Competitive Analysis Framework: How to Do + Free Examples

Competitive analysis is a crucial aspect of marketing and strategic management that involves assessing the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors. With the help of competitive analysis, a company can identify threats and opportunities in the market and offer customers the best possible products or services. The primary tools used in the competitive analysis are competitor comparison and monitoring. With these mechanisms, businesses can gain valuable insights that can help them develop effective strategies for growth and success.

🔝 Top-10 Competitive Analysis Examples

  1. Business Planning Process and Entrepreneurial Management
  2. 2Degrees Company's Marketing Research
  3. Carlsen and Agsten Companies: Production and Supply Chain
  4. Starbucks Marketing Strategy in India
  5. Just Us! Coffee Roaster Company's Marketing Plan
  6. The Cooler Bag's Advertising and Promotion Plan
  7. Business Strategies for Competitive Dynamics
  8. Whole Foods Company's Environment and Strategy
  9. Apple’s iHealth Product Marketing Plan
  10. Masiya Telecommunications Company's Business Activities

✅ Competitive Analysis Framework

Competitor analysis, also known as competitive analysis, is the process that involves identifying and evaluating your competitor’s marketing strategies, strengths, and weaknesses. By analyzing competitors’ tactics and performance, a business can refine its own business plan. This process allows companies to learn from the mistakes and successes of their competitors and adapt new strategies accordingly. The competitive analysis framework includes several steps:

  1. Identifying direct and indirect competitors.
  2. Collecting data on goods, services, and marketing strategies.
  3. Finding strengths and weak areas of a competitor company.
  4. Creating own marketing advantage.

For example, Amazon’s competitive analysis can reveal Walmart’s or eBay’s strengths, which are vital factors in the success of these two brands. The research will also highlight competitors’ weaknesses and allow Amazon to adopt better strategies to avoid similar mistakes in the future.

What Is the Purpose of a Competitive Analysis?

Competitive analysis is a critical tool in company development. It has several goals:

  • It helps identify a company’s strengths, areas for improvement, and emerging trends it should be following to stay ahead of the competition.
  • It establishes a company’s unique value proposition and differentiate its product from competitors to attract and retain customers.
  • It uses customer feedback to identify what the competitors’ products lack so that a company can improve its own products.
  • It provides a benchmark against which a company can measure its progress in the market and adjust its strategies.

E-Commerce Competitive Analysis

E-commerce competitive analysis is a process that entails finding and analyzing e-commerce competitors. A competitive strategy in e-commerce aims to become familiar with the weaknesses and strengths of the competitors’ businesses and use those factors to a company’s advantage. The specific of this type of approach is that it’s based on information received from social media, websites, or online stores. The competitive e-commerce analysis framework includes the following methods:

  • Identifying market trends.
  • Creating a unique value proposition.
  • Inventing new ways to communicate with customers.
  • Finding a gap in marketing.

🤼 What Does a Competitive Analysis Look Like

Conducting a competitive analysis may be tricky. However, if you follow the 5 key steps below, you are off to a good start:

  1. Identify direct and indirect competitors. This step involves creating a list of companies that offer similar products or services. To compile the list, you can use various sources such as Google search, online platforms, or customer feedback.
  2. Create a competitor grid. To effectively compare competitors, the data gathered needs to be well-organized. For instance, you can create a table with detailed information about each competitor’s business.
  3. Understand competitor’s target market. Understanding who the competitors sell their products or services to can provide valuable insights.
  4. Analyze the main components of the competitor’s business. This step involves evaluating competitors’ distribution channels, prices, products, and promotions.
  5. Compare the company’s strengths and weaknesses to those of competitors. You can compare and improve your marketing strategy using the information gathered.

📊 SWOT Competitive Analysis

SWOT analysis is one of the ways to conduct competitive research. SWOT competitive analysis examines a company’s advantages, disadvantages, opportunities, and threats and simultaneously develops fresh strategies to expand market share. You can easily apply SWOT analysis to find answers to these questions:

  • What competitor advantages put the taken company at risk?
  • What are the competitors doing best or more effectively?
  • What flaws in the competitors endanger their company?
  • What challenges do the competitors face?
  • What are the benefits of knowing the competitor’s marketing strategy?

