision of Nokia Company
    What are the goals and objectives of Nokia company? 📲 Nokia adopted the corporate structure in 2003 due to market needs. 📊 Read more about Nokia’s mission and vision in this paper! 👉
  5. Netflix Objectives, Plan, & Mission [Strategic Audit of a Corporation]
    Analyzing Netflix strategic objectives? 🏹 This paper describes Netflix strategic plan, goals, and other policies. 📜 Discover the best strategic audit of corporation example and figure out Netflix’s mission. 👍
  6. Employee Relations
    Employee relations refer to the body of work that is concerned with the maintaining of the relationships that exist between the employees and their employers.
  7. Performance Management: Linking Rewards to Performance
    In performance management, there are several areas of interest to organizations. In this paper, a link will be made between rewards and performance.
  8. Contemporary Development in HR: Approaches & Recommendations
    What is the contemporary development in HR? 🧑‍💼 It is assumed that human resource development practices are critical to achieve the objectives of the firm. 🏆 So let’s discuss the contemporary development in the field of employees selection and other issues. 👍
  9. Human Resource Management' and Marketing' Relations
    This paper seeks to analyze the existing linkage and the relations between human resource and marketing in an organization. Such linkage results in achieving customer loyalty.
  10. Emirates Steel Company: International Business and Globalisation
    Emirates Steel is a company that majors in the production of steel. It is the largest steel company in the Middle East region.
  11. Etihad Airways Marketing Plan: Market Entry to Bangkok
    Etihad Airways serves as the national airline of the United Arab Emirates. The airline has been in operation for the last one decade and has flights to various destinations across the world.
  12. Etisalat and Its Human Resource Legal Functions
    Etisalat Corporation is the leading technology company within the GCC countries, whose development history dates back in the year 1976.
  13. UAE and UK Human Resource Strategies Comparison
    This report aims to focus on the comparative benchmark cases in the United Arab Emirates and the UK and to evaluate the human resource strategies adopted by the two countries.
  14. Starbucks Company' Human Resource Management
    This essay presents theoretical and practical information on human resource management and uses one of the Starbucks’ franchises as the subject of the research study.
  15. Human Capital Management and Its Benefits
    The paper analyzes Erskine’s article Human Capital Management to explore the purpose of human resources and human resource capital management in an organisation.
  16. KND Corporation's Human Resource Plan
    KND Corporation produces medium-priced clothing for girls and women under the brand name Bliss, and its products are currently sold online, as well as in four physical stores.
  17. Starbucks HR Strategy: Policies, Management, & Issues
    Analyzing Starbucks human resources strategy? ☕ This report describes the aspects of Starbucks HR management, policies, and issues! 🍩 Learn what is behind the success of Starbucks HR strategy. ➤
  18. Mubadala Investment: Human Resource Management
    The key focus of the Mubadala Investment is establishing expertise in the oil and gas sector for future investment and the enhancement of the potential growth of the UAE.
  19. Human Resource Processes in Qatar National Bank
    This paper investigates how the configuration of human resource management practices in bundles is applied within the context of Qatar National Bank to improve change management processes.
  20. Service Industry Operations Management: Southwest Airlines
    This research paper illustrates how service industry can achieve sustainable service excellence by improving their operational efficiency. The research paper analysis the case of Southwest Airlines.
  21. Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Sector: Strategic HRM
    The purpose of this report is to explore the influence of strategic human resource management practices at the Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority (TCA).
  22. McDonald’s Company Human Resource Strategy
    This paper focuses on people as an important aspect of McDonald’s overall strategy of improving its customer experience. Management of people falls in the realm of the human resource department.
  23. Emirates Airlines' Human Resources Practice
    The Emirates Airlines is ranked the seventh position in a list of the best global air carriers across the globe based on the revenue that is generated per kilometer of travel.
  24. Selection, Retaining and Motivation of Employees
    Performance of employees is a factor that determines the growth of a company. Employee performance hinges on their motivation as provided by the organization.
  25. Google's and Westpac's Human Resource Strategies
    This paper discusses the role that human resource professionals play in strategy formulation using the cases of Google Company and Westpac Corporation.
  26. Costco's Recruitment and Retention Strategies
    This paper discusses the employee recruitment and retention strategies used at Costco Wholesale Corporation. It also recommends how to improve its employee relations.
