Sustainable Project Development in Marketing

The marketing of today is consumer-oriented and consumers have become more conscious and internet savvy, this impacts how marketing is to meet customers’ needs. In an interview which was presented in the Advertising Age, and anonymous writer presented a scenario where an interesting answer emerged for a direct question. The question was “What do you think is the best kind of marketing to get cars moving off lots-TV, newspaper, print, digital, e-mail, outdoor, events or something else?” The response from the customer was “ We think best media to get our message out is TV and the internet, which is rapidly replacing print media in our marketing mix as newspapers continue to diminish in importance. We’re investing significantly more time and financial resources to expand the size and capacity of our internet departments to ensure we keep pace with our customers’ buying preferences. (Anonymous, 2008). There is a need for the true cost of Internet leads and specialized people to handle them. This should be included in the advertising budget.

Savvy is a proposed promotional campaign that is designed to market sustainability to various corporations and individuals. The service will have the objective of ensuring many people access various information at the same time relating to corporate and environmental sustainability. The service intends to use U-commerce in delivering the message to the customers. The objective of the service is to ensure that the use of technologies such as Webcasts, blogs, Webinars, mobile phones, and podcasts which have ushered in the era of high tech tracking and accountability makes the availability of information to many people. The main strategy will be to create valuable services through diversification. Advertising will be developed as one of the core businesses through Savvy. This is in line with rapid growth in technology which ensures that the customers’ needs are satisfied. Savy provides a lifelong technology whose development lay under a notion of value benefits, reliability, quality, reduced down terms for services, and sustainability. The service is going to be marketed through high qualified leads:

  1. Search engine optimization (SEO);
  2. Cost per click (CPC) search engine marketing;
  3. Public relations program that uses specific keywords and phrases with anchor links back to your landing page and
  4. Offline marketing tools with URLs not just for the company’s homepage, but to the specific information highlighted in the campaign.

The vision statement will be to enable consumers who own mobile phones connected with the internet and those with broadband to get information about corporate and environmental sustainability.

The mission statements of the service will be to assist, promote and market corporate and environmental sustainability using the latest technology, developing the value of the brand as well as committing the company to be:

  • Highly productive and people-oriented
  • Innovative, competitive, and strongly focused on customers satisfaction
  • Be an international leader in the advertising industry.

U-commerce offers endless lead generation potential, and it is wrought to be armed with proven strategies, productive marketing practices, and overwhelming use. To effectively target, attract and acquire a steady stream of new leads in today’s Web-centric business world, we shall have learned to focus our limited resources on a few of the most productive best practices. These practices comprise user rating and recommendation and client Review.

Client Review is a new service featuring client feedback of internet marketing strategy that provides comprehensive and credible information about the corporate and environmental sustainability of firms to aid buyers in their decision-making. Client Reviews are fast becoming an industry requirement and are being fueled by market demand. It provides valuable feedback directly from clients. Many online stores provide a user rating and recommendation system as their new form of marketing strategy to attract new and potential clients and improve performance.

It is important to have simplified segmentation of accounts into categories that determine their value in the company’s customer base. Segmentation provides better cost-effectiveness. Telesales has taken place of actual sales in the field phenomenon. The Internet has provided the medium to target an audience with full information which can address the issue of sales with the use of strategic internet marketing.

There are identified two competitors whose marketing strategy has been carefully analyzed to give the service an edge throughout the competition. We have done comprehensive research on both its strong points and the weakness. We plan to:

  • Improve the work on the threats in the SWOT analysis and eliminate the weak spots in the company
  • Ensure and maintain good customer relations
  • Play a smart and creative to overcome the competitors’ tactics
  • Invest in the management and staff training to ensure talent retention poaching from the competitors.

The industry overview

Internet marketing can have a very powerful influence in attracting more people to the particular website, which would increase customers for specific businesses and enhance branding of the company and the products. To implement these, one needs to focus on a web promotion plan which would begin with an effective web design and development strategy. It is also important to be ranked at the top in the major search engines and practice good search optimization techniques. There is a need to effectively use E-Mail Marketing and dominate the marketing with affiliate and reseller and associate programs that are supportive and progressive. They need to request an analysis from an internet marketing coach or Internet marketing consultant. There needs to be a system of response that is built in the e-mail list. Efforts should be made to publish articles or get listed in news stories, online releases and publishing are also necessary for getting client review. There should be blogs and features which encourage interaction with the visitors. These guidelines are effective in formulating an effective internet marketing strategy for successful business growth and expansion.

Market analysis

Targets Market

To identify and serve customer targets well, there is a great need to understand their needs and wants. The company has to take aggressive marketing of the service in a stiff environment. Through diversification it offers ensures that it can tap different markets and different consumers in various geographical segments. Diversion of the branches globally ensures that the service can increase its customer base. There are three groups of the target market for this service.

The service is not going to be offered in a vacuum; it will operate where competitors are offering a challenge to them. The potential customers will be corporations and local populations who are interested in corporate and environmental sustainability for future generations. This may include environmental organizations, manufacturers, governments, stores, and oil companies just to mention a few.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is a strategic tool, which is used to determine the strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats a company faces in the market.

Strength of the company

The Company will enjoy the strength and force of more than 6 billion people as the target marketing as well as thousands of corporations worldwide. This puts it in a very strong strategic position to be in a competitive environment as the internet and mobile network are spread through different countries and hence tapping a wide market for its service. This put it in an advantageous position compared to other companies.

