136 Quality Management Strategy

Are you wondering what a quality management strategy is? Our article will explain why this strategy is essential to any organization. After all, it covers all aspects of the business, including planning, design, production, and delivery. We’ll review the definition of a quality management strategy and provide examples of how we can implement it. Keep reading; it will be valuable!

🏆 Top-10 Quality Management Strategy Examples

  1. Total Quality Management in Supply Chain
  2. Role of the Total Quality Management in Business
  3. The Emirate Airlines Total Quality Management
  4. Emirates Airline Performance Measurement and Quality Management
  5. Performance Measurement and Quality Management at Emirates Airline
  6. Strategic' Supply Chain Competition
  7. Quality Management Systems Implementation in Practice
  8. Can ISO 9000 Quality Assurance Standards Replace TQM?
  9. Dubai Electricity and Water Authority: Quality Manual
  10. Quality Management in Service Organisations

💼 Quality Management: Definition

Quality management is a term that businesses use to define the process of improving product and service quality through:

  • Identifying the plan to make and keep products at a desired quality level.
  • Assuring the whole organization has the knowledge and skills to maintain the quality plan.
  • Checking regularly that all products and services meet the desired quality.
  • Continuously improving the processes and quality of the product and services to keep them relevant.

Total quality management (TQM) is the idea that customer satisfaction and loyalty determine a company’s success.

Do Companies Need a Quality Strategy?

  1. The quality of a product or service reflects how a customer sees the brand. The consistent bad quality will make the brand look cheap and untrustworthy. However, a brand that is known for quality will flourish.
  2. Quality creates a product consumers can trust. Quality does not mean that the company must keep going above and beyond expectations. Having a quality product means that we have a product that does what it is supposed to do, no more, no less.
  3. Quality saves money. By concentrating on quality, a company can simplify processes keeping things consistent instead of draining funds to experiment with more complex products.

📊 4 Key Elements of Quality Management Process

There are four critical steps to making an effective quality management process.

Quality Planning.A business should take the time to make strategic goals and what quality standards they aim for. Then they need to devise the methods that will allow them to create and keep that level of quality. It would include the quality processes, who controls a product or service during each step, and how often a process needs to be analyzed for improvement.
Quality Assurance.Once the processes are in place, a business must ensure that its quality goals and needs are met across the skills. It will give employees and managers the skills and knowledge to meet quality expectations.
Quality Control.It is essential to ensure products and services meet the expected standard. This will include physical tests and measurements to ensure that the quality of the end product meets the original plans and checks to ensure that the processes are smooth.
Continuous Improvement.A business should regularly review its processes and analyze its findings to find room for improvement. It’ll help to keep them relevant and reduce costs as new technology and means become available.

🤔 What Are Examples of Quality Management Plans?

Effective leadership quality management plan.
A good leader can engage with employees and lead the company toward success by encouraging them to take pride in their work and reach project goals. Using leaders that can positively motivate staff members and provide practical employee training affects the quality that emerges through the products or services they create.
Quality management through people engagement.
Engaging with staff encourages productivity and increases quality. By making all levels of staff, from management down to the part-time worker, feel involved in the process, we can get the best out of them.
Evidence-based decision-making quality management.
Some managers make a success of their companies by using evidence-based decisions on a daily operations basis. Though it is a more complex approach, used right, it has proven to be very effective. It requires gathering and analyzing data throughout the day to determine what changes need to be made to improve the next day.
Quality management through customer focus.
Consumers are the ones who will ultimately decide in their hearts if your product or service is sound. This approach enables a company to improve its quality through the eyes of the customer. Companies should apply the QA process and analyze client data, especially product or service experience reviews.

A quality management strategy can help businesses improve efficiency, cutting costs and increase client satisfaction. If companies use the right tools and methodologies, their products and services will meet or exceed customer expectations. We also encourage you to read our samples to learn more about this strategy!