  27. Product Innovation and Management: Samsung Smart Watch
    Samsung Company, which relies mostly on the android technological platform, has moved towards making wearable technologies such as watches.
  28. UAE Aviation Human Resource Optimization During Recession
    The recession has had far-reaching financial and human resource management implications that have compelled the readjustments of HR policies in the UAE aviation industry.
  29. Effectiveness of Sleepy Hollow Company's Training
    This study appraises the human resource training strategies in Sleepy Hollow and their direct influence on organizational performance in the short and long run.
  30. Human Resource Management, Planning, and Policies
    Strategic human resource management (SHRM) is a tactical method for the management of an organisation’s human resource function in line with organisational goals and objectives.
  31. Emirates & British Airlines' Human Resources Strategies
    This paper will discuss human resources strategies that will be adopted by a joint venture between Emirates Airlines and British Airlines.
  32. James River Air Conditioning Company's Human Resources
    The human resource department seeks to ensure that employees strive to achieve the overall objectives of the company. The company has customer based objectives.
  33. Strategic Human Resource Management and Objectives
    Strategic human resource management guides all the organizational activities and resources that are dedicated to attracting and maintaining a highly motivated workforce.
  34. Dubai Airports Company's Human Resource Practice
    Using Dubai Airports Company as a case study, this paper explores how the employee engagement survey and other HRM practices can influence effective performance.
  35. KGW Corporation's Human Resource Management
    KGW Health organization is poised to remain profitable throughout the current period of operation up to the year 2017, with a marginal increase in profitability in successive years.
  36. Apple Training and Development for Employees
    How does Apple training and development for employees 📈 work? How much does Apple spend on authorized courses, 🤓 certification, and knowledge providers? Find the answers in this paper sample
  37. Human Resource Management: Planning and Control Systems
    This paper examines the distinction between an existing Human Resource Management and integrations of a new technological Human Resource Strategies.
  38. General Motors Company's Human Resources Evaluation
    GM is an American multinational corporation. The company was founded in 1908, and since then, it has spread to over 100 countries and has over 122,000 employees.
  39. Walmart Company's Human Resource Management Practices
    This study explores Wal-Mart’s human resource department. It identifies physical, human, and financial resources and human resources planning approaches.
  40. Huawei Human Resources Challenges & Management
    Researching Huawei human resources? 🧑‍💼 This paper addresses challenges of Huawei Technologies HR system ➕ in addition to the opportunities it can tap to enhance its continued operations. 📱

💡 Essay Ideas on Human Resources Strategy

  1. Vancouver Communications Company's Human Resources in Turkey
    The chief executive officer of Vancouver Communications believes that the new Turkish subsidiary should adopt the same organizational systems as in Canada and England.
  2. Microsoft Company’s Structure and Strategies
    Researching Microsoft organizational structure ⚙️ in 2022? Microsoft is a software 💻 company that currently uses a divisional organizational structure. Discover Microsoft’s functional changes, strategies, mission and vision, and analysis chart template.
  3. Google Incorporation's Human Resource Practices
    Google Inc. needs to manage its international branches and offices more efficiently to ensure that all benefits provided by the company are also available in the foreign offices.
  4. Emirates Airlines' Success Trajectory
    Emirates Airlines is one of the leading airlines in the current aviation industry. It operates globally and dominates the regional market.
  5. Tamweel Company’s Management and Marketing
    The topological structure of Tamweel consists of communication and operations management system which help in determining efficient performance and optimal resource use.
  6. Wal-Mart’s Human Resource Strategy and Plan
    Human resource management is a function that is designed to maximize employee contribution to an organization.
  7. The Evolving Role of HR in the Contemporary Business World
    In the minds of many individuals and even some business owners, the term Human Resources (HR) is associated with the hiring and firing process.
  8. Human Resource Planning Role in Aligning Skills with Jobs
    This paper discusses the role of human resource planning in the resourcing qualified personnel for organisations as a strategy for meeting the demand for competent human resources.
  9. Human Resource and Talent Management
    Talent management (TM) encompasses the range of activities used to attract, control, motivate, and retain talented people in a firm.
  10. Human Resources in the 21st Century
    The 21st century is widely perceived as the time when the development of the business industry has occurred most quickly, substantially impacting companies all around the world.
  11. Performance Appraisal Importance in HR Management
    This paper discusses the importance of incorporating job analysis in the performance appraisal system. The paper will discuss the need for having an all-rounded performance appraisal system.