🤓 Competitive Analysis Examples

Nike is one of the world’s most recognized athletic footwear and apparel companies. The company’s long history of innovation and marketing campaigns has made the brand a household name. In this section, we will use Nike’s competitive analysis as an example. Take a look!

Step 1. List of competitors

The top 3 competitors of Nike are Adidas, Reebok, and Puma. New Balance and Fila hold high positions as well.

Step 2. Analysis of competitors’ websites.

Many clothing and sneaker brands face obstacles, such as manufacturing outsourcing in Asia and difficulties in expanding to international markets. However, there are still endless opportunities for innovation and growth.

Step 3. SWOT analysis of Nike

Strength: famous worldwide logo (swoosh).
Weakness: terrible work conditions at the warehouse.
Opportunity: digital sales.
Threat: favorable reputation in the media.

Step 4. Analysis of results.

Nike’s declining popularity in the US is one of its biggest problems, even though it’s still at the top. One of the critical components of Nike’s success is the seriousness with which it approaches its research, design, and development projects. A successful marketing campaign can propel a business far ahead of its competitors.

📝 Competitive Analysis Research Paper Examples

  1. Coca Cola Company in China
    Business essay sample: Over the past few years Coca Cola has attempted to gain a foothold into the Chinese market through a variety of advertising and marketing campaigns.
  2. Wal-Mart's Retail Strategy Plan in Canada
    Business essay sample: This analysis shows clearly that Wal-Mart Canada has evolved steadily to become the leading retailer in the country.
  3. Etihad Airways Marketing Plan: Market Entry to Bangkok
    Business essay sample: Etihad Airways serves as the national airline of the United Arab Emirates. The airline has been in operation for the last one decade and has flights to various destinations across the world.
  4. Ford Motor Company's Competitive Advantage and Future
    Business essay sample: This paper has provided a comprehensive analysis of Ford Motor Company's strategies to conclude the company's competitive advantage and potential for further development.
  5. Reflektive, Inc.'s Company and Product Analysis
    Business essay sample: Reflektive, Inc., faces stiff competition in the market. The only way of developing and maintaining a pool of loyal customers is to embrace different marketing strategies.
  6. Strategic Management of Nestle: Nescafe Marketing Strategy
    Business essay sample: Researching strategic management of Nestle or ☕️ Nescafe marketing strategy? Business strategy analysis is very important as it enables the company’s executives to make better 📈 decisions. The Nestlé Company is the business of interest in this case.
  7. Levi’s Company: Marketing Strategy
    Business essay sample: This report evaluates Levi’s present marketing strategy comparing it with its main competitors and gives recommendations on what the company must do to improve its performance.
  8. Leamington Spa Company's Competitive Product Development
    Business essay sample: This report evaluates technologies that are available for energy storage in the domestic sector to help Leamington Spa Company to select a competitive product in the market.
  9. EasyJet Company's Comprehensive Manner
    Business essay sample: This study evaluated the current EasyJet Company's operations and availed recommendations on the expected procedures towards profit making.
  10. Cultural Differences: How to Achieve Competitive Advantage?
    Business essay sample: The key objective of this research paper is to discuss how a manager should handle the differences of a culture, strengths of having multiple cultures in the organizations.
  11. Atec Incorporation Marketing Plan
    Business essay sample: This marketing plan relates to Atec Incorporation, which operates in the UAE. The firm intends to venture into the production of coffee making machines.
  12. Lincoln Electric Company's Management
    Business essay sample: Lincoln Electric Corporation, a today's world leader in the welding equipment and consumables industry with more than one hundred-year history.
  13. Toyota Company's Mission, Vision and Competition Analysis
    Business essay sample: The paper discusses Toyota's mission and vision, their impact on the company’s stakeholders, and uses Porter’s five forces to analyze the competition Toyota faces.
  14. Fly Dubai Airline's Market Analysis and Strategies
    Business essay sample: The marketing audit report presents a comprehensive situational analysis of different strategies that the low-cost Fly Dubai Airline.
  15. Southwest Airlines Company Strategic Management
    Business essay sample: By the end of 2014, Southwest Airlines was one of the best companies in the airline industry. Its success founded on the provision of exceptional travel services at lower prices.
  16. Microsoft Corporation's Market Competitiveness
    Business essay sample: This research paper evaluates Microsoft's growth consistency by examining the company's background and analyzing internal factors, and external factors, business
  17. Establishing Competitive Advantage Through People
    Business essay sample: This paper reveals that while there are many benefits of using people to realise competitive advantage, such a strategy does not come without its challenges.
  18. Emirates Airline Business Strategy