📝 Quality Management Strategy Research Paper Examples

  1. Emaar Properties Company Performance and Management
    Business essay sample: This essay looks at the Emaar Properties company, its market contribution, competitors, performance measurement and quality management strategies.
  2. Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company Quality Improvement
    Business essay sample: The paper studies continuous quality improvement in Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company, and implementation of Six Sigma and Balanced Scorecard to achieve total quality.
  3. Leadership and Strategic Management Relationship
    Business essay sample: The paper explains the relationship between strategic management and leadership and applies management and leadership theory to support organisational direction.
  4. Industrial Management and Total Quality Management
    Business essay sample: Total quality management helps improve all the sectors of an organization and this helps satisfy the needs of all stakeholders.
  5. Process Improvement in Total Quality Management
    Business essay sample: This paper explores the topic of process improvement via total quality management and the various tools that are currently being applied by businesses to improve their overall performance.
  6. Kawai Company's Quality of Luxury Grand Pianos
    Business essay sample: Shigeru Kawai proposes to improve the quality of luxury pianos by creating superior soundboards, unique keyboards, strong keyboard covers, and applying craftsmanship.
  7. Kawai Company's Quality Manufacturing Process
    Business essay sample: Critical evaluation and examination of Kawai's manufacturing processes and operations show that it employs quality in the design and creation of luxury pianos.
  8. Service Quality Assessment and Management
    Business essay sample: Service quality assessment leads to service quality improvement, involves hard work with attention to detail, requires consistency through a company's processes.
  9. Quality System Requirements and Principles
    Business essay sample: To guarantee long-term value creation, companies that trade in both products and services must deploy effective quality management systems.
  10. Emirates Airlines Company Total Quality Management
    Business essay sample: This paper analyzes the operations and the total quality management that the Emirates Airlines have embraced over the past and the present time.
  11. Quality Management in Supplier-Buyer Relationships
    Business essay sample: Goods or services with good quality and with reasonable price will always lead to a burgeoning of profits, and customer satisfaction and retention.
  12. Business Process Management
    Business essay sample: Business process management (BPM) is a powerful strategy aimed at maximizing corporate performance through continuous optimization of different processes.
  13. Etisalat Telecommunication Corporation: Total Quality Management
    Business essay sample: This paper will examine how a telecommunication company operating in the UAE applies the TQM approach, as well as explore the influence of TQM on customer service.
  14. Samsung's and Caterpillar Inc.'s Management
    Business essay sample: In the current study, the author conducts a comparative analysis of the aspects of operations management and quality management at Samsung Electronics and Caterpillar Inc.
  15. Nestle: Products Quality and Publicity Improvement
    Business essay sample: Researching Nestlé quality issues? The case study reviews how Nestle handled the scandals around the quality of milk and beef products to win back the confidence and trust of its customers.
  16. Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction
    Business essay sample: Consumers' objective is to purchase high-quality and long-lasting products and services. The change in consumption behaviour challenged firms in different economic sectors.
