Employees’ Satisfaction and Ways of Improvement


Job satisfaction can be defined as the level of contentment or enjoyable and emotional state of an individual from his or her job. It is a measure of how employees feel fulfilled by what they do and their level of pride in their work. Building job satisfaction in workers is one of the best ways to enhance growth in an organization. Employees are the determiners of the quality of production and the general success of the organization. When employees are satisfied, the organizational goals and objectives become very easy to achieve. For employees to feel satisfied and proud about their job, several factors have to be considered including their sense of value, sense of belonging to the company among other emotional considerations.

Increasing loyalty and job satisfaction

There are several theories that have been identified in creating an environment whereby the employees feel satisfied with their job. These theories include the Affect theory and the Disposition theory. Every organization seeks to create job satisfaction to its employee with an understanding that this is the best way of ensuring success. In order to create job satisfaction, organizations need put up systems within its department that will support and enhance satisfaction among the workforce. Some of the fundamental steps of ensuring loyalty and enhancing job satisfaction include;

  1. High levels of creativity, accountability,
  2. Safe working environment,
  3. Adoption of new technology

In addition to these steps, one of the most basic but very crucial factors is communication. When in an organization there is the opportunity for creativity, employees become more loyal and satisfied with work. Creativity means that employees are listened to and given opportunities to think and come up with new business ideas. This makes them have a sense of power and ownership in the company therefore it enhances their satisfaction. Employees can know their level of satisfaction by self examination using these steps.

Job Satisfaction

The sense of ownership and belonging to an organization heightens the level of loyalty since employees begin to see the organization as their own. Loyalty is highly dependent on ownership hence the need for creating a sense of ownership among workers. In addition to the satisfaction based on the ability to work and produce positive result, remuneration is another factor to consider in employee loyalty and satisfaction. Competitive salaries will increase job satisfaction and loyalty. When employees are satisfied by their salaries, they are happy to work for the company and to give their best.

Good salaries means that the employees are able to meet their financial responsibilities such as taking care of the family and other functions that involve money. Without the stress of taking care of personal financial responsibilities, employees are able to focus and give their best in work and this increase their level of loyalty. In line with competitive salaries, organizations must have a very clear and fair system of promotion to ensure that promotions are fairly distributed. Fundamentally, to raise the level of loyalty and employees’ job satisfaction involves making them happy.

Improving employees’ job satisfaction

To analyze ones’ satisfaction in work, the following factors are considered.

Improving employees’ job satisfaction.

The top three things that I feel are most important in improving job satisfaction are competitive salaries and promotion opportunities, safety in the working environment, and creating a sense of belonging. In the current difficult times, money is very important for survival. Without money one can barely do anything or access any services. Therefore, making employees comfortable will include giving them enough money in remuneration to satisfy their own personal needs.

A satisfied employee will be more productive compared to an unsatisfied employee. Financial security is one of the basic ways to enhances employees’ job satisfaction. Safety in the work place is another important factor to consider in creating job satisfaction. Employees must feel safe during their stay in the organization’s compound. Safety in the work place may be described in different ways. It can be financial safety, job security, or personal security.

Financial security is the level of confidence that the employees have with regard to the company’s ability to sustain their financial needs and the ability to pay them. When an organization is constantly in debts and when the employees’ salaries are constantly being delayed due to some organizational financial issues, the employees’ satisfaction will be reduced. An organization’s financial stability gives employees confidence and it assures them of their financial security job security on the other hand is the ease of getting laid off or the ease at which employment can be terminated.

Employees feel more safe and satisfied in originations where termination of employment is not easy. With the current rate of unemployment all over the world, people are more cautious to keep their jobs and to secure employments that are lasting. In order to create employees satisfaction, organizations must relook into their employment policies to make sure that their terms and conditions of service are favorable and whether they create employees’ confidence in their work safety.

Lastly, personal security is very crucial in an organization. Personal security is the sense of feeling safe in your working environment. This kind of safety is felt towards one’s personal effects and property in the workplace. It also involves the feeling of being safe against physical harm in the course of working. It may include installation of fire extinguishers in the buildings, the presences of fire exits, provision of protective gears among other things.

Employees’ satisfaction while working at organization will be increased by the assurance that their personal safety is taken care of. In the current technological world, security may also include computer and data security to protect the integrity of employees.

Job satisfaction in the UAE

Being a multicultural cultural environment, the UAE job satisfaction model will have to address cross-cultural effects. In order to ensure that employees in the UAE are satisfied in their work, issues of racism and religious profiling are core and important to consider. The UAE is dominantly a Muslim region and the working cultural setting is based on the Muslim faith. This may make other people from other religions to be very uncomfortable working is such a setting.

Therefore, an organization based in the UAE must be sensitive to other religions in order to create a harmonious working relationship between the Muslim and the non-Muslim communities. Promotions and job opportunities in the UAE are not equally distributed among workers from different religious and cultural settings. This can be very demoralizing and it may be very demoralizing.


To avoid such an occurrence, originations in the UAE must consider cross-cultural strategies to incorporate other people from different religious backgrounds in order to enhance their satisfaction and ultimately increase productivity. Equal opportunities to all employees regardless of their religious or cultural background increases job satisfaction.

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