Wynn Resorts: Case Study


Wynn Resorts could be analyzed as a new company that is focusing on the changing demands and expectations of the modern customer. The leaders have been examining some of the trends, opportunities, and gaps in the industry to launch evidence-based practices that can deliver positive customer experiences. The horizontal organizational structure, production of personalized and expensive services, and adoption of an effective HR strategy are some of the attributes that are making the company more profitable and successful. The emerging gaps and concerns should guide Wynn Resorts’ leaders to steer the company in the right direction.

Organizational Structure

To succeed in the competitive hospitality industry, Wynn Resorts could consider the power of a horizontal organizational structure. Such a model will ensure that more employees are empowered and capable of liaising with their respective leaders. The structure will streamline decision-making processes and eventually ensure that more customers receive cheaper, better, and more desirable services. Currently, the formulated structure would be described as horizontal (Marsh and Gentry 12). Departments are segmented and allowed to make unique decisions that can help improve organizational performance. The company is also relying on the approach to attract more customers and maximize the recorded profits.

In terms of organizational strategy, Wynn Resorts acquired land, develops, and then owns destination resorts and casinos. After securing the right place, the established resorts are designed such they offer personalized accommodation services, beverage outlets, and food (Marsh and Gentry 34). The company identifies some of the lucrative regions and considers the best ways to provide spas, rotunda shows, leisure facilities, and leisure facilities. Such a strategy is usually informed by the demands in the market and the expectations of most of the targeted individuals.

Through such an organizational structure and strategy, Wynn Resorts has recorded significant gains in its four human resources (HR) four investments. With a proper structure, it becomes possible for each investment to focus on the anticipated organizational goals while at the same time sharing the same with the other segments (Marsh and Gentry 35). The involved parties can focus on the targeted goals, solve emerging issues, and ensure that timely results are recorded promptly. Such initiatives have made this company more successful and profitable in the sector.

CEO Steve Wynn

From the studied case, it is evident that the CEO, Steve Wynn, was keen to create and develop solutions that are deemed costly and extravagant to impress the targeted customers. This means that such an approach could present both weaknesses and strengths for the company. Specifically, the model can attract high-end clients, thereby maximizing profits (Marsh and Gentry 19). On the other hand, the approach could discourage middle to low-income earners from visiting Wynn Resorts’ key outlets.

The first challenge includes the possible loss of customers to immediate resorts in the selected regions. The second one is the desire to incur additional costs to meet the demands of all clients. These issues explain how the company will be unable to develop the most appropriate HR strategy and goals. The leading opportunities include the ability to transform the nature of competition, the possibility of providing high-quality and personalized services, and the realization of the outlined goals (Nieves and Quintana 74). The organization will create the most appropriate HR strategy since it will be aware of the possible needs of the targeted customers.

Concessions and Special Arrangements

The selected case reveals that Wynn Resorts had to make special arrangements and concessions, including the provision of a board member with stakes in the organization. From this analysis, it would be notable that such a move was ethical. Specifically, there was no other way the company could have gained the intended license to operate in the selected region (Nieves and Quintana 76). The benefits it stood to gain from such a region would not be comparable with such a decision or move.

However, the idea is capable of affecting Wynn Resorts’ HR strategy. For instance, the member might present instructions and initiatives that might affect the performance of expatriates or workers operating in the United States. Additionally, the decision could increase the chances of improper practices, including corruption and bribes. Such a development could affect the overall ethical position of the company (Marsh and Gentry 19). However, the approach could be beneficial by ensuring that the organization embraces a better culture that is diverse. The decision can also become a new opportunity for taking leadership to the next level and ensuring that the demands of more workers are met.

This move is also capable of affecting HR’s ability to steward the company’s capacity for ethical leadership and leaders. First, most individuals will be keen to offer concessions and make special arrangements. This practice might compel the company to hire incompetent people. The move can also disorient the overall quality of HR leadership and eventually affect the anticipated business aims (Nieves and Quintana 75). Some leaders might begin to focus on such a decision and rely on it to make wrong or unethical leadership decisions. Such issues could eventually affect the overall performance of this company and ensure that negative results are recorded.

The Good-Old-Boy Network

The immediate success Wynn Resorts recorded is attributable to the “good-old-boy network” to recruit and get the right people to achieve the intended workers and goals. However, the model was seen to favor and support the goals of individuals who were observed to be operating within the network.

Consequently, most people began to view the strategy as unfair and discriminatory. Nonetheless, the company could not have succeeded in getting the right team to begin its operations and meet the needs of most of the workers. From this analysis, it would be agreeable that such a model was appropriate ad capable of supporting the recruitment of the right people (Nieves and Quintana 75). The CEO and his partners were keen to identify and get people who possessed the relevant skills and were capable of healing the company to achieve its business aims within the stipulated period.

From a strategic HR perspective, the model is appropriate since it helps reduce expenses for advertising, interviewing, and recruiting the right people. For Wynn, it was possible to identify individuals whose contributions elsewhere were admirable and capable of supporting the newly-established company (Nieves and Quintana 76). Within a short period, Wynn Resorts was able to overcome the possible challenges and get the right people to begin operations within the shortest time possible.

However, some people would be keen to challenge the hiring practice and identify it as inappropriate. Specifically, persons who possess the right skills and experience in the hospitality sector would be unsupportive of the model since it would leave them behind. Additionally, some leaders and community members in regions whereby Wynn Resorts operates would also be unwilling to support the HR model. Such individuals would be reluctant since the strategy would leave experienced people behind while at the same time failing to improve the company’s cultural diversity.

Nonetheless, this external context is capable of affecting the company’s hiring practice. For instance, the good-old-boy network would appear to many people as inappropriate and biased. More people might decide not to be part of the hiring process in the future and affecting the effectiveness of the company’s workforce (Marsh and Gentry 28). Such a strategy will also affect the relationship with the stakeholders identified above negatively. Consequently, the company will encounter additional challenges while trying to hire more workers in the future.

HR’s Primary Value

The completed analysis has revealed that Wynn Resorts has specific HR core goals and values. The outstanding or primary one would be that of promoting customers’ experience. The HR department focuses on the best ways to get workers who are experienced or from the selected regions of operation. Such individuals are expected to be aware of the needs and demands of the targeted customers (Marsh and Gentry 33). This value has supported the recruitment of old boys who have the relevant knowledge and are capable of supporting the formulated business model.


The above discussion has identified Wynn Resorts as an organization that s capable of meeting the demands of its customers. The formulated HR model is appropriate and resonates with the demands of the targeted workers. However, some issues are noticeable whereby the company has stood out as unethical and incapable of promoting diversity. The leaders at this organization should consider such concerns and solve them to improve the current structure and HR strategy and eventually support the delivery of positive results.

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