    Business essay sample: The success of any airline depends on the business strategies adopted. This paper evaluates the business strategy of Emirates Airline.
  19. The Coca-Cola Company's Marketing Plan in China
    Business essay sample: The paper review the implementations of budgetary and strategic management on all levels of marketing that can lay a sustainable base for the sales of Minute Maid.
  20. Amazon Company as a Successful Management Example
    Business essay sample: Amazon Inc. has achieved the success due to its ability to differentiate its products on different websites. This strategy has increased the number of customers
  21. General Electric Company's Strategic Management
    Business essay sample: GE is a well-established brand that operates in different markets and focuses on industrial manufacturing, capital investments and healthcare.
  22. Starbucks Strategic Plan & Global Market
    Business essay sample: Researching Starbucks strategic plan? ☕ Read the paper to learn how Starbucks has attained an optimal market position in the specialty business. 🥇 However, the Starbucks company can enhance its performance by implementing strategic marketing recommendations. ❗
  23. Walmart Corporation's Strategic Planning
    Business essay sample: This paper describes the situation of Walmart in remote, industry, and operating environments with the intention of creating a strategic plan that mirrors its growth.
  24. FedEx Company's Strategic Management
    Business essay sample: FedEx will need to redefine its marketing strategies both locally and internationally as competition is expected to stiffen.
  25. Emicos International: Marketing Plan
    Business essay sample: Operating in the global economic environment is a challenging task even for an organization as well established in the home market environment as Emicos International.
  26. The New Hybrid Toyota Prius: Marketing Plan
    Business essay sample: Saud Bahwan Group has partnered with Toyota Motors Corporation to improve sales of Toyota cars in the local Omani market. In this plan, the focus was to improve the brand and sales.
  27. Business Plan: UNIK AutoCare Services Limited
    Business essay sample: The proposed UNIK AutoCare Services Limited is an auto repair business that aims at offering quality and unique auto repair services at competitive pricing for customers within the city of Riyadh.
  28. Company's General Business Strategy
    Business essay sample: A company business strategy involves coming up with the overall direction of the company, its goals and performance metrics, and arranging for the resources with which to achieve that strategy.
  29. Marketing Plan for Home Appliance Repair in Australia
    Business essay sample: In Australia, the scale of operations in-home repair industry is very small. There is approximately one retail store for every fourteen households in the country.
  30. Zara: Fast Fashion Case Analysis
    Business essay sample: The first Zara store was opened on an up-market shopping street in La Coruca. From the beginning, Zara positions itself as a store selling medium-quality fashion clothing at affordable prices.
  31. Evaluation of Starbucks’s Organization’s Competitive Structure
    Business essay sample: Organizational analysis of Starbucks corporation (human resource strategy, organizational culture), technology and management of Starbucks, leadership and motivation.
  32. Strategic Management and Competitive Advantages
    Business essay sample: Sustainable competitive advantage provides leverage over competitors through the use of company’s attributes, assets, or skills that are difficult to copy, much less exceed.
  33. Dollar General Corporation's Strategic Management
    Business essay sample: Dollar General would have to make strategies that must take advantage of industry opportunities and protect the company from industry threats.
  34. Target Company Financial Statement Analysis
    Business essay sample: This report covers analysis of Target Company’s performance of three years that is in year 2005, 2006 and 2006. Ratios are calculated to draw inferences about the financial soundness of the company.
  35. Competitive Analysis Frameworks for Firms and Industries
    Business essay sample: There are many business models often employed by business practitioners to undertake the competitive analysis of either a firm or the industry as a whole.
  36. Competitive Analysis Frameworks for Firms
    Business essay sample: This paper presents two analytical techniques at an industry and firm levels which allow a firm to create its competitive strategy according to its strengths and weaknesses.
  37. Bank Audi and Saudi British Bank Comparison
    Business essay sample: Bank Audi S.A.L. – Audi Saradar Group is a Lebanese joint-stock company. SABB is a Saudi Joint Stock Company with a strong track record and a heritage that stretches back 30 years.
  38. Sustainable Project Development in Marketing
    Business essay sample: The overview of modern marketing strategies and the manner in which marketing is to meet customers’ needs in accordance with the Internet-savvy world.
  39. Structure of Competitive Analysis of Businesses
    Business essay sample: The resource based approach is becoming recognized, as a very sound method of strategic management, it is viewed as good management science.
  40. Adam Aircrafts: Factors of Performance of the Company
    Business essay sample: Adam aircraft has seen both good and bad times in its history but with the help of excellent planning skills and management with high consideration for integrity

