Ocean Mist: Intrapreneurial Innovation

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Today, intrapreneurial innovation becomes one of the keys to success as multiple organizations, or companies face many challenges because of the limited opportunities for their further evolution. In such a way, adherence to this practice becomes of the possible ways to generate new ideas needed for the future rise and enjoy benefits from utilizing new solutions (Desouza, 2015). In such a way, an organizational culture that encourages new ideas and creates opportunities for employees to promote their concepts by offering various proposals or pitches can be considered an effective method to generate a competitive advantage and hold leading positions at the market.

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The given proposal resolves around the company growing vegetables, Ocean Mist, one of the leading producers and suppliers of vegetables. At the moment, it faces specific problems because of the high level of rivalry in the sphere, the emergence of new companies from rapidly developing regions, and the rapid deterioration of the environment. At the same time, customers become more aware of the quality of products and lose their trust to companies that use fertilizers and other chemical substances to improve some characteristics of their vegetables (Scheer & Moss, n.d.). For this reason, the company needs a set of innovative solutions to ensure further stable development and improvement of the brand’s image.

The current background peculiar for the company can be considered beneficial for the promotion of innovative solutions and their implementation in terms of the firm’s further development. First of all, the company has a stable income and solid financial sector, which means that there is a pool of resources available for further utilization. Second, its employees show a high level of preparedness and understanding of the current company’s need. Additionally, there is a focus on sustainable development and organic farming that can also be beneficial for any project aimed at the promotion of wellness (Penson, Capps, Rosson, & Woodward, 2017). Finally, multiple attempts to improve relations with clients can also precondition the success of any new venture.

At the moment, the company is experiencing a stability phase, which means that its position at the market remains stable. However, there are some threatening tendencies that include the gradual decrease in the trust from customers preconditioned by the growing awareness of healthy food and vegetables. At the same time, there is a traditionally high level of rivalry peculiar to the modern business world, and its preconditions the need for new ideas to evolve (Chan, 2015). Furthermore, the deterioration of the brand’s image caused by the lack of new ideas should also be solved as one of the serious problems that might limit the company in its further opportunities for the development. This set of issues preconditions the need for innovative solutions.

A significant scope of the issue and the need for intervention is evidenced by the fact that the problem of decrease in the level of trust to the quality of proposed vegetables and their ability to meet high standards affects a significant part of the population. Many consumers conscious about the quality of products they consume stop buying food in places that do not have the proven reputation and or credible evidence of the adherence to the existing norms (Scheer & Moss, n.d.). It will also mean that in future, the company’s stakeholders will suffer from the decrease in incomes (Muller, 2014). Additionally, there are global concerns related to the deterioration of the quality of products and the need for new solutions. For this reason, it becomes critical to select appropriate solutions.

The given user’s profile evidences the topicality of the selected problem. Matt Anderson is a man of 45 years who has a wife and two children. He is a Master of Medicine, which means that he perfectly realizes the importance of healthy products and their impact on the state of individuals. He also emphasizes the fact that parents should provide their children with the best opportunities for their development and sustainable growth. For this reason, the problem of the decreased trust to farming companies and the quality of their foods become topical for him and his family. There is a need for some effective solution to ensure that Matt will be satisfied.

The proposed solution is called Grow and Eat (G&E) incentive. Its central purpose is to restore the level of trust to the vegetable producer and satisfy consumers needs. Via a specially designed website or direct communication with a specialist, any consumer can select the needed kind of vegetables or seeds variables and ask the company to grow them for him/her. All conditions can be discussed to ensure the best environment. Additionally, any client can monitor the status of the plant by using cameras that provide 24/7 access to a plant house or field. Finally, families can come and work here to have some active rest if they want.

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The given solution should be chosen for the company’s further development because of its apparently advantageous and innovative character. First of all, it will help to improve the brand’s image by showing that it is not afraid to reveal the peculiarities of their work. Second, clients will be attracted by the opportunity to select the needed variable of plants and monitor that no harmful substances are used. It will also increase their trust levels. Finally, significant competitive advantage can be generated as recreational, and some rest services can also be provided to clients. In such a way, the given solution can promote the company’s wellness significantly.

The implementation of the given solution presupposes the effective cooperation between several specialists who should create the environment needed for the final success. First, a public relations specialist is demanded to launch an advertising campaign and ensure that people will be informed about the new incentive. At the same time, the website design and installation of the equipment to monitor the state of crops should be accomplished by the IT specialist and technician responsible for these activities. Agriculturalist is demanded to discuss the client’s choices and give them advice about the peculiarities of vegetables’ growing. Finally, an economist and HR manager should create the basis for the team’s work by calculating expenses and organizing them effectively.

The team described above is the key to the successful implementation of the solution and promotion of the company’s wellness. To function successfully, they should possess a set of talents that are integral for beneficial results. First, they should be innovative to guarantee that the project will be realized correctly, and all basic guidelines will be followed. At the same time, there is a need for creativity to support the incentive and achieve positive outcomes (Madden, 2015). As far as the project is focused on people and their needs, communicative skills and understanding of trends are demanded. Finally, they should be well-informed about the company’s peculiarities and how it might benefit from the implementation of the described project.

To support the project effectively, a new business unit G&E Department should be created. It will be headed by the author of the incentive with the primary aim to ensure that the basic ideas are observed. Additionally, the creation of a separate unit will help to manage a project more effectively because of the lack of subordination or other organizational problems (Cox, 2019). Adherence to this very pattern will improve problem-resolution activities, inspire people to work in the department because of the possible rewards, and remain focused on the proposed inventive, which is critical for the final result. That is why the given structure seems an appropriate choice for the company.