  12. TESCO PLC: Human Resources Management
    This report highlights on how the changing role of technology can be integrated into the training and development process at Tesco Plc.
  13. Human Resource Management in Hospitality Industry
    How important is the human resource management in the hospitality industry? 🏨 Read our article to learn everything about the most expensive asset – human resources. 🙏
  14. Unions and Empowerement in Human Resource Management
    An empowered workforce enhances motivation and a high interest in work. The formation of unions results in higher commitment among managers in their work.
  15. Consolidated Landscaping: Human Resource Department
    Human Resource Management (HRM) can be defined as the process through which employees working within an organization are managed so as to achieve the firm’s goals and vision.
  16. Procter and Gamble Company's Performance Appraisal
    Procter and Gamble has one of the most effective human resource management in the industry. Performance appraisal is used for measuring and evaluating employees’ performance.
  17. Global Perspective of Human Resource Management
    Work-life in the global village is presenting myriad challenges to employees due to the increase in globalization and advancements in the information communication technologies.
  18. Human Resources Manager's Professional Interview
    I interviewed the Human Resources Manager of XYZ Company Limited. My talk aimed to ascertain or comply with labor laws by the human resources department of this firm.
  19. International Human Resource Management Aspects
    International Human Resource Management principles operate universally since people have to share resources, cultures, ideas, legal, and ethical responsibilities.
  20. Toyco Company People Management
    Toyco Company is facing a collapse of its human resource function. Poor human resource management is causing the company serious problems.
  21. Human Resource Management: Efficiency and Equity
    The employers should uniformly offer promotion opportunities to all employees, which should be treated in an equal and just manner irrespective of their cultural or racial background.
  22. Recruitment and Selection at Emirates Airline
    This paper focuses on the definition of the recruitment and selection function of HR in general and its application by Emirates Airline in particular.
  23. Expatriation and Human Resource Management
    This paper uses a case study of an American worker sent for an assignment in Qatar to argue that there are four main aspects that the HRM must consider to support the expatriate.
  24. Google Company's Human Resource Practices Analysis
    Google’s HR practices are in tandem with the existing industry standards. Some areas of adjustment in the HR unit have been noted.
  25. ToyCo's Recruitment and Selection Effectiveness
    This report investigates and discusses the process of management recruitment and selection, its organizational peculiarities in the context of one particular company, ToyCo.
  26. Selection Procedures, Their Factors and Stages
    Selection process has multiple stages which include interviews, pre-employment inquiries, background investigation, aptitude test, first screening interview, and application form.
  27. Walmart Company's Human Resource Strategies
    Wal-Mart faces a lot of challenges in sustaining its employees, in spite of attaining high performance. It has instituted human resource strategies to address the challenges.
  28. The Coca-Cola Company’s Strategic Suitability
    This report examines issues of strategic suitability for the Coca-Cola organization and recommendations for its development on a global scale.
  29. Hewlett-Packard Company's Human Resource Management
    In the first four decades of its existence, Hewlett-Packard did everything right to attract, retain, and support qualified personnel to build a company.
  30. Using Information in Human Resource Management
    The introduction of innovative talent management techniques is an absolute necessity in the current business world, which is highly competitive and extraordinarily demanding.
  31. Telstra Company: Managing Diversity in the Workplace
    This paper seeks to describe the current situation of workplace diversity management in Australia, particularly in Telstra, and link it with the scholarly literature on the same topic.
  32. Google's Human Resource and Global Labor Movement
    The paper discusses the impact of the global movement of labor on the HR management strategy of Google and the influence of inter-country differences in the workplace.
  33. Human Resource Manager's Developing Role in Business
    Human resource departments of corporations around the world have been compelled to transform from primarily operational roles to the assumption of duties.
  34. Best Practices in Human Resources
    This paper discusses what is the definition of human resource management, and what are the seven best practices in human resource management.
  35. Recruitment and Selection Practices in HR
    Recruitment is a multi-step process that requires planning and evaluation. It presents an opportunity for realignment of initiatives, goals.
  36. Air Born Company's Employee Management Techniques
    The present paper is devoted to the study of the case of 'Air Born' Aircraft. The specifics of 'Air Born' make it especially dependent on its human resources and knowledge.
