Masiya Company’s Quality Management Issues

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The focus of this paper is mainly on conducting research in the selected company according to the proposed research plan. The task needed to be carried out has been scheduled beforehand. The aim of this paper includes discussing current issues in the company which has been collected by interviewing different company members. Many other issues of the company are also presented in this paper. These have been collected from secondary sources, such as the internet, publications, journals, etc. Also, this paper includes the company’s current position in the market by analyzing or comparing with the different competitors present in the market. Last but not least this paper gives some reviews about this company from the published data.

Research issue

The research issue here is to solve the existing problem of Masiya Company. The research question is ‘How to sort the marketing and advertising problem of Masiya Company in order to provide best quality management.’ One hypothesis for this research question is all the problems in the marketing and advertising department can be cleared or sorted out by analyzing the problematic factors very clearly.

The aim of this paper is to sort out the problems facing in marketing and advertising and provide a very good quality management strategy for the company. To provide or to make quality management effective there need to conduct primary and secondary research. Collected data from primary and secondary research will act as data sources and provide a solution or answer for the research question mentioned above.

The primary research includes preparing questionnaires and conducting an interview with various people of Masiya Company in order to understand various existing problems in the company. The interview includes the chairman, financial manager, and customer service manager. Once data are collected from these people everything will be analyzed. Also, more observations are made about the company from various other sources also in order to provide the best quality management for the company. This is the main objective of primary research. Secondary research includes the development of different strategies for the company after analyzing the problems from primary research. This includes a comparison of the organizational chart of many other companies to choose the best one for this company. Another important item in the secondary research is to analyze the company’s current position in a competitive market.

Primary research

Interview with the company members

Interview with Mr. Ahmad AL Hassani, Chairman of Masiya

What is the specialty of the company?

The specialties of the company are high performance, easy deployment and effortless management. The employees take maximum effort to produce high profit. They always give preference to the requirement of the customers. Why it has got the importance in the field of telecommunication is that Masiya Telecommunication Company provides unique service in the United Arab Emirates.

What are the functions of the company Masiya Telecommunications?

The main function of the company is to find out most flexible and efficient solutions; apply these solutions to current information technology. They provide excellent support to the employers. The company always look for the type of changes that will help them to get maximum benefit.

Which type of services that you offered to the customers?

Mainly Masiya will provide various telecom and IT solutions to the customers

How the range of services of Masiya affects the users?

We offer various multimedia services to the customers.

Are you providing any services for indoor and outdoor communication?

The Masiya Company is providing lot of facilities for indoor and outdoor communication. The main duties of the employees are maintaining, enhancing and managing existing networks. We also give more importance to find the solution of the coverage problem. They optimize quality GSM network coverage for indoor environments.

How the services of the company influence the customer?

The company is particularly concerned about the needs and expectations of the customers and by considering the requirement, they find the solutions of their problems and provide them in the form of a package.

Did the partnership with other firms help the company to improve their performance?

Masiya has a number of significant partnerships which helps the company to perform better, by taking care of their products and services. ORACLE (Largest enterprise software company), Airwide (The leader in next generation mobile messaging infrastructure and applications), Sun (head in servers, storage and software), Vantrix (a leader of mobile contend delivery), MATERNA (Europe’s primary independent software and mobile technology solutions company), IFS (component based software providers) etc are some of the main partners of Masiya Telecommunications.

What are the problems that the company faces now? What are the actions taken to overcome these problems?

The company has no marketing department which is very important for companies to sell their services and products. In addition, its advertisement scheme is very poor. In order to overcome these difficulties, the company is trying to give more consideration to marketing and advertisement.

Arrange an interview with the customer service manager – we will call the customer service secretary and prepare an appointment for an interview on the 17th of Oct. The task will require 3 to 5 minutes only at 8:50am

Customer service manager is very essential for an organization. “Good customer service keeps customers coming back; bad customer service drives customers away, taking their friends, family and workmates with them.” (Swinton para 1).

Interview with the customer service manager of Masiya

What will you do if you are not able to meet the requirement of the customer at the correct time?

When a customer’s need cannot be met in correct time, first of all we apologized for not being able to do the service in correct time as prescribed by him. Then told him the reason why we were not able to do.

When will you ask the feed back of the customer to improve your service?

The customers are asked to give a feed back within 1week and based on it we make improvements to our products.

What are services offered by your company?

The services offered by our company consist of customization, application development; advanced usage of power technology, smart buildings etc.

What is the current issue relating to your company?

