103 Strategy Implementation Research Papers & Essay Examples

📝 Strategy Implementation Research Paper Examples

  1. Honda Company's Innovation Management
    In the Honda Company the top management is mandated with the responsibility of ensuring that the management process functions and is both effective and efficient.
  2. Strategic Thinking, Leadership, Innovations
    This paper takes a holistic look at strategic thinking and leadership and its relations with innovation and change.
  3. Dubai Electricity and Water Authority: Quality Manual
    One of the significant DEWA's achievements was the reduction of large losses in power transmission and distribution to 3.3% which puts the company in the position of the leader.
  4. Continuous Improvement
    Continuous improvement requires establishment of best quality principles and guidelines for its effective and efficient implementation.
  5. Whole Foods Market Company’s Strategic Audit
    This paper is a strategic audit of Whole Foods Market, right from its inception to 2004 where the case study ends. The company has been very successful in its operations.
  6. AT&T Company Analysis
    This report looks at the strategic analysis of AT&T, which is an international corporation in the telecommunication industry. The report focuses on both the company’s internal and external analysis.
  7. United Steel Industrial Company' Change Management
    The paper overviews what change management entails, and how it is relevant to the current and future leaders in view of United Steel Industrial Company.
  8. Learning and Talent Development in the UK Retail
    The paper develops a learning and talent development strategy that will be implemented in the organization to oversee the equipping of new employees with the necessary job skills.
  9. Etihad Airline Project: Strategic Management
    Etihad Airways should focus on supplying its consumers with premium products that suit their needs and experiences. The premises should be furnished in a luxurious manner.
  10. Public Sector Organizations' Strategic Management
    This paper concerns implementation of strategic management in public sector organizations where it provides positive outcomes and improves the performance.
  11. Applied Problem Solving in the Workplace
    Problem solving prototypes are essential in addressing the multiple issues that emerge daily in the workplace.
  12. Ritz-Carlton, Dubai International Financial Centre
    The researcher seeks to discuss principles, theories, and practices that the Ritz-Carlton Hotel should embrace to achieve success in the Dubai market.
  13. Emirates Airlines Implementing Hard System Changes
    This paper elaborates on how Emirates airlines can manage the proposed change using the Human Resource Management hard systems.
  14. The Home Depot Inc.'s Strategic Plan for 2015
    This essay presents The Home Depot Inc.'s background, its mission, vision, value statements, environmental scan, financial data, and recommendation for the best strategy.
  15. Managing Project in IT Analysis
    Australia has shown a shift in the centre of gravity of collective bargaining, away from a national and industry basis towards the company level.
  16. Strategy Implementation: Important Step for Success
    The work seeks to discuss the strategy implementation, being the step that determines the overall success of a project and established goals and aims.
  17. IBM Culture and Principles of Good Leadership
    Many companies should identify chances where they can bring in a difference by infusing their particular talents and resources apart from giving out only money to their communities.
  18. Marketing Audit of the Peppers Restaurant
    The food industry is one of the profitable industries today. Pepper’s is a UK-based company that followed the structure of successful restaurants located in the USA and France.
  19. Different Aspects of Human Resources Management
    Various human resource management activities include staffing, compensation systems, training and development and performance appraisal.
  20. Strategy Implementation as an Important Part of the Management
    The success of the management is under the strategic formulation and implementation. Strategy implementation identifies the activities involved in accomplishing the set goals of the firm.
  21. Online Strategy for the Business
    Online marketing has been affected with the rise of the Internet websites replacing its main products and attracting its target audiences.
  22. Implementing Changes in an Accounting Firm
    The management of an accounting firm decided to upgrade their employee monitoring and evaluation infrastructure, specifically, how to audit staff attendance to remote client offices.
  23. Strategic Analysis of Coach Inc
    The report of Coach Inc begins with a strategic analysis of the company with a detailed SWOT analysis of the organization based on its current position.
  24. Dr. Café: Integrated Marketing Communication
    This report analyzes various components of IMC that Dr. Café has applied in as effort to establish and maintain progress with their customer initiatives.
  25. Strategic Plan For Kudler Fine Foods
    For Kudler Fine Foods, the risk management plan should be comprehensive enough so that all the possible risks are taken into account.
  26. Al Rawabi Dairy: Company Overview
    The paper aims to organise a strategic plan for Al Rawabi Dairy farm through getting an overview of this company. It considers the history, mission, and its core business value.