  37. Business Issues and the Contexts of Human Resources
    The organization’s competition basis is web development and business applications integration into corporate information management system
  38. Strategic Human Resource Management: Concepts and Cases
    Strategic human resource management (SHRM) is a tactical method for the management of an organisation’s human resource function in line with organisational goals and objectives.
  39. Strategic Human Resource Management' Procedure
    Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) is an intricate procedure that is constantly reshaping and continues to elicit a lot of debate regarding what promotes.
  40. Organizational Change and Human Resource Management in Emirates Airlines
    This paper determines the success of organizational change and human resource management in Emirates Airlines as it embarked on transformations in its operations and information systems.

👍 Good Human Resources Strategy Essay Examples to Write about

  1. Human Resources Supporting Business Performance
    The performance of an HR manager and the efficacy of the strategy developed by the HR Department are largely affected by the environment in which an organization functions.
  2. Organisational Learning In the Filed of Human Resources
    Organisational learning has a significant impact on performance as it may help to enhance processes and improve workers' productivity.
  3. Establishing a Business in Baking Market
    Establishing a business in Baking Market may be a challenging task as it requires the consideration of future trends of the market, the management of customer service, and branding.
  4. Understanding Conflict Management in the Workplace
    Employee conflict in a workplace is a common occurrence that arises because of differences in people’s behavior, personalities, and values.
  5. Managing People Across Cultures: Diverse Practices
    The goal of this report is to consider how intercultural communication can be managed in the workplace setting.
  6. Chinese Multinationals: Generational Differences and Perceived Subjective Well-Being
    This dissertation explores the factors that impact the subjective well-being and generational differences of employees working for multinationals in China in the post-70s, 80s, and 90s.
  7. HR Management Involvement in Organizational Development and Leadership
    To qualify as a strategic leader, a person that fulfills some job position should be able to influence or implement his or her organization’s strategic vision.
  8. Human Resource Management for Goals Achievement
    The paper discusses the major functions of HRM which boost the efficacy and contribution of employees in the accomplishment of organizational goals and objectives.
  9. HR Practices in Infosys – Best Strategies
    What are the best Infosys HR practices? 💾 This work presents the HRM system of Infosys, its challenges, and the ways of overcoming these difficulties. 🤝 Read the article to learn what are innovative HR practices in Infosys. ✔️
  10. Iberia Company's Human Resources Management
    Over the years of its operations, Iberia has established a unique relationship with its customers. This work analyzes Iberia’s human resources and information technology systems.
  11. Strategies in the Human Resource Management
    Formulating business strategies in an organization involves systematic planning and coordination between organizations departments.
  12. Google Company's Planning
    The human resource manager of Google Company should come up with strategies that encourage teamwork in the organization.
  13. The Social Media Role from the HRM Perspective
    This paper critically looks into the role of social media in contemporary organisations in the perspective of the Human Resource function in organisations.
  14. Management Development: Human Resource Planning
    Management Development is best defined as the procedure from which administrators study and advance their capabilities not only to benefit themselves but also their organizations.
  15. Scorecard Inc.'s Human Resource Strategy
    Scorecard, Inc., is a privately-owned company that manufactures and sells a range of sporting goods for games and practice. This study discusses the HR strategy of the company.
  16. Amazon Company: Management of Human Capital
    This essay critically analyzed the management of human capital in Amazon in view of management models. The analysis illustrates that Amazon is an exploitative employer.
  17. Forest International Company: Human Resources Strategy
    Employee health and safety standards have continued to pose serious challenges to many organizations. The problem with Forest International is that it has had a long history of work related injuries.
  18. Motorola Company's Human Resources Department
    The human resources department of Motorola acts as a lead unit by defining training plans in line with the corporate strategy and monitoring implementation.
  19. Gender and Leadership
    Many organizations in the world have established different coexistence platforms for men and women employees in the workplace in regard to the existing beliefs about gender and leadership.
  20. Employee Handbook and Human Resources Trends
    An employee handbook is a powerful document for guiding and engaging employees in any given organization. It identifies guidelines, mission statements and codes of conduct.
  21. Belmont Village Facility's Human Resource Strategies
    The primary solution for this project involves a thorough reformation of the Belmont Village HR strategies and methods based on internal research.
  22. Human Resource Manager's Role in Global Teams
    In the last decade, multinational corporations have embraced the use of global teams because of the demands generated by globalization and advancements in technology.