The current issue we are facing is lack of marketing department.

What is the need of marketing department in your organization?

Marketing department is very essential in our company, so that our product reaches in the hands of the customer in correct time and helps in knowing their reactions towards the product. It also helps us to improve our product.

What are the objectives of customer service department?

One of our main objectives is to become more focused on the customer service department in order to create customer satisfaction. Another objective is to improve the communication within the organization in order to create a good understanding among the members on their role towards the customer service department objectives.

What is the objective of your session while making decision?

The objective of making decision is to motivate our labour force and to make them expert in the work.

What do you do when any fault appear from the part of your staff?

We will try to tell them what their mistakes are and help them to solve the problems.

Arrange an interview with the Finance manager – we will call the finance manager secretary in order to prepare an interview on the 17th of Oct. This task will need 3 to 5 minutes only at 8:40am

The finance department plays a crucial role in the company as it is the soul of an organization. It provides a good support by providing services to the customers. The interview with the finance manager will take 3 to 5 minutes.

What is the finance position of the company currently?

The finance position of the company is fair currently.

What are the objectives of your company?

The main objective of our finance department is to use the capital in an accurate manner, so that we can ensure profit to the company.

Who is the top most authority in finance section in your company?

The top most authority is the finance manager

How do you determine your annual profit of the company?

We have appointed a chartered accountant to update our finance position.

What are the skills required for the finance manager of your company?

The person must complete a degree in commerce and must have experience in accounting field.

What is the salary package of the finance manager?

The finance manager will be paid the same amount as that of other managers.

As a finance manager what are your responsibilities in the company?

Our department always try to achieve the organizational goals by reducing the cost of funds by using the appropriate mix of debt and equity.

What are the steps that you preferred to increase company’s profit?

The company has no marketing department which is a very important department for a company to sell the services and products. In addition to that, company’s advertisement scheme is very poor. Without proper advertisement, customers do not get proper information about the product. Therefore, we are going to spend more for introducing proper marketing and advertising which will help increase awareness of the customers about our product. Thereby usage of the product will increase and thus profit too.

Secondary research

Research the current issue through secondary sources such as internet, government publications, journals, newspapers, books and other credible sources:

The current issue of the company is that there is no marketing department. A marketing department is very important for a company for the selling of products and services of the company. Another issue is lack of proper advertisement scheme. A marketing department is of prime importance in a company. A marketing department will help the people to know more about the company. The sales of the company will increase and thus profit will also increase. The marketing department normally includes advertising, distribution, promoting and selling activities. There are many limitations for the company. From the city centre it takes about half an hour to reach the company. There are no branches for the company in Emirates. Thus, the number of people who know about the company is less. So, a marketing department is very essential in the company. “The marketing department lies on the strategic side of business, and they use market research to address the needs and requirements of customers and potential customers.” (What Does The Marketing Department Do: Summary para 1).

Marketing department will function to make the company more profitable. The company will have to find out what are the needs of the customers. For this purpose, a marketing department is very useful. It helps in finding the requirements of the customers and the company can work accordingly. It helps increase the knowledge about the company and also its reputation in the market. It helps understand the behaviour of the customers which makes decision making efficient. The marketing department should also have a good structure. There should be cooperation of the employees. The competition in the market is monitored by the marketing department. It helps in generating new ideas for the progress of the company. In the company, advertisement scheme is very weak. It has to be improved. Advertising is a major need of a company. “Advertising is paid, nonpersonal communication that is designed to communicate in a creative manner, through the use of mass or information-directed media, the nature of products, services, and ideas.” (Advertising Effects para 1). “Advertising has the power to create awareness, inform, and persuade.” (Advertising Effects: What Advertising Does Not Do para 2).

It helps the customers to know about the company and the services it provides. It helps in the promotion of business. Advertisements should be done such that the customers are attracted to the services of the company. The difference of the company’s products from the others should be explained. There are various methods by which advertising can be done. It can be done through newspapers, televisions, journals, internets etc. Nowadays Medias are most commonly used for advertising purpose. If more advertisements are given in the Medias more people will be aware of the company. This will lead to more sales, which in turn will increase profit. The company should spend more amounts on advertising. There will not be any loss due to this because advertising will increase profits. Advertising will reach a large number of people. Advertisements will help to remove the unawareness of the customers about the product or service. If the customers become aware of the product, they can buy the product without any hesitation. Advertising thus increases the sales of the company and makes the works of the sales people easy. Thus, a marketing department and advertising are very necessary in the company for its efficient functioning. More budgetary provisions should be allowed for the department of marketing and advertising.