  17. Business Excellence Models and Quality Assurance Standards
    Business essay sample: Business excellence models (BEMs) and quality assurance standards (QAS) both strive to promote quality in organisations; however, quality assurance models do this in the form of certification.
  18. Toyota Motor Corporation's Lean Manufacturing
    Business essay sample: Toyota has redesigned its lean process in such a way that it promotes effectiveness while at the same time reducing wastes.
  19. Smartgamer Product's Strategic Marketing Plan
    Business essay sample: The provision of game kits for children facilitates social interactions and has long-term effects on individual behaviors.
  20. Standard Chartered Bank's Quality Management
    Business essay sample: The purpose of the report will be to analyse the quality management frameworks and components that are in use by Standard Chartered Bank.
  21. The Commercial Bank of Dubai: Service Quality
    Business essay sample: The Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBI) started in 1969 following an Emiri Decree issued by Shiekh Rashid Bin Al Maktoum, who founded modern Dubai.
  22. Service Quality and Value Co-Creation
    Business essay sample: Service quality is an important aspect of corporate management. It affects different key performance indicators (KPIs), such as customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.
  23. Management Consultants' Qualities and Skills
    Business essay sample: This paper focuses on the critique of skills and qualities to be applied by consultants at each of the five stages of the constancy cycle based on scholarly evidence.
  24. Quality and Environmental Management Standards
    Business essay sample: Numerous aspects are common between the criteria of ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004. The two quality standards address environmental policies.
  25. Quality Aspects and Design Management
    Business essay sample: Quality is a fundamental component that underpins the provision of services and the design and development of products that are designed to satisfy customer needs and expectations.
  26. Quality Management and Performance Model
    Business essay sample: Understanding the importance of quality is essential as QM is a long-haul expense and exertion concentrated activity.
  27. Erdemir Company's Quality Management
    Business essay sample: The current paper focuses on a Turkish company called Erdemir. It is a steel producer that offers such products as coil plates or hot and cold rolled products.
  28. Procter & Gamble Company's Production Management Process
    Business essay sample: The Time Series approach, in its turn, can be considered a good tool for identifying the patterns in P&G’s performance so that a forecast could be drawn later on.
  29. Coca-Cola Company's Quality Management Control
    Business essay sample: Cultural changes in Coca-Cola hinder the efforts to implement quality control. Hence, there is a need to set up controls that respect the cultural values of all people.
  30. Business Process Management and Quality Systems
    Business essay sample: The article focuses on investigating quality systems utilised by many organisations worldwide. It has outlined factors that have motivated firms to opt for quality systems.
  31. Quality Management and ISO Standards in the UAE
    Business essay sample: The paper discusses the ISO standards in the UAE, demand for standardization of quality management system and importance of quality control and quality assurance.
  32. Quality Management Principles in the Organizations
    Business essay sample: Organizations should consider different ideas to drive performance. This paper uses relevant sources to review and discuss the importance of the seven quality management principles.