  23. Organizational Workplace and Human Resource Trends
    This essay examines various functions of HRM in enhancing an organization’s business flexibility, explores equal employment opportunity laws and trends in the business environment.
  24. Human Resource Management: Industrial Relations
    The industrial relations classify three important theoretical approaches, which are critical in understanding the interactions among various stakeholders in the places of work.
  25. Labor Relations and Innovations in the Field
    The paper focuses on innovation in human resource management and labor relations to improve the collaboration between people and reach organizational goals.
  26. Human Resource Management Strategic Objectives
    The important role of employees in organizational success is probably considered a cliché in many management disciplines.
  27. Human Resource Strategies: Google Company Challenges
    Google is now facing two major challenges: decreasing the autonomy of employees and ineffective leadership that negatively affect the acting of employees and the all organization.
  28. HRM and Project Management Relationship
    The aim of this study is to explore the relationship between HRM and project management by examining the moderating role of HRM in project success.
  29. Human Resource Planning and Its Role in the Organisation
    Human resource planning is an essential practice in ensuring that an organization maintains the right workforce in an attempt to achieve its impending operational goals.
  30. Understanding Organizations and Human Resource Practices
    The company is a large advertising and marketing agency which develops and launches product promotion campaigns according to its clients' needs and preferences.
  31. Human Resource Planning Role in Business Organizations
    HR planning is a critical concept in every business organization.s’. Managers should analyze the needs of their organization's, monitor and evaluate the implemented HR plan.
  32. Managing People. Performance Appraisal Methods
    This paper tries to study all the methods of appraisal in different organizational frameworks and then judge their practicality.
  33. Employee Computer Monitoring: System Analysis
    Different scholars discuss productivity argument, privacy argument, security argument and liability argument related to employee monitoring.
  34. Nucor Corporation Strategic Management
    Nucor's success can be attributed to several strategic options that the company adopted following the financial difficulties it faced in the 1960s.
  35. Yahoo Company: Power and Influence
    This paper explores the challenges of working with other people in organizations and the key dimensions of relationship. The paper uses the Yahoo Company as a case example.
  36. Student Team's Structure and Work Process
    The effectiveness of a team relies on the team building strategies used to improve team operations and processes.
  37. Starbucks Corporation's Sustainable Business Practices
    Sustainability is one of Starbucks’ main goals that reflect its organizational values and a commitment to environmental protection.
  38. The Unemployment in the Gulf Countries
    The six Arabs Gulf states for the past ten years have been facing an increasing number of unemployment. This paper analysis the unemployment trends in the Gulf States.
  39. Human Resource Management Value System
    Knowledge management is about distribution best practices, improvement workers competencies and association output.
  40. Employee Turnover in the UAE
    The objective of this study is to investigate the causes and impacts of high employee turnover rates in different business sectors in the UAE.

🎓 Simple Research Paper Examples with Human Resources Strategy