Factors causing the problems of advertisement and marketing in Masiya

Advertisement is one of the best methods to bring information among the people about the latest products in the market. But Masiya is not giving importance in advertising their products so that the public are not aware about their products and their uses. Any they are not ready to invest money for advertising their products.

The other factor affecting advertisement and marketing strategy is that the Masiya failed to identify the competitors advertising strategy so they could not able to attract the customers. They also failed to make aware of their offers to the customers. The cost of their product is another issue which affected their product marketing.

Competitive analysis

Current competitive position of the Masiya Company in relation to others

Masiya is one of the best and famous companies all over the world which has many branches in different parts of the world. As a dynamic system indicator, IT and telecommunication solutions achiever, it plays an important role and standard position in the competitive business environment. “Masiya’s range of offerings is as diversified as it is interrelated, bolstering the company’s status as a one-stop-shop that yields quality products, services and methodological after-sales support.” (Welcome to Masiya para 2). The products and service provided by this company are of best quality so that they acquired high demand for their products in the market. Therefore, the products of Masiya are available at usual and affordable price to the users. This helped them in attaining their regular customers and more new customers which developed their business. When introducing a new product, this company considers the need of the customers and thereby acquires customer satisfaction. As there is involvement of the customers in decision making and development process, they offer the actual need and service to the customers according to the wish of the customers. Masiya Company is providing services, system solutions, and hardware and software products and so on. Moreover, their products are capable to support the successful functioning of the IT network in any critical situation. So, most of the large IT enterprises utilize their products and services and this helped Masiya Company to achieve a high standard and existence in the competitive business field. Their services are offered to several areas and this made them famous everywhere. There is a great contribution and involvement of the employees of this company in their development. They appointed only qualified, skilled and intelligent staff in order to achieve their goal. Thus, they acquired remarkable result in their business activities with these workers. They provide high salary with great opportunities and benefits which led to the satisfaction of the employees. Today, technology is changing very fast and in order to exist in the fast changing condition, a company requires efficient planning to overcome from any risk. When the technology is changing, demand for the old products will decrease; so they introduced the latest products according to the changing need of the customers. They are introducing the new pwheCollecting. Organizing information is essential for the smooth functioning of the business. So, Masiya has decided to acquire information about daily issues and changes in the markets, thus they are able to know the current position of other companies. This helped them to compete with the other companies. Masiya has also won in exporting their products and services to different countries which raised the company’s income. When they established their branches in many parts of the world, not only the company but also their products became famous. The increased demand and success of Masiya products led them to invent more products. When compared to other company products, the products of this company can provide quick and spontaneous services to the users. When compared to other companies, Masiya Company is providing quality products at normal price. All the branches of Masiya Company are standing in a high position in all levels.

Overall analysis and records of data collected

Collected data from the primary and secondary research shows that that company lacks in marketing and advertising department, which is one of the important needs for a company in order to stay in the competitive market and attract more customers towards company.

After conducting primary research it is very well understood that companies marketing and advertising department needs to improve a lot in order to make their position strong in the competitive market. It is very clear from interview conducted with chairman, finance manager and customer relationship manager. Every one has same view on marketing and advertising department of the company and it needs a lot of improvement. It is very well clear from the various questions asked to these people. Also data collected after conducting secondary research also points the same problem. Secondary research has been conducted through effective analysis based on research which been done through collecting various information through internet, journals etc about the company. This also highlighted same issue on marketing and advertising problem of the company. Also competitive position of the company also been analyzed by considering the demands for their product in market and whether companies products are attracting to the customers more. These factors are measured in competitive analysis section. It is very well clear that company needs some new strategy to make fixation more effective.

To prove the hypothesis that has been mentioned above needs some new strategy to implement in the company. Implemented strategy must be based on all the analysis made above. To make effective marketing and advertising department for company a new team has to create and their focus must be only in marketing and advertising of the company. The team should focus on a goal and always see their team is meeting the goals. They need to be aware about the promotion strategy of other competitors implementing. Based on competitor’s promotion strategy, marketing and advertising department of this company has to take necessary steps to make better strategy. One important issue need to take care is every day or twice a day meeting should be conducted among people of this department in order to discus about the achievements and problems they are facing. By this way company can improve their marketing and advertising department and make their performance more effective.


