Fundamentals of Human Resource Management

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Human resource management is a functional unit in an organization that deals with the management of people. It is mostly a department within an organization that focuses on identifying vacant positions that need to be filled. They then advertise or find an individual suitable to fill that position. This is done procedurally so that the organization finds the most suitable person who increases the value of an organization.

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The primary function of Human Resource Management is hiring suitable people to fill vacant positions in an organization. Human Resource Management hires, manages, and provides the position of the organization. This is to ensure that the goals and objectives are not under threat of taking the wrong direction. By recruiting suitable people, Human Resource Management is the main manager in the strategic plan of an organization. They have a suitable strategy under which they work to ensure the best results for an organization (Gilmore and Williams, 2009).

On top of performing the managing and recruitment role, Human Resource Management ensures the safety of an organization. The wellness of employees is crucial in ensuring consistency and productivity in an organization. This role is among many roles the Human Resource Management values in working towards attaining the long term objectives of an organization.

Gilmore and Williams claim that Human Resource Management is a section that ensures that the employees benefit from the services an organization gives. They motivate all organizational employees to increase productivity. The Human Resource Management evaluates and rewards the best workers by increasing their benefits and other rewards. By so doing, other employees find it befitting to offer the best of their ability to the service of the organization. This brings the company closer to fulfilling its long term strategy.

This is the department that ensures that the employees know their roles. The knowledge about the company by employees is also the role of Human Resource Management. These are made possible by communication of the work requirements. They also make the employees aware of the tradition and the strategy of the company. They provide the short term goals of the company to the employees. They help the employees to fulfill the short-term goals thereby moving them close to the long term goals of the company.

The general administration of employees and their needs is overseen by Human Resource Management. Their behavior and the expected conduct from the organization is the duty of this department. They, therefore, ensure that they recruit suitable people both in academic qualifications and discipline. This is important in ensuring a friendly environment in their working area (DeCenzo and Robbins, 2007).

They give direction to the strategic plan so that employees can help the organization attain that strategic plan. Human Resource Management is crucial in measuring the productivity of its employees to correct and encourage them to give the maximum they can to the company.

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They draw the hiring strategies of the company and stick by them to promote the growth of the company. The strategies serve the employment procedure of the company including job descriptions and the qualifications of the expected employees. Human Resource Management is important here in ensuring that they maintain the quality of the services the company gives to its customers.

Human Resource Management is also crucial in coming up with retention strategies. This means that the quality of the human resource is observed and improvements of services given by the company regulated. This is done by firing incompetent employees and replacing them with quality employees. This helps in improving the company and therefore encourages high productivity among the employees.


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