💡 Essay Ideas on Quality Management Strategy

  1. Quality Standards and Internal Audit Programs
    Business essay sample: ISO 9000 serves as the primary set of rules quality management has to follow when it comes to the establishment and definition of the international quality management standards.
  2. Integrating Quality Systems ISO 9001
    Business essay sample: Integrating ISO 9001: 2008 with EFQM, AKA DGEP and Six Sigma encompass linking quality management with environmental management. These standards of quality certification have similar advantages.
  3. Dubai Customs: Culture of Quality
    Business essay sample: The research focuses on the most effective strategies that can be implemented to enhance a quality culture of the Dubai Customs organisation.
  4. BMW Quality Management – European Foundation for Quality Management
    Business essay sample: Analyzing BMQ quality management? 👌 This study describes the success of the BMW through the application of the European Foundation Quality Management. 🔌 Read the paper to learn about suggestions for a further improvement in the BMW Group. 📈
  5. Emirates Airlines Company's Quality Delivery
    Business essay sample: Emirates Airlines is a world-class company competing in the global arena. This study investigates the company in relation to its competitiveness in quality delivery.
  6. Eurasia International Group's Total Quality Management
    Business essay sample: Eurasia identified Total Quality Management as a model to improve the quality of its products. Its president has a lot of experience working in the shipping industry.
  7. Bill Gates' Transformational Leadership Qualities
    Business essay sample: Bill Gates’ leadership traits revolve around his parents’ support and encouragement to think freely. This paper evaluates Bill Gates’ leadership as a transformational leader.
  8. Total Quality Management: Continuous Improvement
    Business essay sample: In this article, the author sought to understand the processes and dynamics of continuous improvement (CI) in two Finnish manufacturing organizations.
  9. Business Organization and Total Quality Management
    Business essay sample: Quality is the key determinant and the most desired objective of doing business whether a company is involved in manufacturing or providing services.
  10. Total Quality Management: Process Improvement
    Business essay sample: This paper explores several total quality management (TQM) tools that are currently being applied by businesses to improve their overall performance.
  11. The European Framework for Quality Management
    Business essay sample: The European Framework for Quality Management is a tool that has popularly been used for a long time to help in improving the performance of organizations.
  12. Quality Management and Its Dimensions
    Business essay sample: Quality management is a continuous improvement in a product or service. There are eight classifications of quality that act as a platform for strategic quality examination.
  13. Sage Costuming Business's Operation Strategy
    Business essay sample: My operations strategy for Sage Costuming will mainly focus on its entry in to the market, how to raise its capital, establishing useful contacts within the industry.
  14. Achievement of Total Quality Management
    Business essay sample: Total Quality Management is a strategy that becomes a way of life for the company as it becomes a method of doing every possible activity in the company.
  15. Control Function in Management and Leadership
    Business essay sample: With effective control in place, an organization’s optimizes the use of its resources so that it can achieve its goals and objectives.
  16. The PepsiCo Company's Strategy Implementation
    Business essay sample: To ensure the company’s strategy of quality focus, PepsiCo Company through the department of human resources is focusing on putting in place a skilled workforce.