💡 Essay Ideas on Strategy Implementation

  1. Alltel and Verizon Wireless Merger
    This paper researches about Alltel and Verizon Wireless merger and associated change management it has embraced so far.
  2. Strategic Management: General Motors and Toyota
    Analysis of the strategic management and planning process in the motor industry, with the case of two companies, General Motors and Toyota being investigated.
  3. Sony and Ericsson Merger`s Benefit to Strategic Management
    This paper presents a critical analysis of Sony Ericson Joint Venture that kicked off in 2001. The merger between Sony and Ericson gave them benefit from their market segment.
  4. Strategy Management: IKEA International
    The essay analyzes the structural design, the key strategic control systems, the primary people concerns, cultural factors, and the strategic implementation of IKEA international.
  5. Construction Industry of UK Strategic Analysis
    The essay assesses the construction industry of the UK based on strategic management theories and will try to find out whether these theories are working well or not.
  6. Tukster Hotel: Business Strategy
    The context of the business strategy of the Tukster Hotel will involve the in-depth analysis of the resources, capability, competitive advantage, and strategic formulation.
  7. Marketing Plan For Secondbite Organization
    Secondbite is a non-profit organization that relies on volunteers and well-wishers to donate fresh foods so that it can be able to distribute to the hungry masses.
  8. ReAgent Company's Strategic Management
    This paper provides an analysis of ReAgent, a chemical manufacturer, outlining the major areas that should be considered in terms of its strategic management and marketing.
  9. Strategic Planning Process in McDonald’s Company
    Through their successful branding campaigns, McDonald’s Ltd has a target of minimizing the cost of their products yet meeting their goals and objectives.
  10. Total Quality Management in UK Petrochemical Industries
    The study explores the pros and cons of implementing TQM as a precursor to ISO 9000 and vice versa. The sector taken for the study is the petrochemical industry in the UK.
  11. A Notebook Computer in Huawei’s Product Portfolio
    The study assesses the market condition of notebook computers and tries to generate an idea for introducing notebook computers in Huawei’s current product portfolio.
  12. Corporate Strategic Audit of Turkcell Company
    The company is the largest in Turkey in the field of mobile and optical infrastructure. It is listed on both the Turkey Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange.
  13. Strategic Financial Management for Jet Airways
    One of the most important airlines company based in India, Jet Airways, is the second-largest airline company and it is a leader in the domestic market.
  14. Foundation Schools' Program Management Plan
    The case of Foundation Schools illustrates how a problem of inefficient program management can be identified and solved.
  15. Employee Motivation. Applied Research Methods
    Employee motivation is an essential condition for job productivity. It is important for any company to concentrate on development and discussion to achieve high motivation.
  16. Eagle’s Nest Hotels Analysis
    As the marketing adage goes "a satisfied customer always comes back with another" and with time the company profits will increase allowing expansion.
  17. Avebe and Noveon: Strategy, Innovation and Change
    The example of alliance between Avebe and Noveon illustrates the mistakes that companies often make while trying to achieve the goals of global expansion and market share increase.
  18. The Developing Role of HR Within Modern Day Business
    HR departments have been compelled to transform from primarily operational roles to the assumption of duties, which serve the goals and needs of their institutions.
  19. Managing Change – Case Study of Dubai Electricity and Water
    This article discusses the critical success factors that have enabled Dubai Electricity and Water Authority to improve performance, productivity and customer service.
  20. Decision Making and Problem Solving of Kraft Foods and Cadbury
    The overall management of Cadbury was changed to reflect that of Kraft Foods. The management of Kraft Foods realized that this was one of the challenges it was facing with its management
  21. Management Strategies for Almarai Company
    These are the significant factors to check the effectiveness of the newly incorporated growth strategy of market entry of Almarai in the Gulf region with market penetration tools.
  22. Strategy Audit: Novartis International AG.
    One of the major threats that Novartis face from the task environment is the loss of market individuality. Their product Diovan is threatened in the market.
  23. Food Industry: McDonald’s Company
    McDonald’s is one of the world’s leading fast-food corporations. Its fast growth in the global scene have influenced the food industry by revolutionizing the fast-food sector.
  24. Human Resources Management and Its Development Role
    A thorough review of the organisational structure is the shortest path to identifying all the redundancies and addressing them in the most viable manner.
  25. Samsung Electronics: Supply Chain Strategy
    Samsung Electronics’ long-term strategy should focus on building resilience and agility within the company’s supply chain management structure.
  26. Strategic Planning as a Tool for Start-Up Project Management
    This proposal aims to describe the role of strategic planning as one of the key aspects of start-up organizations’ development.

