Corporate Social Responsibility Study


The term corporate social responsibility (CSR) came in to familiar use in near the beginning of nineteen seventy. Corporate social responsibility is a form of corporate self regulation. It incorporated in to how an organization create, carry, and capture economic or social values. Business enterprises have the corporate responsibility or corporate social responsibility. The business organization would hold responsibility because it is the cause for the collision of their actions. These actions takes place the environment, consumers, employees and stakeholders and members of the public sphere. The social responsibility is promoted the quality of life and economic development. The CSR is gives the important of ethical values because it give the respect for peoples, communities and environment. Corporate social responsibility is about the capability building for good livelihoods. It gives the respect and promotes the skills of employees. This is very helpful to business organizations because it increase the maximum income. So the corporate social responsibility is a one of the most important tool to promote the economic development. “The wide role of CSR, coupled with the power and technological capacity of corporations, provides additional impetus for corporations and the private sector to be more involved in development than ever before.” (Hopkins, 2007, p.14).

The CSR follow the system concepts to influence the all and every part of the company. It has a lot of aims; the important aim is create the higher standards of living, at the same time care for the profit of the corporation. CSR promote the activities of the business organizations to give the life facilities and respects of the workers. At the same time it increases the income of the business organizations. Corporative social responsibility is very useful to society because it promote the life facilities of people. And it also helps to all business employees.

Purpose of Study

The purpose of study of corporate social responsibility is to identify and understand the attitude towards CSR. Understand the importance of the corporate social responsibility and the influence of CSR in Human resource and in business. The current corporations are more concern over the social responsibilities moreover a socially responsible corporation do the business and make revenue without causing any trouble to the society and environment. The business organization holds the responsibility which is intended for the impact of their functions on the workers, society, customers, and environment and so on. Today the company owners are giving more importance to the CSR because they are considering CSR as a best method to progress the business activities, to increase the awareness of the brand and to make faith with the consumers and workers. Therefore they support the communal interest for the development and progress of the business and society moreover they eradicate the practices which are against the communal rights. “There have been increased demands from employees, customers and government bodies for businesses to be more open about their activities and that they reach and maintain acceptable standards in their business practice” (Corporate social responsibility and ethical careers, n.d., para.5).

Through CSR the company can create a status as a responsible business and they can achieve more benefits through that. The organization which are more social responsible are gaining more income and performing the business activities very efficiently than the organization which does not adopted the CSR policy and programs. A socially responsible corporation treats their employees in good manner and provides various incentives for them. A good reputation of the business in the market increases their sales and production because for the success of any business customer satisfaction and cooperation of public and workers is necessary. Actions or activities like participation with the local society create optimistic press coverage to the business. Moreover it makes easy to perform the business if there is good connection with the public. One of the main benefits of the CSR is that it facilitates to reduce the risk in the business if there occurs an unexpected failure or damage in the reputation of the organization. By providing various favors to the public and the worker the business attain the sincere cooperation and support of the workers. Therefore the business can recover from any risk or failure. It is possible to formulate the recruitment of the workers very easily if the company has good reputation. When the employees have optimistic outlook towards the organization they will work hard for the progress of the business as a result it leads to increase in productivity and improved performance of the business activities. As a part of CSR certain organization provides economic donation to the society and also support their workers to join in charitable society work. Such activities build a good image of the organization and this helps them to withstand and compete with their competitors. Through the corporate social responsibility the organization can sustain and progress their license to function with the local society. For the existence of the business in the competitive business world they need to invent different types of products.

“Particularly, for organizations that implement socially responsible policies, product differentiation can satisfy the unmet needs of consumers offering both financial and business benefits to the firm. Firms that offer environmentally friendly products experience higher sales growth than firms that sell conventional products, and usually such products sell at a higher price.” (Pomoni, 2009, para.6). The objective behind the invention of new products is to exist from the competitors and to create a large impact on the public through the moral performance and practices of the organization. The adoption of CSR helps the business to run in successful without any much risk.