  17. High-Performance Work Organisation Management
    Business essay sample: The concept of HPW frames the process of managing organizational performance through continuous improvement and incremental positive changes.
  18. Toyota Motors: Total Quality Management
    Business essay sample: Discussion of total quality management concept. Analysis of Toyota's methods: Just-in-time inventory, Kanban system; Toyota’s emphasis on quality and sustaining production quality.
  19. Performance Management Processes Analysis
    Business essay sample: This research looks at performance management in a theoretical and practical perspective taking account relevant business analysis.
  20. Maintaining Operations
    Business essay sample: Quality, cost, flexibility, and delivery are four critical aims of business operations that play a role in producing quality products for the customer.
  21. Ford Motor Company: Total Quality Management
    Business essay sample: This paper offers an analysis of Ford’s main competitors as well as the company’s implementation of TQM, along with challenges accompanying this process and the results that have been achieved.
  22. Business Process Re-Engineering and the Quality Improvement
    Business essay sample: This paper is on business process re-engineering and the emphasis on the total quality management methods. The aims and the principles of reengineering will be touched upon.
  23. Management. Organization Design
    Business essay sample: Organization design in essence entails the plans in which an organization intends to achieve its stated objectives.
  24. Company A's Inventory Systems
    Business essay sample: The inefficiency of Company A's inventory systems has dealt a major blow to turnovers and overall firm efficiency. The Company has observed that goods have been poorly stored and disposed of.
  25. Total Quality Management Analysis
    Business essay sample: Total quality management (TQM) is one of the most effective and successful approaches to quality improvements and controls proposed by E, Deming.
  26. Kookai Company's Human Resource Management
    Business essay sample: Through the paper, I am going to try and analyze how the Kookai company has applied human resource management, which has led to its massive growth.
  27. Dell: Total Quality Management Survey
    Business essay sample: Dell's innovation in PC marketing as it is in technology or product quality is evident in their narrow product range that offers room for specialization with a more specified target market.
  28. A Simple Engineering Process
    Business essay sample: The so-called TQM or Total Quality Management business strategy focuses on the importance of continuous improvement of employees` skills.
  29. Total Quality Management Implementation Process and Its Major Specifics in RBS
    Business essay sample: Effective application of total quality management techniques and methods will help RBS to attract more customers and deliver exceptional quality services for a diverse population.
  30. Yummy Biscuit Manufacturers: Operations Management
    Business essay sample: For Yummy to succeed and work to flourish the input of each and every resource is essential. The effective use of this input adds a lot of value to the overall processes at work.
  31. Quality Management and Value Creation in Business
    Business essay sample: Quality management is a sort of ‘standard ‘ toward which a company or an organization should head if they want to make quality and customer satisfaction their goals.
  32. Masiya Company's Quality Management Issues
    Business essay sample: The aim of this paper includes discussing current issues in the Masiya company which have been collected by interviewing different company members.