👍 Good Strategy Implementation Essay Examples to Write about

  1. Strategic Management for the Ministry of Culture, Saudi Arabia
    Strategic management of the Saudi Ministry of Culture is impossible without understanding the current situation what issues it seeks to resolve through the analyzed organization.
  2. PepsiCo's Strategy Implementation and Strategic Controls
    PepsiCo is an example of a company that has made great efforts to align its policy to the rapidly changing market conditions.
  3. United Parcel Service Strategic Management
    This paper provides a strategic analysis of the United Parcel Service, including a discussion of its mission and objectives, as well as the conduction of internal and external audits.
  4. General Authority of Civil Aviation of Saudi Arabia
    This report addresses General Authority of Civil Aviation of Saudi Arabia strategy management about all relevant aspects.
  5. Human Resources and Their Developing Role
    The purpose of this paper is to discuss the developing role of HR, its internal and external factors, strategy formulation and implementation, etc.
  6. Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Authority: Strategic Financial Management
    The essay concludes that the three key success criteria for GMF and RA when evaluating financial strategies would include sustainability, feasibility and acceptability.
  7. Beyond Budgeting Roundtable: No Risk in Abolishing Budgeting
    Beyond Budgeting Roundtable argues that business organizations of today are to become flexible and responsive to address unanticipated changes, hyper-competition and inconsistent customers.
  8. An Analytical Presentation for the Custom Snowboards Strategic Expansion
    This report identifies some key features of the financial nature that may affect the Custom Snowboards, Inc. company’s ability to access the proposed loan from the bank.
  9. Fast Company “Good to Great”
    In the article understudy, Fast Company magazine wrote plenty of reasons as to why good to great companies achieve such status in the market.
  10. Strategy Implementation of Hertz Global Holdings, Inc.
    This paper aims to determine Hertz’ market position, analyse its corporate social responsibility and define growth opportunities for the company.
  11. Business Strategy for the Apple Inc.
    Apple Inc. is among organizations that have used strategic planning to maintain good positions in their industries, this paper describes its mission statement, internal audit, etc.
  12. Toyota Recalls: Implementation Strategy
    This paper will look at the strategic implementation of controls, organizational structure and culture that may have been the cause of the massive Toyota recalls.
  13. Lextant Company: Understanding Motives That Are Linked to Purchase and Consumption
    As companies and commercial institutions try to push up their sales and market share companies like Lextant must understand the motives that are linked to purchase and consumption.
  14. Cultural and Emerging Issues Affecting EDC
    This paper analyses the various cultural and emerging issues affecting human resource management. The analysis is conducted about Educational Development Corporation.
  15. Balanced Scorecard: The Effective Management Approach
    The balanced scorecard has been singled out by many business leaders as one of the best methods of improving performance.
  16. Teach for America: Strategic Plan
    Teach for America company's main mission is to find worthy teachers and provide them with jobs in regions of low income.
  17. Netflix Company Adopting Six Sigma
    Six Sigma achieves its objectives of improving the business process by employing DMAIC, which is an abbreviation for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control.
  18. ElekTron Company's Network Design Proposal
    At the present time, network planning and design play an essential role, as it is the foundation for effective network monitoring.
  19. Human Resource Information Systems
    The paper identified the main factors associated with the failure to implement HRIS. They included hidden costs, lack of expertise, and employee resistance.
  20. The Phases of Project Management
    The current paper states that following the SMART framework can enhance the outcomes and maximize the probability of the project’s success.
  21. Case Study of Project Management
    The paper states that most aspects of Peterson’s work as a project manager were appropriate. She applied the essentials of the Scrum methodology.
  22. National Level Learning and Talent Development Strategies
    Personnel learning and talent development is one of the most critical areas of human resources management, as well as a key factor in the success of any business.
  23. Discussion of Transformational Leadership
    The paper argues that a competent leader knows how to motivate the followers, what's why change implementation can be an easy and profitable task for the organization.
  24. Nike Inc.'s Business Process Management Strategies
    There are four main strategic scenarios from which Nike can choose when considering how to improve its sustainable manufacturing. This paper analyzes these strategies.
  25. Altria’s Strategy Implementation, and Evaluation
    The current market challenges that Altria Group, Inc. is expected to face are concerned with changing consumer needs and demands and declining tobacco consumption.
  26. Lean Six Sigma and Innovation
    The tools of innovation described in this paper correspond to the ideas proposed by Lean Sigma Six and can contribute to the improvement of companies’ performance.

