Fashion Designer: Applying for a Job

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SWOT analysis

Positive Negative
Internal Strength:
I am problem solver.
My prior experience working in a fashion house has taught me that it is not enough just to design something beautiful.
I am a team player
I am reliable.
I know my strengths and my weaknesses and am able to constantly learn more and improve on what I think needs more work.
I am creative, responsible and a fast learner.
I can multi-task, always meet deadlines and work really well under pressure.
My ability to let go of the garment / idea and fight the urge to constantly rework it.
I am a perfectionist and often I do a lot more than what I need to, in order to be able to let go of a design and move on.
I am a workaholic, so I often find myself working till midnight, as I really enjoy it. I like enjoying the results of the performed work.
External Opportunity:
As for the opportunities, I see myself as a fashion designer, as I feel I will be able to offer original and innovative ideas if I work in this sphere and find out all the details of this job.
The only threat for me is the strong wish to learn and create.

Leadership and Conflict Solving

Additionally to the strength issues in the SWOT matrix, it should be emphasized that my leadership skills are extensively developed, and jointly with the problem solving skills my leadership has helped me to take the control over problematic situations several times. Thus, when the team assignment was performed, a serious conflict appeared between two members of the team. Originally, the aggravation of the conflict was obvious, as other participants started taking the side of one of the opponents. I had to take the situation under my control, and the solution, which had been offered, satisfied both sides. Thus my leadership became the defining factor for the destiny of the entire project, as two people had an opportunity to endanger the work performed by the group.

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Originally, conflicts are the common things in team projects, nevertheless, the main aim, which should be pursued by team leader is the redirection of the conflict for it was useful for the project, and as a leader I always aim to derive the benefits from any conflict. In accordance with the conflictology rules, any conflict is the engine of progress, nevertheless, it should not exceed the personality barriers. Solving a conflict, I always try to use the energy, spent for arguments, turn in order to originate new ideas and concepts, thus, making the conflict creative, but not personal.

Recruiter analysis

  • Phone Conversation
  • Private Interview
  • Creative Task

HR manager and, probably, head of the design department will be involved in this process.

Originally, the companies are looking for the workers, who are able to offer innovative and original ideas. On the one hand, they need to hear something booming, on the other hand, there is no need to discover all the ideas and considerations and leave them for further work or as a final accord in the recruitment process.

Once on a job I am expected to study hard all the details and particularities of the work, including working in team, communications, and cooperation of the departments. Then, I should be able to work in the required rhythm and regime for being a successful worker of the company.

Competitive analysis


  • Creative
  • With their own original and unique ideas
  • Able to work for their ideas
  • Strong willed
  • Wish to work in a fashion design sphere


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  • Unable to work overtime
  • Unable to work under pressure
  • Wish to work in other companies

Insight and Specification

Originally, fashion design companies required creative and wit employees, who will be able to generate ideas quickly, analyze the fashion market wisely, and solve the appeared professionally. Nevertheless, there is strong necessity to emphasize that workers who are able to join all the enlisted qualities are few, as some are more professional in design, the others possess better managerial and leading features. Consequently, I will have to select the sphere, I am more interested in, and develop my skills in the selected direction, and take into consideration all the possible variants, which may be required for working as a fashion designer. Thus, my problem solver skills may not be required, as I am more interested in design; nevertheless, these will be extremely useful if some team members will be too impulsive and emotional while discussing their ideas collectively.

Anyway, the main purpose of the fashion designer is to know what consumers want, and to implement these ideas into creative solutions, based on the experience, good taste and the values of customer care policy. If the company is engaged in the sphere of individual design, the tastes and body parameters of the consumers should be properly studied, and my communicational skills will be very useful for this.

Finally, it should be stated that the values of fashion design are generally explained by the factors associated with the requirements of the fashion market and the latest tendencies of clothes design.

Strategy Development


I need to leave an impression of a person, who is:

  • Dedicated
  • Insistent
  • Workaholic
  • Creative
  • Able to learn quickly
  • With original and unique / innovative ideas

In other words I need to leave an impression of a person, they strongly wish to have as a worker in their company.

Brand Direction

Segmenting: I would like to be involved in the sphere of children’s clothes and fashion, as little fashioners deserve their own segment of fashion design. Moreover, it is the only sphere, where fantasy and creation is almost unlimited due to the imagination of young audience.

Targeting: Surely, these are the companies, which produce clothes for children, or those, who wish to expand their production.

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Positioning: My personal brand should be positioned as original, creative but comfortable casual wear. It is useless to invent something vanguard, as little consumers and their parents will not understand it. They need comfortable and good-looking clothes.

Integrated Marketing Mix

  1. I have a strong determination to become a professional
  2. I am able to self motivate
  3. I am a workaholic
  4. I know my obligations as a fashion designer

Unfortunately, there are no references, so, I’ll have to act myself.

As for the issues of leadership, I was a leader of a designing group during practical studies. This also entailed a conflict, when two participants of the group were in conflict. I managed to persuade them that the needs and requirements of the team are more important than their own relations.

My own approach to work is associated with the matters of self motivation and realization of the company’s requirements and aims in the market of fashion design.

Design itself is the large business segment, and it is subjected to marketing and business rules as any other profitable activity.

The time when I was the most creative was when our university group was divided into teams and we were creating our term project. So, the main inspiration comes to me when there is a spirit of competition.

Elevator Pitch

I am able to self motivate, and, as a leader in my university group I had an experience of resolving conflicts. On the other hand, I am not so experienced as I wish, so, I have a great stimulus for the self development.

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The tools, which will be used for outreaching the key decision makers are the following:

  • Resume
  • Portfolio
  • Interview preparation
  • Personal presentation/appearance
  • Communication style/skills

Originally, these should be the hooks, that will allow me to catch their attention to myself, and will never let it go.


Getting prepared for an interview, I would like to mention that creativity is the credo of my life, as non-traditional approaches and innovative views are the key aspects of success in modeling and design of the clothes. Consequently, I am absolutely sure of my success, and the further creativity in my works. In order to keep the creativity level high, I often arrange creativity marathons for myself, generating ideas and brainstorming for finding unusual solution for any problem.

Resume and Interview Preparation

Resume for the interview will be mainly based on the experience in the sphere of creativity and garment design, as the key requirement for a fashion designer is the ability to generate and implement new ideas. As for the matters of interview, the key preparation aspect is the preparedness for the questions, which may be asked. Originally, all the questions should not be complex, as I have all the necessary requirements for working as a designer, and I am able to accomplish any test assignment, which may be given during the interview.

Personal Presentation

Surely, I am not going to boast, and personal presentation will be based on my self-confidence, and assuredness in my communicational and professional skills. Otherwise, all the guarantees that I am an experienced designer and responsible worker will not be accepted for granted. My aim is to show my experience indirectly, by answering questions, solving possible problems, providing ideas, etc.

The communication style during the interview should be based on self-confidence. The strategy will entail strong motivation to work in this sphere, awareness on the matters of rights and responsibilities, as well as challenges and problems, which are obvious and inevitable, while working as a fashion designer, the requirements for the corporate behavior, and subordination with the interviewer. Ideally, the communication process should be properly planned, and I am going to think over the possible questions and test assignments, which may be given during the interview.

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