💡 Essay Ideas on Competitive Analysis

  1. Innovation Management Characteristics
    Business essay sample: The essay explores the nature of innovation management, its steps, strategies, and leadership styles that are present now.
  2. Dr. Reddy’s Pharmaceutical Company: Case Study
    Business essay sample: Dr. Reddy’s is a highly competitive company in an industry, which is growing. The company is moving in the right direction armed with a strategy to maintain cost leadership.
  3. Intercontinental Continental Hotel Analysis
    Business essay sample: The size of the company increased by 5% because of the addition of 9,849 rooms, which comprises 117 hotels, resulting in the general size of 629,700 rooms, that is 4,303 hotels.
  4. Masiya Company's Quality Management Issues
    Business essay sample: The aim of this paper includes discussing current issues in the Masiya company which have been collected by interviewing different company members.
  5. Enhancing Thailand’s Competitiveness in Fashion Product
    Business essay sample: Various governments are increasingly formulating strategies aimed at improving their countries’ competitiveness. The prosperity of a country is determined by its competitiveness.
  6. E-Commerce Technologies Analysis
    Business essay sample: E-commerce is the conducting of business electronically using a communication link. It provides an exchange of goods and services by use of electronic means.
  7. "International Union Trading Company" Industrial Research
    Business essay sample: International Union Trading Company is a company dealing with provision of services in the Gulf region. It’s fairly new in the market although it commands a significant market share.
  8. Human Resource Management: The Success Rate of an Organization
    Business essay sample: Human resource management is very instrumental in ensuring that the organization is successful and it is also beneficial for the overall outlook of the company.
  9. Leveraging Information Technology to Maximize Competitive Advantage
    Business essay sample: Information System plays an important role in the business strategies. Information systems are the strategic weapon in order to achieve reputable position in market.
  10. Singapore Foods Inc.: Market Audit and Competitive Analysis
    Business essay sample: This report discusses various factors that need consideration while a product is introduced into a new consumer market, Singapore by company called Singapore Foods Inc.
  11. Trends in Consumer Preference
    Business essay sample: According to Barrow, the prevailing trends in the market may be looked at from the perspective of consumer preference and from the perspective of product development.
  12. Dynamic Audio Teaching Ltd.: Business Plan
    Business essay sample: The Dynamic Audio Teaching projects development was devised to rectify current problems and constructed with industry collaboration.
  13. Leadership Skills and Competitive Advantage in Australia
    Business essay sample: For any organisation to have competitive advantage over other organizations, the leaders in the organisation should have the necessary leadership skills.
  14. Academic Enhancement Services to Students
    Business essay sample: Introducing a new product of academic enhancement services to students in the market requires a well-designed marketing plan and unique branding that are describing in this paper.
  15. Smart Travel Tours Limited: Business Plan
    Business essay sample: The intended business venture is a private limited company. The firm will deal in the offering of travel services to the market.
  16. Merritt Hookah Lounge: Market Plan
    Business essay sample: The plan entails market research with reference to competitors and consumers as the key market elements, SWOT analysis, key success factors, and the critical issues are analyzed.
  17. Situation Analysis of Hawaii’s Living Reef Program
    Business essay sample: The Hawaii Living Reef Program aims at creating public awareness on the importance of the living coral reef ecosystem and its contribution to the Hawaii lifestyle.
  18. Business Proposal Report for a Child Day Care
    Business essay sample: The main aim of a contemporary day care center is to provide traditional child day care that meets the child’s care and provides activity based learning environment for them.
  19. Al Rawabi Dairy: Company Overview
    Business essay sample: The paper aims to organise a strategic plan for Al Rawabi Dairy farm through getting an overview of this company. It considers the history, mission, and its core business value.
  20. Fashion Designer: Applying for a Job