👍 Good Quality Management Strategy Essay Examples to Write about

  1. Operations Management: Problem and Solution
    Business essay sample: The company must give importance to the field of operations management since it can affect all the areas of the business and has a direct effect on the company’s profitability.
  2. Best Buy, Starbucks, and Yum Brands: The Effect of Operations Management
    Business essay sample: Based on some concepts the proponent of this study will attempt an investigation on three major companies namely: Starbucks; Best Buy; and Yum Brands.
  3. Masafi Mineral Water Company: Products and Quality
    Business essay sample: The quality of a product or service provided by a company is very important to both the consumer and the producer.
  4. Nestle: Quality Strategic Polices
    Business essay sample: The strategic polices that are being implanted at Nestle have been the ones that can make Nestle win in the global markets.
  5. Ford Motor Company Analysis
    Business essay sample: Ford Motor Company has initiated many management policies and they have adopted the policies of other players in the market.
  6. Kilmer Systems Company's Change Management
    Business essay sample: Several changes would be required in the management and structure of Kilmer Systems in order for it to respond to competition effectively and in a timely manner.
  7. Quality Management: Customer Satisfaction
    Business essay sample: Business practitioners have come up with various models that seek to guarantee optimal clientele satisfaction from the products that they offer.
  8. Total Quality Management: Value Chain Management Definition
    Business essay sample: We can argue that quality management plays an important role for each business process because all of them can shape the price of the commodities.
  9. General Motors: Total Quality Management
    Business essay sample: This paper focuses on the culture of the organization General Motors, the total quality barriers, the reason why they present themselves as barriers.
  10. CNN and BBC: Total Quality Management
    Business essay sample: In this report, TQM shall be examined in media organizations CNN and BBC. The essay shall explore the total quality barriers that are often faced by media organizations.
  11. Six Sigma in Context of Analysis of Friends Seminary School Financial and Administration Services Transformation
    Business essay sample: In the context of Friends Seminary School, the main aspect that needs to be addressed is that quality of education, and this is what provides highest income generation for the institution.
  12. The Total Quality Management Implementation Process Definition
    Business essay sample: The main objective of the paper is to analyze the Total Quality Management Implementation process and its major specifics.
  13. The Different Aspects of Six Sigma Quality Management
    Business essay sample: The research study mainly focuses on finding out the different aspects of Six Sigma in the quality management process, and the efficiency and effectiveness of Six Sigma.
  14. Quality Award for Toyota Motor Car Company
    Business essay sample: This Business Report treats a covering examine which describes the quality developments initiatives undertaken by the TMCA which resulted in the 1991 Australian Quality Award.
  15. The Supplier Selection Process
    Business essay sample: In a complex manufacturing environment, a large number of components, some critical, and other not so critical, go into the manufacture of a product.
  16. Colgate-Palmolive Company's Management Principles
    Business essay sample: The Colgate-Palmolive company’s style of management is that which allows for independent decision making at the top, making priorities for business and leadership development.
  17. Suggested Changes in Culture of Toyota
    Business essay sample: The CEO, Management, and staff of Toyota may take a moment to make an analysis of the cultural crisis that they are facing.
  18. DU Telecommunication: Total Quality Management
    Business essay sample: This report inquires about the principles of TQM to discuss the findings of my investigations and analysis of the total quality system of DU.
  19. Ryelea Minibuses Ltd.: Managing Activities to Achieve Results
    Business essay sample: This paper aims to establish ways by which Ryelea Ltd can create appropriate systems to ensure the quality of products and services.
  20. Methods for Organizing and Measuring Customer Satisfaction
    Business essay sample: This report explores the importance of front-line staff and the ways that management can support them; it reviews ways to assess the manner of satisfaction in service delivery.
  21. Quality Management: Business Ethics
    Business essay sample: The discussion in this paper will largely concentrate on analyzing the concept of ethics in quality management in the organizational context.
  22. Total Quality Management in the Financial Service Provision Industry
    Business essay sample: This paper seeks to give a comprehensive review of the principles and applications of the Total Quality Management concepts in the provision of financial services.
  23. True Religion and Premium Jeans Company
    Business essay sample: The challenge facing True Religion is the failure to make calculated future predictions, lack of long-term problem-solving initiatives and refusing to take competitive advantage.
  24. Quality Management: History and Description
    Business essay sample: Many economies in the world have been helped by the quality control measures that have been adopted and furthered by many countries in the world.
  25. Total Quality Management: Term Definition
    Business essay sample: Total quality management is one of the populate concepts in modern business which helps organizations to create unique value proposition and improve product quality.
  26. Quality Management Impact in 4-Star Hotels in London
    Business essay sample: The research paper will seek to explain the critical influences of hotel management practices in four-star hotels.
  27. "Validation Study Report Against Various International Standards" Review
    Business essay sample: The paper reviews in detail the “Validation study of the Micro-biological Environment of the Production Area for the manufacture of active implantable neurological devices”.
  28. McDonald’s Organization: Operation Management
    Business essay sample: Analysis of McDonald’s operations to come up with the concepts of operations management that are applied by this large corporation.
  29. Classification of Benchmarking Activity and Procedure
    Business essay sample: Benchmarking has increasingly been utilized over the past century as a way through which organizations analyze its performance by comparing against other firms in the same industry.
  30. Total Quality Management in UK Petrochemical Industries
    Business essay sample: The study explores the pros and cons of implementing TQM as a precursor to ISO 9000 and vice versa. The sector taken for the study is the petrochemical industry in the UK.
  31. Volvo Company's Operations Management
    Business essay sample: The key areas in Volvo that need operation management include management of quality, management of production, cost management social responsibility environment, and logistics.