Corporate and environmental sustainability will be offered in diversification depending on the size of the corporate or organization targeted. This involves the offering of services through collaboration with other players in the same or different industries and we shall offer other services as well such as media and digital services. The wide range of services offered will make it a great company as the customers have a chance of enjoying the different services offered.

The weakness

  • The agency will try as much as possible to reduce weakness.
  • The company will find other companies operating in the area offering the same services.
  • Licensing problems will be experienced at the same time the cost of operation will be very high.
  • There will be high competition in the market.
  • There will be difficulties in raising initial capital since the proprietors are young and fresh from college.


One of the great opportunities the company enjoys is a world population of 6 million who will be covered by internet and mobile network as well corporations interested in corporate and environmental sustainability. Due to this, the company has a wide market and an advantage of the cost compared to other competitors whose services are costly. The innovation of savvy will enable the company to utilize user-friendly technology that is cheap and hence cost-effective and more profitable.

There is the potential for growth through the increasing of market share if the strategic alliances. The company has the opportunity of entering and increasing the target market.

The company will have an opportunity to deal with the target market that is willing to do business.


There is expected that there will emerge many competitors who are giving stiff competition in the market in offering the same service.

  • There is an economic downturn brought by the financial crisis.
  • Interest rates and inflation rates increasing.

Competitive Analysis

Savvy advertising faces stiff competition from several companies and services when fighting for a market niche. The major competitors are ad companies in the about motivates the print media industry and digital imaging ad companies. Customers’ understanding is also very important through face-to-face encounters and discussions with them. This is also possible through market research to understand how they feel about the service and what influences their patterns of use and what motivate them to use them. Major competitors are identified and described in terms of size goals, market share, service quality, strategies, and this enables us to understand their intentions and behaviors.

Competitors offer business challenges and ensure there are fair prices in the market for the benefit of the customers. In our case, there will be many competitors. We are planning to offer rival companies a challenge to capture their market driving some of them out of business. However the company has come up with structures that will enable them to remain in business, this will include product differentiation and cost reduction strategies. We shall also use focusing strategies. We shall engage ourselves in various strategies to help us deal with our competitors. This will include diversification, outsourcing, and differentiation. We shall analyze possible competitor’s steps to ensure we remain competitive in the market. The possible steps that are likely to be taken by our competitors include possible product diversification, expanding products to various parts of the town, reducing costs due to outsourcing, investment in digital equipment, and expanding service base.

Marketing Plan

Service features

Corporate sustainability is one of the means to achieve the goal of sustainable development. Sustainability involves the company’s economic, environmental and social performance to its stakeholders such as communities, customers, employees, regulators as well as shareholders. It demonstrates the impact of company performance on society and that of social trends on the company and also the initiative of the company to improve its performance. Sustainability Reporting is publicly accessible and is mandatory in some countries (Government of Canada, 2003). Savvy will be promoting this sustainability through modern technology. And it will be able to:

  • Assist in improving the reputation of the corporate and gets the competitive advantage in terms of capital, labor, and customer markets.
  • Sharing information on economic, environmental, and social performance strengthens external relationships.
  • It helps in capacity building of the employees as well as in increasing environmental and social awareness.
  • Ensures transparency and accountability of performance of the company. Companies communicate their vision and principles through the report and demonstrate their ways to achieve these.

The information by savvy will be for Sustainability is categorized in three broadheads, namely, economic, environmental, and social performance of the company, (Government of Canada 2003).

Marketing mix

Price – the company will offer services at a cheap rate and that is affordable to many individuals and companies. The pricing structure of the company will vary from season to season also depending on demands and costs market segments spending. Most of our competitors have a greater advantage than us because they have been in business for many years.

Promotion – there will be promotional adverts made on T.Vs, online services, and government agencies. Promotion through the use of the Newspapers by weekly, radio advert, word of mouth, and personal touch to the customers will increase confidence in our customers. We shall also elect a billboard in various parts of the town to ensure that our product reaches many people. In the beginning, we shall also offer a discount of 20% to big corporate and 30% to small corporate this will ensure that our market share increases drastically.

Place – the company will host its website in the USA a strategic country.

Advertising and Promotion Plan

The marketing department will engage the use of model hierarchy –of- effects for the communication and creation of publicity to the targeted consumers. In this model, the buyers’ purchase decision is preceded by steps such as convictions about the service benefits through various means. The preference for the service, liking and been the preferred choice service. Knowledge relating to the benefits and features of the service after awareness of the service has been gained through the use of classified advertisements, publicity, etc.

  1. Advertising by use of T-shirts, bandanas, etc. The t-shirts for example will contain the launch and how corporate and environmental sustainability will benefit the world.
  2. Advertisement on the television, website, etc. There will be a 30secodns commercial advert that will introduce the service to the audience and where the audience can get more information about the brand.
  3. The use of T-tech features on an international TV stations like CNN.
  4. Activities to carry out for the campaign

Launch the brand through:

  1. Advertisements of the brand on the television billboards, local telephone directory
  2. Promoting the launch of the brand through international media stations that have a large listening audience, where the selected celebrity endorses the brand and the launch theme
  3. Advertise on billboards, by use of the glamour image of the selected celebrity.
  4. Advertise on where the advertising company is located, through international TV stations billboards, websites, etc.


Celebrity endorsement 5,000,000

activity Amount is $
Advertising 95,000
Stationery and pieces of equipment e.g. digital cameras etc. 6,500
The hiring of Video and Camera crew 55,000
Employees participation 15,000
endorsements 10,000
Advert materials e.g. t-shirts, 15,000
Miscellaneous 3,500
Total amount 200,000


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