    Business essay sample: Design itself is the large business segment, and it is subjected to marketing and business rules as any other profitable activity.
  21. Business Environment and Organisation
    Business essay sample: Business environment basically means the surrounding factors and influences that affect trade. It can be categorized into two; internal and external.
  22. TESCO Personal Finance and Strategic Analysis
    Business essay sample: In the United Kingdom, TESCO is the largest and leading retail business in the food and non-food industry. This retail business is also in personal finance.
  23. The Waan Company: Marketing Plan
    Business essay sample: A new marketing plan would help the Waan company realize the full profit potential that the small appliances are likely to generate for the company.
  24. Competitive Position of Mac in the UK Market
    Business essay sample: This paper analysis the competitive UK market of Apple Inc. with three different tasks discussed to analyze its competitive position with the product of Mac.
  25. Southwest Airline Company: The Background
    Business essay sample: The Southwest Airline Company was incorporated in 1967 as Air Southwest Company adopting the current name later in 1971.
  26. American Instant Incorporation: Marketing Plan
    Business essay sample: The marketing strategy, which entails the firm's mission statement, marketing objectives and target market, is illustrated in this paper.
  27. Wait Watchers International: Strategic Analysis and Future Directions
    Business essay sample: This analysis will help Weight Watcher company to align its performance positively against the forces of change that affect the business environment.
  28. Marketing Plan For Secondbite Organization
    Business essay sample: Secondbite is a non-profit organization that relies on volunteers and well-wishers to donate fresh foods so that it can be able to distribute to the hungry masses.
  29. Vodafone’s Marketing Strategy Within the UK Market
    Business essay sample: With the rapid globalization aided by technological advancement, the information technology industry has bequeathed man with an easy way of communication.
  30. Marketing Plan for the FlaBlaster Product
    Business essay sample: This is a document about FlaBlaster, a product that is able to reduce the weight of a person without using other weight loss procedures such as surgery.
  31. Enterprise 'Rent-A-Car' and Its Business Strategies
    Business essay sample: Enterprise Rent-A-Car is the largest car rental company in North America. It has over the years focused its operations on off the airport car leasing services.
  32. Moma Monaz Tapas Lounge Business Description
    Business essay sample: Moma Monaz is a small Tapas and speakeasy restaurant that has been in business for the last four years, it aims to deliver delicious and healthy food to customers.
  33. Investing in the Future and Developing an Exit Plan: Basis of Competitive Advantage for Designer Stylez
    Business essay sample: The firm had already created a consumer base for its physical shop. Designer Stylez aims to achieve the same effect on their online shops as well.
  34. The Zeus Fitness Business Plan
    Business essay sample: Zeus Fitness seeks to capitalize on its growth to launch a unique gym and fitness experience to the target demographic.
  35. Business Analysis of Almarai and Savola Group
    Business essay sample: Almarai Company is a business in Saudi Arabia with the biggest integrated business in the Middle East. The business was based on a venture agreement between two family.
  36. The National Competitiveness Issue
    Business essay sample: The emerging need for more meaningful concept of competitiveness enforced Michael E. Porter to define it in more genuine way.
  37. Domino’s Case Study: Supply Chain and Competitive Advantage
    Business essay sample: Domino’s supplies its stores with 240 products that range from the essential ingredients to the specific equipment.
  38. IBM: Creating Competitive Advantage
    Business essay sample: By managing its supply chain efficiently, IBM may create a competitive advantage of its products in terms of quality and delivery efficiency.
  39. Samsung Independent Ecosystem for Competitiveness
    Business essay sample: Despite the inherent challenges, Samsung will have more control if it develops an independent OS for its mobile devices and applications.
  40. Marketing Plan for Nando's Restaurant
    Business essay sample: Nando's Restaurant has achieved impressive growth since it made its entry into the United Arab Emirates. The local market in the UAE offers it various growth opportunities.