The nature of the project presupposes the involvement of the three main groups of stakeholders who will be affected by the proposed change and who might also benefit from the positive outcomes of the implemented incentive. First of all, it is the company’s top management as they are responsible for its further evolution and development. Second, employees that will be engaged in the project should also be considered important actors as their activities will precondition either final success of failure (Desouza, 2015). Finally, clients who will be satisfied with the proposal should be taken as another group of stakeholders impacted by the solution. All these three categories are extremely important for G&E and should be analyzed while creating the change strategy.

To gather top management’s support for the project and attain its implementation, it is critical to emphasize multiple benefits that can be generated if the proposed incentive is accepted. First of all, there will be significant growth in income because of the brand’s reputation improvement and constant income of new customers. Attracted by the unusual activity and opportunity, they will help the company to enter the next stage of its development and generate a competitive advantage needed to overcome the rivalry and hold leading positions (Muller, 2014). In such a way, the top management of the organization can be attracted by demonstrating a significant improvement in wellness that can be achieved if to follow the proposed model and accept the incentive.

Workers of the company can also be motivated to participate in the project because of the existence of significant advantages. First of all, there will be new opportunities for their career growth, which is critical for ambitious and skilled employees. Second, the project will obviously presuppose the need for creative thinking, which can be appreciated by individuals who want to practice new methods of working with individuals and providing them with the demanded services (Chan, 2015). At the same time, because of the expected income, G&E incentive can help to acquire financial stability needed for people to satisfy their basic needs and continue the further evolution. For this reason, the existence of multiple advantages will help to attract specialist and engage them in the project.

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Finally, clients, as another important group that can ensure the final success of the whole project, can also be attracted by demonstrating certain advantages they can enjoy if they use the proposed program. First of all, they will be able to consume high-quality products the which nature they can trust. It is an important factor regarding the current trend for a healthy lifestyle (Muller, 2014). Moreover, customers will have an opportunity to select vegetables they want and select their variables to meet their requirements, which can also be attractive to them. There will be an opportunity to farm and have a rest by performing this sort of activity. In such a way, there are multiple benefits that can help to gather the support of these stakeholders.

Altogether, the proposed incentive Grow and Eat! Is a potentially successful practice that can be utilized with the primary aim to improve the image of the company and increase the level of clients’ trust regarding the quality of provided products. It presupposes their active involvement in some of the activities performed by the company, such as the selection of seeds and variables, farming, and monitoring of plants’ states (Ahuja, 2016). This unusual incentive will provide individuals with an opportunity to reconsider their attitude to the company and how it grows the products they eat. Additionally, it will create multiple opportunities for further development that will appear because of the increase in incomes and clients’ attraction. That is why G&E can be offered as a potent method to achieve success.

One of the most important takeaways associated with the proposed incentive is creativity and its critical role in the evolution of business. Analyzing the idea regarding the given context it helps to prelaunch the brand and attract new clients by offering a unique proposal that results from the utilization of unusual perspectives on management. The major elements of the program will attract new consumers because of the unique offerings and multiple opportunities. At the same time, money can be saved as no huge investment is needed (Madden, 2015). Finally, creative thinking can help to generate a competitive advantage because of the introduction of a completely new paradigm in working with clients, which is critical for the modern business world.

Another important idea is the importance of opportunity discovery and the correct elaboration of the method that can be used to utilize this very opportunity. Any existing option arises from the current position of the company. For this reason, the analysis of clients’ preferences regarding vegetables and health products shows that their interest in some brands decreases because of the lack of trust (Penson et al., 2017). That is why implementation of creative thinking alone with the effective models helps to take advantage of the existing opportunity and utilize it with the primary aim to achieve success. The focus on beneficial outcomes should also be considered one of the critical factors of the given process.

Finally, another important takeaway is the thought that any proposed intrapreneur offering or project aimed at the improvement of the company’s wellness should also consider its current demands. As for G&E project, it takes into account the major tendencies existing at the moment and needs the company has. First, all stakeholders will be satisfied with the proposed incentive because of its positive impact on all spheres (Madden, 2015). Second, customers’ expectations about the creativity of certain approaches will also be met because of the unusual character of G&E. Finally, specific desires to consume only healthy food will also be considered because of the utilization of the particular approach to farming. All these aspects precondition the increased effectiveness of the proposed strategy.

The next steps include several activities. First of all, it is critical to create a new department responsible for G&E incentive. Second, it should focus on the search for experienced workers to support its functioning. Third, the need for the creation of the website with all available options for clients to select them. Fields should be equipped with cameras to provide monitoring opportunities. When all these tasks are accomplished, an advertising campaign should be launched to ensure that customers will be attracted and use the offered services (Cox, 2019). Adherence to this plan will help to create a new project characterized by creativity and utilization of unusual approaches to work with clients.

In such a way, the given project presupposes the exploration and utilization of the proposed intrapreneurial innovation as one of the possible ways to overcome the existing rivalry and attain improved outcomes by promoting new decisions that presuppose the adherence to unconventional approaches. Today, clients give preferences to brands the utilize innovative solutions and follow the existing trends. For this reason, the proposed solution can be considered an effective way to achieve the existing and attain the company’s improved functioning. The proposed strategic incentive will help to create a new image and attract new clients by emphasizing multiple benefits associated with the proposed service.

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