  1. Migrant Workers Are Vital to the US Economy
  2. Employee Relation and Human Resource Management
  3. Working With and Leading People Assignment
  4. Can HR Organizations Used in the West be Used in High Tech Organizations in India?
  5. Resourcing and Talent Planning in the United Kingdom
  6. Information Overload and People Analysis
  7. Managing Human Resources in the Organizational Context
  8. Occupational Health and Safety in the Organizations
  9. Human Resource Management in the Context of Outsourcing
  10. Attrition in Human Resource Management
  11. Staffing Organization: Recruitment and Selection
  12. Minimum Wage and the Poverty Gap
  13. Hilton Hotels Corporation: Multicultural Workforce Management in the Hospitality Industry
  14. What Is Human Resource Management
  15. Business Issues in Hewlett Packard
  16. The Importance of Human Resource Program Implementation
  17. McDonald's Strategic Management of Human Resources & Innovation
  18. South Korea Strategic Human Resource Management in the Hotel Industry
  19. Human Resource Management: A Critical Analysis and HIV/Aids-Related Policy
  20. Systems Consideration in Human Resource Information System
  21. Human Resource Department: Mr. Richey Odio Interview
  22. The Trends of Human Resource Management
  23. Geert Hofstede’s Theories of the Human Resource Management
  24. Honda Company's Failed People Management
  25. Human Resource Department in Management.
  26. The Black Box Links Between the Human Resource Management and Organizational Performance
  27. BBC Company's Human Resource Management
  28. Bank of Baroda: Human Resource Management Strategy
  29. Social Responsibility and Ethics in Human Resource
  30. Globalization’s Influence on Future Career Choices of Students
  31. HR Strategy Retail. The Principle of Building HR Strategy
  32. Marketing Career Development Plan for Company X
  33. Core Competencies Required For Successful Coaching
  34. Human Resource Development for the Efficiency of the Company’s Activity
  35. Human Resource Strategy and Its Role in Organization
  36. Align HR With Organization Strategy
  37. Ways in Which HRM Policies Can Support Business Strategies
  38. Unilever: Developing HRM Strategy to Support Organizational Strategy
  39. Employee Involvement: Human Resource Planning
  40. Case Study: Who is Afraid of a Little Mud?
  41. Advantages and Disadvantages of Human Resource Outsourcing
  42. Kudler Fine Foods: Career Development Plan
  43. UAE: Economic Analysis for Public Policy
  44. Job Opportunities in Modern America
  45. Employment and Deflation in Ireland
  46. Smart Group Consulting Firm: Human Resource Functioning
  47. Leadership: Definition and Theories
  48. Fashion Designer: Applying for a Job
  49. California Pizza Kitchen's Strategic Analysis
  50. Work-Life Conflict on Employee Performance Critical Investigation
  51. Cultural Diversity in Workplaces
  52. Work Ethics of Men in the Japanese Culture
  53. Johnson-Venter Report on Recruitment and Selection Procedures
  54. Recruitment and Performance Management as Key Elements of Success
  55. Ethics as a Human Resource Issue
  56. Corporate Social Responsibility Study
  57. Waterway HR Issues: Employee Retention Strategies
  58. Human Resource Development in Business
  59. Human Resource Strategy Introduction
  60. Kamuga Motors Company's Human Resource Planning
  61. International Workforce Outsourcing Challenges
  62. The Importance of Human Capital in Organizational Performance
  63. Employee Privacy Violation at the Workplace
  64. Managing In a Global Environment

✍️ Human Resources Strategy Essay Examples for College

  1. Can Culture in the Organization Be Managed?
  2. Determining Why Employee Job Satisfaction Is Low
  3. New Human Resource Strategies in Coffee Bean Industries
  4. Human Resources for Customer Services Department
  5. Managing Resources and Information
  6. Researching the Human Resource Management
  7. Volvo Company's Operations Management
  8. Managing Human Resources: Through Strategic Partnership
  9. My Home Solution: Company Analysis
  10. The Gallery Cafeteria Managing Human Resource
  11. HR Audit: Florida Corrections and Rehabilitation
  12. The Process of Recruiting New Staff Members
  13. Management of HRM on the Example of Wal-Mart
  14. The Scientific Revolution in Human Resourse Management
  15. International HR Management Case Study
  16. Integrating Human Resource Strategies and Theories
  17. International Human Resource: Company Global Expansion
  18. HR Policy in Blue Gum in Australia
  19. Performance Appraisal and Motivation Techniques
  20. The Role of Human Resource Management in a Company Development
  21. How Do Business Strategies Affect HR Strategies?
  22. McDonald’s Company HR Management Practices
  23. The Developing Role of HR Within Modern Day Business
  24. Learning and Development Initiatives in Organization
  25. Project Management: Monsanto Company
  26. The Role of Corporate Portals on the Performance of Organizations
  27. McDonald's Human Resources Management Practice
  28. Human Resource Management at Amazon
  29. Human Resources Function: Managing and Coordinating
  30. CIPD Candidate Assessment: Briefing Paper
  31. Comparator Group: Cigna and Anthem
  32. Strategic and Tactical Human Resources