👍 Good Competitive Analysis Essay Examples to Write about

  1. The Unitedhealth Group’s Human Resources Position
    Business essay sample: The current report is designed to evaluate the position of UnitedHealth Group within its competitors from the perspective of its human resource management.
  2. Competitive Advantage, Organisational Culture and Lufthansa’s Financial Issues
    Business essay sample: Lufthansa’s success as one of the world’s largest carriers is predicated on anticompetitive practices and acquisitions enabled by its resources amassed before deregulation.
  3. Exxon Mobil Corporation Strategic Analysis
    Business essay sample: Exxon Mobil Corporation or what is popularly known as ExxonMobil is an American international company that specializes in the exploration, production, and sale of oil and gas.
  4. Consumers, Competitors and Opportunities
    Business essay sample: The segment analysis is a critical step in understanding customers and competitors as well as identifying opportunities.
  5. QANTAS and the Middle Eastern Success Mode
    Business essay sample: This essay aims to answer the question” what approach should be employed by Qantas in regaining strategic competitiveness in light of competition from airlines from the Persian Gulf?”.
  6. Strategic Management and Strategic Competitiveness: Apple Inc.
    Business essay sample: Apple Inc. invents new designs of electronics into the market while upgrading the existing products and services to meet the demands of customers.
  7. Sustainable Competitive Advantage Among Saudi Arabia SMEs
    Business essay sample: The author provides a literature review highlighting the relationship between entrepreneurial marketing practices and sustainable competitive advantage among Saudi Arabian SMEs.
  8. Cheryl Sharpton’s Clinical Group’s Analysis
    Business essay sample: The business known as Cheryl Sharpton’s Clinical Group will be concerned with giving advice providing administrative services to medical practitioners.
  9. Apple’s Competitive Positioning
    Business essay sample: The purpose of this paper is to critically evaluate the company’s existing competitive positioning as well as potential venues as to how it may evolve.
  10. Elon Musk Changing Tesla Company
    Business essay sample: This paper aims to analyze two significant changes introduced by Elon Musk to Tesla and discuss mistakes and competitive advantages achieved through implemented innovations.
  11. The a2MC Corporation Case Study
    Business essay sample: The a2MC corporation has difficulties in maintaining a competitive advantage in its market segment, which is caused by the entry of the other major participant.
  12. Marketing Role in Gaining Competitive Advantage
    Business essay sample: Marketing provides a meaningful way to optimize a business plan of a company by narrowing down the target audience, enabling it to reach it with ease, and attracting new customers.
  13. Altria Group Inc.: The Competitive Analysis of Tobacco Industry
    Business essay sample: This report provides an external environment examination of Altria Group Incorporated and its immediate competitors in the tobacco industry using competitive analysis, partial SWOT.
  14. American Cannabis Company: Overview
    Business essay sample: The American Cannabis Company (ACC) is an all-embracing consulting management organization for the cannabis industry.
  15. Overview of Kaiser Permanente
    Business essay sample: This paper studies the Kaiser Permanente healthcare organization, its competitive advantages, and financial statements to determine the effectiveness of the company's activities.
  16. Tech Components International Firm's Strategic Plan
    Business essay sample: As a medium-sized electronics component business, Tech Components International aims to increase sales through engagement with the global supply chain through local channels.
  17. Zillow Group Inc.: Company Analysis
    Business essay sample: The paper provides a detailed background analysis of Zillow Group and products that it offers. The discussion then focuses on a pricing strategy that Zillow uses.
  18. Oppo Mobile: Development External Factors Evaluation
    Business essay sample: The paper purposes to develop External Factors Evaluation of Oppo Mobile Telecommunications and assess its performance by taking benefits coming from opportunities and evading threats.
  19. Wal-Mart: Sustainable Competitive Advantage
    Business essay sample: The article discusses emerging markets as challenging settings for global manufacturers to overcome when navigating modern and traditional landscapes.
  20. The Broadway Café Analysis
