Mariott International: The Role of the Human Resources Department

General Aspects of Mariott International and its HR Department

Mariott International is one of the biggest hotel chains in the world. It includes 30 brands and more than 7,000 properties across 131 countries (Mariott International website). The company emphasises its non-changing core values and heritage, diversity and inclusion in Human Resources policy and sustainability and social impact they are aiming to have (Mariott International website). The hotel chain is concerned about its Human Resources policy and is constantly improving in this field.

Developing an efficient team is the function of the Human Resources department supported by top and line managers in each hotel chain, including Mariott International. Terms of employment vary depending on the organisation, and so do the human selection and recruitment processes. Nevertheless, the hospitality industry is a labour-intensive industry; thus, reaching success in the sector implies having efficient human resources management (Fu et al., 2019). Marriott International is a global hotels chain that has been a success in the industry; its success has highly been attributed to its well-managed human resources team.

The Human Resources department of Mariott International is concerned about the relationships between its employees and employers. The company even has a Human Resources principle of “The Spirit to serve”; the spirit that the company desires to instil in its HR team (Gibbons, 2020). The company has a well-managed Human Resources department that aims to develop an orchestrate team; it understands that the quality of service by the human resources is of crucial benefit to the company in the hospitality industry. The Human resources team is Responsible for maintaining its staff’s welfare.

HR Functions in Mariott International

Considering the above mentioned, Mariott International is willing to take care of its employees and provide them with comfortable working conditions. This, of course, regards every member of the staff and has some particular aspects, which appear to be the functions of the HR department. One of the main functions of the Human resource team is the retaining and rewarding system (Zaitseva et al., 2017). The system implies that the employees appreciate Marriott International goals and expectations, while the organisation realises that the employees also have their goals (Song and Lee, 2020).

The Human Resource department, in this case, must come up with measures that are aimed at retaining the employees if it is required. One of these ways is to provide as comfortable as possible working experience for the employees (Franco et al., 2019). The reward of employees is another way that can be used. By reward, recognising the employee’s efforts is meant (Sabri et al., 2019). Marriott International retains its employees to support their talents and experience. Concerning chefs, they make better quality food staff give their customers a better experience.

Satisfaction is the result of the Human Resources department’s efforts to keep their employees. Organisations should have high-levelled employee relations; it refers to the body of work concerned with maintaining the relationships between the employees and their employers, contributing to acknowledgeable production and level of motivation. Employee relations concern all the issues regarding the relationship between the employee and the employer (Bhavna and Kalse, 2018). Employee relations can be connected with several things such as pay, disciplinary cases, and more. On the other hand, industrial relations are pretty specific and concern themselves with unions. Employee relation is a contractual relationship between the employee and the employer.

Employees’ motivation at Marriot

Motivation is the reason for an individual to work; it makes him persevere to attain set goals in life or an organisation. People have different personalities, and so they are motivated by different things. A motivation system is a combination of the variable with the expected result as an increased enthusiasm and morale in one work (Kotera et al., 2018). The way an organisation is structured, the organisation culture adopted, power distribution, and employees’ relations are variables of motivations (Chernbumroong et al., 2021).

Motivation can be referred to as an altruistic approach to respecting human dignity, but in fact, the organisation’s benefits are respected more. No doubt, a well-motivated team leads to high employee productivity and increased customer satisfaction.

The motivation of chefs In Mariott International can be best described through their reviews on the working experience they had at the company. In particular, this paper refers to the reviews from the website Not all of the reviews are rationally structured and are relevant for the study. However, some of them portray the details of the motivation system in Mariott International and prove they are real. For instance, Former Chefs claim that their experience in Mariott has allowed them to improve their skills drastically because the HR department provides training programs (Working as a Chef in Mariott International, 2021).

One more aspect of the motivational system for all the employees and chefs, in particular, implies creating a comfortable working atmosphere by establishing relationships between employees. The HR department pays attention to this, as the employees note that every day they had a few 15-minute long breaks to get motivated (Working as a Chef in Mariott International, 2021). Furthermore, the rewards system, the third element of the motivation system, is appropriate and attractive for the employees and supports their talents (Working as a Chef in Mariott International, 2021). Thus, motivation in Mariott International has specific aspects related to the hospitality industry but maintains the same HR policy to all the departments to ensure the required level of quality.

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