Mission Statements, Strategic Goals and Relationship


Mission statement is a brief draft that shows what the company aspires to do and it is mainly to keep the people aware of the purpose for the organization formation. In this statement there is the need for the inclusion of important elements that are important so that the statement can be effective and there is the need for the purpose and the value of the organization to be shown, the need to know the customers of the organization and the products that have to be produced and sold to the clients, the responsibility of the organization towards the people to interact with and the main objectives that are concerned with this company so that the success can be achieved.

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The mission statement for the hospitality organization like the hotel is to provide the society with the superior products like the food through the development of the innovations and solutions that will have the improvement of quality of life and satisfy the customer needs, there is also the need to provide the employees with the best opportunities so that they can work as expected. For the case of the public commercial organization the mission statement is to provide the people and businesses in the world with the assistances that will lead to the realization of their full potential. (David, 1999)

Strategic goals for different organizations

Srategic goals for the organizations should be based on the strategic planning that will lead to the performance of the organization in future and it should have the information of the organization at the present time. This planning is a direction for the organization to know the things that have to be chosen and used for the achievement of the performance that is set for the organization to meet the policies like the use of pricing policies and the goals that are set.

There is the target that is the definition of the goals of the objectives that are set for the organizations to achieve and there is the path, which gives the direction that the organizations have to undertake so that they can be able to achieve the set goals. The strategic goals for the hospitality organizations are to meet the customer needs that will lead to the highest profits attained. This will mean that the workers have to reach this goal so that the organization can be able to survive in the market. The strategic goals for the public commercial companies is to ensure that the clients and the consumers at large get the services and products that are intended at the right time and with the most affordable prices so that the poor person is not discriminated from the use of the products that are provided. (Drucker, 1990)

Mission statement analysis

In the mission statement for the hospitality organization then it has to have the emphasis on the provision of that water that is good and healthful for the people in that there is a board that is the water quality management advisory council that has to ensure that the water that is supplied to these organizations like the hotels are desirable and should not lead to water borne diseases. Therefore the water should be thoroughly inspected and assured to the organization and the public that it is desirable and without problems. There is also another council that is the waterworks and the wastewater works advisory that has the rules and recommendations that have to be undertaken so that the organization does not have to misuse the water.

The council ensures that there are reservoirs that are provided for the hospitality organizations so that they can lead to the reduction in the wastages of water. Therefore the hospitality organization is sure that the services and the products that are produced to the employees and the customers are of the desired standards and therefore the meeting of the challenges is easy as the solutions are readily available for the organization to come into the right terms of operations. The hospitality organization therefore is supposed to follow the rules that are set by the two different councils sea that there is the provision of the standard services and the products to the consumers and the employees who have to sacrifice their time so that they can work for the organization throughout. (David, 1999)

For the case of the public commercial companies then they should know about the cases of air pollution in ensuring that they provide the best services and the products to the people and this has to be worked out by the solid waste management advisory council that has to approval of the solid waste management rules and the recommendation to such wastes before it is exposed to the environment. This is because in the companies the disposal of most of their waste is in the open environments this means that they pollute the land and also the smoke that comes from such industries is harmful to the human lives. This council has to ensure that the companies are liable for punishment and great fine if they do not go as per the rules that are given. With the maintenance of the waste then it means that the people will be safe and secure to make use of these products and live in the unpolluted environments. This will lead to the reduced cases of the diseases that result from the wastes accumulation and also the glebe warming that is a great impact to the countries will be reduced.

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Strategic goals analysis

In the case of the strategic goals then the hospitality industry there is the need to know the key factors that will lead to success and therefore this will give a clear direction to meet the goal and therefore get the high profits that are expected. The organization should have the right relations with the employees this is because they are the backbone for the success of the organization and therefore if the organization is not able to come up with the right relations then it will lead to conflicts that will affect the whole organization. The leaders in the teamwork should have a close relation to the other workers this is due to the fact that without the required intentions and relations then it is not possible to be able to come up with the right solutions for the challenges and problems that occur in the organization.

For the case of the public commercial companies then there should be the involvement of the sharing of the responsibilities between the board and the staff members this is because if one has no the know how of the responsibility then it will lead to more problems in the origination and the services that have to be provided to the public will not be attained. The plan in the organization should be well implemented targeting the whole public this is because if it has to benefit the leaders then it will lead to the discrimination that will lead to conflicts and this will mean that what is supposed to be given to people is not of the desired standards. (Drucker, 1990)

In ensuring that the performance is attained and maintained in future then the two companies should have the objectives in the implementation of the plan that is the need to know how to attract investment that is for the case of the public commercial companies, there is also the need to provide the opportunities for all the employees in the public commercial companies to participate in the activities that are provided in the organization. The same will apply to the hospitality organization where by the employees should have the right participation that will lead to the production of the products that will suit the consumers. There is also the need to have the leadership been strengthened and engage the employees in that the leaders in both companies should know what they are required to do for the success of the organizations and this has to involve the employees so that the rules and the regulations that are set can be desirable and lead to the high performance. (Mike, 1998)


The mission statement and the strategic planning and goals are very vital for the success of the organizations this is because the organizations require to have a compass that will lead to the high performance that is targeted and therefore the organizations should ensure that the mission statements are well drafted and should be changed frequently depending on the changes that occur in the environment around them. The policies like the pricing policies should be attained so that the organizations know how to go about the changes in the prices that take place in the markets and through this then they will be able to meet their target.


The mission statements and the strategic goals are the main determinants for the survival of an organization and therefore without these important components then the success will not be possible and will be affected by the challenges and the changes in the world around the organizations. Every organization should know what is required so that the operations can be well undertaken.


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