    Business essay sample: Broadway Café has been in existence for over fifty years now, over the years, the café’s competitive advantage has been its established menu and a loyal customer base.
  21. Marketing Plan for HeartSmart
    Business essay sample: The main idea behind HeartSmart is health consciousness and service delivery, to achieve this in the food and restaurant industry, HeartSmart will offer healthy food items.
  22. Franklin Resources: Finance Analysis, Internal Competitive Resources
    Business essay sample: This essay analyzes Franklin Resources Inc's financial condition as well as the company's internal competitive resources and strategy.
  23. Consultancy Report on Reconstruction of Olympus Ltd
    Business essay sample: Olympus Product is an electronics company established in the year 1919 with a sole objective of manufacture and sales of electronics and related product.
  24. How Gig Car Share Has Been Able To Enter the Market
    Business essay sample: The current competitive analysis is required to show how Gig Car Share has been able to enter the market and compete with some of the established names in the industry.
  25. Analysis of Kibsons International
    Business essay sample: The paper analyzes Kibsons International. It is a Dubai company, which produces and delivers fruit, vegetables, and meat to UAE customers.
  26. Developing B2B Relationships
    Business essay sample: This report examines within the United States online legal research market to show how a company can develop its business-to-business (b2b) relationships.
  27. Jarir Bookstore Analysis Project
    Business essay sample: Jarir Bookstore is the leading distributor of stationery and electronics in the Middle East region. This paper gives Jarir's analysis project.
  28. Corporate Profit Disaster and Solution at IBM
    Business essay sample: This paper aims to discuss the corporate profit disaster at IBM and propose the strategic direction that it should take in the future to ensure its operations remain sustainable.
  29. Human Resource Management at Google Inc.
    Business essay sample: This paper provides an insight into how Google Inc. uses its human resources to position itself in a competitive internet services industry.
  30. Google Inc.'s Human Resource Management Principles
    Business essay sample: As for Google, the established human resource management principles demonstrate how the corporation’s managers can directly influence the organization’s performance.
  31. Human Resource Management and Competitive Advantage
    Business essay sample: The journal paper review focuses on three journal articles related to the research topic of the interconnectedness of HR management and the competitive advantage of a firm.
  32. Microsoft Company: Change in the Management
    Business essay sample: The change in the management in Microsoft Company posed the challenge for the declining performance and competence in the business market.
  33. Quality Management Overview
    Business essay sample: The essay examines quality management tools that help enterprises achieve success and focuses on four major questions that reveal how the strategies help attain organizational success.
  34. Corus Innovations Case Study
    Business essay sample: The report identifies Corus as an innovative company whose new product is attracting the attention of many partners.
  35. Development of a Marketing Plan: Intercontinental Hotels Group
    Business essay sample: The economy hotel segment in China is the fastest-growing sector and an expansion opportunity for IGH. Mass domestic travel and cultural tourism underpin its growth.
  36. Strategic Management Case Study Analysis TiVo
    Business essay sample: The paper describes factors affecting TiVo Company, such as economic, social, political, and technological factors.
  37. Toronto-Dominion Bank Group's Competitive Advantage
    Business essay sample: The case study describes some of the issues and realities that TD Bank Group had to analyze and address if it was to maximize its competitive advantage from the use of data.
  38. Assessment of Samsung's Competitiveness
    Business essay sample: This paper analyzes and evaluates the competitiveness of this company through the use of matrix theory, as well as predicting the continuation of its leadership position in the coming years
  39. MTN Ghana Is a Telecommunications Company Marketing Strategy
    Business essay sample: This paper discussed how MTN Ghana telecommunications company applied various marketing concepts in its business.
  40. Tesla Company Disrupting the Auto Industry
    Business essay sample: The competitive sustainability advantage helped Tesla keep monitoring the trademarked technology. Tesla revealed its patent range to its rivals without any legal lawsuit.