🎓 Simple Research Paper Examples with Strategy Implementation

  1. Human Resources Information System (HRIS) for Larson Property Management
    This assignment provides a blueprint for the new system and selects a vendor that offers the type of Human Resources Information System (HRIS) believe is most efficient and effective.
  2. Project and Change Management Compared
    Project Management is a set of methods, knowledge, skills, and tools to develop, create, and improve a product with signs of uniqueness.
  3. An Integrated Balanced Scorecard Strategic Planning Model for Nonprofit Organizations
    It is critical to discuss the summary and key concepts of the selected article and its relevance to public management.
  4. Quality Management Tools and Techniques
    Quality management involves the practice of controlling and planning various organizational activities for the purposes of aligning the product and service with its specifications.
  5. Domino’s Pizza Company in Japan
    In the 1980s and 1990s, Domino's Pizza is recognized to be the fastest pizza company with thousands of facilities opened and functioning according to the same standards.
  6. Wells Fargo Bank's Customer Relationship Management
    In this paper, the purpose is to examine the implementation of a new customer relationship management in Wells Fargo.
  7. Right-To-Work Laws, Worker Wages and Benefits
    The effects of a right-to-work law vary among states, but certain results can be detrimental to workers, especially those within unions.
  8. Implementation of “5S” in an Office Environment
    5S is an ideal tool to recognize important improvements in an office environment to eliminate wastage of all forms.
  9. The Kitchenware Company's Change Management
    The report presents the approaches and strategies used by The Kitchenware Company in the organizational change process to demonstrate advantages and define flaws.
  10. London Marriott Marble Arch Hotel Kitchen’s Value Stream Map
    The kitchen is one of the critical departments or divisions within Marriott International subsidiaries. It is where these institutions produce the foods it serves their customers.
  11. SAP at DEWA
    The key objective of this report is to identify the essential benefits and disadvantages of this technology and assess its potential impact on DEWA.
  12. Ocean Mist: Intrapreneurial Innovation
    The given proposal resolves around the company growing vegetables, Ocean Mist, one of the leading producers and suppliers of vegetables.
  13. Humana Company's Vertical Integration Issue
    In the case of Humana, the services presented as a consequence of vertical integration were not perceived as a united value chain due to referral and pricing organization.
  14. Strategic Management Elements: Exploration and Explanation
    This paper is aimed at exploring and explaining such elements of strategic management as strategy formulation, strategy implementation, diversification, etc.
  15. Self-Service Technologies Application in Organizations
    This paper analyzes the application of self-service technologies within organizational systems. It explains the technology’s benefits to organizational processes.
  16. Attitudes Towards Artificial Intelligence in Accounting
    This literature review aims to reveal the peculiarities of AI's perception in accounting by interested parties and highlight specific views on this process.
  17. WeWork Singapore Firm's Strategies for Dealing with COVID-19
    WeWork is a global company that engages in the purchase and lease of office properties across the country and lets them to businesses seeking office spaces.
  18. Challenges in Managing Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace
    One of the main problems of diversity management is the linguistic aspect, cultural differences, and informal mentoring.
  19. Emirates Airline: System Changes
    Organizational changes are normally instigated by opportunities or challenges in the manner in which an organization conducts its business.
  20. Risk Management Program Analysis
    This paper discusses the analysis of a risk management program in healthcare, covers the summary of the risk management program, and provides the ideal administrative steps.
  21. Blossoms Boutique Retail Store's Operation Management Plan
    While the business venture initially aims to set up one boutique, expansion plans shall be to potentially franchise the retail store and build a well-recognized brand name.
  22. Nidec Company's Network Management
    Nidec Company specializes in providing innovative power control and system solutions to all their customers distributed across the globe.
  23. Employee Absenteeism and Business Proposal to Address It
    The main problem of the organization seems to be the employees' absenteeism. The level of absenteeism depends on many factors.
  24. Jack Welch’s Approach to Leadership
    To understand Jack Welch’s transformative approach to leadership, this case study explores GE’s environment during his tenure, the strategic advantage the company ventured into.
  25. The Quick Bites’ Food Truck: Business Plan
    This report has outlined the planned business venture to open a food truck called Quick Bites in Southwest Florida.

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