HR Policy in Blue Gum in Australia


Blue Gum is a manufacturing company established in Australia. The company deals with the production of custom made clothing and promotional products which supplies the inhabitants of Australia and countries far and beyond. Furthermore, The Company is grounded or established in most states in Australia (Sydney, North Queensland) and in Ningbo, in the People’s Republic of China.

With the company’s wide and extensive chain of branches within the country and abroad, its workforce is estimated at 10 employees with a manager, in each of its branches or outlets. As a result, for effective management of the organization and to multiply the company’s profits and controlling costs, the organization is implementing the process of introducing systems and processes setting out with standardized Human Resource policies throughout the verticals (Wright. and McMahan 1992).

In line with this, Blue Gum’s encouragement of the HR policies, has lifted the company societal perception thereby awarding the company with the exclusive licensee for Targa Tasmania, F1 Australian Grand Prix, Mark Webber Racing, Stewart Merrett Australia and Animal Jungle.


The company Blue Gum HR policy is bound or obligated to offering first-class programs and services to the group of people living in a particular local area. To back the success of this idea the company is familiar with the policy guiding the significance of hiring the most qualified person who requests or seeks employment for all available jobs.

Blue Gum rationale of employment policy

The employee’s recruitment Policy has been set up or accepted by Blue Gum company to guarantee that the company’s North Queensland branch has the chance of developing an object upon which interest and attention focuses, the most brilliant and qualified members of staff. The organizations implemented HR policy makes logical or causal connection to hiring of employees other than the manager or administrator.

Assessment of Blue Gum Policy

This policy utilizes the act of putting the employees into a non-elective office for all progressive and fixed-term positions within the organization.


  • The fundamental objective of the HR recruitment policy is to fix the most talented and skilled employee in the rightful office within the organization.
  • Recruitment will confirm and certify that assessment of the need for the position against some areas of planned management and business plans.

Implementation of Blue Gum Recruitment Policy

Recruitment policy for Blue Gum Company is to be embarked upon by the introduction of personnel planning.

In relation to this, the personnel demand should be conveyed or transmitted to the HR department of the organization, with the following information attached: –

  1. preparation for prospective employee’s requirements
  2. detailed consideration of Job Requirements
  3. Working out the description of the nature of job
  4. Working out employee’s requirements
  5. Building up the techniques of the employment criterion
  6. Understanding of the Organisational prerequisite and Legal Requirements.

Simultaneously, when the organizations human resource department is well informed and equipped, the action of employing the organization labour workforce for promotion or staffing within the organization will be most suitable for the employees. However, if it is a more sensitive post, the organization would be required to employ or bring in external workforce. This move or advancement will be successful for the organization if only they employ the services of external recruitment agents, who act on behalf of the organization in the hiring of staffs. The below stated are some of the techniques to be followed by the company:

  1. Social networking sites
  2. Job portals
  3. Referrals from existing employees
  4. Head hunters or placement agencies
  5. Ad can be given in local dailies if all of the above fails (Wright and McMahan 1992).

Aim of selection policy

The Selection policy is the process of selecting the most qualified and skilled individual for the office of a vacant position within the organization. This process consists the short listing of job appliers for screening, building up of questions for the interview, interviewing of the job seekers and choosing who should be employed on merit. Nevertheless, the Employee selection process includes the stated guidelines or principles.

  • Selection of appliers shortlist
  • Implementation of the interview procedures
  • composing of the interview questions
  • accomplishment of the interviews
  • process of selection
  • Motivation of unsuccessful applicants
  • Encouragement and congratulating the successful applicants.

Employee Selection Policy

From the list of prospective applicants, a verification of applications is done which is then followed by grouping them based on their qualifications, skills, and experience. This will be followed by a free and fair elimination. Employee selection must be on admirable quality or attribute assessed compared with appointment criterion and report.

Where equal merit is attained between outside and in-house job applicants, preference will be to the in-house applicant. HR needs to carry out selection by means of job explanation supplied.

In view of the fact that the offices in Blue Gem Company are widespread, it is significant that a standardized recruitment and employee appointment policy is followed within the organization. The plan from selection policy that is necessitated in comprehending an individual ability and skills can be the force of workers available in the vacant post.

To differentiate the skills of job applicants, a general standing policy with permanent compensation packages must be implemented.

Purpose of induction policy

The Blue Gum Company should lay much emphasis on the position or office of new staff and current staff who are selected for another position within the organization.


The Policy includes both newly appointed staff, seasonal or temporary staff, and to current staff who are upgraded on merit or skills within the organization. However, the selection process includes the following stated guidelines:

  • Present new member of staff with training list of items (names or tasks) to be checked or consulted.
  • Express the induction program clearly or formally in words.
  • Evaluation of the induction program effectiveness.
  • Running of the experimentation period.
  • Advances in the presentation review process.

Organization introduction policy

Introduction policy within the organization would entail two significant aspects – the current employees should be informed of the company’s organization culture and the job task required of them. Therefore, an orientation program should be implemented with the cooperation of HR department after the orientation all necessary benefits must be carried out and properly put in place.

Description of organizations Job application form

Job Application form is a printed document with spaces in which the job applicants are likely to fill when they have been selected or appointed before the orientation process. However, the application form can also be used for applying for the vacant position, if the application is placed online. In relation to this, the job application form must include the applicants Personal Information, Education details – from previous educational background to the most current, job experiences starting from the most recent to all other previous ones, and lastly at least two references (either from internal or external sources) (Stuffy and Maurer 1988).

Sample of Blue Gum Company Application Form for Employment.