A social responsible corporation is not only concerned about the progress of their business but also they are concerned about the development of the society. The society is attaining many advantages through the CSR of the business. The socially responsible business are providing various financial and non- financial help to the public and to the employees like provision for education, health care , employment etc. This helps in acquiring better life and progress of the society. The CSR program includes the training, motivation etc of the employees and other programs for the welfare of the consumers. Regardless of the financial donation the organization conducts various programs and charitable work for the development of the community. The children who are not capable for education and healthcare, the CSR facilitate them to acquire a better career and good life. From all these benefits both to business and society it can assume that CSR plays an important life in the development of a nation.


Internal and external dimension of CSR

“The Green Paper (2001) by the Commission of the European Communities identifies two main dimensions of CSR, an internal dimension relating to practices internal to the company and an external dimension involving the external stakeholders.” (Krishnan & Balachandran, n.d., p.7). The internal dimensions include human resource management, adaptation to change, work and safety measures and environmental impacts management. External dimensions include local communities, business partners and human rights. It had been seen that the customers desire for good and secure goods and also desire to know whether that these goods are created in a socially responsible way. The investors now consider the investment in the protection of environment as an excellent suggestion of good external and internal management. The policy of social responsibility can create an improvement in the social development. It includes the investment in individual resources, health and wellbeing and the organization of change. Methods responsible to surroundings which relates to the natural resource management are utilized in the process of production. The organizations add to the local societies through jobs, tax incomes, salaries etc. The CSR includes a number of stakeholders, consumers, sellers, business partners etc.

The internal dimensions mainly include the employees and the management of capital and resources in an environmental friendly way for the process of production. Whereas the external dimensions includes the incorporation of enterprises with the consumers, sellers, local surroundings etc. The accessibility of economical labor is a motivating feature for organizations. Urbanized markets are adopting electronic distribution methods and machines with the aim of replacing the sales people. The improved care on the safety and wellbeing of the employees had caused the growth of organization standards. Restructuring process in a socially responsible way will help in considering the likes and worries of the people influenced by the decision changes. The management of effects of the environment is an important dimension of CSR. The reduction of the use of resources and harmful effluents can decrease the impacts on the environment. The costs spent for energy and pollution can be saved by this. The external dimensions mainly focus on the policies of the external stake holders. The enhancement of relations with the society is important for the companies. It is important in the upcoming market because inexpensive labor is highly accessible from the local society. Good relations with the business partners will help an organization to meet the hopes of the clients. The impact of social responsibility will affect the business partners of the company also. The organizations have the duty to guarantee the human rights protection in their activities.

Influence of CSR in Human resources

The human resources are largely influenced by the corporate social responsibility. “CSR is an opportunity for HR to demonstrate a strategic focus and act as a business partner. CSR needs to be embedded in an organization’s culture to make a change to actions and attitudes, and the support of the top team is critical to success. HR already works at communicating and implementing ideas, policies, cultural and behavioral change across organizations” (Corporate social responsibility, 2009, para.8-9).

The program of CSR can be used in the process of recruitment and hiring. The capable recruits may enquire about an organization’s recruitment practices at the time of interviews. The CSR policies can enhance the awareness of the employees in the organization. The CSR activities help the HR department to get correct employment association. The employee’s willingness to take on responsibilities determines the manner in which the organization treats him. The employers consider the positive features of the company for hiring and maintaining the staffs. Human resources are very important for providing efficient delivery. Corporate social responsibility can be incorporated into programs like staffing, inspiration, training, remuneration etc. Corporate social responsibility facilitates the development of proper socially responsible programs by the staffs in the human resource department. It also helps the managers to take important decisions in the department. “Successful programs on social responsibility rely heavily on enlightened people management practices. Armed with a strong and committed organizational culture reinforced by responsible Human Resource Management practices, the organizations can achieve heights of success by improved profitability, employee morale, customer satisfaction, legal compliance and societal approval for its existence” (Sharma, Sharma & Devi, 2009, p.7). The integrated attempt of HR and corporate social responsibility that emphasize the needed performance can contribute a lot to the success of the company.