Different issues and current situation of selected organization has been properly analyzed by conducting various tasks. Various tasks include interviewing employees of the organization to understand the different issues of the company. Also, performances of organization in competitive environment are also analyzed in this paper.


Review of published data about Masiya

“Masiya is a systems integrator and provider of IT and Telecommunications solutions established in 2001 in the State of Kuwait, with corporate branches in the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Iraq; and active operations in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Nigeria.” (Masiya Inaugurates Regional Baghdad Office: About Masiya para 1).

The company has capability to provide wide range of applications in development, customization, advanced technology which is used in power, stylish building solutions etc. Also, company has expertise in designing, developing and installing customized wireless solution, which can be used in indoor and outdoor communication. In addition, this company is very well in maintaining, managing and enhancing the networks which currently exist. Masiya has got wide range of offerings in this field and status of the company is “one-stop-shop that yields quality products, services and methodological after-sales support.” (Welcome to Masiya para 2).

“As a dynamic IT and Telecom solutions achiever in the region, Masiya has rapidly become a newsworthy player, harnessing well-deserved media attention to a multitude of deserving projects and events.” (News & Events para 1).

Recently company has opened different sub centres in different parts to make their business more enrichable. Some of the important reviews about this are Masiya opens new office in Baghdad; Masiya was ready to promote software called TARGIT in Kuwait; Masiya successfully conducted fuel call trial at Wataniya telecom. The above mentioned are only few reviews and there are plenty others. These three reviews are mentioned below very briefly.

Masiya’s new office in Baghdad is located in heart of the capital. The aim of this is to make outreach their projects across that territory. After opening their new branch, Masiya’s chief operations officer told that opening of their new branch will provide gateway for It and telecom market in this territory. He also added that many of the experts of the company are assigned in the new area to sustain the steady stream of their projects in that territory.

Another footstep from Masiya is promotion of TARGIT software in Kuwait. For this, agreement has been signed between two companies. The main aim is to distribute TARGIT programs across the country. Masiya’s sales manager adds these things about collaboration on TARGIT that this will enhance Masiya’s opportunity to sell their product more. They had made “ground-breaking IT solutions such as the TARGIT BI Suite, that are worthwhile and effective in promoting business efficiency.” (Masiya Set to Promote TARGIT Software in Kuwait para 4).

The product is very useful for setting applications in business for analysis and reporting. This product can also serve the purpose of management and executive information system.

Another review about “ground-breaking success stories” of Masiya is its advancement in power solutions. (Masiya Successfully Executes Fuel Cell Trial at Wataniya Telecom para 1).

Masiya had made trial of fuel cell technology at Wataniya. The trial was conducted in base stations of Wataniya telecom tower. The trial includes many testing in order to test the system to see it will fulfil the requirements. Masiya’s chief operating officer commented that “The tested system is in fact a state-of-the-art technology that is used in space missions. Being robust and reliable, it was then successfully applied and utilized by the telecom industry.” (Masiya Successfully Executes Fuel Cell Trial at Wataniya Telecom para 6).

The primary advantage of the proposed system is that it is very small and light and also it is pollutant free. Also, it is very reliable and efficient and it can operate at very low noise.

There are much other relevant and supportive information on Masiya. Various people wrote testimonials which include relevant and supportive information about Masiya are given below.

Ibrahim Adel, chief communication officer of Zain group mentions that they are very astonished and extremely satisfied with the professionalism of the Masiya team. All kinds of work done by them are extremely super and up to the mark and always look forward to develop very good cooperation with Masiya.

Bruno Haubertin of Sun Microsystems mentioned that remarkable results are achieved while working with them. Their partnership with Masiya was extremely successful and great and looking forward same kind of cooperation with Masiya in future.

Martin Bond of Splicecom mentioned that sharing of partnership with Masiya in countries like Gulf and Egypt has rewarded excellent business opportunity. Martin Bond says their company is extremely pleased with Masiya as they helped a lot to maximize their revenue.

Rashid Iqbal, Senior care program manager of Nokia Siemens Networks says Masiya has been their partner since 2007-08. Considering the fact about Iraq and its unique situation, Masiya has done a wonderful job in Iraq despite difficulties and challenges regarding security. They had overcome all those difficulties and established their business there. It is due to their excellent performance his company has given them contract for 2008-09 as well.

Abdullah AI-Qabandi of Zain Kuwait mentions that there is no word to express about Masiya as work experience with them is extremely great. His company is extremely happy with the support and work done by Masiya. Masiya’s customer support and project management skills are great.

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