(Print clearly in black with all relevant details explained)

Personal Particulars

Name :
Address :
Phone Number :
Email Address :

Are you eligible to work in North Queensland, Australia?

Yes _______ No_______

Have you been convicted to any felony within the last ten years?

Yes_______ No_______

Please explain if yes: _________________________________________

Post / Position Applied for : …………………………………Expected Salary …………

Available Days / Hours

  • Monday ………………………..
  • Tuesday ………………………..
  • Wednesday ………………………..
  • Thursday ………………………..
  • Friday ………………………..
  • Saturday ……………………….

Hours Available: from _______ to ______

From which date available to start work ___________________________


Name and address of school / college with degree / diploma earned and date





Additional qualifications / skills / awards / licenses etc


Employment History

Current position

  • Employer: _____________________________________________________
  • Address: ______________________________________________________
  • Reporting officer: ____________________________________________________
  • Phone: _______________________________
  • Email: ________________________________
  • Designation: _________________________
  • From: ______________ to: ______________
  • Role and Responsibilities: _______________________________________________________________________________________________
  • Salary: _______________
  • Reason for Leaving: ____________________________________________

Previous Position

  • Employer: _____________________________________________________
  • Address: ______________________________________________________
  • Reporting officer: ____________________________________________________
  • Phone: _______________________________
  • Email: ________________________________
  • Designation: _________________________
  • From: ______________ to: ______________
  • Role and Responsibilities: ___________________________________________________________________________________________
  • Salary: _______________
  • Reason for Leaving: ____________________________________________

Can we contact your previous Employer?

Yes _____ No _____


Name/Title Address Phone_________________________________________________________________

I certify that the information contained in this application is true and complete.



Case Study

As the new store is being made ready to start to operating and or functioning, we the operations team feel like conducting a meeting so as to make up our mind and determine on the best person to lead operations at the new location. After which we have to lay down official arrangement on the financial plan to be achieved for the coming financial year.

As we work out this, we also have to consider the recruitment of other employees on various departments. Considering our earlier experience, we believe its better just to have one store manager, and other staff to be under him. The Human resource department will work out on the technicalities of the recruitment. Preferably, the numbers should not be too high as it is a new store hence we have to closely look and check the outcome before hiring many people. (Huffman, 1996).

  1. To plan the exact number of staff to be recruited and also to have a well defined job positions for them, it’s quiet in order to have a well and organized description of every department and what is expected from each staff to be recruited. The HR and the senior managerial team are to work closely to make sure that the company does not lose money on recruitment and training of the wrong personnel, hence they have to make sure that they recruit the right person for the right position. To accomplish this, it is necessary to have all available vacancies defined and the qualifications, skill and experience well elaborated to avoid any misfortunes that may befall the company. (Jones and Wright, 1992).
  2. Store Manager – Retail

Job Description– managing and supervision of the organizations store daily actions– run product detailed list of all the items in stock, exhibit items, record goods sold, and supervision of sales agents.

Human resource and manpower administration of workers in the store – Update the organization’s HR department of all necessary skill and performance training required by the workers.

Perform a selection of duties which requires the understanding and comprehension of the resource storage plan, distribution procedures, personal computer operation and the secure operation of store equipment.

Key Accountabilities

  • confirm all goods and items being received and distributed to or from the store
  • take away cloth and other products from storeroom and prepare for shipment
  • remarking and accounting differences and noticeable damages upon check up of goods
  • confirm the exactness of the day by day receiving details/shipping record
  • Storing, goods in preparation for storage and/or shipment
  • Receive and question all goods in the organization
  • Monitor and solve any store issues within the organization
  • File all official procedure for each documented process
  • sustains related documentations
  • Carry out other duties as allocated

Knowledge & Skills

  • Acquaintance and knowledge in the management and administration of Government assets considered necessary
  • Operation of hand or power trucks in undertaking store job
  • Computer Knowledge and skills of a personal computer using Microsoft Office Applications are an added advantage.
  • Understanding of logistics and supply process
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Ability to always meet targets


Typically, ten (10) years experience in a retail store management required. Experience using managerial, communication and HR POLICY to carry out transactions within an organizations store environment desired.


Bachelor or masters degree in a logistic field of study considered a plus.

Advertisement for Full Time Store Manger

Youthful, hardworking and industrious graduates or post graduates who have the ability to lead and work as Store Manager (full time) for a newly established retail store. The ideal candidate should possess the highest quality and or fantabulous communication skills as well as a good group captain. Appropriate retail industries knowledge and understanding is an additional gain. Candidates who fill that they suit the position can send their resume to David, P O Box 150, Sydney or email to [email protected]

The ideal way of hiring people in senior ranks is by means of using company website to advertise for the vacant positions. This means has several advantages: – internal interested staff can have access to this too and apply hence get promotion, this will also benefit the company for the internal candidate may not have to go through the unnecessary expensive training and orientation process. The next benefit will be that the interested candidates who seek employment by means of the website in most cases are always serious candidates veritably looking for jobs. For the interested candidate to get and apply through the website, then it shows that they have passion for the organization, hence took their time to carefully read and understood the company’s operations. Advertisement through this method is cost free hence very advantageous to the company. (Becker & Gerhart, 1996).

5) David, can have support from his other colleagues who have been managing staff in other departments of the company. These are the HR, and the store managers. The HR has the knowledge and a patent policy on how the company conducts the whole procedure of staffing and his other colleagues knows precisely the obligations of store personnel. If external experts are brought, they might bring with them diverse perception since they analyze the entire system from their own understanding and the company also may be forced to spend more on hiring the external skilled professionals to undertake this process. (Ulrich, 1991).

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