🎓 Simple Research Paper Examples with Quality Management Strategy

  1. TECOM Investments in Dubai: Total Quality Management
    Business essay sample: The key focus areas for TECOM Investments within the various industries include biotechnology, information and communication technology (ICT).
  2. Thornton Printing Company's Operations Management Problem
    Business essay sample: This article gives an example of Thornton printing company which experienced the problem of poor communication strategies which resulted in poor quality control in its operations.
  3. Quantitative Management Research for Quality
    Business essay sample: Quantitative management is also referred to as operations research. It is a systematic and scientific approach to problem-solving and decision-making processes.
  4. Quality Culture in TNT Express UAE
    Business essay sample: This paper elaborates on the concept of quality culture and its impact on organizational performance. As a case study, this paper examines the quality culture in TNT Express Dubai, UAE.
  5. Key Approaches of the TQM by the Arab Police Force
    Business essay sample: The paper aims to identify the key approaches of the TQM by the Arab Police Force and analyze the TQM strategy for defining the pros and cons of the strategy applied.
  6. The ADWEA: Management Tools for Better Working
    Business essay sample: The report aims to highlight the goals and aims of the Abu Dhabi Water and Electric Authority and ADWEA. It aims to highlight the key needs of the organization.
  7. Whats Must Do Operations Management?
    Business essay sample: This paper analyzes operations management tools and techniques that will allow Exxonmobil Nigeria achieve its quality improvement objectives.
  8. Operational Excellence at PepsiCo
    Business essay sample: PepsiCo's centralized system of management complicates and hinders operational excellence due to the limited space that other employees have during decision-making processes.
  9. Many Aspects of Quality Management
    Business essay sample: Quality management principles include customer focus, leadership, system approach to management, factual approach to decisions and relationships with different stakeholders.
  10. Kent Fire and Rescue Service: Quality & Standards
    Business essay sample: The objective of Kent Fire and Rescue Service included qualitative measures, such as engagement with local people, help improving the quality of life for local people.
  11. La Badira: Total Quality Management
    Business essay sample: The hospitality industry ranks customer loyalty, service quality, and offer differentiation as crucial success factors.
  12. Improvements for the Performance Management Strategy in Organization
    Business essay sample: The introduction of the framework that will allow keeping the company ahead of its competitors is crucial for maintaining the quality of its performance and managing it accordingly.
  13. Kizad Industrial Zone: Quality Management
    Business essay sample: In this paper the aim was to analyze and discuss various quality management tools that can be used to improve service delivery and overall performance of the Kizad Industrial Zone.
  14. Apple Inc.'s Quality Improvement Activities
    Business essay sample: The efforts that Apple implements to facilitate quality improvement at the organization are concerned with the objective to connect the company to its consumers.
  15. Tea and More Firm Resolving Complex Supply Chain Issues
    Business essay sample: Tea and More (TAM) is a company that has been expanding rapidly since its purchase from the three sisters that started the enterprise.
  16. MTC Group's Business Analysis and System Recommendation
    Business essay sample: This business analysis and system recommendation report is prepared to help MTC meet its organizational objectives by increasing its competitive advantage.
  17. Bombardier Inc.’s Quality in General Public View
    Business essay sample: Bombardier, Inc. is a Canadian manufacturer of aviation and railroad transportation. The general public view of the organization’s quality and operations has been controversial.
  18. To Be or Not to Be? Sustainability Challenges for 21st Century
    Business essay sample: The paper considers sustainability and knowledge management and how to develop and implement them in business effectively.
  19. Business Ethics During Competition
    Business essay sample: Each firm should be responsible for its products and admit to acting ethically irresponsible when products in the market cause harm to society.
  20. Quality Management Tools and Techniques
    Business essay sample: Quality management involves the practice of controlling and planning various organizational activities for the purposes of aligning the product and service with its specifications.
  21. MESA Business Strategy Overview
    Business essay sample: MESA uses a successful business strategy based on the balance between customer, employee, and community needs and a flexible strategic planning model.
  22. Carnival Cruise Lines Customer Service & Total Quality Management
    Business essay sample: In this paper, total quality management concepts will be applied to assess Carnival's customer service with the aim to provide recommendations to improve TQM.
  23. Total Quality Management Project Report
    Business essay sample: This report aims to describe the quality management framework of the Efron Corporation, a company established in 2018.
  24. Operations Management for KFC. Case Study
    Business essay sample: Developing and delivering services and products to clients relies significantly on effective systems of interconnected processes.
  25. E-Services and Customers Satisfaction in Dubai Emirate’s Community
    Business essay sample: One of the most notable and evident ways to make services both more accessible and productive is adopting the systems of electronic services or, shortly put, e-services.
  26. Report on Starbucks Website Review
    Business essay sample: The paper reviews the Starbuck website. It provides recommendations to ensure effective and efficient communication to achieve the company's success.
  27. The Turnaround at the Preston Plant: Operations Management
    Business essay sample: The report highlights the benefits of establishing control in the operations, and the strategic quality conformance based on the case of the Preston plant.
  28. Risk Management Program Overview
    Business essay sample: This paper discusses how quality and improvement processes in an organization add to the risk management programs for high-risk operations and high-alert drugs.
  29. International Shipping and Receiving Operations of McDonald’s
    Business essay sample: McDonald's is a well-known global fast-food chain that has become incredibly popular due to its affordable and, at the same time, high-quality hamburgers.
  30. Contributors of Work-Related Stress and Work Burnout
    Business essay sample: Job burnout and work-related stress affect an employee's mental and physical health; they lead to job dissatisfaction, poor productivity, and professional mistakes.
  31. Management in the Restaurant Industry
    Business essay sample: The higher the level of the restaurant, the stricter the requirements for the quality of service, in the area of interaction it concerns the responsiveness to the wishes of guests.

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