Literature and review

The author David Vogel writes about the positive and negative qualities of the corporate social responsibility. He says that CSR is addresses to the community relations, environmental practices and diversity. But its most important focus is now the conduct of the international corporations. CSR is promoting the community relationship, community relationship is the most important factor influences the success of a business organizations. Corporate social responsibility has become broadly extend idea within the business community. The corporate social responsibility is very different from the other management ideas. It gives the ideas of the responsibility, it mean business organizations or other corporations must develop the capacity of their duty or responsibility. Many writers write about the restrictions and importance of the corporate social responsibility in business. David Chandler says the comment about CSR, “CSR is not about saving the whales or ending poverty or other worthwhile goals that are unrelated to a firm’s operations and are better left to government or nonprofits. Instead, CSR is about economic, legal, ethical, and discretionary issues stakeholders view as affecting the firm’s plan and actions” (Werther & Chandler, 2006, p.10).

The ideas o the corporative social responsibility is helps to give the good and safety life of poor peoples. Corporative social responsibility is not only a business idea but also it paves the way of the globalization. CSR’s main aim is development in all part of the society and it also focuses on the growth of the business. According to Nina Boeger, the state must have role and has a responsibility to participate in the control of corporate activity. The people to keeps the collective power, because the political community to control market activity. It is a good approach to develop by the state and individual citizens. The corporative social responsibility helps to the poor peoples. And it also facilitates the development of the world. The key element of the CSR is to protect the environment. Work place health and safety and consumer protection are the another important elements of the corporative social responsibility. In case of CSR in business organizations it helps to attract the shareholders and employees. These business organizations recognize and agree to the worker’s needs and suggestions. As a result the company increases the investment and productivity. Jennifer A. zerk points out that “the so-called ‘business case ‘for CSR has generated a huge amount of research, and a number of reports and articles have appeared which adopt socially responsible policies are better run, more attractive to investors, employees and consumers, more efficient and therefore more profitable” (2006, p.33).

Corporate social responsibility is improving the job opportunities so it helps to manage the unemployment. And it helps to make the good relation with employees and customers. According to Hines and Worcester being a good business citizen is hard working and yearning the good quality profitable successes. The business enterprises must accept the corporate social responsibility’s ideas. This idea helps to recover the financial problems and struggles of employees with other business problems. The corporate social responsibility upholds the educational institutions and other institutions. CSR is a one of the important factor of the globalizations. So it influences the all part of the country. Greeting and turban establish that a job applicant and employees perception of firm’s corporative social responsibility decides their attractiveness towards the association. So the employees good relation is must in the progress of a business organization. The worker’s attitudes and behavior influences the growth and activities of an industry. A corporative social responsible organization tries to understand the attitudes of all workers. It helps to increase the growth of marketing product. And it also upholds the share holding value.

Findings and Analysis

“In broad terms, CSR is the ethical behavior of business operator towards society and the environment. This means business acting responsibly in its relationship with every stakeholder instead of only with the shareholders” (Global market pressures and corporate social responsibility (CSR): Impacts and implications on Thai businesses, 2008, para.4). There are many benefits to both the business and the society through the CSR programs and policies. Therefore every business should organization implement CSR for the own welfare and society’s wellbeing. The social responsible business is more conscious about the environmental and moral issues. The child labor, ill-treatment of the employees, environmental problems can be eradicated by the CSR. As the business is reliant on the human resource they are responsible to provide contribution for the welfare of the society also. “A powerful tool like CSR not only enhances the brand image and reputation of the business but also leads to improvement in sales and customer loyalty, and increased ability to attract and retain employees” (Pawar, 2009). The workers and society are supporting the CSR because such the policies of CSR meets their requirements moreover they are getting a lot of benefits from CSR programs.


This paper is focused on corporate social responsibility. Corporate responsibility helps in the economic development by enhancing the conditions of the labors and the society. In this the companies take the responsibility for their effect on the community and surroundings. CSR is a good technique for the development of the business policies. It considers the interests of the customers and communities in the business. The two major dimensions of CSR are the internal dimensions and the external dimensions. Internal dimension considers the methods internal to the business and external dimensions deals with the external stake holders. CSR has an important influence on the human resource activities. It can help in the process of recruitment, training etc. The findings and analysis of the study is also described in the paper.


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