  33. Five Key Tasks for an HR Change Agent
  34. HR Function's Roles and Objectives in Canadian Educational Organizations
  35. Billy Beane: Changing the Game
  36. Human Resource Management - Canadian Retail Sector
  37. Strategic HRM: A Literature Review
  38. Amazon HR Practices and Processes
  39. Strategic Role of HR: Coca-Cola Case
  40. Starbucks: Human Resource and Talent Management
  41. Strategy for Human Resource Management in Mountain Bank
  42. The Importance of Strategic Human Resource Management for Organisations
  43. Managing and Coordinating the Human Resources Function (5HRF)
  44. Strategic HR Report. Work Plan of a Modern Company
  45. The Employee Engagement: Crucial Aspects
  46. Business Issues in the Context of HR Management
  47. HR Strategic Business Partnership: Amazon
  48. Managing HR in a Business Context - 3F Brief Business Environment
  49. The Effects of Talent Management on the United Kingdom SMEs’ Innovation Capacity
  50. HR Planning and Human Resources
  51. Sick Absence Management: Using Information in Human Resources
  52. Human Resource Practice in the Modern Workplace
  53. Human Resources Functions in Cisco Systems
  54. Bill Kring Foods Inc.'s Human Resources Plan
  55. Human Resource Management Functions
  56. The Role of HRM Within Retail Organizations in Canada
  57. Google: Human Resources Management
  58. Effects of Technology on Human Resource Management
  59. Human Resource Planning by Unilever
  60. Lend Lease Group and James Hardie Industries: Company Analysis
  61. Role Graph Concept
  62. Human Resource Strategic Partnership in Facebook
  63. The Globalization of the CEMEX Company

🏆 Best Human Resources Strategy Research Titles

  1. Managerial Accounting in the Hotel Industry
  2. Kellogg Company's Strategy and Quality Analysis
  3. Human Resource Development Importance and Issues
  4. Strategic Human Resources: Collective Bargaining
  5. Human Resource Strategies of Business Administrators
  6. An External and Internal Analysis of McDonald’s Corporation
  7. Domestic vs. International Human Resource Management
  8. The International Recruitment for Local Companies Within the UAE
  9. 5HRF - Managing and Coordinating the Human Resources Function
  10. Human Resource Management Strategies in the Eastern University
  11. Human Resources Strategy at Google
  12. Appropriate Human Resource Management in a Company
  13. Google Inc.'s Human Resource Management Principles
  14. Partexceltron: HR Strategy and Personnel Management
  15. Organizational Performance Through an HR Lens
  16. Roles and Contributions of HR Professional
  17. Human Resource Management Competency Assessment
  18. Recruiting and Retention at Google Corporation
  19. Human Resource Management: Roles and Processes in the Enterprise
  20. Team Workmanship in Organizations
  21. Human Resource Metrics and Analytics
  22. HR Management: Johnson & Johnson Company
  23. HR Issues and Strategy: Facebook
  24. Wynn Resorts: Case Study
  25. Human Resource Information System: Functions, Advantages, Risks, Types
  26. "Over the Edge": Managing Stress Among Employees
  27. Avatar Ireland: Human Resource Management
  28. Human Resources Consulting as New Business Concept
  29. Analysis of International Management
  30. Mountain Bank's Competitive Strategies and Human Resource Tools
  31. Candidate Experience as Employment Selection Issue
  32. Human Resource Information Systems
  33. Human Resources Management at Amazon
  34. National Level Learning and Talent Development Strategies
  35. A Case Study of Personal Leadership Experience
  36. Mariott International: The Role of the Human Resources Department
  37. HR Portfolio of Evidence: Elements of Group Dynamics, Conflict Resolution
  38. HRM of Inter-Organisational Relationships in Management
  39. Workplace Training and Development
  40. Human Resource Management: Strategic Staffing
  41. Advances in Developing Human Resources
  42. Mubadala Investment Company's Human Resource Management Practices
  43. Maersk Company's Human Resource Management
  44. Human Resource Information System for Larson Property Management
  45. Moral and Ethical Decision-Making in Human Resources’ Evaluation Practices
  46. Analysis of Nike Company State
  47. AGC’s Human Capital Management Goals: Analysis and Solutions
  48. Google: Human Resource Management
  49. Managing People and Organizations: Remedies and Solutions
  50. Session Plan in the Hong Kong Finance
  51. Discussion of Human Resource Management
  52. Human Resource Management: Duke's Team-Based Approach
  53. “Use Six Steps to Coach Employees...” by Heathfield
  54. The Management of Human Resources: Frymire’s Leadership Style
  55. United Parcel Service's Human Resource Practices and Organizational Change
  56. Importance of Human Resource Management
  57. Singapore Airlines: Managing HR for Cost-Effective Service Excellence
  58. The Human Resource Information System: Strategy to Seek and Sustain Buy-In
  59. “Response to the Future of Power” by Joseph Nye
  60. Southwest Airlines Human Resource Recruitment Plan Proposal
  61. The Tesco Company's Human Resource Practices
  62. Human Resource Management at Southwest Airlines
  63. “Essentials of Human Resource Management” by Tyson

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