🎓 Simple Research Paper Examples with Competitive Analysis

  1. Industry Analysis: The U.S. Seal Mfg.
  2. Alphabet Inc. (GOOGLE) Strategic Analysis
  3. Strategic Innovations in Enhancing a Firm’s Advantage
  4. Innovative Management at Amazon: Competitive Advantage
  5. Analysis of QuikTrip Company's Optimization
  6. The Profitability and Growth of Low-Cost Airline Carrier, Easyjet
  7. Business Management & Decision-Making Report
  8. American Airlines' Advantage in the Industry
  9. A Report on Delta Electronics Company (Thailand)
  10. Johnson and Johnson Company Analysis
  11. MTC: Business Analysis and System Recommendation
  12. MTC Group's Business Analysis and System Recommendation
  13. Product Comparison: Competitive Analysis
  14. The UK Oral Hygiene Market
  15. Product Designing and Development
  16. Marketing Aspects: EZ Schedule
  17. FlowEsScents Candlestick Company's Marketing Strategy
  18. Hyatt Hotel Corporation's Analysis and Environment Evaluation
  19. Applying Principles for Enterprises in the Non-Profit Sector
  20. PepsiCo's Marketing and Population Trends in Mexico
  21. Barclays Bank's Total Quality Management
  22. Manchester United Club's Financial Performance
  23. Strategic Investment Analysis of McLaren Group
  24. MESA Business Strategy Overview
  25. Tesla: Company Analysis
  26. Carnival Corporation's Organizational Analysis
  27. McDonald’s Leadership and Competitive Advantage
  28. Garmin Case Study: Strategic Management

✍️ Competitive Analysis Essay Examples for College

  1. The Pizza Cupcake: Sales Plan
  2. McDonald’s Internal and External Strategic Analyses
  3. New Car Dealership: Developing a Business Plan
  4. The Walmart Company's Business Review
  5. Strategic Management: A Case Study of Netflix
  6. Goodwill Industries International Firm's Competitive Differentiation Advantages
  7. The Southwest Airlines Company's Business Model
  8. Sony Corporation: The External Environment
  9. Organizations That Have Successfully Implemented Large-Scale Change Initiatives
  10. Invesco Ltd: Influence of COVID-19 Pandemic and the New Product Introduction
  11. Lincoln Electric Company in China
  12. Truist Bank vs. Bank of America Comparison
  13. Strategic Analysis of David Jones Brand
  14. Strategic Analysis of the Food Chain: McDonald's
  15. Market Structures and Relating Pricing Strategies
  16. Netflix: The Founders of Digital Streaming
  17. Turkish Airlines Strategic Analysis
  18. Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Competitive Advantage
  19. Improving Organizational Performance and Management
  20. Home Depot Inc.'s Strategic Audit
  21. Management: Moyon Tea Business Plan
  22. Siemens: Successful Implementation of a Knowledge Management System
  23. Netflix’s Operations Management and Competitive Priorities
  24. The Nordstrom Firm Developing a Quality Management System
  25. A Qatar SME Analysis: The Case of Ciko Middle East
  26. Sustainability Analysis of name.R Corporation
  27. Brooklyn Brewery: Strategies to Sustain a Competitive Advantage

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